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Tenshi, you bitch.

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In case anyone is wondering and gets their news from /touhou/, this thread was made most likely due to an 8.2 scale earthquake in Japan today, killing many and devastating coastal areas.

Or OP hates Tenshi.
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I hope ZUN is all right. Would be awful is he drown in his beer stock.
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I heard rumors that Big Sight was damaged in the earthquake and apparently Reitaisei is going to be delayed - is that true?
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It has been cancelled. No rei this year.
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Reitaisai has been canceled, there might be more information after things settle down a bit more. ZUN is ok as well.
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I feel kind of bad that I care more about Reitaisai being canceled than anything else in this disaster.

ZUN'll think of something to do with the Touhou 13 demo, or just skip it, but what happens to all the doujin and stuff?
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>Between 200 and 300 bodies have been found in Sendai city, while another 151 were confirmed killed, with 547 missing. Police also said 798 people were injured.

>Kesennuma, a town of 70,000 people in Miyagi, burned furiously into the night with no apparent hope of being extinguished, Japan's public broadcaster NHK said.

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Tenshi? No. This is the real culprit!
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dat catfish
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Now look what you've all done.
She tried to stop it, you know.
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She tried to warn you! You didn't listen!
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I still like Tenshi....
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On the bright side, I'm glad that the earthquake made me realize that I still know the basics of how to play Tenshi in 12.3.
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This is terrible
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Maybe they'll combine R8 into the C80. Sure a delay of several months but with Tokyo Big Sight taking damage I doubt it'll be fixed fairly soon. Fairly low on the list of things to fix in after an earthquake, they've got nuclear reactors to fix even.
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>Maybe they'll combine R8 into the C80.
Maybe, but that's nowhere near as simple as it sounds.
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It doesn't sound simple at all!
No. 6553

Yeah of course it isn't simple but they don't have a lot of options available.
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Sure they do. They could cancel it, for example. Which they did.
I'd be thrilled if they could reschedule it, but...priorities, you know?
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I was referring to what they do AFTERWARS I can't believe I actually even have to state that.
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If you're going to make archive of the pixiv uploads, kindly rename id_p0 through id_p9 to id_p0x to ensure the pages are displayed in the correct order.
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I didn't think they'd had many wars lately...
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Yes, believe it or not when you're in a conversation and there are several possible obvious interpretations of a statement you've made you may need to actually clarify what it is you're specifically referring to.
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File 130059465570.jpg - (1.47MB , 2000x2000 , lotus petals are a passing beauty.jpg ) [iqdb]
A wave of garbage had landed in Gensokyo. A torrent of trash, wooden boards, twisted fragments of metal, littering the pristine fields and countryside. Youkai and humans were puzzled alike.

"Are you- are you ok down there, Nitori?" The concerned wolf tengu called down as another car plunged over the falls, bouncing and cartwheeling across the rocks like a discarded toy.

"Yeah, sure, Momiji, there's so much cool stuff here! I don't know why anyone would want to throw them away! Woah!" Nitori swam to one side as a large bubble exploded from underneath her, a last exhalation from a tomb of iron and plastics.


From her position on a particularly large sunflower specimen, Yuka watches as the flotsam bounces off the stalks of the reinforced flower stems. This much water was bad for the soil...
"Um, Yuuka? About the flowers.." The backhand blow knocks Wriggle from the perch with a splash, and Yuka stabs the tip back down into the giant bulb.
"Go clean it up, already, why don't you?"


The water poured into the underworld from above. "It's contaminated!!" announced Utsuho proudly.
"Really? With what?" Orin didn't really seem to see any difference, lapping at it before spitting out the water. "It's salty!"
"Oh? But it's contaminated with FEAR OF RADIATION!"
"...You can sense that?"
"Of course! I've got the knowledge of all thinks radionics!"
Orin sniffed. "I don't think that means what you think it means."


"I don't think I've seen anything like it, eh, Reimu?" Marisa peered out from over the roof at the objects flowing by, the height of the Hakurei shrine apparently leaving them with a temporary river gushing past down the endless stairs.
"There's hundreds of them!" With a splash, Marisa landed amidst the water.
"Hey, don't make a mess." Reimu's voice was troubled, barely paying attention.
"I'm going to gather up a whole bunch of them, and give them to Alice! I'm sure she'll be overawed!" With her skirt, the witch seized several of the waterlilies passing by.
"-! Marisa!" Taking notice for the first time today, Reimu took off from the donation box to hover near her unconcerned partner. "Put those back!"
"Ehh? But there are so many, they'll just go to waste if they wash away.."
Reimu's expression darkened, and she raised her gohei threateningly.
"Put them down, or I swear I WILL whack you one. Don't you know what those are?"
"They're flowers, aren't they? From the outside world?" Reimu nodded, waiting for the other shoe to drop.
"I don't see why you're so pissed off, they're just flowers after all. It's not like-... Oh. Ohh..." She let her skirt go, the flowers within gently tumbling down to rejoin the hundreds of other.
"That's right."
"...I think I might be sick..."

Stifling a yawn, the reaper stands to attention as best she can without knocking Shikieiki over with her bust.
"Ugh.. Yes'm!"
"What, exactly, do you call this? You-are-not-even-doing-anything!"
"Yes'm! Working smarter, not harder,'m!" Komachi stared straight ahead, not flinching when her boss bounced the rod of remorse off her head.
"And what do you mean by that, exactly?"
"Yes'm! The way the current's flowing means the souls are being pushed to the other side of the Sanzu at the moment, meaning there's a steady stream waiting to be judged on the other side!"

With an exasperated sigh, Shikieiki tapped her foot, waiting to see if she herself would explode in rage or not.
"There ARE still normal people dying, you know. You could take the time to ferry them across, too."
"With respect, 'm, the waiting rooms are filled to capacity. Any more and they'll spill over into other tribunal rooms, and that'd slow down processing even more, Ma'am!"
Shikieiki buried her head in her hands. "You k- fine. You know what? Carry on with- whatever you're doing. There's enough to be worrying on about while you - just go on! Shoo!"
Nodding, Komachi took up her scythe stiffly and walked off a few steps, where she sat down and took out another sake bottle.


And finally, Yukari picked up the last waterlily, lifting it over still debris and silence.
"You've had a rough journey, haven't you? It's ok, now. Your trials are almost over, just a short while to go now." After a while, she sets it down, letting it join with the others in their slow float downstream.
"It doesn't matter who you were, or what you believed in or didn't believe in. You and everyone are welcome here. It's ok. You can rest."

As she watched, the lily continued its slow journey onwards.


If nothing else, may the dead be at rest, and at peace, together. And may we hope the survivors be able to pick up the pieces and move on.
No. 6599
>A wave of garbage had landed in Gensokyo. A torrent of trash

I almost thought this would be another allegory about the current state of the site. I am both saddened and overjoyed to find it was simply a story about the fallen. Regardless, thank you for taking the time to write this.
No. 6601
I'm at a loss for words, so I'll just settle for joining the above poster in thanking you as well.
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Well, Reitaisai 8 didn't get combined with C80, but it did get rescheduled.
Look forward to the Touhou 13 demo, among other things, on May 8th.
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Thank you for sharing this with us.