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Speaking about touhou.
I can't find my words for this. This is just selfish and awful.
Your opinion about this? Do you think touhou should stay unnoticed? Do you think touhou should be a secret club? Do you give a damn about that?

No. 6927
Though I am loathe to agree with a worthless faggot like that, I'm starting to think that everything would be better with a secret club mentality. The rising popularity of anything will draw in retards like crazy. See the whole of 4chan for an extreme example.

This kind of shitty thread is also a good example. It would never have been made in the past, yet with the recent trend in newfag pieces of shit, we have terrible threads practically every other week.
No. 6928
Tohou gaining popularity is a good thing in my book. People that like it because it makes them feel special for liking something that is 'underground' (Even though, in the Anime/Manga/I like anything that comes from japan- scene, Touhou is pretty much mainstream already) never enjoyed Touhou in the first place.

Of course, if more people like it, per force some of them will be retards, but that's the price we pay. And, since I'm not 15, I can endure idiots.
No. 6929
Be eelitist. Surrouned yourself only with the people who think like you. Or at least go to the places where you know your kind are. Then the rest is of no importance to you.
No. 6930
OP here, not sure if relevant, but I shall explain myself.

The main thing bothering me is the reason used: "It sucks all the fun out of it for me when that happens".
Basically, it means: "I don't want other people to know it because I wanna be the only one playing it".

And that, in my opinion, is an awful behaviour. How would Anon react if one of us would keep a something good (like a GH update) for himself, just because "it sucks all the fun out of it for him"?

Besides, I never really understood the "secret club" thing, but it's reminding kindergarten games. And honestly, I'm "writing" stories, I'm working and stuff, so I think I can't play kindergarten games anymore.

TL;DR: Charlotte "-chan" (urgh!) is a selfish asshole (and is probably gay), overusing foreign words in an english text, and overusing emoticons (HATE!).

I'm 21, I can endure idiots, but something like that, I can't handle it alone.
No. 6931
She's got a point. Popularity is a double-edged sword.
No. 6932
Main trouble with touhou community is that there's no "main community". There are, like 6-7 english touhou-related websites, each one with his own codes, some accepting fanon, other hating fanon.

There's nothing totally ... "engraved", and I don't really like that. ZUN tried to control that when the anime was created, and what was the result? Morons and dumbasses going all "hurr durr touhou isn't yours ungrateful weetard".

What I'm trying to explain here is that instead of having ONE, BIG, SOLID community, we have several of them, without any good landmarks (except for the wiki, it's like a lighthouse). You can loiter around in Danbooru for years, and still ignore what's canon and what's fanon (of course, Danbooru isn't a real community, but I think you get my point).

I think that if touhou goes mainstream, canon will be more "official", and will not be ignored as it is right now.
What we need is a forum/website, explaining things step by step, without trying to teach retarded fanon mèmes (olololol PAD *knifed* hurr durr).

Oh, wait, we have the wiki! But it's largely ignored as far as I know!

Saged because clumsily written.
No. 6933
I am not 15 and therefore I can ignore idiots.

However I do want particularly want to. I would much rather the idiots weren't there in the first place. And I would lose nothing if the idiots weren't there.

>What we need is a forum/website, explaining things step by step, without trying to teach retarded fanon mèmes (olololol PAD *knifed* hurr durr).
People that like that kind of thing don't like it because it's what they first learned. If they learned the canon before the fanon, they'd still gravitate towards the fanon because they find it more interesting. And if they were never exposed to the fanon they'd probably simply not care about the series at all.
No. 6934
Popularity means good artists that would otherwise have nothing to do with Touhou are drawing pictures of it. Or writing stories/music/whatever. For that reason, I will endure any amount of retards.
No. 6935
Because if there is one thing Touhou lacks, it's good artists and musicians, amirite?
No. 6936
You never have enough good artist.
Same for musicians. Iosys is kinda a good band, but I don't like their musics.
More musician means more differents style.

I always wanted to hear jazz touhou.
No. 6938
Yeah right, look at how many super popular things have their canon ignored in favor of the writer/etc's own agenda. Need I mention all the fucking yaoi fics?

But this is one shitty topic and the OP should feel bad for posting it. I know I certainly feel unclean for just posting in it.
No. 6939
Missing the point, you're doing it right! Now read it again.
Specifically the part about the " need [of] a forum/website, explaining things step by step, without trying to teach retarded fanon mèmes (olololol PAD *knifed* hurr durr)".
It can be applied to retarded yaoi doujin.

Even if I'm pretty curious to read a yaoi fanfiction taking place in Gensokyo.
No. 6940
>Missing the point, you're doing it right!
And we're supposed to take your advice on how to avoid stupid memes? Go away.
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File 130409887047.jpg - (278.42KB , 800x680 , 831602.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hey every now and then some one who's been drowning in internet memes for years is bound to use it intentionally or not.

Hell this clip starts off as a meme but then gets much better after some seconds.


There are worse things to get mad at, such as image dumps that only serve to enrage others and derail threads; especially on the story threads.

That said, as mentioned earlier, popularity truly is a double-edged sword. More people enjoying the games, characters, art(lolZUN) and music is never a bad thing.

People twisting everything regarding Touhou to suit their personal ideals & agendas and foisting it around the net as fact/ought-to-be-fact is what would ruin it; at least for me.

I'd hate to say the whole canon vs fanon thing becoming bigger than politics
No. 6942
>People twisting everything regarding Touhou to suit their personal ideals & agendas and foisting it around the net as fact/ought-to-be-fact is what would ruin it; at least for me.

