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So I've got a few questions for the writefags on the site:

1. What sorts of software do you use when writing? Do you use any concept mappers or outliners, or just a word processor?

2. How far in advance do you typically plan out your story? Do you have a particular "end state" or set of endings in mind already, or do you just write as the votes and your whims inspire you?

No. 7227
1. I use Q10 for certain types of writing or google docs for other types. Never saw the need in concept maps as simple note taking works well enough for me.

2. I have ideas that float around, and when they're good I write them down. The slower my updates are, the more I tend to plan ahead unless I'm distracted.
No. 7228
1. I use Open Office. I'm used to its interface, and I can ajust the language freely, allowing me to put sentences in spanish or german if I want.

2. I have a very accurate idea of what I'm going to write, but Anon's votes and/or write-in usually makes me change everything I planned.
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1: Word and this random notepad app on my phone.

2: Depends on the story. One's got a full end state already predetermined, just the number of people who are going to make it there is the issue, and for the other it's fairly freeform with some cool ideas and plot hooks knocking around.
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1. I type into the Message box.

2. What is this "planning" you speak of?
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1. Depends. Usually LibreOffice but I have been known to use whatever else including just plain text files. No outliners, just physical notes.

2. Depends on the story. Key ideas and concepts are usually planned, with room for maneuver depending on where the votes go. As is the general tone of the 'route'. Reader input affects most things though. There are also general checkpoints which let me gage how far along the story is plot wise.
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I want to precise: I don't plan my cunning story since the beginning, I oftenly start them on a whim, but when I have free time, I think about them, and I end up planning the whole thing.
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1: Just OpenOffice, really. I also carry around a note pad in my back pocket for random ideas and fits of inspiration, if that counts.

2: Uh...Leaning toward the whimsical? I go back and look at what I've already written pretty often just to see if there's any loose ends I can tie up, but for the most part the story moves of its own accord. Sometimes things get a little boring because of it, though, so I'm trying to plan a little more. I definitely know how I want my story to end, though, provided my voters don't completely muck it up.
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>1. What sorts of software do you use when writing? Do you use any concept mappers or outliners, or just a word processor?

Open Office Writer and whatever its Excel equivalent is called.

>2. How far in advance do you typically plan out your story? Do you have a particular "end state" or set of endings in mind already, or do you just write as the votes and your whims inspire you?

Try to plan ahead of Anon? No. I do write down dialogue that might be used later, as well as general ideas, but the votes decide what actually is written for the update.
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1. I still use word, though I don't do much fancy on it, I think I'll try looking up Notepad+ sometime.

2. I have a general frame work, but it's flexible, allowing for anon's surprises and whatever I might do on the fly.
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1. Open Office. I write down ideas that come to me in a little notebook though.

2. The "Andrew Hussie" style of story writing: drop so many plot threads available to yourself so that when you write yourself into a position where you need them, they'll be there, and it'll look like you planned this all along.
No. 7249
1) Word, 2003. Simply because I am a lazy git who does not upgrade and find all my buttons again(even though I have a license for 2007).

2) The entrance (of course), how the MC would get to where I wanted him, the first indication of plot, a few specific scenes I really wanted to include, then pathed out a few possible ends. The rest is just cobbled together as it feels right.
No. 7250
1. Just Open Office. Can't afford Microsoft office, and my updates are at least 5% worse without spell checking.

2. Not very far. Usually I come up with a world, some conflict to spice it up, a main character who works well with what is going on, and a few basic things s/he can start off doing. Then, I set the main character loose in it. I'll think about when I want to dangle the deliciously baited plot hooks too, I guess, to see where people actually want the story to head.

After a few updates, I'll re-evaluate the state of my world. What's happened so far? What does X think of action Y? Now that I know more about the main character's personality, how does he feel about X? etc.

So, I don't specifically plan it much further than past the end of an update; I just maintain the world, and write what's happening in it. They're not my plans, they're the characters' plans.
No. 7251
1. libreoffice for writing.Authors notebook and napkins when the notebook isn't around.

2. Planning varies anywhere from character details and specific scenes to major plot points.
No. 7254
1. Microsoft Word. Failing that, a notebook and a pen.

2. Plan? Nonsense. After each update, I am gripped by an immense apathy that can last for months. Soon enough, however, the apathy will give way to an insane pathos that burns at the very core of my being, allowing me to improvise a huge update in a matter of days. Then I burn out again, and the cycle begins anew.

