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Posted here as I do them, because I love you best, THP.

If someone with the ability to make new pages on the wiki could post these there, that would be great.

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Reimu: Now, then, I'd better beat these ghosts' boss!
Yuyuko: Oh, my, a guest?
Yuyuko appears
Yuyuko: Wait a moment, okay? I'll make some tea.
Reimu: Don't bother.
Reimu: Will you tell me what you're trying to do by making the spirits riot like this?
Yuyuko: Hmmm? What am I trying to do?
Reimu: Control them properly! They're creepy!
Yuyuko: I see. I don't really get it, but...
Yuyuko: ...if you want to investigate these spirits, do it after beating me!

Yuyuko: So? What are you talking about?
Reimu: Well, these spirits flying around all over the place? What's with them?
Yuyuko: These are divine spirit children. Fleeting thoughts, born from the prayers of humans.
Yuyuko: Spirits are spirits, but these have nothing to do with ghosts.
Reimu: I see. So coming to the underworld was a mistake?
Yuyuko: I'll give you a hint.
Yuyuko: The cemetary behind the temple isn't suspicious.
Reimu: Hmmm.

Reimu: さーて、幽霊の親玉を倒さないとね!
Yuyuko: あらあらお客様?
Yuyuko appears
Yuyuko: ちょっとまってねお茶の用意をしてくるから
Reimu: 行かなくて良いよ
Reimu: こんなに霊を暴れさせてどういうつもりか教えてくれる?
Yuyuko: んー?どういうつもりだったのかしら?
Reimu: ちゃんと管理してよね!不気味だから
Yuyuko: そうね、よく判らないけど
Yuyuko: 霊について調べたければ私を倒してからにしなさい!

Yuyuko: で?何の話だったかしら?
Reimu: まあ、このうようよしている霊?なんなのさ
Yuyuko: これは神霊の子供よ人間の祈りから生まれる儚い思念
Yuyuko: 霊は霊でも幽霊とは関係無いわ
Reimu: そうなの冥界に来たのは見当違いって事?
Yuyuko: ヒントをあげる
Yuyuko: お寺の裏の墓地が怪しくないわ
Reimu: ふーん
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I love you too man. More than you will ever know.
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Reimu: There really are more spirits around here than there were in the underworld.
Reimu: Still, that's strange...
Reimu: Yuyuko said they were divine spirits, but...
Reimu: Are divine spirits really squirmy bunches of miscellaneous spirits like these?
Reimu: Rather than divine spirits, these things are just the heart's voice given form...
Kyouko: Good morning!
Kyouko appears
Kyouko: You should greet people properly, you know.
Reimu: Ah, uh, good morning.
Kyouko: One of Myouren Temple's precepts: "greetings are the heart's oasis".
Reimu: Oh, yeah, this temple is a youkai temple, isn't it?
Kyouko: That's right. A temple for youkai who are kind to youkai.
Reimu: Well, I'll just have to hurry and exterminate you, then!
Kyouko: The morning's business is cleaning, then cooking rice, then meeting the enemy.
Kyouko: The screams of humans echo in Gensokyo!

Kyouko: Beating me isn't going to solve anything.
Reimu: Well, you're a youkai. Best to just exterminate first off.
Kyouko: What are you here for?
Reimu: Hm? A little investigation.
Reimu: It doesn't look like there aren't any divine spirits in the main building...
Reimu: The graveyard really is fishy, huh. Divine spirits in a graveyard...

Reimu: 確かに冥界よりお寺の方が霊が集まっているのね
Reimu: それにしてもおかしいわねぇ
Reimu: 幽々子は神霊って言ってたけど……
Reimu: 神霊ってこんなワラワラと出る雑多な霊だったっけ?
Reimu: これじゃあ神霊というかただ心の声が形になっただけ……
Kyouko: おはよーございます
Kyouko appears
Kyouko: 挨拶はきちんとしないとね
Reimu: え、あ、おはよーございます
Kyouko: 命蓮寺の戒律の一つ「挨拶は心のオアシス」
Reimu: そういえばこのお寺は妖怪寺だったわね
Kyouko: そうよ妖怪に優しい妖怪のお寺
Reimu: じゃあ即刻退治するしかないわね!
Kyouko: 朝のおつとめは、掃除に炊飯そして迎え撃ち
Kyouko: 幻想郷に人間の悲鳴がこだまするよ!

