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6478 No. 6478
The long and short of this thread is to recommend some recent CYOAs. I honestly stopped frequently checking the site over the last year due to decline in stories that held my interest. Specially around the time we all branded together to cleanse.

The last few stories I remembered following was Teruyo's CYOA series and DEFT series in /shrine/ with Arc and Friends. Pains me to see the old favourites of still in forever hiatus/dead status even after all this.

No. 6479
The DEFT writer has a story in /forest/ you should check out. Also, Discovery, Investigation and Manifestations is his /Eientei/ story that I particularly enjoy. You should read Do the Right Thing in /th/. I also really like Fleet Foxes. The Idea of Alice in /sdm/ is great. Owen is writing something new in /others/, and I'm sure you already know about Lion's stories.
No. 6480
I'll recommend Hunter's Dream in /forest/. I would also recommend Warlord in /th/ by Mode.

I'd recommend some other stories, but they're not written by writers deemed worthy of a recommendation.
No. 6481
Seconding Do the Right Thing, it's a...unique experience, to say the least. But the hilarity never really seems to die down. Truth be told reading through the first thread, I'd have thought the unique narration and main character perspective would have gotten old, but it endeared me to no end. I can happily say were the MC of that story a real person, I would happily get hit in the face by a rock from him.

Warlord in /th/ has just started out recently. so there's not really much to say as of yet. However it's shaping up rather well, not much more you can ask from a story that started so recently.
No. 6483

Do the right thing is fun but sometimes its style gets a little convoluted

as for my recommendation, I think Border House is the most enjoyable by far, and captures the japanese manga style quite well. Resentment is fun also, although its nothing too thus far.
No. 6484
nothing too great thus far

No. 6485
copy the post, select the box next to it and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit 'delete'.
Then paste your post back into the message box for this thread, fix your error and repost it.
No. 6486
I enjoy The Idea of Alice in /sdm/. I mean, sure, the author is a temperamental artiste who writes in fits and tried to delete all of it once, but he has long updates and the story is peerlessly written.

If we vote we might motivate him to write the the last chapter before 2020.
No. 6487
I recommend A Wizard is You in /th/. A D&D wizard ends up in Gensokyo, stuff happens. Demetrious writes really, really enjoyable characters, so far without fail, and seems to actually have an idea where the story's going. Read it.

Don't worry, you don't have to know D&D to understand the story.
No. 6498
File 129919562720.jpg - (383.12KB , 800x800 , 32d983506f94051a33359a081bd65ff6.jpg ) [iqdb]
Back after reading up a storm:
>DEFT writer has a story in /forest/

Excellent, I require more Alice. And Mima.
Still a seven minutes writer.

>Discovery, Investigation and Manifestations

Still catching up on Teruyo rage quota, hope this mellows it out.

>Do the Right Thing

The writing style turned me off so fast. Couldn't get into it.

>The Idea of Alice
Havent read enough to make a opinion on it.

>Hunter's Dream and Warlord
Not my cup of tea. And I'm a real manly man.

>A Wizard is You

Excellent story outside the EXCESSIVE amounts of swearing in it.
"Feels like I'm reading the Killzone 2 scrpit and watching the english dub of Black Lagoon at the same time"-retarded amounts of swearing.

I might even say he is trying too hard on the anti white knight upkeep and BULLSHIT BORN IN POWERS autistic rage issue WizardMC has.
No. 6502

border house is good in /others/
No. 6506
Updates are kinda sporadic, but Let's gooooo in /others/ is quite fun. (I won't blame you if you just skim the circus arc, though.)
No. 6507
He tends to make up for it by usually posting walls though.
No. 6508
I feel like a tool recommending my own story, but I've not really heard any negative reviews for Curses Foiled (Again!) outside of its outstandingly sporadic update schedule. Hearing what you have to say about it (positive or negative) would be a privilege.
No. 6509
Oh, it's in /youkai/ by the way.
No. 6511
when its good, other people will post it, won't they?
No. 6513
Well... generally no bad news is good news.

But I had to say why it's good, it'd be good writing, characterization, and it gives us a look at a Gensokyo that's very familiar yet so very different.
No. 6526
File 129981870748.jpg - (539.47KB , 714x1000 , 52d2e2a3070ab2508fa4be086b94d9e6.jpg ) [iqdb]
Thanks for the help, bros.
Read a few good stories. Tempted to write my own, but traffic is not what it was it used to be.
No. 6527
Not writing isn't going to get more traffic, you know.
No. 6528

if you write it... they will come..
No. 6547
File 129987895641.jpg - (85.86KB , 850x1020 , 3adb40ed0b223e4ae85f7eb19a8623ac.jpg ) [iqdb]
I have a few ideas floating around in my head; stuck on how to execute it though.
Last thing I wrote seriously was the TRUE END for YWUIG
No. 6557
I find that if all that's keeping you stuck is execution, the best thing to do is to just write it. Nothing says you have to post it if you finish, and if you come up with a better way to do things by the time you're halfway through then you'll already be warmed up.
No. 6559
Question: Are there any Reimu oriented stories?
No. 6560
Go to /shrine/. Even if not Reimu-oriented, stories there tend to have Reimu hovering more or less around the center.
No. 6564
File 130017856137.jpg - (452.67KB , 728x1634 , korewabentodesuwa.jpg ) [iqdb]

I was writing a short story, but then I did this.
Still not sure on how to start a CYOA. Feels bad,man.
No. 6565
I think I remember reading a short story involving Koishi in the SDM where she messes with Flandre and she ends up committing suicide. Anyone else remember this?

Well besides that, what are some good short stories?
No. 6567
I remember that. It was a fantastic read. This time with a proper link!

No. 6573

have a unique premise and then go for it
No. 6574

although impressive for a fanedit, I notice your cirno is lacking two wings
No. 6575
File 13003393407.jpg - (241.80KB , 567x800 , 90de0518fe0fed6e693e2beb72be1b05.jpg ) [iqdb]

Thanks, I couldn't get the perspective right and it just looked clearly off whenever I tried.


I suppose I could just cheap out and start short walls then WALL OFF.
No. 6806
I'm looking for a Keine-related story. If possible, coming from an unnamed author.
No. 6807
Keine doesn't get much love around here. I can only think of a couple off the top of my head, and even then the details are fuzzy since it's been a while.

Restoration of Temporal Sensations. Seemingly Rinnosuke centric, with Keine as a love interest.

Contemplations Under the Moon and Stars. Has Keine in a bit role as a friend.

Neither are finished, nor will be.
No. 6808
>Neither are finished, nor will be.
Now THAT's annoying.
Anyway, thank for your help.
No. 6809
Keine route's been a myth sense YWUiG. Very sad; people want one, and she often shows up in stories, but is never a main character.
If you ask me, that's a big reason why A Wizard is You is doing so well.
No. 6810
in Harker's last update, he was seriously considering the possibility of a Reisen and Keine route... if only the faggotry on this site wasn't so bad...

She's chronically overshadowed by other characters, mainly the Eientei big 3 (Kaguya, Mokou, Eirin)
No. 6811
Are you the same guy whose been whining and bitching everywhere about Harker leaving the site due to "faggotry?" Would you shut the hell up about that?
No. 6812

Faggots don't know how to shut up, don't you know?
No. 6813
Any Tewi-centric stories?
No. 6814
Currently reading DoLF from teruyo.
Gonna need something else to read soon.

Anyone got a story updated often? I don't really care about the writer or the board, I just want a story updated often.
No. 6816
Luck and lies. Incredibly new story that's probably dead.

