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Here’s something for you THP.
I apologize for bad spelling and grammar beforehand.

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inb4 people take this seriously instead of just laughing it off like they did on /jp/.
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ÐÏࡱá >  þÿ  1 g  i  þÿÿÿ 6 7 8 9 : ; < = > ? @ A B

Is all I have. But for what I saw, it's a doc thingy, and it's mostly some whining about remilia.
Saged because I'm sure it's a troll. Virus-safe if you're worrying about it.
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11 pages of some stupid fucks opinion. This sort of shit is the embodiment of autism.

If this were /jp/, I would not hesitate to call you a worthless piece of garbage for posting a shitty thread.
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You're rude, sir. Don't insult autist, please. They have better tastes.

Also, OP, next time you want to broadcast your opinion (implying we care, of course), do it in a proper way. Like, I don't know, use a txt. Not a doc. They just suck.
Besides, if you really disagree with the general assumption that Remilia is whatever you said, the best way to broadcast your idea is to write a story.
Not whining in a document.

Just saying. Saged because I don't wanna start a flame war, I'm just trying to end it immediately, with polites words and stuff.
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Yeah, that wasn't worth the 3MB it took up on my hard drive. "lol powerlevels" can be a fun diversion, but please do not attempt it if you are a blazing idiot incapable of constructing a logical argument.
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I was with you until "Remilia isn't a youkai".
Go learn how Touhou works and then try again.
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Probably feeding a troll, but I want to add one thing: basically, you're saying that Remilia is an occidental vampire.
Yeah. I can probably understand that.
Howewer, occidental or not, she's living in Gensokyo, and it was mentioned several times in canon works that Gensokyo isn't just some land. It's something who slowly changes you.

Remilia maybe was a dracula-like vampire to begin with, but she was altered by:
-Gensokyo's malevolent aura.
-Gensokyo's benevolent aura.
-Yukari's fooling around again.
-Eirin's strange drugs.
-Moriya shrine conspiracy.
-the IRC cabal.

Picture related, it's OP.
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>the cabal

No. 6683

> Other people have a different poorly supported interpretations of a fictional character than my poorly supported interpretation of a fictional character. Surely I must be right. I mean, I used wikipedia and everything!

Seriously though, its all opinions. Zun hasn't given enough of a frame of reference to ever seriously argue "power levels", so this entire doc is pretty much a moot point. And sorry, you can't cite wikipedia to apply logic to fictional settings. Who is to say how Zun's vampires work, or if traditional vampires even exist at all in Zun's universe.

I mean, is that really a large leap to make? They don't exist in our world.

Its kind of like the argument about Marisa's Master Spark. Everyone is always like "so powerful" or "so weak". But what is our frame of reference? How powerful do you picture it as being, when we've never seen it hit something that we can use to gauge it's strength. We haven't seen Remilia TRY to rip someone's head off, so we don't know if she can.

Sage because this is stupid, and I can't believe I am bored enough to respond to this.

PS: Remilia is a youkai. Zun agreed, don't bother him about it.
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That isn't exactly helpful as Youkai seems to be a blanket term for nearly anything non-human
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Well, I thought it was a little amusing.