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I think we have a new fact to add into TouhouWiki. Who can do that?


Now we know why Patchouli's clothes are like that

No. 6064
Who the hell are you?

Did you honestly just discover that Patchouli is the name of a herb?
No. 6065
>new namefag
>real e-mail address
>completely useless post
Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to lurk moar.
No. 6066
>>real e-mail address

What exactly about that looks real?
No. 6068

People's patience is stretched so thin they're quicker to jump to action without thinking stuff through.

I know I almost exploded when I saw that this guy >>/sdm/44093 and this other guy >>/sdm/44096 had found their way to /sdm/.
No. 6076

Well, you should be happy to know that those tow posts are by the same person, who is banned for being a shitty poster, a moron, and attempting to incite raids.
No. 6077

I think I love you.