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Well, AoS is more or less done, and I can finally close that story to work on other things. While most people will probably want a second run of AoS, I figure that since I've taken the time to think up a few story ideas that I should go ahead and describe all of them here and see what takes.


Archetype of Self (Run Two):

As fun as the first run might have been, the first run was ultimately a bit of a train wreck. A fun train wreck, but that doesn't change the fact that it wasn't exactly the best story I could have written.

As a result, I've spent a great deal of time refining the idea until I got something that should make for a good story while making sure that the protagonist does not start off as or become a Mary Sue. The story in itself has not changed much, but the characters and ideas have changed a fair bit since I first started that story. Expect a lot of things to change in this run.

Stars Within Reach:

This is an AU story set in a scenario where Gensokyo is a galaxy instead of a small landmass in Japan. You take control of the Captain, a man who operates a ship that is designed to quietly dispose of that which the various governments deem too dangerous to allow its continued existence. Your most recent job winds up being a disaster due to not being told some rather crucial information, and kicks off the story as the captain takes it upon himself to assist in the efforts to contain what broke loose.

The idea in itself is fairly simple, but this is one of my best thought out story ideas. It starts out simple, but grows more difficult as time goes on.

Peach Tree that Bore Fruit:

This is a simple slice of life story that focuses mainly on Tenshi. While I understand that she probably isn't the most popular character around and probably even less considered in terms of relationship material, it annoys me that most of her appearances here have had her be:

1) A mashochist


2) An unlikable bitch

Given how I've established that I can't stand it when a character is based soley on his/her memetic status, I feel a strong desire to write a story where she's based more on insight than whatever happens to be the most popular interpretation at the time. This CYOA is fairly difficult despite its easy-going nature, and you may find yourself hitting dead-ends every now and again at first if you don't pay attention.


There's one more idea in my head, but for the life of me I can't recall what it is.

Anyway, I'll leave this open for voting. As always, voters are free to give suggestions if they so choose.

[X]Archetype of Self Run Two
[X]Stars Within Reach
[X]Peach Tree that Bore Fruit
[X]Focus on Wintertime Alchemist
[X]Finish up you /at/ short already!
[X]As always, this is the option that lets you write-in your own solution.

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[X]Stars Within Reach

Spess. Needs a better name though.
No. 7347
Quick question on Peach Tree that Bore Fruit: Is the character we follow Tenshi or a created character? I'm not exactly sure with the description you gave.
No. 7348

That'll actually be up to the voters once the story starts. You could play from either Tenshi's perspective or from the perspective of an OC.
No. 7349
Interesting... Does the OC still exist if we go with Tenshi or not? Or will this allow to switch perpectives?

[X]Peach Tree that Bore Fruit

In any case, I'm definitely interested.
No. 7351
[ ] Archetype of Self Run 2

Having an overarching plot and having less stupid MC drama would be nice.
No. 7352
[X]Stars Within Reach


[X]Continue on Wintertime Alchemist

You have a good thing going there, please don't drop it.

[X]Finish up you /at/ short already!

I want my fap material damn it!
No. 7353
I like both of these ideas

[x]Stars Within Reach
[x]Peach Tree that Bore Fruit
No. 7354
In this exact order

[x]AoS1 Epilouge post (it doesn't have to be a grand post, just a general summary of what happened to the other folks)
[X]Finish up you /at/ short already!
[X]Focus on Wintertime Alchemist

Come on folks, let's have him finish what's on his plate. But having said that,

[X]Peach Tree that Bore Fruit

Tenshi needs more love and if anyone can get her that, it'd be you. You did after all make a Yukari lovable enough to get everyone to go on her route. (And she's one of the two character prone to irrational hate, her and Aya)
No. 7357
[x]AoS1 Epilouge post (it doesn't have to be a grand post, just a general summary of what happened to the other folks)
[X]Peach Tree that Bore Fruit

If I just so may ask: Will you ever write a story about Yukari and MC's child, or did you want to leave it off there? Either way, It doesnt matter too much as the story ended perfectly and I honestly dont want to see you fuck it up, But I doubt it.