You mean what's going on right now? efforts to teach canon would be difficult as there's obstacles in the way. Let's see the whole "Endings shouldn't be available" taboo, the fact that canon materials get translated slower than the latest fanon-saturated yuri doujin, and the fact that folks can't find jpn scans of Kasen's manga.
No. 6943
Tohou getting more popular ensures the continuity of the series (except he makes the games on a whim) and incrases the revenue for the author... or that would be the case if ZUN 'serioused' the fuck up. He could be rich, but he has his reasons to do so I guess.

So, yeah, you have a point. The bad things of the popularity are there but the good things of it are missing. Damn.
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File 130410283738.jpg - (163.63KB , 600x849 , 76c1b5.jpg ) [iqdb]
I was under the impression though that anything that ZUN had no role in was just fanon and left at that. Does it really go further now?

As for the stories here, I see it as just having fun playing around with what ZUN's provided as a base but nothing more. It's not as if all that was written here is accepted as canon throughout the net and various sub-communities that focus on it right?

I still laugh at the idea of Reimu in reality being a homicidal maniac with the oni mask and all as I don't take it seriously.

Same as I treat the stories and doujins, Just having fun but knowing well they are just reinterpretations and perspectives to what ZUN put together.

For the sake of being more clearer to what I meant in case.

It's when people start saying something like that 300 parody manga with the Moriya Shrine and say "THIS IS CANON", no meme intended, and it becomes accepted as to what really happened in the games becoming overly obnoxious about it; that's where I have a problem. Especially when it only hurts the image of Touhou Project itself.

Basically, I actually see overly obnoxious fans that are what would and could hurt Touhou Project more so than any fan content in of themselves.

We do have football/soccer hooligans than ruin the experience at being at a game right? That's how I see the situation similarly to Touhou whenever it becomes really popular; especially when they (the misinformed) eventually find and read reliable sources/anything ZUN wrote only to ignore it.
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File 130446662215.png - (645.49KB , 621x1480 , 2z3pevq.png ) [iqdb]

Don't forget everyone's tossing about Black Tewi's "believe what you want". I've already seen stupid grimderp NND videos use variations of Black Tewi's disclaimer.
No. 6949
I don't think anyone's trying to supplant what's canon or change minds with this stuff. After all, it's not like we put disclaimers at the start of every story listing the differences between it and the canon 'verse.
People just have their own interpretations of how things go, and just because they have a different view than us doing necessarily make them wrong or stupid for it.
No. 6953
These days not so much, but in the past, people BLINDLY went with existing versions for later stories.

Also there's a slight undercurrent of large scale fanon affecting things, such as how many Marisas end up or Scorn's Alice in FLA.

Yes that is the biggest piece of secondary-supporting propaganda known to us.
No. 6973



Get that shit back to Pooshlmer. I swear to God every time I read "secondary-fan" used without irony in a post; I can almost smell the neckbeard odor wafting outwards from the hellish depths of the internet and into my room, and it makes me gag.
No. 6974
Rectum-wrecked secondaryfag sighted. Take it easy, and stop getting mad about silly shit on the internet.
No. 6978
Where you can see what kind of damage newcomer can cause if they're not properly "trained".
Touhou becoming mainstream would cause "Cirnoez" to be quickly ostracized from any decent group (was he the guy banned from the chatroom several weeks ago?). But since touhou is a small community, without any real rules, piece of walking shit like that can walk around, causing chaos, shit and angry sigh.

Sorry about linking to pooshlmer. Don't hate me, don't hate my stories.
No. 6981
odds are, Touhou going mainstream would give us more people like him. Such folk come about due to something making Touhou popular. I can't be the only one to remember how the Final Fantasy fanbase took a massive drop in quality once FF7 was released (FF going mainstream).
No. 6989
Thinking that Touhou going mainstream will drag the community down is basically assuming that the current community is the best.

And sorry, but I don't think so. If touhou goes mainstream, you'll have kiddies joining just to annoy people, but you'll also see some nice newcomers. Because, yeah, there are good peoples who aren't playing touhou.
No. 6991
You are incredibly naive if you believe the number of "good people" will outnumber, or somehow outweigh, the vast quantity of memespewing shitstains that would join provided the series goes mainstream.

Touhou becoming any more popular than it already is will only invite gaia level trash who will happily regurgitate LOLPADS *KNIFED* shit all day.
No. 6993
If I get it right, touhou going mainstream will cayse newfags to spam "LOL SAKUYA HAD PA-KNIFED" everywhere?
Sorry to be rude, but have you been on Danbooru? I honestly think it can't be worse than now.
Currently, the average touhoufan is a fag who don't know shits about game.
And if they know about games, they're usually pretty arrogant, using their nickname everywhere, and boasting about how non-players are faggots and babies.
No. 6996
You are extremely naive. Even on Danbooru, the pieces of trash who do pad jokes are quietly ignored, or have their posts deleted if they are obnoxious/retarded enough. With increasing popularity, this would not be the case. They would overrun and flood that sort of shit day in and out, and it would spread to sites such as this. For a true measure of the crap that popularity will bring this series, you need look no further then youtube comments.
No. 6997
Okay, maybe I'm naive. But if touhou become mainstream, maybe we'll have more faggots, but we will gain lot of good guys.
If we have memefags, then all we have to do is having more adminlings to ban their arses until they understand.
No. 6999
How did that work out for Youtube? Or 4chan? Or any other site?

Look at the evidence. Morons are the majority in the world at large; Touhou is no exception.
No. 7001
Yeah. You're right. Touhou going mainstream will increase how many faggots we'll have to deal with. But still, I think we should do it.
No. 7002

Besides, we've already got a fair share of meme retards and grimderp faggots infesting Touhou on either side of the pond. Best we can do is keep mocking them or ignore them.