Involuntary Pedagogic Fantasy. Had a small bit role. Never finished, nor will be.

MIG. I honestly can't remember her role in it, but it's infamous for [x] Call out for Tewi (among other things,) so she was surely in it to some great extent.

Luna Ars Memorativa. More Eientei as a whole, but that obviously includes her. Seems to be dead.

None of these are finished, nor will they be. Also, besides Luck and Lies, none of them is actually Tewi-centric. If you truly wish to read a story that focus' heavily on her, I think you just might be out of luck. I, for one, cannot recall any off the top of my head. Perhaps some other anon can swoop in and provide some better help.

Priceless, by Princess Owen. Just started, so you can jump in from start to finish. Also, if you haven't read them already, go read Lions stories. That guy is a fucking writing machine, providing updates at a nice, relaxed, steady pace.
No. 6817
you forgot TALE, which is on the verge of a Tewi route, but the writer updates very sporadically.
No. 6818
Haven't read it for precisely that reason. Though if it truly is a Tewi route, my interest is peaked and I will probably give it a read.
No. 6819
Sage for Harker.
No. 6820
No. We don't do that shit. Though I agree that Harker is a tremendous fag, we don't shitpost all over the board every situation his name pops up in.
No. 6824
Someday I'll ask what really happened with Harker. I heard he left because the website was full of faggots, and now you're saying that he was a faggot.
No. 6830
Ask on IRC.
No. 6832
Not sure if that's a great idea, someone might tell you the real story but someone else might say he was just being lazy.

Though Harker is the last writer I would think of as a Faggot.
No. 6833
Well, Harkers absence from the site has only been cited as "due to faggotry." To me, this reeks of the same reasoning behind HY's leaving. HY being a tremendous douchebag faggot, it's easy to draw comparisons.
No. 6855

> 5 days ago
> interest in a story I started in 2008 and stopped really updating around mid 2009
> Not actually being verbally lynched to death for horrendous unreliability

Mind = blown
No. 6856
> Not actually being verbally lynched to death for horrendous unreliability

I usually reserve hostility for shitposting, such as greentext. Don't do it again.
No. 6857
You're taking me wrong. I'm honestly, genuinely surprised and stunned anyone still cares after all that time and unreliability. I often consider writing again for various stories but am always stopped by the fact that I feel bad for those.
No. 6863
Greentext is not shitposting. You can argue that it's lazy writing, or incorrect, or just plain not fun to read, but it isn't shitposting.
No. 6864
Get the fuck out.
No. 6866
Learn what words mean before using them.
No. 6867
I am certain of the validity of my words. I'll explain further. If you are the sort who believes >greentext is nothing but shitposting trash, then you are not welcome here, and need to leave post-haste.
No. 6868
Shitpost does not mean what you think it means. Your incorrect use of a slang term bothers me, not your judgment.

my judgment is pretty fucking shitty for starting this derail, however. I'll shut up now.
No. 6869
It's amusing to me that my "incorrect use" of a made-up term is a source of contention, however slight. I'll also shut up now.
No. 6873
All terms are made-up terms.
No. 6945
My turn to ask for recommendations.
I'm currently reading Memoria in Discord, and I want to know if there are other story with Mokou (possibly without her being a jealous bitch throwing tantrums about little stuff, like cheating).
No. 6946
Magical Girl Firey Moko-Tan
Mokou is the MC. ;_;

If I remember correctly, it's a small continuation of a scene from WUIG, so you would have to read that to fully understand the context. Then again, if you haven't read WUIG, what the hell are you doing on the site?

Retrospective and Astronomical Narraration.
Mokou only appears near the end, but you should read it anyways since it's fantastic.

Involuntary Pedagogic Fantasy
She's in it, but the story died before we could spend more time with her.

This is definitely the best example of Mokou we currently have on the site.

I'm sure I am missing tons of better examples, but whatever. I didn't want to make this a giant list full of stories where she barely appears.
No. 6990
I read this one. Was the writefag high or what?

>Involuntary Pedagogic Fantasy
I don't really want to start reading dead stories, but thank you anyway.

>Retrospective and Astronomical Narraration.
Sounds interesting.

I haven't read WUIG. Don't hit me, I'm going to do it (one day).

>Magical Girl Firey Moko-Tan
Weeell, I don't know about this one. Magical Girl aren't my thing.
No. 6992
>I don't really want to start reading dead stories

Congratulations. You have just successfully eliminated 80% of the good stories on this site.

>Weeell, I don't know about this one. Magical Girl aren't my thing.

Y'know, you remind me of someone. I'll recommend you his story. Even though it is dead, I reckon you will absolutely enjoy it, as you seem to be of a similar mindset to its creator.

Linked for your perusal.
No. 6994
>Congratulations. You have just successfully eliminated 80% of the good stories on this site.
Is it a good story even if it's dead? I'm not quite sure.

>J To E's crap.
Don't insult me. I won't read his story, and I don't give a fuck about why you think I have the same mindset than THAT. I'll just tell you that you're wrong. That's all.
No. 6995
>why you think I have the same mindset than THAT
>Is it a good story even if it's dead?
>Weeell, I don't know about this one. Magical Girl aren't my thing.
And compare and contrast this with
><JtotheE> I had to deal with a femme protagonist that I didn't happen to like
><JtotheE> A Fairy's Tale... I think the title just auto turned me off.

I don't know. You tell me why I would draw a parallel.
No. 7000
Okay, so first, Magical girl =/= fairies and touhous (in my view at least).
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magical_girl for your informations. Magical girls have high-pitched voices, are naive, and have to transform in every fucking episode, using 5 minutes each time. So much rage.

Also, I stopped reading abandonned stories after GH. You can figure why.
No. 7003
A little old school aren't you?
No. 7004
My apologies about that, but yeah, I guess you can say that.
No. 7035
No. 7036
File 13063333937.jpg - (654.36KB , 700x700 , ab078fea2234fa60c136d605964b9ee4.jpg ) [iqdb]
Because MC's an average guy, fapping in the school's toilets, exploding papers like Flandre, fucking his teacher for her own good, making Remilia looks like a fool, and own Rumia.

And it's on "hiatus", like they say. All of my rage when the story stopped at the best part. Especially after Sakuya's threat.
No. 7040
I can't even remember what that 'threat' was anymore...
No. 7044
It was something who made me really interested in the story.
No. 7050
Refresh my memory, please?
No. 7183
No. Re-read the whole story, and then, I'll be here to complain with you.
No. 7190
Please don't. Let's not turn this thread into yet another bitching thread about GH. Lord knows we have enough of those to last a life-time.
No. 7196
But, we haven't had one in such a long time!
No. 7197
File 130693688014.png - (112.89KB , 532x222 , vlcsnap-2011-03-09-12h31m05s59.png ) [iqdb]
I'll never bitch enough about GH. Stopping the story while it's reaching its climax. That's making me crazy.
No. 7213
File 130705935199.jpg - (192.10KB , 849x1207 , sample-60d855e0d6a9ef43409ec48d673f9e7c.jpg ) [iqdb]
...showering with Patchy is the story's climax?
No. 7217
What an amazing story.
No. 7230
It stopped before there was a shower with Patchouli.
No. 7232
He was about to tell Remilia the truth. That was going to be a pivotal part in the story.
No. 7238
Yeah, but climax? More like the end of the first act.
No. 7244
No ones recommended Fragmentation of Memories yet? Really?