[X]Stars Within Reach
This sounds good, But I myself would prefer a Tenshi story. Also as >>7349 asked. As much as I love the final frontier, I want to see how good you are with certain characters like Tenshi. So if I may make a priority list:

[X]Finish up you /at/ short already!
writing porn = getting into the mood which isnt something you can do on will most of the time so I'd say just save this for whenever you want to.
[X]Peach Tree that Bore Fruit
[x]AoS1 Epilouge post (it doesn't have to be a grand post, just a general summary of what happened to the other folks)
[X]Stars Within Reach/Focus on Wintertime Alchemist
[X]Finish up you /at/ short already!
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oh god did I really list finish up your /at/ short twice
welp too lazy to delete
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[X]Peach Tree that Bore Fruit

I'm not really fond of the "Gensokyo isn't Gensokyo". Besides, the captain disobeying order to help civilians isn't really new.
Archetype of Self re-run? Well, I was kinda traumatized by Hakugyourou re-run to vote for this.

So let's go for a non-masochist and likeable bitch Tenshi. Even if she's quite popular recently (TiTS, DtRT...)
No. 7361
Give me the actual story name. It clearly has nothing to do with a womans breasts or anything.
No. 7362
Tenshi is in this story, aka TiTS.
No. 7363
I hope you mean "TiiTS".

but actually wow I kinda derp'd and didnt see that was what it was even though i've been taking part in the story a bit.
No. 7364
No, it's definitely "TiTS".
No. 7365
[X]Peach Tree that Bore Fruit
No. 7371
>>/shrine/33169 makes a good point about finishing what you start.
No. 7373
Right, don't go down the same path HY did.
No. 7378
Alright, seems like the general consensus is that PTtBF is the next story in line, after I finish that Eirin short at the very least, and preferably after WA is done and dusted to get my 'stories written to stories finished' ratio up to 1:1.

Also, >>7360:

While that's kind of the initial incident in a very small nutshell, that grossly over-simplifies the story as a whole.


The only possible way such a story could work is if it never took itself seriously. While that is possible, it'd take some thinking to nail down a method of doing so that contains the original 'wing it' method AoS had while keeping it fun, and without delving into the stupidity of Do The Right Thing or A Wizard Is You. (No offense meant to either of those writers.)
No. 7379
But a Tenshi that isn't a spoiled brat isn't Tenshi!

Fuck closed votes.
[X]Stars Within Reach
[X]Focus on Wintertime Alchemist
No. 7380
But a Alice that isn't a tsundere isn't Alice!
No. 7382
Stop reading shitty doujins. Just because Tenshi is prone to being a spoiled brat doesn't mean that's all she is. There could be various other angles to explore with her, but no one does, similar to Yukari before SLDT came along. She was either antagonist or plot device.
No. 7385
When I was saying "but if alice isnt a tsundere etc etc" I really hope it was obvious it was sarcasm and me mocking the poster I was talking to.

Anyways, looking forward to Peach. Though I have a question now that you mention it:
Will there be a re-run of the story after its all good and done with the other persons perspective, as you mentioned something about anon can choose between OC or Tenshi.
No. 7386
Read her fucking profile. Even if you want to ignore canon, you can't ignore the fact that she became a Celestial without any of the effort at a young age. Spoiled brat.
No. 7387
Yes, And in Marisa's profile its hinted that she's insane, And in Sanae's profile its hinted that she's very crazed about killing youkai.

