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Touhou 13 demo released


Just in case anyone missed the announcement.

Downloads here:

Torrent here:
http://www.ceena.net/view.php?id=110415203713-465257 (I haven't checked the torrent so I cannot verify its integrity)

Massive lag and unproductivity may be short-term effects, though longer-term boost in productivity may be the end result due to further possible interactions.

Have fun!

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All my updates are delayed until next month.
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Fuck, why now? I don't even have spare time for THP, let alone an actual game!

Torrent seems to be legit.
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Japan proves itself to be faster than Aya yet again.

Spoilers for characters in the game, if you want to find out for yourself.
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Fantastic Legend of Tohno just lost its spot as best stage 2 theme. Fuck yeah, weird time signatures.
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First writer to introduce either the echo either the zombie girl in a story wins a cookie.
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Yuyuko looks so sexy. Unfortunatly so easy, but considering the stage she is in, it's tolerabale.

Also, strongest touhou. Notice how she doesn't get a single scratch even after losing.
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She was just messing around, hence why she's in stage 1.
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Isn't it best to give people some time to get to know and love them? Shooting off too early isn't satisfying for anyone.
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That was a fun demo. ZUN trumpets everywhere made the music fun and the new characters seem alright. The zombie is cute.
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Now then, where shall these two be pidgeonholed?
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Is that a Munak?
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It's a jiangshi.
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Danbooru just lists her under Ofuda.
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The ofuda is the thingy on her forehead. According to fanon, it's keeping her aliv- it's keeping her undead/