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It's that time.

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V for vendetta?
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I know this one! Um... what is 'The Indian in the Cupboard'?

Wait no, the plastic toy wasn't rare. Beats me then.
No. 7329
I'm going to blindly assume that all these questions are actually in the "THP CYOA" category. And I haven't read enough of the old classics to make a good guess.

Also "rare figure" is so totally vague.
No. 7330
Here's a hint.

>>7327 is totally accurate.
No. 7331
Battlefield 3?
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What a truly awful thread.
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Just realized that the OP used "begun" when it should have been "began".

And that's about the point I realized this should have been posted in /blue/ in the first place.
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I though the answer was "What is Deluge of a Lunar Fantasy?"
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School Days?
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Is this referring to Gensokyo High or some other story? I've never witness an intentional attempt at a harem route go horribly wrong. Now people who can't focus on a target and it resulting in disaster, that I've a decent amount of times.
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Any touhou story to do with Wriggle?
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Ultra-Violence mode.
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>goes on storylist and control+F's "YAF"
That's quite a lot of unfinished projects bro.
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Can you be more specific?
No. 7417
That's the joke.
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I would post more a lot more often, but every time I try to make one it's always "PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER"

Have an easy modo answer
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As if the first one didnt give it away? Along with the second hint?
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What is "A Wizard is you"?
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There are a lot of controversial crossovers on the site, most of which are, for better or for worse, not active right now, but that's not the point.

Another easy one though.
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J to E?
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I though that Scorn was mostly into guro?
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Scorn was well known for being into scat as well, among other unmentionable things.

Let's step it up a notch.
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May as well start stacking answers.
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To make up for lost time at least.
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And that's all for now. Stick around for the daily double. Only not.
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Oh, Oh oh I know the answer!
It's that one story with the anons controlling that one person.
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Also, what "meme" did this start? Never heard of any related to any such story.
No. 7451
It had someone start up a music remix list in /words/ though I'm not sure if that counts as a meme or not.
No. 7454

What is "A Shikigami's Life"?


'Desert' or 'dessert'?
No. 7455
What is 'no one really cares just get to the point or shut up please'?
No. 7459
What is 'everyone of you should get back to /b/'?
No. 7460
What is "you mad bro?"
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Answer in the form of a question, please.
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Take the answer or shut up please. Seriously, Who cares about this shit? When I come to /gensokyo/, I dont want to see some shitty quiz about how we know one author on a site with hundreds. Just get to the point, or for the love of god shut up.
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Why anyone would ever take this thread as seriously as you have is a mystery to me.
No. 7505
We sure have a lot of mad people on the site this summer, don't we?
No. 7506
See the '?' at the end? It means that the sentence before that was a question! But if you want to, I can rephrase that. Brb, gimme 7 minutes.
No. 7507
It's common knowledge anon is constantly PMSing during summer.
No. 7508
It's a question in the sense that "Is the answer Patchwork?" is a question. You're seeking affirmation.
The point is to ask in a specific form, with something akin to "Who is Patchwork?" "What is a 1911 Colt?" or "If X=9 Under what circumstance does XYZ = 81?"
No. 7509
Who is Patchwork?

There, Now can you shut up about it?
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Why did you capitalize the "Now" following your comma?
No. 7516
Shouldn't it be two separate sentences?
Like, "There. Now can you shut up about it?"
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What is... The Iron of Yin and Yang?
No. 7523
I suppose either would be correct, it just depends on how great a pause you'd like between the two parts of the thought.
No. 7557

'There' is being used as an interjection, so joining it to the sentence with a comma is grammatical.