So no, I do believe your point is invalid. ZUN didnt give every single character a set personality. The fans did. If the first person made a doujin where Reimu was all sunshines and fucking gumdrops, do you think she would be as prickish as she usually is in fandom now? Most likely not.
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File 13086501899.jpg - (652.20KB , 600x847 , 15295332.jpg ) [iqdb]
What the fuck. Screw it, have a Tenshi.
No. 7389
She looks too confident and not spoiled at all ANGRY FACE.
my waifu is not exactly how i pictured her wah wah
No. 7390
File 130865191951.jpg - (516.66KB , 1171x1800 , 06.jpg ) [iqdb]
bluh bluh huge bitch
No. 7391
Exactly. A few half-assing doujin makers make a character a certain way, usually to suit their own agenda and most of the fanon brainlessly follows.
No. 7395
Actually it's because the characters are hard to really, iunno, Understand? It's not the right word by far: but if someone see's something catchy in any character, the easy way out is to see that as what the characters about, and take it out of bounds. In this case, Tenshi. One line and bam masochist, along with Okuu saying "Unyuu" once. Youmu I can understand seeing as how 'myon' is an odd way to describe something and quite frankly fucking adorable, but other then that... Well yeah.
Basically each touhou character has a catchphrase or something that defines them. Most people center around only this when talking or writing about said character. Again, I could be wrong as I've no sleep for the past 12 hours, so forgive if I ramble on a lot.
No. 7407
You are only proving his point with this post. Fans are often not possessed of keen insight, and will leap upon established trends with great glee. The problem stems that this established characterization just fucking sucks, and its increasing dominance in the minds of fandom is a blight upon creativity. Every single instance of PADS or whatnot is simple reinforcement into the minds of people too lack-wit to think for themselves.

Upon rereading your post, I fear this one will only serve to reinforce what you have tried to impress upon us. orz for being too useless to say anything of note.

[x] Stars Within Reach

Whenever these sorts of threads pop up, with an author asking for direction for his next writing venture, I always say the same thing. Write what you want to write. This appears to be what R.I.Mjob most want's to do.
No. 7408
[X]Finish up you /at/ short already!
[X]Peach Tree that Bore Fruit
[X]Archetype of Self Run Two

1. For the /at/ short, since it's a short it's probably the easiest to finish.

2. Peach Tree that Bore Fuit, I have to admit I liked your Tenshi so this interests me. Even the masochist aspect was different in that in your story she wants to dominate, while for most she's mostly submissive.

3. While I have admitted before I really didn't know Archetype of Self I would still support this because hey at least you're trying to not make the protagonist a Mary Sue, so kudos to you.
No. 7414
You missed the point that Tenshi in that idea would not be the same as AoS1's Tenshi.
No. 7489
Remember my saying I had one more story idea, but couldn't remember what it was? I was going through the WA archives and hit the scene that caused people to want an AU story set when Ivan is still living with Keine, and remembered that was my fourth possible idea. I know it hardly matters by now, but I felt I should say it anyway.
No. 7490
It's changing everything!
No. 7492
I forgot about that too, partially due to the Wizard story covering my keine route needs for now. But such a what-if would be very nice as well.
No. 7496
I remember your Keine being quite lovely herself.
Dancing with Ivan because he finally decided to take care of himself made me laugh.
No. 7499
File 130952191053.jpg - (910.05KB , 1440x1018 , 00c6761ec36a665628ccb0a9168c2177.jpg ) [iqdb]
[c]Stars Within Reach

I can't decide on whether you should do a second run of AoS, continue your /at/ posts or do a new story, but I'm interested in Stars Within Reach. A question, though, which sci-fi premise you're going to base it on?

Picture not related. Seriously.
No. 7517
Stars Within Reach isn't really based on anything in particular for the most part, but the ship classes can be compared to Homeworld's, the territory/government system is influenced by Freelancer... And that's about it. I'm trying to draw from other sources as little as possible for this one, though the first incident may feel familiar.
No. 7518
Can you tell us any more about the setting and technology? For instance for FTL travel is there a defined limit on where one can go, like Battletech's 30-light years/jump before having to recharge for 1 week?