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Out of curiosity, has anyone else seen this game?


It's a bullet hell flash game that's rather obviously inspired by Touhou, given that there were Touhou references in the previous RPG in the series.

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No, seriously though. That game was fucking terrible. Don't link anything like that shit again.
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> Hatate_puking

Wrong character. You have the MC from Yume Nikki, not the other crow tengu.
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Kongregrate has some great games, but this sure as hell ain't one of them.
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Huh. I would have thought that an obviously Touhou-inspired game would have gotten a better response on a Touhou-dedicated board.
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"Touhou inspired" doesn't automatically mean good. And flash almost always means "terrible".
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Nope. There's tons of good flash games out there. It just often means terrible.
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I stand by my "almost always".