Then again I kinda just skimmed so oh fucking well. OP, Go read that story as its greater then any book I've read before.

Though fuck Anon for choosing Shizuna route over Mommyzi.
No. 7245
>it's greater than any book I've read before
My condolences.
No. 7246
File 130726556739.jpg - (54.76KB , 607x522 , DERRRRR.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Fragmentation of Memories
>greater then any book I've read before.

I don't usually use reaction images, but this is an emergency.
No. 7247
Why do I suddenly feel like this just became a book recommendation thread?
No. 7248
It didn't.Book recommendations could easily be it's own thread. No need to derail this with that shit.
No. 7252
Go ahead and name some. Here, this should help:

I have never read a book that made me laugh more than Do the Right Thing.
No. 7253
A) Read more books then
B) it's Shizu-HA. And last time I checked, Sanae stole the route spot from Shizuha.
No. 7267
Hi, >>7244 here, And apparently you all misunderstood what I was saying. What I was doing was comparing a story on here, To any other popular story I've read thus far in my life. I was in no way calling anything on here a book, I was saying that said CYOA is on par with any real author, Maybe even better.
No. 7269
No one misunderstood anything. I would like to believe everyone here has enough reading comprehension to decipher your post. It really was as stupid as it appeared to be at first glance. Your follow up only reinforces that image.
No. 7286
I don't know if it was quite as good as a "real author", but considering the quality of novels that get printed sometimes, sadly it might be truer than you might think. I've read some awful books/series in my time. Ever read S.M. Stirling's Draka series or Stuart Slade's The Big One? Then there are ones like Tom Kratman's A Desert Called Peace.
No. 7287
Yes, some awful books get published sometimes. No, this is not the place for that discussion. Please go make a book thread if you truly wish to discuss them.
No. 7288
My, my. Dare I mention it? "Twilight".
Truly, that Stephenie Meyer hit it big while other far more talented writers languish in obscurity is a damn shame.
No. 7290
Back to the topic.
Because of LandScout, I wanna have a Koa route.

Is there any story with a Koakuma route?
No. 7291
Only story with a real Koa route was K_S's /sdm/ story.
No. 7292
Sorry, who?
I looked over the archive, and I didn't found anything like that.
No. 7293

this. The writer may be anonymous at times, but s/he sometimes goes by K_S
No. 7294
Thank you. You are a scholar, sir.
No. 7300
Yeah, so about this story, according to what I read, writefag wrote other stories, on several boards. Did he used a name when he started those?
Because the /sdm/ story doesn't countain any explanation.
No. 7302



I'm fairly certain I caught them all. The one with Grimnir or whatever his name was is not finished. I remember it left off with a delightful scene with Reisen, or something. What a bastard, stopping at that moment, right when the plot was going into hyperdrive. I digress though.

That should be the rest of them. Sorted by chronological order.
No. 7303
Oh my, thank you a lot! If I could, I would give you a beer!
No. 7335
is underground LA dead?
No. 7336
No. 7338
It's starting to look like it. I used to think that Glasnost would actually tell us when he dropped a story or such, not pull a HY (Drop story, tell no one)
No. 7344
I have the utmost faith in Glasnost. I'm sure he will return to provide us an update come 2015. Subsequent ventures might need longer to prepare, however.
No. 7396
Is there a story where several OCs from several writefags are fighting to death?
It might be interesting.
No. 7398
Uhh. No.

The only attempts that even comes close was ANON by some faggot, and All Together At Once but they were swiftly ran into the ground, as they both fucking sucked. In fact, that entire concept sucks. I can't believe you would find it even remotely interesting.

Also, try WUIG Anon vs MiG Anon by that faggot YAF.
No. 7399
But you know at least he's doing something productive on his non-writing time (TRANSLATIONS!). That cannot be said of most lazy niggers.
No. 7400
>WUIG Anon vs MiG Anon
I don't recall anything like that, but could you perhaps mean BKC (Beautiful Killing Chamber, IIRC)? It was about having one protagonist meet others, no? I think so. I honestly can't tell at this point, my memory is sort of fuzzy here.
>by that faggot YAF
Some sort of problem, by chance?
No. 7401
Nah, I meant what I said. I've actually never read BKC, as I recognized your mediocrity before I could manage to entangle myself into that one.

>some sort of problem

I would have thought it obvious. I think you are a faggot. The reasoning behind it has oft been repeated throughout the entirety of this site, so there is no need to revisit it.
No. 7402
I like the mind pattern.
"YAF is a faggot!"
"He's a faggot because I don't like him!"
Very good logic here.

Hey, Anon, do you mind if I call you a motherfucking cocksucker because I don't like you?
No. 7403
Well you could but you'd be insulting yourself. But you know, If that's your kinda kink I've got nothing against it.
No. 7405
It's your loss, really. From what I gather, it was rather entertaining.
No. 7406
Quite right. I'll just have to learn to get by without having read your magnum opus. It might be a little tough, but I suspect I'll manage.

Joking aside, I have a deep-seated desire to at least attempt reading everything on this site. I'll get around to it, eventually. In an attempt to bring this discussion back to its roots, I must say I will never recommend it to anyone though, you understand.
No. 7419
Neither would I. I wish people'd stop assaulting me with requests of finishing the third run of it, though. I do understand it was fun and all, but I can hardly remember what it was about. Aside from the protag having a kid with his own mother, I think? Don't refresh my memory, please. I don't want it refreshed.
No. 7420
I would like to read a story where MC is Yukari's boyfriend, from the Outside, brought into Gensokyo without his consent after arguing with her.
Is there something like this here?
No. 7421
Well, that is rather specific. I honestly don't think we have any story at all that fits those specific guidelines. There are some that sort of fit that mold, if you'll still take them.
No. 7426
Is there a topic to request a story, if you have the idea, but not the guts and/or the skills to write it yourself?
No. 7427
I think we had one in the past, but don't bother. Do you really think people will take your idea and actually write a story out of it? The best you could hope for is shooting the shit on IRC and telling them.
No. 7429

This to be honest. You'd be best off blabbing off in IRC and trying to sell some writefags on the idea.

(By the way I hear #eientei wants another science fiction story...)
No. 7466
...you know, now that I think about it, I've never really read a Patchy story. Any suggestions?
No. 7467
The closest thing to a Patchy route and not dead is "The Eldest Scarlet" in /sdm/. As far as Patchy MC story? Not any I recall.
No. 7468
Not dead...are there no finished Patchy-centered stories, then?
No. 7469
Arguably, Gensokyo High was Patchy route.

Memoirs of a Vampire has Remilia as an MC, and the first arc is entirely dealing with meeting Patchouli. It's also written by Glasnost. Expect an update come 2020.

A Fairys tale also had some good Patchy moments, including that one scene about the truth of things, which was awesome.

I'm grasping at straws here, really, but a Scarlet Stained Memoir had some good Patchy in it, if I remember correctly.

All in all, if you truly want a Patchy route, you just might be fucked.
No. 7470
Patchy route would have an awkward h-end though. She'd be passed out the second you put it in her because of her bad health you know

then your dick is in your hand and foreveralone
No. 7472
We've had at least one relatively successful Patchy h-scene, haven't we?
No. 7478
Do you mean the scene in Gensokyo High, or were there other CYOAs that had a Patchy H-scene, outisde of /at/?
No. 7480
File 130932394311.jpg - (3.59KB , 152x157 , thatismyfetish.jpg ) [iqdb]
>She'd be passed out the second you put it in her because of her bad health you know
No. 7482
Not that I can tell, but god knows her and Sakuya are super heavily favored over Meiling (Isn't it sad, Meiling?)

