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Since it's obvious that I will never get to these ideas in a long time (if ever), I will just put them here so that I don't forget them. They're not all CYOAs or all short stories, just ideas.


Emerald Goggles
During a routine cleaning of your computer, you find an unknown program in your system. After all matters of scanning it report negative, you decide to execute the program with caution and realize that it's an incredibly vivid video feed to... somewhere. A girl's blue eyes looks at you, knocking on whatever is projecting this stream to you as the screen shakes about a bit. The sounds of a crashing waterfall rumble nearby as you see many rocks on the sides of the river and trees that you thought you'd never catch a glimpse of. Where is this, exactly?

Sword Illustrating Luminary Life
Long ago, a beautiful blonde-haired lady named Torihime who lived on the moon found a blade which held immense strength yet was fragile in design. Worried that it would cause chaos amongst her kind, she cast it towards the earth knowing that its composition would disintegrate in the atmosphere while its power would be eroded by the illness surrounding the tainted land. Unfortunately, Torihime underestimated the sword's might and while it did fly straight and true towards terra firma, the sword remained fully intact, lost in history until it was discovered by...

Girls with Ties: Forever Confused this story is obviously incorrect everywhere, ok
Tenshi hitches a ride with Sunny Milk, Luna Child, and Star Sapphire, a band of fairies who pretend to be bards. Unbeknownst to the musical trio, the fairies did not know that Tenshi was using them as a guise to find out more about the swords which had been abandoned due to the advent of technology! What a jerk!

Umbrella of the Blind Sun
After the incident with the Parasol, Yuuka and friends get back home while the others who had hunted for the Parasol had found something interesting from their research; there was a second item that was paired with the Parasol of the Glazed Moon.

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Running on a Loaded Gun's Chamber
You are a man who has ended up in Gensokyo. This man holds a strange power gained from traversing between these dimensions: the power to duplicate into three at certain intervals of time. Every clone you have does not have to survive, but at least one must stay alive to obtain a relic to merge all your selves into one again. After that is done, you must escape this living hell filled with youkai and other creatures ready to pounce on unfortunate humans. You may spread your clones out to gain more information or keep them together to keep them alive, but you know your goal and you must reach it before every one of you falls.
If you wanted to destroy both the author and the readers, this is how you do it.
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RoaLGC: Isn't there already a clone story on /th/? Except that one's more time-clone and less body-splitting.

Emerald goggles: you'd need to clarify. What's doing the recording?

SiLL: Eh, plot gadget/mcguffin. A lot of plots could be made round it but it isn't intrinsic to any particular story.

Girls with Ties 2: This time its personal. Fuck yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-

UotBS: again, plot mcguffiny.
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Emerald Goggles: A lot of earlier CYOAs had this premise. It could be Tron, but more likely a hilariously cheesy Captain N.

SILL: I like the idea of Moonbitch-centric CYOA. Make the sword malevolent so that the hero needs to return it, or to seek revenge for the harm it's caused.

UotBS: Only if we get to play Yuka.

RoaLGC: Too similar to Stitches on /th/,
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The thing is, I barely read any stories on the website because I have a heinous habit of accidentally copying ideas when I examine them. Knowing what I am doing the same of and what I am doing differently is excellent to know. Thank you for your feedback!

Also, I forgot to specify, but UotBS is a short story. I may post PotGM somewhere on TH-P, but I don't know where. Maybe /coriander/?

Emerald Goggles:
It's a kappa-built camcorder with sound recording.

Running on a Loaded Gun's Chamber:
Thank you very much for letting me know if I might accidentally retread into a route already littered with footprints.
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It's the kind of love that you want to tear away from, yet you always want to come back someday so you can relive the nostalgic joy.
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Writer of Stitches here, I haven't seen any other stories like this, and there's quite a few significant differences - the first being in your proposed story the clone/copies aren't actively trying to kill each other.

That and my update frequency is glacially worse than yours.