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Putting this here because I don't know where else to put it. I can't seem to access the current thread of my story. I can't access the thread from the server I'm on, or something. I don't know technology, and I'm not sure about you, but has this happened to anyone else before? And if it has, will it go away?

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Same story over here. I figure it's one of those things that'll resolve itself with time, but I am not good with computer either, so who knows.
No. 6836
Not a problem on your end. I know what the problem is and how to most likely fix it but am unable to currently do so. Working on it.
No. 6837
SQL database connection error: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)
I could only access teruyo's story from my bookmark, nothing else.
What was that?
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Unfortunately opening the thread, and by extension posting in it, will be impossible for a while. I can't do anything about it because the server THP is hosted on is not a proper physical server exclusive to us but a VPS, and I cannot apply the solution I would if I had access to the hardware. For it to be truly fixed, we need to wait until the next scheduled maintenance, which I've been told is the first week of May.

In the interim, I've uploaded a backup of the thread to http://www.touhou-project.com/sdm/res/45012bak.html

If you want to post stuff, I suggest you create a new thread. Sorry but this was an unfortunate fluke.

That was me messing around, looking for a workaround without completely shutting things down.

For the record this kind of thread is ok here, since this is our general board and everything from "halp, stuff is borked" to "This latest album/game/doujin is awesome/awful, discuss" and "Giant Catfish is the best character because of x" is permissible here.

For instant replies from a mod or admin, irc is more direct. But not necessary, so whatever works best for you.
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It's alright, I can wait.
No. 6850
Thread should be working again.
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Was I the only one unable to access the website for the whole day?
No. 6961

I had the same problem too.
No. 6962
And it happened right after I uploaded this NSFW pics of Miyako. For a while, I wondered if admin hadn't had a hearth attack.
No. 6964
There has been no downtime at all in the last 30 days. That was likely a DNS issue with your ISP to blame. It has happened before. You can always check if it's you with stuff like http://www.isup.me/ and/or changing to google/open dns. Bypassing with an entry in the HOSTS file also works.

In case of overexcitement, I am automatically to be put into a cryosleep until a team of doctors find a cure for zombie moe.
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No offence, but I'm just a wannabe-writefag. I'm not a webmaster at all.

Even if it's common knowledge.
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ISP is 'internet service provider', the guys you pay for your internet. DNS is 'Domain Name Service', the servers that translate those handy little names you type into your address bar (like 'touhou-project.com') into the cold, unfeeling numbers (called 'IP addresses') that computers actually use to represent web sites (like '' -- paste it into your address bar, it works). If your ISP's DNS starts acting funny, names no longer point to the correct location, but IP addresses still work.

These are both acronyms with Wikipedia articles that explain the concept succinctly in their first paragraph, incidentally.
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Allright, there’s a new problem. I posted the latest update to my story, but when I go to the /sdm/ front page, it doesn’t show up, unless I go to “Last 50 posts”. Again, is it just me?
No. 6970

That's odd, I see it fine.
No. 6971
Well it’s sort of working now. But when I try to view the whole thread, it only shows the posts before this latest update. It works if I view the last 50 posts.

It’s a stretch, but I just switched to the latest version of Firefox, and it’s giving me a few problems. Maybe this is one of them?
No. 6972
Never mind, it seems to be back to normal.
No. 6977
I checked. You're righteh, 'cause my Internet is kinda as unstable as F.A.G.'s protag right now!
Not that really matter, but it means that every 10 minutes, Internet is working for 2 minutes. Gonna kick asses until it's fixed!
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Not really a technical problem, but I don't want to create a new thread for just a question.
I don't really understand how the differents boards are working. If I begin to write a story on /sdm/, can I move the MC to Hakugyokurou if I feel like it (and if Anon vote for this, alos)? Or am I locked down in the mansion?
No. 6998
We've had threads about this in the past (which may have been bumped off of /gensokyo/ by now), but the short answer is that your story can go wherever you want it to. Of course, presumably you have some sort of plan for your story involving characters relevant to the board you chose, making it impossible for them to ever become completely irrelevant; if you don't, then there might be reason to ask why you bothered to put it on that board in the first place.
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As the previous anon did, so shall I:

Instead of a new thread I'll ask my question here...

I'm (re)reading A Wizard is You, and some of it seems to be missing. I can read thread 1 fine, however (so far) threads 2 and 3 are missing and I only get a 404 error. Are they lost forever? I hope not!
No. 7043
A Wizard is You threads 2 & 3 seem to be missing, can someone tell me if I'm missing something obvious? Or are they actually 404'ed into oblivion?
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File 130642725571.png - (42.29KB , 1444x629 , Blind men find no links.png ) [iqdb]
You...are you joking?
The story archive is right there.
No. 7046

And the threads are still 404'ed. What's your point exactly?


From what I can gather, archiving is done manually for now. As a result, there's a gap of time between a thread being bumped off the main pages and whenever the archive is updated where the thread is inaccessible. It'll be back eventually when the archive undergoes the next set of updates, but until then your only option is to hope you can find someone who has saved the threads themselves and ask them.
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Not really a technical question, but I want to know: I started a thread on/gensokyo/, do I have to delete it now that nobody's posting in, or should I keep it for "archives" or something like that? I really don't know.
No. 7069
Is it a story thread? Chances are it has already been archived.

Is it a shit thread that nobody posts in? Go ahead and delete it if you are embarrassed by its continued presence. It'll fall off naturally in a good 2-3 years if you don't either way.

The "archive" is only for stories. I would have thought that would be self-evident with it's nomenclature.
No. 7071
It's a /gensoyo/ thread, so it's not a story, it's a discussion thread.
But it served its purpose, and I don't know this site's policy about old topics, so I wanted to ask.

But since it's not hurting anybody, I guess I'll leave it.