I thought it was /sdm/, not /ignoring Meiling forever/. Same goes for /youkai/ (Not /sanae/) and /border/ (Not /Yakumo/). It goes triple for /eientei/ (Not /Let's ignore Reisen and drive Harker away/)

Could you please refrain from bringing that up? Each time GH is brought up, Taisa scurries under a rock and old wounds are opened anew.
No. 7483
oh shut up wiseman
No. 7484
>I thought it was /sdm/, not /ignoring Meiling forever/. Same goes for /youkai/ (Not /sanae/) and /border/ (Not /Yakumo/). It goes triple for /eientei/ (Not /Let's ignore Reisen and drive Harker away/)
You make it seem like there's a problem with this. I'm not exactly seeing your point.

by gods what has science done to our childrens minds
No. 7485
You say that like driving Taisa away is a bad thing.
No. 7486
>Each time GH is brought up, Taisa scurries under a rock and old wounds are opened anew.

Wah. He asked for a recommendation, so I gave it to him. If Taisa dies a little inside every time he so much as sees mention of Gensokyo High, that is none of my concern.
No. 7488
characters being chronically neglected gets to certain folks and increases the tendency of such folks to do stupid things.
No. 7491
Is there any good Mima story?
No. 7493
The closest I recall was Ancient Gensokyo LA and that's basically dead.

These days, people who acknowledge PC-98 Touhou's connection to the windows era isn't that common and even then most focus on the windows ones.
No. 7494
HLA had some Mima, too, though I wouldn't call it a "Mima story" by any stretch.
No. 7495
I remember the epic "Mima's cockblock" from this story.
No. 7497

I think "Spirit Within" in /shrine/ was a Mima route.
No. 7498
Huh? I remember no such thing. The only thing I remember cockblocking anon was their tunnel vision.
No. 7525
File 130998048792.jpg - (205.58KB , 710x1173 , Goddess of the Demon World.jpg ) [iqdb]
Any good Shinki story?
No. 7526
Anything by fuantei.
No. 7528
Are there any stories with a good amount of Wriggle?
No. 7529
Uhh, probably not. Shinki never has a prominent role here. The best you can hope to see her in is side character status.

Forest LA by Scorn. Was shaping up to be (arguably) Wriggle route. At least, this is what my memory is telling me. Either way, it's good shit and you should read it.

In The Forest, A Dancing Light. This one is mega obvious. Definite Wriggle route and rather new so you can join in from start to finish.

Shadow over Gensokyo by Desdaxis. Wriggle was a vital component to this stories success. wwww
No. 7530
I, Youkai by Klaymen also had a decent amount of Wriggle, and has the rare distinction of having a completed run to its name.
No. 7554
Wait, it completed? I don't...

I got disinterested and dropped that story one thread before the fucking end? God dammit.
No. 7563
Any /at/ story with Cirno and possibly buttsex?
No. 7564
Don't make me call Chris Hanson on you, you pedophile.
No. 7566
Don't call me pedophile if the girl is in 2d, you asshole.
No. 7567
I'm allowed to like loli in a touhou board, so go fuck yourself.
No. 7568
Shut the fuck up, you retard.

No, I severely doubt it. Cirno isn't utilized very often in that board, not to mention stories weren't posted there in any frequency till MtG came along.
No. 7574
When did the lolicon contingent get so touchy?
No. 7579
Lolicons are angry when called "pedophile".
I don't know for you, but I take that as a grave offense.
No. 7580
Anyone who takes anything on the Internet as a "grave offense" is doing it wrong. Hell, I've partaken of the DFC myself from time to time, and you don't see me flipping my shit. Besides, >>7564 wasn't even troll-tier; it was just a mediocre joke.
No. 7588
Pretty much this. I myself hate that people group pedos with lolicons, But its not exactly that big of a deal.

In fact, Why dont you all have a seat over there?
No. 7591
I hate this mindset. You're talking to real people when you post on the Internet. Sure, some of them might be liars, but they're still real.

To get back on topic, are there any Hatate-centric stories? Fuck, I'll even accept stories with her as a minor character.
No. 7593
Fell almost wrote one recently, but it lost out to Renko. Very sad.
Otherwise, she's appeared a bit in that tengu story in /at/. Nothing else comes to mind.
No. 7594
Wasnt there that one Hatate story in youkai? I forgot the name, though I think it was a oneshot. Or in a series of shorts. I cant remember.
No. 7595
She appeared briefly (two scenes IIRC) in FoM. Unless NARH is writing her I believe that's it.
No. 7597
There's Moral's story in /at/, which despite its location is turning out to be a proper story in itself (it's generally centered on the three tengus), she made a couple of appearances in his /youkai/ story.
No. 7599
...Well now I have to at least try to come up with something.
No. 7607
Alright, So I've posted here before and read some of the recommendations. I am a budding writefag looking for extremely good storys to steal take inspiration from. So far I've read The Game, Archetype of Self, and Restorer in Gensokyo. Are there any really big CYOA's I'm missing, aside from RaAN?

Also if you count unfinished story's I've read Fragmentation of Memories.
No. 7608
>extremely good story
>archetype of self
Good story, yeah. But "extremely good story"? Not quite sure.
No. 7609
I'm not saying any of these stories are the absolute best, It's just these are the stories I've heard quite the bit about. Not all of them were the best though, But i'm just looking for some of the best stories in any of your opinions.
No. 7610
I wouldn't consider it a classic, but if you don't mind the MC being a fun Mary Sue on various (sometimes perverted) antics, then it's right up your alley. And it got Anon to go on a Yukari route, which is a feat considering how quick they are to hate her.
No. 7611
Writefag here. I need a break, so I'm looking for a short story.
I just want to take it easy with a cute and small story, so if you have one...
No. 7612
I still kinda need to learn about some of the 'best stories' that I've heard about.
No. 7613
A Fairy's Tale doesn't appear to be here yet, and it's easily one of the best stories on THP.
No. 7614
Such as?

Indeed, it's a nice slice of life/lead up to Gensokyo story. It's kind of a shame that Owen went on to do a very experimental piece afterwards.
No. 7617
Thank you; that really does mean a lot to me.

But if I never try to write something different, how will I know what I can and can't write? Imagine what would have happened if, after writing A Scarlet-Stained Memoir, I never tried to write A Fairy's Tale in the first place, because I'd never done plotless slice-of-life before and didn’t think I’d be any good at it. I don’t think an author should forever limit themselves to a single genre until they’ve at least tried out some other ideas and find out what “clicks” for them.

And hey, consider this. After nearly three years, at least I’m still here and still writing.
No. 7648
Any stories with Sakuya route?
No. 7649
Any Sakuya route stories?
No. 7650
Sakuya will never get a route because every single story writes her as a cold-hearted bitch.
No. 7651
I was recommended "I, Youkai". But I'm not really sure about that. What kind of story is it? A ground-breaking one? A heart-breaking one? A disgustingly adorable one?
I want your reviews before starting this story.
No. 7652
Not true, though many stories that get anywhere near a Sakuya route seem to die or the author suffers from laziness, like Anonymaster. Stories have tried to go on Sakuya route, often spoiling the chances of anyone else getting one in the past.

It's been said that the K_S server story in /sdm/ might have been Sakuya route, might have been Koakuma route.

