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Errors that piss you off when reading. Things that work as a http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/BerserkButton for you. Or in other words, a nitpicking rage thread.

Mixing "they're" and "their" and other similar cases of contraction/possessive.
Dropping "that" from "that is all", mutilating it into a retard'o'detector form "is all".
Confusing "have" with "of", as in "could of" instead of "could have".

No. 6394
People linking tvtropes pisses me off.

I pretty much never see those errors on this site.
No. 6395
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I don't know what site you're looking at, bro. The few of such errors I've seen have been admonished in short order (usually via the enclosed pic).

But anyway, things that piss me off when reading here? They're are not too many of them, though I could of done without you linking to TVTropes. Is all.
No. 6397
When I see this thread I wonder if they're is any legitimacy to you're complaints.
No. 6398
6397: there not they're.
No. 6399
You missed the "you're" instead of "your".
You also missed that it was intentional in both cases.