Kyouko: 私を倒しても何にもならないわよー
Reimu: まあ妖怪だしね取り敢えず退治しておかないと
Kyouko: 何しに来たの?
Reimu: ん?ちょっと調査にね
Reimu: 本堂には神霊が集まっていないようね……
Reimu: 臭いのは墓地、ね墓地に神霊ねぇ……
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Please post the translations here:

No. 6896
Reimu: Mm, you're...
Kogasa appears
Kogasa: You're finally here.
Kogasa: Just back there, there's someone I've never seen before keeping watch!
Kogasa: No matter how many times I shoot her, I always lose by timeout.
Kogasa: Hey, do something! Please!
Reimu: A youkai is requesting a youkai extermination...
Reimu: Got it. I'll beat you all together.

Reimu: Where is she? That strange person.
Reimu: She said she was 'keeping watch', but what is there to guard here...?
Yoshika: Staaay baaack!
Yoshika appears
Yoshika: Past this point isn't a good place for you!
Reimu: Huh?
Yoshika: I am a soldier (kyonshii), born to protect our noble mausoleum.
Reimu: You're a zombie, right?
Yoshika: Yep, I'm a zombie!
Reimu: She's got a good complexion for a zombie.
Yoshika: Are you a human here to visit a grave?
Reimu: I'm here to investigate the divine spirits.
Yoshika: Divine spirits? What are those? Can you smoke them? (TN: Really not sure about that last bit there. The last thing I want to do is start up some stupid meme as the result of a mistranslation, so take this with a grain of salt.)
Reimu: Ah, so this was a miss, too? How strange...
Yoshika: Anyway, I was reborn to defend this area from those guys from the temple!
Yoshika: Become one of us! From this danmaku awakened from a deep sleep!

Yoshika: Woooah! You got me!
Reimu: Now, spill it! Just what are you guarding here?!
Yoshika: Uh, uh... Uooo...
Reimu: Huh? Is it time for you to return to the ground?
Yoshika: Zombies are forever indestructible! Who are you?
Reimu: I've had enough of this. Sorry, but your brain's rotted, too.
Reimu: Oh, well. I'll just have to keep moving on.
Reimu leaves
Yoshika: Aah... finally. The door to the Grand Mausoleum will be opened...

Reimu: む、あんたは確か
Kogasa appears
Kogasa: やっと来てくれたんだ
Kogasa: この先に見た事のない奴が番をしているのー
Kogasa: そいつにいくら撃ち込んでもいつもタイムオーバーで負けるんだ
Kogasa: ねえ、何とかしてよ~お願い
Reimu: 妖怪に妖怪退治を依頼されるなんて
Reimu: 判ったわあんたもろとも倒してあげるわ

Reimu: 何処に居るのかしら?その不思議な奴って
Reimu: ”番をしている”っ言ってたけど何を守ってるのかなぁ
Zombie: ちーかよーるなー!
Zombie: これから先はお前達が入って良い場所ではない!
Reimu: ああん?
Zombie: 我々は崇高な霊廟を守るために生み出された戦士である
Reimu: ゾンビでしょ?
Zombie: そうゾンビでーす
Reimu: 随分と血色の良いゾンビね
Zombie: お前は墓参りに来た人間か?
Reimu: 私は神霊の調査に来たのよ
Zombie: 神霊?何それ吸いやすいの?
Reimu: あら、あんたもハズレ?おかしいなぁ
Zombie: 何にしても、この辺をお寺の連中から護る為に私は蘇ったのだ!
Zombie: 我々の仲間になるが良い!深き眠りから覚めた弾幕で!