No. 7653
>Stories have tried to go on Sakuya route, often spoiling the chances of anyone else getting one in the past.
Shut up, Wiseman.
No. 7658
It's been ages since I've read it, but I'd say it's worth your time. You've got an interesting protagonist in that she's extremely childish and naive while also being a man-eating youkai, and the juxtaposition from the eyes of the character herself is quite compelling. It's a very slice-of-lifey story, the protagonist just chilling out with some of the weaker Touhous and learning about the world around her while also killing people in the very next breath. I wouldn't say disgustingly adorable, but it has its moments and it's consistently fun.

Klaymen is a very solid writer as far as authors on this site go, but the big thing it that he's committed. He's one of the very few writers here who's got two complete stories to his name and he's still going strong. Commitment like that means you know he cares about his writing and his characters.
No. 7659
Either read it or don't, faggot, and form your own goddamn conclusions.
No. 7660
File 131151648282.jpg - (197.72KB , 1024x1325 , AMERICA FUCK YEAH.jpg ) [iqdb]
Fuck you, wanker.
If I want to ask for someone's opinion, I'm free to do it. If I want to know if a story is worthing the effort to readit, I'm free too. That's what you get for living in a free land.
No. 7662
Woah, When did /th/ anon's come to /gensokyo/?!

Also, I recommend Orin's Little Visit, along with the stories that follow it. It's pretty damned good for what its worth.
No. 7663
Actually, she moved from killing people rather early on and settles for messing with them sometimes while being very cute.

She did kill a boy early on, but with Keine and Komachi's help, they were able to ressurect him
No. 7664
That story is sweet I was puking caramel for three days after reading it. I recommend it.

Anyway, any Makai LA story?
No. 7665
File 131159797766.jpg - (259.95KB , 500x571 , im_serious_too.jpg ) [iqdb]

I will write one right fucking now.
No. 7667
I love you.
No. 7669
What stories have particularly notable Akyuus? I'm curious.
No. 7670
There's one going on in forest, but its not very far in.
No. 7672
Ai Ai Akyuu written by our resident attention whore.
No. 7678
You do realize that by calling him that you're reinforcing the label and creating a self-fulfilling prophecy?
No. 7695

And by kicking up a fuss about him you're reinforcing it even more.
No. 7699
You should say "no" when you don't know things. Here:
No. 7726
Any story about Shinki and Alice?
No. 7727
It's not quite about Shinki and Alice, but I did write an Alice-centric short story that got a fair amount of acclaim. It's listed as For A Hungry Youkai in the story list.
No. 7728
Oh, okay. I'll give it a try.
No. 7751
I don't know where to speak about this, but I get more and more error like this:
Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 524288) (tried to allocate 4864 bytes) in /srv/thp/lib/adodb/adodbSQL_drivers/mysqli/mysqli_driver.inc on line 218

Sorry if it's in the wrong thread.
No. 7879
Stitches in Time has a cool concept (deathmatches caused by Weird Time Shit). It deserves way more votes than it is currently getting, imo. stupid sporadic update rate
No. 7880
Stitches in Time has a cool concept (deathmatches caused by Weird Time Shit). It deserves way more votes than it is currently getting, imo. stupid sporadic update rate
No. 7881
Stitches in Time has a cool concept (deathmatches caused by Weird Time Shit). It deserves way more votes than it is currently getting, imo. stupid sporadic update rate
No. 7882
File 131447539190.jpg - (229.29KB , 833x700 , those legs.jpg ) [iqdb]
Fuck, I am the impatient people. Apology Rikako.
No. 7894
Any good Remilia-route stories?
No. 7896
Other than SDMLA?
No. 7897

Yes, please.
No. 7899
Uh, wow, thanks. I've been going overseas and stuff so couldn't do as much writing as I liked, but I'll get on updating that at some point.
No. 7931

No. 8002
Is there any story around here where Cirno is a major character aside from "A Wizard Is You" ? Preferably some where she isn't even more dumb then in canon, please ?
No. 8003
File 131758559050.jpg - (26.70KB , 143x130 , 20be1cb064d5c669e1e2539c1887b853.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well, there's Owen's story, a Scarlet Stained Memoir, with a good Cirno.
Trust me on this one.
No. 8004
If you're counting shorts as well, do not miss The Last Stand of Cirno the Valiant either.
No. 8005
>major character

I would like to draw your attention to just about every other story on the site.
No. 8006
Where she is a major character? Note, Major Character does not mean comic relief, as that'd be a minor character.

Please, enlighten me to this 'every other story on the site' you speak of.
No. 8010
I don't think any of my stories ever featured Cirno, as a minor character or otherwise, and I've been writing on here for years.

Does that make me a hipster? A hip... cirno... ster? Cirnpster? Hipstcirnoer? Cirnister? Cir...

Actually, never mind.
No. 8017
Not a single ice fairy in all the various stuff I've done here either.

Actually, wait, I have one but that's not a Cirno.
No. 8019
Honestly there's only a few stories that have her beyond a cute 1-2 time appearance.

WUiG- She was the original little sister figure
Wizard- Daughter/Student figure.
ASSM- She was the love interest but well...
Flea- She was a pretty major character in that, too bad about it never finishing.
No. 8021
Doll Quest has a pretty badass Cirno too.

You know what we really need ? A Cirno centric story. We would be Cirno herself as we take on the challenge of becoming The Strongest !
No. 8022
Dunno if it's the right place, but if there any /at/ story where the main character is kinda pedophile and always going after the loli cast? I really want to see how Suwako would react to that.
No. 8024
Not sure if she's major character in that, but it's safe to say that her army is the strongest.
No. 8025
Doll's Quest is still a pretty young story, so you never know what the future will bring.

I know I certainly plan to vote toward allying ourselves with her if given the chance at any rate.
No. 8028

What the fuck are you doing? Get out of here with that shit.
No. 8029
Is everyone THAT anal about this kind of thing or am I just unlucky ?

*sigh* Why are Quest websites always Imageboard ? The complete anonymity is an open invitation for douchebag.
No. 8030
Play by our rules or leave.
No. 8031
Imageboards cultivate the absolute worse trolls on the Internet but can't handle a little bit of individuality ? That's a laugh.
No. 8032
It's about being judged by the merits of your words and deeds, not your name. There will always be the overzealous faction that wishes everyone to conform or die and they're not the most jovial kind of people usually but personally I think that that vocal minority is a necessary evil given the sheer stupidity most communities contain.

In short, emoticons and avatarfagging and all that is an eyesore. Different environments require different behavior.
No. 8033
>Different environments require different behavior.
Bingo. This is why you show up for a funeral respectfully in a suit, not drunk and wearing pre-faded jeans. Or why you don't blare your music at home at max volume if you don't want your neighbors to call the cops on you.

Blame bad parenting these days. Kids are brought up to think they're unique little snowflakes and the world has to appreciate them for it.

Individualism is fine and dandy as long as you manage not to disrupt the community in the process.
No. 8034
I think it's because you completely ignore the guidelines. Here, Read this.

>5) 'Namefagging' is preferably avoided if you're not a writer or otherwise contribute to the site in some kind of meaningful way. While this is slightly less important of a guideline than the others, using a name when you're not a writer will just call that much more attention to you and make you more of a target for harassment.

You painted the target on your back yourself, we just threw shit at it.
No. 8035
Then I guess I'll be ignoring you for now on. It's not like I'm breaking any rule after all.
No. 8036
Yes you are. Get the hell out of here.
No. 8037
This is actually kind of fun in a sense. Too bad there isn't actually any hard rule that completely forbid "namefagging", isn't it ? 'Cause until there is one, you've got no leg to stand on.
No. 8038
>'Namefagging' is preferably avoided if you're not a writer or otherwise contribute to the site in some kind of meaningful way. While this is slightly less important of a guideline than the others, using a name when you're not a writer will just call that much more attention to you and make you more of a target for harassment.

