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Yes RiG2 is in the works, still. Honestly? I could probably start it now but, I'd rather not have to wing it the whole way... I'm sorry if this disappoints you and you're eager to see me write more of Reina, but I assure you I'll get around to it eventually.

I'm just kind of lacking the motivation to get really into working it lately for whatever reason. Now then, moving on.

What I HAVE been working on is that ol' Exile of Heaven CYOA, remember that one? It's been a bit tough and mostly due to me having far too many ideas and me not wanting to have all the 'game' elements get in the way of the actual story elements.

So I figured I'd post this to kind of get some input from my readers, so I can kind of narrow my focus rather then going all broad and possibly planning and creating ideas you don't want to see in EoH v2.

- More seriousness or more silly?

Specifically the whole, well, idea I had that you could spend your earned Faith on body modifications... that is to say, making the Exile as busty (or not) as you all decided. I've been wondering if I should keep in more "silly" elements, such as the ability to increase the Exile's bust size, and just some more overall silly elements to go into the overall story.

Or would you prefer it to be more serious, without the silly powers and all that? It won't be grimdark depression or anything like that, but just less kind of well... random silly powers like breast enhancement.

- Do you even care for the game elements?

This should really be put first but, let me explain why I even bother thinking up stats and all that. It's mostly because I don't want to leave fighting and stuff completely up to you all trying to pick the right option out of a list or some such, by giving the story a simplistic stat system I can just kind of random fights and all that. But does it really bother you all to see it?

I've been considering either keeping the stats very simple, or expanding them. If I expand them, don't worry it won't suddenly get stupidly complex or anything - it's just some stats will be more useful then others. They would be more "in the background" type things, doing things like flat out revealing info you may have to read inbetween the lines to get, or something like that. The only problem I have with expanding them is, as I said earlier, some will really be more useful then others.

Oh and regardless, you won't be having a stat to determine if people will answer your questions. That was silly and it'll all be determined by the character, the relationship, and what you're asking etc. etc.

- The Exile herself

Did you prefer RiG's style more, where I kind of left the protagnist very vague and had you all flesh her out as the story went on? As for RiG all I did was give a basic outline, and had anon actually end up making the rest of her - such as her looks and all that.

Would you prefer EoH start off like that, or would you prefer a already created character? I'm fine with either, although it's a lot harder to secure artwork for a character that hasn't really been made yet...

And while we're on the Exile herself, I've been kind of tossing a few ideas around for her myself. Her original concept is very... traditional - that is a kimono-type clothing and all that. It's very Japanese-looking and fits into Gensokyo.

I've also been considering much more foreign looking ideas. Perhaps a Valkyrie-inspired or based Exile, or even a Roman one. I've been considering a Rome-inspired character for a bit, which likely stems from too much Rome: Total War and Fate/Extra. And just thinking it might be nice to use gladii and spathas and all that.

Anyway, that's what I'm trying to figure out anon, what do you think?

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>where I kind of left the protagonist very vague and had you all flesh her out as the story went on?
I like this more. This way, we can have someone suitable for the progressing story as we can customize him/her on the go.