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So wounds never heal completely, Anonymous.

No. 6138
Yes, frozen wire-brushes do tend to put a damper on regeneration.
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Bullshit. You just aren't strong enough.
No. 6140
cirno has been involved in far too many bad ends. I hope at least one writefag gives her a happy ending.
No. 6141
...I don't think I want to know what you're talking about.
No. 6142

Hair, man, hair. Tiny, strong, fibers, each cold enough to cause frostbite.
No. 6143

I don't get it.


Well there was one that looked like she was on the way to an awesome end fighing against Ran Yakumo, and this is after killing Yuka, nutralizing both Aya and Marisa, and something else to one other person. Meiling doesn't count because Yuka pulverized her without noticing she was in the way.