Read >>6052.
No. 8040

It is still just a guideline.

No. 8042
A guideline he didnt follow. Said guideline even states 'you will attract attention to yourself', which he did, and said guideline also states 'you will be a target for harassment'. Sure, It's not a hard set rule, But that doesnt mean he can go ahead and completely ignore it and then complain about it; it's just retardation on a new level.
No. 8043
Don't worry, now that I've confirmed that people really are that bitchy just for the sake of being bitchy, I won't complain anymore. I'll just ignore the whiners entirely. they'll get bored sooner or later.
No. 8044
Congratulations. Your first impression to the world is that you're a stubborn, abrasive child. You enjoy that trip and everything that comes with it.
No. 8046
Why, thank you. And don't worry, I will.
No. 8047
That's just about enough. You are baiting people. There is a fine line between making a point and just being an ass and mostly everyone here long since crossed that line several posts ago. This warning goes for anyone who insists on derailing this thread even further.

For the record I was >>8032 and I hold firm to my own beliefs. If you want to go against convention and do as you please do so without shitting up the site. There's a reason that most people don't like that sort of thing and your behavior is a perfect example why they are justified - being an arrogant self-entitled smartass is not winning over anyone. Deal with it and move on and if either you or anyone else derails a story thread or a legitimate discussion they will face appropriate punishment.

While I'm at it I'll state that the people who report people with names are doing it wrong. Cut it out.

Now to get this thread back on topic:

I recommend people check out other boards every once in a while since often there are great stories that hardly get the attention they deserve.
No. 8048
My last remark was out of line, true. I apologize.

While I'm here, is there any stories centering on Reisen that people would recommend ? I seem to exhaust the reserve of Cirno and I'm branching out as a result.
No. 8050
Are you referring to Violet Sky?
No. 8051
No, not specifically. Not everything is about me.
No. 8052
Do you mind basically dead stories? As that's all you'll get in terms of anything Reisen centered. Poor bunny, chronically pigeon-hole into shitty fanon and ignored in favor of Kaguya and Eirin.

Also please drop the trip unless you want to end up like Wiseman.
No. 8053
I thirst for stories where characters like Meiling, Reisen and Cirno get the opportunity to break the mold of shitty fanon.

Any story with Mima in it at all ? Actually, make that Mima and/or Shinki.

And who is Wiseman exactly and what happened to him ?
No. 8054
If you want some Mima, there's Ancient Gensokyo (half-abandoned now). She's also in Hakugyoukourou LA.

Meiling is present in Princess Tepes' story, A Fairy's Tale.

About Wiseman, I don't know much about him, but according to the legacy, he was the kind of guy posting long and out of character write-ins while using his tripcode. Now he seems legit, but that legend is a part of touhou-project.
No. 8055
Well, I don't do "write in" much. Not enough imagination, so that's one crisis averted.

Currently reading "A Fairy's Tale" right now and I plan to check Owen/Princess Tepes other stuff after that.

I'll check that "Hakugyoukourou LA" later tough. Thanks for the help.
No. 8060
Are there any good, recent active stories? Ones that don't require me to read more than 2 or 3 threads to catch up?
No. 8061

Patchy Quest in /sdm/. Admittedly, it's already on thread 5, but that's partially due to it's popularity. At the moment, Kahi is churning out at least 2 updates a day. You could catch up quickly though.
No. 8063
There's "Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne Touhou Edition", although I am unsure how faithful it is to SMT, as I've never played it. It's been getting updates at a reasonable pace, and is still on thread 1.
No. 8064
Why do you need to catch up? You can jump into most stories on the site without problems.
No. 8065

Not >>8060, but skipping what part of a story is already there in order to sooner get to guiding the rest of the story should be obvious why it's stupid. It's what leads to the dreaded sudden course changes by anon.
No. 8066
indeed and if a large enough group of people do this, well... cataclysmic shitstorms happen.

I must wonder if >>8064 was ignorant about that remark or just plan stupid.
No. 8067
>sudden course changes
Don't vote until you know what the "course" is. Most stories are pretty simple; you can figure out where they're headed within an update or five tops.

Could you guys work on your English or stop talking about others' intelligence? I'm serious. I don't mind bad English, and I don't mind talking about others' intelligence, but both is annoying as fuck.
No. 8070
Is there any stories with a Byakuren route?
No. 8072
Not really. The closest is One Knight in Gensokyo, but I think Shou's in the lead.
No. 8073
Not really a recommendation, but what kind of story is "Merchant in Gensokyo"? I read some Spice & Wolf novels, and I want to know if it's the same kind of story, or if it's something totally different.
No. 8074
It has less wolfass than SnW, but it lightly touches upon the business aspects as he goes around in Gensokyo and looks at shops. Maybe if the tide goes Reisen's way, we might see some moon rabbit ass.
No. 8075
There's a hero-turned-merchant. He buys and sells goods across dimensions. There's very little economics involved, and he'll probably end up saving the world at some point. Oh, and half the females he meets are attracted to him.

Not like Spice and Wolf at all, really.
No. 8076
Isn't it Nue who's in the lead? I remember her teasing the MC. Then again, that story is dead, isn't it?
No. 8077
>very little economics involved
>half the females he meets are attracted to him

>>8073 here, thanks for the review, I'm not gonna read that story.
No. 8078
Nah, her antics haven't exactly endeared him (or Anon) to her.

If you have a problem with stories where a guy can get the interest of a few girls, then you're in the wrong site.
No. 8079
If it's just a few girls, that's not a problem for me. If it's half the feminine staff, then I have a problem with that.
No. 8080
Well whoever said that was exaggerating how many girls were seriously interested as opposed to moderately charmed (which a good salesman/merchant should do)

I'm not sure if romantic routes are even going to come into play with such a story, and if so will the one woman from his home dimension be considered?
No. 8081
I always did wonder why certain stories like this end up popular anyway.
No. 8082
Wish fulfillment.
No. 8083
>implying many of the site's classics aren't wish fulfillment on some level.

People seem to forget the roots of this site were based on hijinks and romancing touhous. Anyways, the Merchant story is more about the adventures and the process of getting merchandise than any particular romancing unlike certain stories.
No. 8085
Is there any decent Reisen story around to read?
I'd kind of like to read one, after seeing some posts in other places.
No. 8086
File 131922974182.jpg - (625.09KB , 800x1129 , b37d6c49b5e6a90f5e15b64ae44fad10.jpg ) [iqdb]
Have any stories or doujins attempted to explain Nitori's key? Or I should say, use it as a significant plot device/etc.
Don't ask me why I'm interested.
No. 8089
That's not dead? Good luck with that for the time being.

Not that I know of.
No. 8090

Key to my heart am I right
No. 8091
No. 8092
Hell, I'd take more or less anything right now.
I'm desperate - I want some Reisen.

Long as it's relatively decent writing, and doesn't have BAD END or something.

