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I was thinking about Protagonist lately, and I was wondering, what would make for a good Villain Protagonist MC? Are there some set traits which would really define the Protagonist as evil, some ideas, beliefs? Should the Villain Protagonist start out unsympathetic or start sympathetic but do some evil event that leaves the MC a completely, heartless bastard? Just tossing this out because I was thinking about making another CYOA with a Villain protagonist instead.

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For your consideration:
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Well, with a CYOA format, I think it would be impossible to have a good villain protagonist.
A successful villain has compelling reasons for doing what he does. With a CYOA, this would translate into kicking puppies because loldurp hes evil. The best you could do is to make a morally ambiguous MC that is arguably good, or evil, depending on perspective. Needless to say, this would require writing talent that is unheard of on this board.
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I think you underestimate how much fun it is to be evil. If the writefag could just accurately predict how anon would react to something, it wouldn't take too much writing talent to pull off. Anon loves to play the noble demon, and if you throw in a worse villain that anon is trying to stop (possibly for his own gains) you'd have fun protagonist.

Alternatively, having anon be someone that's completely and utterly evil but totally inffectual would also probably work.
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Meh, it's impossible to have an evil Mc. It would soon become a sort of anti-hero character. Anon is too boring most of the time; even when the MC is evil and is supposed to do something akin to his personality, anon always chooses to be the good guy. Actually, even worse than thatm is when the nice guy most MCs are, has all the right in the world to be angry at some touhou, anon always, always feels like the touhou is the victim and wants to apologize/be nice/etc.
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u mad bro?
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He isn't wrong, you know.
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Well then, if the problem is that if anon wants to be too nice to Touhou, is there any way to make anon instead wish to do evil deeds? Inform them before hand? If I make the MC an entirely unsympathetic and unlikable character, I had a bad feeling that the anons will either bad end the story ASAP or just ignore it.
This is a challenge that I want to try, but I need some ideas to make sure that it has the best chances of managing to go through while the MC is at least evil and not at all an anti-hero.
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Is that so?

When, what about counting only votes who aren't written by Anon? There's no rules against that, right?

(but Anon won't read the story. No, that's not a good idea.)
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Go away, Hartmann.
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Snidely Whiplash in Gensokyo.
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I can pick that story up and write it again, if you wish.
I have more free time now.
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Have you folks considered the reason why Anon wants to be a good guy? Such as the real lack of them in reality. That and the sheer abundance of rape doujins where the villain more or less wins. For anon to choose to be evil, it has to be presented a certain way, more so as Gensokyo isn't a grimdark, absolutely dark gray enviroment like Sin City.

Most attempts at such things reek of being different for the sole sake of it and trying to force Gensokyo into a different mold.

Do so as such folks need an example of how to do it right.
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Do it, I want my Dark Queen Rumia.


Touhou 40k had plenty of grimdark, and it was awesome with it.
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>That and the sheer abundance of rape doujins where the villain more or less wins.


And I always love that and the people who drew it.

Frankly, I can't think anything evil other than kidnap, rape, train(bondage, S&M), corruption, rinse, repeat with other touhoues, slowly building an army and conquering Gensokyo with the harem.

........................Do it, I want my daily dose of you-know-what-i'm-talking-about.
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Yet I get the feeling it didn't take itself too seriously. Then again 40K has its roots in parody and folks who take it way too seriously end up laughably unoriginal.
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Yes. Yes. Please, do continue. When will you start again?
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There's a Touhou/40K crossover RP on TVtropes that's finishing up. Skip the first ten pages though, it's full of faggots and retards.

> kirin

Holy shit your back. Will you stay this time? Or will you run off again because something just remotely related to the story boards isn't to your liking again.
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I'll just not go to IRC as much as I used to. That should fix my problem.

I can start right away. I'm really amazed how people can still remember me and my story. To be frank, I'm very happy.

Still, do you guys want a recap first or just continue normally? A complete restart? et cetera. Tell me and I'll get it done.
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A complete restart? Nah, but do a recap to help bring us up to speed. We don't want to lose all that progress, especially when what I read is that our Villain was doing so well!
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>I'll just not go to IRC as much as I used to. That should fix my problem.

The Cabal approves not of your defiance, child.
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the order of...
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A recap would probably be of help to most since it has been a while. But no restart unless absolutely neccessary (e.g. you cannot get into the flow of that run anymore).

Good thing I was too lazy to hijack it, good things sometimes really do come to those who wait.
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Come back~
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The leader of the cabal has spoken.
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Go away, Broand.
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Listen to the sounds of your own extinction.
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Gensokyo is that way Yaf.