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Before you ask, no, I'm not joking in anything here.

I want to apologize for all I've done. I know lately that I have been acting in an extremely crazy way, perhaps in some vain hope that it would gather some degree of attention to make me feel better.

To think, stooping so low to feel better, ugh, I'm pathetic. I know lately that you have a lot of reasons to hate me, and honestly, you have every right to hate me. I have done nothing positive at all lately, so there is nothing I can use to defend myself against acquisitions and what not.

Where do I start?

I guess I can say that I am the only person who never was able to move on what happened with my first attempt with CYOAs. Criticism aside, I acknowledge those flaws, yet I can never know when I am truly able to conquer those flaws. I keep thinking with every step I make I fall backwards. To also start from the beginning while watching others become successful also has incited a great deal of bitter jealousy in me, making me feel that I feel underappreciated. Yet I know that's wrong, because I still do have people who honestly appreciate my story, even if I don't see that appreciation appear often.

Now where was I going with this?

Either way, I'm probably being laughed at while I'm writing this, what with my laughable and vain attempts at anger and what not. Each time I think about it I find myself becoming sad, sad that I could do such stupid actions against fellow writers and what not.

Maybe it was my want to write something great for once that I deluded myself into believing that it isn't my problem but others leading to my inability to get anything done.

What else can I say?

I'm sorry.

I apologize completely to anything wrong I've done during my time here in THP and I though I know there's a lot of inexcusable actions I've done, I hope at least this can be a start to repair our shattered relations.

I know I'm putting too much hope that this alone would fix everything, but if there is no apology, how can I ever accept the fact that I've been doing wrong this entire time?

Well, I hope you guys accept this apology. Though if you don't, I won't mind. I don't think I would accept my own apology after how I've acted...

And well, here's a video for you to watch.


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>I guess I can say that I am the only person who never was able to move on what happened with my first attempt with CYOAs.

You definitely aren't.
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You're silly.
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Oh, Twitty, what happened this time?
No. 6758
He got pranked yesterday by IRC and he didn't take it well. It was a pretty tame prank too, coming from them. Inquisitor's fake update sounded believable except for Alice having the runs.
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Another writer ruined by the Irate Resistant Cabal.
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>Implying that this thread isn't bringing IRC drama to the boards, and by extension it is the poster himself who is in the wrong.
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You are starting to turn into a whiny attention whore. Just shut up and write your silly stories. I don't think anyone wants to read about your existential crisis' every other day.
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Keep writing, because we'll keep reading and voting. Your stories are fun to follow, and your updates come with a semblance of consistency, which anon appreciates. To be honest, most complaints about you no longer revolve around your writing, but with the issues you've (hopefully) put to rest with this post.

Now, let's get back to Business, shall we?
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Yeah, don't be like YAF. If you have philosophical troubles, put the story on hold until you want to write again. But don't give up, and don't tell everyone that you doubt. If you really need to speak, you can talk with someone on Irate Tolerant Cabal. There's a query function. But, as cruel as it is, try to keep your problems for yourself. Or should I say... Don't ask Anonymous. Ask someone with a name.
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Don't ask IRC, we're sick of drama.
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This, for the love of God.
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Starting to?
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I accept your apology personally, but I don't believe you should have posted one anyhow. this isn't that sort of community, we're not your friends.
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Well thanks guys...



God, i'm pathetic.
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Without question. Are you done wading in the river of self-pity now, or are you going to throw another tantrum in two or three days like normal?

My money's on number 2.
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No, 5.