I'm guessing it's out of the question to find any completed stories that I can read through, where you end up with Reisen?
No. 8093

Reisen is in firm "Isn't It Sad?" catagory.
No. 8094
What do you like about her? I don't understand why people fixate on characters like this.
No. 8095
File 131928288082.png - (48.26KB , 122x228 , Byakuren.png ) [iqdb]
Yeah, when there's far more superior character like this one.
No. 8096
About that, any good story with a recent character like Mononobe or Byakuren?
No. 8097
Because people are sick of seeing only Kaguya stories in /eientei/ and similar things. For all we know, the guy who writes In the Forest, A Dancing Light did so because he was annoyed by the lack of Wriggle in /forest/.

Though I will say that the site will be getting a Reisen aimed story sometime rather soon.

See >>8072 and no story has really worked in the TD cast yet. As far as stories centered around the Myouren temple, in addition to the Knight story, there's Let's Go! in /others/, though who knows when that'll resume.
No. 8099

Misadventures In Gensokyo first, for context. Follow it up with "...Bang", by Fell. It's not a CYOA, but it's very good.
No. 8101
Any Tenshi story?
Last one I read was "Landlord of Mayohiga", and she was just a delinquent. I remember she was also in Archetype of Self, but is she in any other story?
No. 8102
Check /underground/. You'll know it when you see it.
No. 8103
A cruel joke.

Do the Right Thing has some Tenshi.
No. 8104
More or less what >>8097 said.
I'm getting rather tired of just seeing Kaguya, Kaguya, Kaguya in every single story I read.

I want someone else in a story already.
And I'm a Reisen fan, and I've seen her passed over so often in favor of Kaguya, so, yeah, that's why I'd like to read some Reisen stuff.

>Though I will say that the site will be getting a Reisen aimed story sometime rather soon.

We...We will?
That REALLY makes me so very happy!
Looking forward to seeing whatever that is.

I've read Misadventures - that's one of the main reasons I want to read a Reisen story, since that story ended in a way I wasn't at all pleased with.

As for your recommendation - thank you very much!
Really, that story made me feel much better, even though I still wish there was more Reisen around.
No. 8106
>I'm getting rather tired of just seeing Kaguya, Kaguya, Kaguya in every single story I read.

Maybe I'm missing something but please give an example outside my story and LSL of something that feature large doses of Kaguya. I genuinely am interested for obvious reasons.
No. 8114
Chiefly the large amount of dead stories in /eientei/, with mainly LSL and yours being the two that are still go on in some form. The only thing worse than seeing so many stories harp on one character above all others is seeing most of them DIE. And if someone tries to start something in /eientei/, odds are it'll likely be Kaguya or Eirin.

This plight isn't uncommon in other boards, just ask all the Meiling fans about the multitude of Sakuya-aimed stories that puttered out, especially SDM LA Run 2.
No. 8117
I have to contest that. Three stories that aren't dead (by the standards of the site anyways): Roll the Dice, Word of One and Haunting Resonance. All three are not about Kaguya (though I admit I have not read the last one yet, only skimmed through it). And most of the dead (or hiatus'd) stories have looked to be about other characters: Harker with Reisen, that astronaut story seemed to be about Reisen, Luck and lies seemed to be about Tewi, DIM certainly wasn't about Kaguya either...

This doesn't even cover the fact that outside of /eientei/ it's mostly Keine, Mokou and Tewi that seem to attract attention.
If there's a Kaguya conspiracy out there then I'd certainly like to be part of it.

I will agree that it sucks to see stories die and drop off, especially if done so quietly. But that's another subject entirely and perhaps better suited to another thread.
No. 8120
This thread has hit the bump limit. Go nuts.

I'm proud to be part of the Tewi conspiracy.
No. 8124
Teruyo, man, calm down.
If you like Kaguya, hey, great for you, I'm glad you're in a situation where you get to read about the character you like (and also write about her).

But those of us who like Reisen aren't in the same position, and some of us see Kaguya popping up everywhere as, well, too much, especially when other stories die.

Those of us who complained about a lack of Reisen left your thread when you asked us to, so you don't have to come here and tell us that we're wrong about the sad state of affairs when it comes to Reisen stories, when we think there's not much Reisen in /eientei/ and that those who look like they might become Reisen-focused are derailed into some other path, mostly into a Kaguya one.

What I'm saying is, calm down a little.

(Now, with that said, I'd like to note that I'm looking forward to this Reisen-focused story that will come, judging by some posts!
I'll be sure to be an active participant, to the best of my ability, in that thread.)
No. 8125
when I said two that still go on, I meant the two Kaguya stories.

Honestly out of the other stories, Word of one has the highest chance of actually finishing.
No. 8126
I'm simply saying you're wrong in saying stuff like:
>Kaguya popping up everywhere
>Reisen-focused are derailed into some other path, mostly into a Kaguya one.

I've provided evidence that you're wrong, while you haven't done anything to prove your argument. I'm well aware that Reisen doesn't have a full story dedicated to her but you're ignoring reality (in other words the examples given) and resorting to incorrect generalizations.

I'm the one being wry and using humor here so I'm pretty sure I'm calm. Try not to be so melodramatic. Arguments, debates and conversations are usually not successful when one party completely ignores the other. Stop taking disagreement with your assessment as an attack on you or Reisen fans.

I feel kind of bad for derailing the thread a little but, hey, thread is full anyways and god knows that the site won't be hurt by a little activity, albeit a bit tangential.
No. 8128
I enjoy reading your posts. Please post as much as you want.
No. 8130
File 131958142793.jpg - (87.20KB , 600x600 , seiga.jpg ) [iqdb]
Shut up you two. Now, where's my delicious Seiga route?
No. 8131
No. 8132
Get in line behind the Meiling, Reisen, Komachi, Lunasa, and so on.
No. 8133
Not the guy you're talking to, but hell, figure might as well join in.
I wouldn't exactly call it ignoring reality, when your thread did turn into a Kaguya story and you then made fun of Reisen fans in said thread.

And, I've kind of given up on /eientei/ for a while, but from what I saw, it's not like there was much else 'sides our dear NEET princess that was around, so you can't really blame a fan of a character for getting the impression that Kaguya had taken over pretty much all of that place.
No. 8134
Oh god, yes - I think even Koakuma has a story, among the sdm group!
Can't for the life of me think up one that had Meiling in it that actually ended...

But yeah, there's lots of underappreciated girls out there.
No. 8136
To you Reisen fans, what makes her so appealing to you? Honestly, I don't really get her personality. Could you explain this to me?
No. 8137
She just is appealing? At least, for me, there's no other reason then that.
No. 8138
Honestly the sense of reaching through to her despite whatever she's experienced and getting her to truly open to the world.

More often than not many stories gave a sighting of a cute Reisen and had to endure her being overlooked in favor of more popular characters.

Closest thing with Meiling is that DOOMHOU story and that's basically on hiatus.
No. 8139
I'm not the biggest Reisen fan but I like her because she's level-headed and hard-working if maybe a bit weird. I dislike the sex appeal angle and the glossing over the fact that she's a deserter and a coward (arguably most rabbits are) that the fans seem to do. What is remarkable about her is that she hasn't gotten a story dedicated to her despite her popularity. She's likely the most popular out of the IN cast.

>Not the guy you're talking to
I think you are. I don't think you quite understand how things are: My story has been a Kaguya story since around thread 10. I, however, routinely make fun of most characters, their fans and myself (perhaps most of all). I'd love to see a Reisen story just as I would like to see a Tewi story or a good story about a whole score of other touhous (Yuuka ;_;). So take it easy, look at the other stories and vote. What people don't understand about CYOAs is that most of the time if they're character-focused that you get to choose the characters you're around. If you never read and participate in the stories, new or old, they'll most likely not go in a direction you would best want them to.

