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New wiki URL: http://www.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Touhou_Wiki

Wikia are being butthurt nazis because the owners didn't like their crappy new layout, taking over the old wiki and keeping the new one from getting hits on Google or something.

Update your bookmarks, people.

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Done, for great justice.
The old wiki shall fall into oblivion, and thus a new one shall arise from his ashes.
No. 6152
>taking over the old wiki


...what could Wikia want to preserve a Touhou wiki for?
No. 6153
This may surprise you, but Touhou is kind of a big deal. That wiki got a lot of traffic, and a lot of ad revenue for it.
No. 6154
While the traffic was certainly nothing compared to, say, WoWWikia or FF wikia, it probably wasn't trivial and there's the additional fact that everyone is jumping ship, so they'll want to hold on to as much content as possible.
No. 6160
That's what they get for ignoring people's request of keeping old skin preference. The new layout isn't absolutely horrible, but what's with the forcing attitude and Facebook feature all around?
No. 6161
The new layout is so it'd be iShit friendly, and the Touhou wikia is no doubt one of the bigger ones.