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I'm fairly new to Touhou. I don't play very often but I'd like to get back into it as I'm looking for a challenge and have never gotten very good at shmups or bullet hell gaems. I used to play with a gamepad but I was wondering if there's any way to rebind your controls on the keyboard. I know you can with a gamepad, but I'd really prefer to use my keyboard. I'd like to change arrow keys to WASD and LShift/Z/X to 7/8/9 (numpad) or something similar. Is there any way to do this in-game or through ini/cfg files? Thanks in advance.

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First, this isn't the good place to ask that. You're in the Devil's Lair here.

Second, try to use the "option" menu, it can be useful.

Third, get the fuck out of here, you didn't read the rules, and I'm sure you're a troll.
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First, there is no more relevant forum to ask.

Second, the options menu is strictly for gamepads. You cannot remap keyboard keys via the options menu.

Third, no, and no I'm not a troll. I did read the rules and I'm not breaking any of them. You seem to be in violation of rule 4 though.
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First, what about Maidens of the Kaleidoscope? It's over?

Second, I managed to edit keyboard keys via the options menu, are you sure of that?

Third, you're breaking the rules telling to not feeding the troll. And also the rule telling "do not talk back to me".
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First, what is that? I don't see anything titled "Maidens of the Kaleidoscope" here. Furthermore this is "general discussion". Not "general discussion EXCEPT FOR GAMEPLAY".

Second, you cannot change movement keys in the options. e.g. I cannot change arrow keys to WASD. At least not in Imperishable Night.

Third, what troll? I'm not trolling, I thought we've established that? If anything you're trolling with your poor English and making up rules.
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>Third, you're breaking the rules telling to not feeding the troll. And also the rule telling "do not talk back to me".

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In the config or custom.exe.

It should be in the same folder as your game. just run that and remap.

Also, goddamn, guys. Lay off.
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Thank you! I greatly appreciate the serious reply. I will try that.
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OP, check for a config file. Be careful about what you edit and delete, and make sure to create a copy somewhere just in case you mess something up and want to revert.


>And also the rule telling "do not talk back to me".

What the fuck rule is that?
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Hartmann, shut the fuck up. General Discussion is for general discussion. This is not the devil's lair and everyone is free to talk back to you.

OP, there is no keyboard config for IN. You'll have to use a program like AutoHotKey to remap your keyboard.
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There's actually no rule against this sort of thing. This is the general discussion board after all
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Okay it seems I have run into a problem. The config.exe for IN doesn't have any options for binds and the th08.cfg isn't displayed properly:

   ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ   d d    dP 
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Ahh I didn't see your post in time. I'll grab AutoIt and write a script for it myself. Thanks.
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Just throwing my opinion out there: Don't start with IN. It has a number of crutches in its gameplay that'll form bad habits if it's your first Touhou.
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I heard it's also the easier touhou. If you want to play seriously, start with Perfect Cherry Blossom. Imperishable Night is interesting only for his huge cast and the Last Word.
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True; it's a fun game sure, but not a good first time game.

That or EoSD; pure and simple action. PCB has the supernatural border mode as a crutch. It can be considered a good warm up for SA, which is pretty merciless for a Touhou game.

Try fighting Cirno and Meiling on Lunatic and see who's laughing then
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I wouldn't start a newcomer on EoSD unless they were using the hitbox patch (or were familiar with other STGs somehow). Definitely PCB; maybe MoF if PCB Easy is somehow too hard for them.

And yeah, don't start with IN if you want to learn how to bomb properly. Playing as Reimu/Yukari, your window to deathbomb (that is, between when you get hit by the bullet and when you actually die) is wide enough to go get yourself a cup of coffee.
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SA? Merciless? I always though it was easier than MoF.
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It should be noted that some people recommend you start on EoSD because it doesn't show your hitbox, and thus trains you to know where it is without needing to look, which will benefit you in the long run.
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I started with EoSD. I personally find that doing so made me better at dodging random bullets but terrible at following the patterns, and that the later games started to focus much more heavily on patterns, resulting in me getting my ass kicked. I'd probably recommend starting with SA.
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Problem with that is that most of the shot and bombs are gimicky as hell and not that good, with Reimu getting the particularly good ones.

Games after EoSD have some patterns with IN going overboard with them (that's why the spell practice was there, because ZUN thought people'd need it)
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This is for the OP.


Playing on an Acer laptop had its disadvantages, but it seems that the only way I can circumvent the problem is just map the Z key to LCtrl.

At least it worked for me.
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>Games after EoSD have some patterns with IN going overboard with them
So, in the end, is IN easier or harder than the average touhou game?
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much easier and it's not even so much due to the heavy patterns (The Spell card practice option exists as to help you with them), but it's easier due to last spell bombs (bombs that are easier to death bomb with, more power but at a cost of a bomb stock), how absolutely overpowered the border team is.

Let's see, the team's general perks are smaller hitboxes and a longer deathbomb window, and I believe the ability to do a Last spell with only one bomb left.

Reimu: Typical homing amulet spread but with more damage than most games.
Yukari: minor shot, but launches Ran at the nearest enemy who sticks to them while the button is held down; major damage.

Boss fights boil down to Focus, position yourself so Ran 'locks' on, go to safe spot, win basically.
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I admit it, it's like that that I cleared my first normal game.
B-but even like that, it-it's not as easy as you said! IN may be the easier touhou game (the hardest being probably one of the PC-98 game), but Kaguya's last spells are still annoying, and can cause you a bad end even if you did well during the whole game.
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...It is literally impossible to lose once you have gotten to Kaguya's Last Spells. You're guaranteed the good ending and Extra stage at that point.