To put it more colloquially:

Ya gotta grab the moon rabbit by the ears, son.
No. 8140
File 131961583763.jpg - (456.24KB , 708x1000 , 22417347_p4.jpg ) [iqdb]
I can vaguely remember there being a short exchange on this topic in /blue/.

Hold on.

Here it is: http://www.touhou-project.com/blue/res/3434.html#3797

Also, superior human flesh.
No. 8141
Were you referring to the fact that some folks think that the moon rabbits were anything of the badass sort as opposed to being cute and only good for taking down fairy maids?

I do share your opinions on Reisen's charm, though the core IN cast is pretty popular all around though before Sanae became the popular girl, Reisen was the newbie bait girl in terms of art/doujins. Sad part though is the fact that canon Kaguya isn't appreciated enough due to the spread of the fanon rendition, which has polarized some folks.

As someone who read DoLF2 from the start, I got the sense Kaguya or Eirin would be the likely candidates with Reisen being in a rather distant third.

It's easy to say "Vote for Reisen" but harder to do in practice as people seem prone to voting for Kaguya/Eirin/maybe Mokou.
No. 8142
Yeah, it's partially the badass/gun thing, they're not very high in the hierarchy. Not that that's a bad thing, it's endearing in a way to have characters who aren't particularly malicious.

I'll have to agree on the canon Kaguya thing, I'd like to see more of that. I'll admit her personality in DoaLF is really just the premise of "what if she had been exposed to the realities of earth more, particularly utilizing modern means of communication" and works as a contrast to the other less 'exposed' characters and a complement to the protagonist (well the last part is more since the story began to focus mainly on her).

Though the approach in DIM is different. That's really the only really different interpretation of Kaguya that I've seen on the site. I enjoy it but I'm not 100% that it's that well-appreciated by others.

As for Reisen, I think she had a good chance near the beginning. But, like always, her fans seem to be conspicuously absent when they're needed the most. So she gets sidelined. My advice? Present a united front and work hard to convince others of the moon rabbit's virtues. You're got the numbers, certainly.

I'd personally love to see it. Then again I'd also kill for a proper route for most touhous.
No. 8143
>Wants a Yuuka story
Have you checked out "Sunflowers"?
It's Yuuka Good End.
No. 8144
I think there are two Eientei stories that still have a chance to lean towards a Reisen route.

Come on, guys, let's create the strongest pro-Reisen battlefront!
No. 8145
Which stories are those? I don't think Roll the Dice would have any routes and with that other story with the female (damn yuri fans) MC, it's too soon to tell.
No. 8146
What's Fleet Fox about? Is it a good interesting story?
No. 8147
Any Eirin route stories?
No. 8148
It's an interesting story. The Writer's good but terribly eccentric.

Closest to one is the naturalist story/DIM in /eientei/
No. 8158
Any Reisen route story?
No. 8159
>The Year of the Rabbit is upon us! First one to finish a proper Reisen route wins a fabulous prize...a Tewi route is fine too

No. 8163
I'd like to second this question - which stories would you be talking about?
I'd be totally down with getting a Reisen story, so please let me know.
No. 8164
>I'd like to second this question - which stories would you be talking about?

Not >>8144 , but I think he´s talking about Successful Eviction of Xu fu, by ddyk, and that new story, Haunting Resonance.

None of the authors have explicitly stated that there aren't going to be any routes, so it's safe to assume as much, IMO.
No. 8165

I see Hartman's still at it.

I've heard from a good source that Demetrious is planning an /eientei/ story that's Reisen aimed.
No. 8166
Eviction of Xu fu could become a Reisen story?
...Hell, I'm going to go there and see what t's about, then.

Hopefully it hasn'tbeen route-lockd onto somone else.

Wait, ddyk is Hartman?

Damn, didn't know that - definitely means I should check it out.
No. 8168
Any Orin route stories?

I recently have become obsessed with that cat.
No. 8170
None that we know of, though Bread's story has that potential, though trying to get it to go that way will not be easy at all. In that thread, you have morons spouting "Slutcat" gibberish and Okuu fans.
No. 8185
>ddyk is hartmann
Same trip, same erratic speech and typos, weird expressions, an obnoxious self-insert story, and accepted random challenge just for "teh lulz"? That's him alright. Or his descendant from the future.

That asides, any story with Yumemi Okazaki from PoDD?
No. 8187
Oh, damn, a Reisen story from Demetrious?
Hell yes.

I'd definitely want to read that!
Here's to hoping it happens soon!

Hey now, no need to be like that.
I like the current story he's got, so far, and I think it will be fun to see what he does with it.

Does anyone happen to know a good Kanako story?
I'd like to read some of that, personally.
No. 8188
Sanek did a Yumemi-PoV story in /th/. I can't recall anything else with her in a mejor role, though out of recent stories, Winemaker (SerialATA, /at/) had some time dedicated to her and she appeared in that wriggle story that's running.
No. 8214
Oh god.
I need your help, guys. I need a happy Yakumo story right now. Something completed or in progress would be best, but I'll take what I can get. Please.
Oh god...
No. 8215
depends on what you mean by happy Yakumo. Archetype of Self ends on a Yukari route and a rather positive note.
No. 8216
Don't read the first one. The MC is a full-blown Gary Stu. Read the second one instead.
No. 8217
The first was fun in spite of that, and the second isn't likely to end on a Yukari route at all.
No. 8218
Have you read "Mind the Gap"?
No. 8219
But that's an /at/ story that goes all over the place.
No. 8220
But that's an /at/ story that goes all over the place.
No. 8222
It's an /at/ story, what do you expect?
No. 8223
What he said - I'm not sure if the second run could, at all, count as a Yukari story.
First one is pretty fun, and it definitely has a happy Yukari end.

Quite a big part of it is Yukari-centered, though, so there's that.
I mean, there's more of Yukari than any other girl in that story (except possibly Ran).
And Yukari does get rather affectionate with the MC.
No. 8224
that's mainly inbetween the various "arcs" (i.e. Rick fucking just about everything in a given area) Not bad though it dilutes the Yukari focus.

HLA2 was yakumo focused but Patchwork, Hiatus etc. To be honest before that point things were leaning towards Ran.
No. 8225
I'll try Archetype of Self.
I need to stress that that I need a story focused on the entire Yakumo family, though, not just one.
No. 8226
You know, there is one that could have a chance for Reisen, if people would want it


I mean, might as well try, right?
No. 8227
There's an /eientei/ one that seems to promise a Reisen route. Hope you don't mind a female MC though.
No. 8237
Hasn't been updated in a while...
Besides, the one I linked to has the potential for Reisen, so I figure, might as well let other Reisen fans know about it!

More Reisen fans that know about it, the more of them can vote on it, which should increase our chances for a Reisen route.
No. 8238
We shouldn't mindlessly vote on a route because _____ hasn't gotten one.

Though to be honest with merchant and that /eientei/ story, Reisen is looking like a nice option.
No. 8242
File 132153501658.png - (1.44MB , 1117x1257 , 67c5d23bc292bc008f6a67fc9f43cc21.png ) [iqdb]

Reisen always looks like a nice option, though.
No. 8263
There's not much in the way of bad Reisens, it's just that someone finds a way to overshadow her.
No. 8279
Which is why I gave a link to the merchant story, yeah - the more Reisen fans that see it, the better our chances are that we'll actually get a Reisen route.
No. 8281
but we should be mindful about it and not brainlessly voting for anything Reisen related at the expense of the story itself as that does nothing but piss everyone else off.