Zombie: うおー!やーらーれーたー
Reimu: さあ吐きなさい!あんたは一体何を守っていたの?
Zombie: う、う……う、お
Reimu: あれ?土に還る時間かしら?
Zombie: ゾンビは永遠に不滅です!
Zombie: お前は誰だ?
Reimu: 付き合いきれないわ可哀想に、あたまも腐ってるのね
Reimu: しょうがないこの先に進むしかないわ
Zombie: ああ……ついに
Zombie: 大祀廟の扉が開かれる……
No. 6897
Ah, now it's up. Will do.
No. 6898
I love you too. Good work.
No. 6899
File 130294215293.jpg - (819.43KB , 1100x1300 , don't think I won't do it.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>The last thing I want to do is start up some stupid meme as the result of a mistranslation, so take this with a grain of salt.

Too late. The image of Yoshika as a stoner zombie is already burnt into my mind, and I eagerly await the CYOA to feature her embarking on an epic quest to create the ultimate bong, but giving up after three updates in favor of simply scoring some munchies.
No. 6900
Thankfully the guy on the wiki who beat me to the translations knows what he's doing.

Also, with all the canon 'rotten' jokes, I'll bet all the money in my pockets that you can look forward to Yoshika as a fujoshi in fanon before too long. You heard it here first.
No. 6901
Also, the text from the stage splash screens, since I don't know where it should go on the wiki.

Stage 1:
Enjoyment, Even in Death

Just what are these hazy spirits, drifting among the cherry blossoms?
A divine spirit is only stimulated when it's on the verge of death.



Stage 2:
The Youkai Before the Gate, Reading an Unlearnable Sutra

On the guidance of a mysterious ghost, she aims toward Myouren Temple's graveyard.
Would the one waiting for her there be connected to the divine spirits?



Stage 3:
A Straight Line Paradise

The things that inhabited the graveyard; were they humans, souls, or youkai?
Why were the spirits that everyone called divine bubbling up from the graveyard?


No. 6902
>Kogasa: No matter how many times I shoot her, I always lose by timeout.
It's implied that Yoshika's still the boss here, since she's not a one-hit wonder, meaning Kogasa's the player character, which means that Yoshika's the one that should be losing by time-out.

>Reimu: She's got a good complexion for a zombie.
Insert your own joke about zombie Reimu here.
No. 6903
>It's implied that Yoshika's still the boss here, since she's not a one-hit wonder, meaning Kogasa's the player character, which means that Yoshika's the one that should be losing by time-out.
Doesn't that just mean Yoshika's the player character vs Kogasa when they're duelling instead?

It's interesting to see how far gameplay mechanics is canon in Gensokyo/Touhou.
No. 6906

Uh, no.

Kogasa is the "player character", meaning that Kogasa loses if she can't defeat Yoshika's spellcard. It's not a survival card, so if it times out you lose.
No. 6907
Time-Outs work in the player character's favor. She doesn't lose any lives or bombs. She might not get point items for it, but it's the boss that is forced to react as though the card was captured and move on to her next card, or if it was her last card, she flat-out loses and the player wins.

Hell, I'm willing to bet a lot of people, me included, timed-out on Yoshika's last card and proceeded to win the fight.
No. 6908
No, timeout means the boss wasn't destroyed. That doesn't mean it's in the player's favor.

You don't get spellcard capture points/record (unless it's a survival card, but she doesn't use any).
You can timeout a card even if you lost lives/used a bomb/trance
The boss doesn't drop items. Especially annoying in EoSD Sakuya, since I would time her out a lot on as a midboss on 5 and come close on 6.

So it's for the boss's favor if anything, and definitely not in the player's favor.
No. 6910
Even if the player times out all the spellcards the boss STILL loses and the player character can continue. Considering each of the bosses work alone for most games they're not useful for the individual boss, just that its harder from that point on.
No. 6911
I wouldn't call that losing.

I'd call it winning.
No. 6913
It's an empty victory as you don't get points closer to a 1up, any 1ups/life pieces or bombs/bomb pieces.

Many cards get harder near the end of the timeout.