This is not healthy at all.
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This thread would be better if you all weren't posting anonymously.
No. 7256

I think some of us chose to post anonymously out of either shame (What do you mean you don't have an ending planned?) or to avoid spoilers.
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I thought everyone already knew that I'm that anonymous poster who always attaches a random Patchouli image to his posts.
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Forgot to add a Koishi pictures to my post.
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Well, I didn't want to upset the balance. Everyone else was posting as anon.

I'm >>7250 if you're curious.
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I'm posting anonymously to not rile my readers.
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yeah yeah reporting in
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>>7241 here. So far my flexible framework is working out pretty well.
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I like trying to guess.

I'm also a little surprised there are still that many writers left on the site.
No. 7270

There's even more in IRC that aren't currently writing, or were former writers.
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I'm posting anonymously because I'm ashamed of my answer.
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go ahead and guess me then.

I was >>7227
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1. Open Office. No flowcharting software; flowcharts are for pussies.

2. Usually I only plan out a very overall storyline (the beginning, a small part of the exposition, the climax and the end/denouement), a few "pivotal" scenes (i.e. scenes I want to write), then let all the rest, the details and such, imagine itself as the story goes. I do not specifically cogitate anything, the ideas tend to come to me on their own. Only when I write them down do I try and make them click with each other and the aforementioned general storyline.

That said, one story I started recently I started only (and only) in order to be able to write a certain (very short) exchange that I thought was amusing.
No. 7275
1. I generally use Open Office, but that's only because I didn't have Word installed. I don't have a particular software that I prefer. Anything with a spelling check is fine.

2. I usually never plan anything in advance. I only start with the concept and write from there. Most of the time, I have no idea where I want to go, or what will happen. Very rarely do I plan the ending first, but it happens.
No. 7277
1) Plain old Word

2) I usually build stories from the concept and end events rather than from the beginning. That is a pretty backwards and weird way to make them and I wouldn't recommend it but yeah, I usually have a million climatic scenes and "later on" plot twists in clear vision but as far as the "present" goes I have a purposefully very vague general idea of what I want to happen or message I want to convey and I build on that.

In a sense it's relatively improvisation, but it kinds of excites me because sometimes I myself have no idea whatsoever what my own hands are going to type next and can even every now and then be surprised myself by the turn of things.


Yah sue me I didn't post anything anywhere since the Christmas event; I still live.
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Could you name some aforementioned flowcharting software, actually? It would be great for my internal notes.
No. 7281
I've had the dubious pleasure of using SmartDraw.
No. 7282

Dubious as in not exactly pleasurable? It doesn't sound like dedicated software.
No. 7283
If you've got Word or OneNote, they have built-in shapes and arrows for making flowcharts in the drawing tools. Better than shelling out $250+ for Visio and templates you'll never use.
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1. OpenOffice is awesome.

2. Rather than plan out what's going to happen, I find it simpler to spend my effort planning out the world itself. If you determine who all is involved, and what everything's standing in the situation is, it's just like setting up dominoes. You can knock them down however you want later. Plus, that way anonymous can do whatever the fuck they want and the plot still works.
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1. Word '07. It gets the job done, though I'm a fag and randomly chose to document my stuff in rtf files and txt files. I could probably be working in notepad and not notice the difference. When the electricity is out I use a typewriter and carrier pigeons.

2. I come up with a basic universe, a set of characterizations and let the surroundings dictate how each character acts. I don't really have any set-in-stone story, just a set of loosely related events with which to create a cohesive plot. The voters get to decide upon the actions and base characterization of whoever the story centers itself upon, and from there choose who would best suit as the antagonist. I tend to place minor conflict early on to gauge how the voters will respond and will usually try to shoehorn it into the plot later. It doesn't always work. Considering the format of my stories I don't plan too far ahead, but I have a number of possible endings set in my mind.
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1. Notepad. or maybe PSpad. I'm a programmer, so I use this shit like it's part of my body already.

2. I often plan around 2 updates ahead. Sometimes I have grand scheme and I will think it up to 3-4 updates and try railroading everyone there. If it not success? oh well. back to 2-updates-planning routine.

Also, I bet everyone here never knows what my story is ;_;
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You're the guy who's writing the Antagonizer story, right?
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Not Antagonizer?