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wasn't a demo of this supposed to come out at 9/19? if so, am i just a slowpoke who can't find it?

No. 5844
There's a sequel?
No. 5846
File 128550189912.jpg - (268.94KB , 1200x900 , DSC01383.jpg ) [iqdb]
yeah, supposedly in the works.

if i understand google translate version, the demo of it was supposed to be released at around 9/19, and after some googling i found it was probably at some sort of event.
No. 5847
I have it.

No. 5848
was about to post it myself, got it from a guy on /jp/.

thanks either way.
No. 5849
File 128550479922.png - (230.94KB , 512x512 , KOUMAJOU2_TRIAL_EXE_0x98FB0450.png ) [iqdb]
also i ripped the status portraits.

looks like the bosses will be alice, chen, youmu, marisa, reimu, ran, yuyuko and yukari.

the sdm crew will probably act as alternate subweapons like china does in the demo.
No. 5850
no problem.
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File 12855240481.png - (60.74KB , 256x512 , 012.png ) [iqdb]
If anyone feels like translating the stages feel free to do so. It would probably give a better idea of what they are planning for the rest of the game.
No. 5852

Stage 1 In front of the Hakurei Shrine
Great Forest
Stage 2 Middle Road
Red Mist Sea of Trees
Stage 3 Scarlet Devil Castle - Inside
Banquet Hall
Stage 4 Scarlet Devil Castle - Annex
Puppet House
Stage 5 Scarlet Devil Castle - Center
Stage 6 Scarlet Devil Castle - Underground
Stage 7 Scarlet Devil Castle - Outer Wall
Clock Tower
Final Stage Scarlet Devil Castle - Top Floor
Heavenly Watchtower

Not too sure on the last one. Also tried to use Castlevania names where I knew them. I expected some Hakugyokurou stages though, not the castle again.
No. 5853
File 128553136950.png - (60.88KB , 512x2560 , 096.png ) [iqdb]
Hmmm, those might just be the stages for the last game and they were just too lazy to take it out the data files.

Here are the dialogue cutouts for your trouble.
No. 5889

second demo's available. it just has few more monsters though from what i saw.
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File 129336583442.png - (124.50KB , 576x432 , THV2lvllist.png ) [iqdb]
A new demo came out and I felt like taking a quick peak at some of the files, there were a few interesting things but nothing they haven't really announced yet in the new trailer.

Although for anyone that wants to be ahead can translate this level list I managed from the files. It should be stage 1-8 and then the ex stage. Komachi has a few lines in the game but I don't see any sprites and portraits for her. They also (sloppily?) left in the thumbs.db file so there were a few small thumbnail previews for files not yet in the game like the Ran and Youmu portraits. A shame they are only 256x128.

Not sure if they fixed it yet but I found it funny there was zip of the demo inside the demo zip, Frontier Aja keeping it classy.
No. 6275

Download and 1.01 patch.
No. 6277
>>5852 here again.


Jet Black ForestWhere is his other side
Bewitching Illusion Red Devil CastleBanquet HallOverture of Calamity
Bewitching Illusion Red Devil CastleUnderground BaseBlade of Ghosts and Conviction
Bewitching Illusion Red Devil CastleBook Collection StorehouseThe stolen Great Library
Bewitching Illusion Red Devil CastleColliseumThe strength of Lies and the Universe
Bewitching Illusion Red Devil CastleClock TowerPerverted Pleasure
Bewitching Illusion Red Devil CastleCherry Blossom TowerMoon Night's Butterfly - Scattering Cherry Blossoms
Bewitching Illusion Red Devil CastleTop FloorBewitching Illusion Requiem (Stranger's Requiem)
Bewitching Illusion Red Devil CastleFireworks TournamentFestival of Cat and Fox and Gap

I was not too sure how to translate what I left as "Bewitching Illusion" (妖幻), so I stayed with my usual "literal is good". Tried some free translations as well where I had a nice one (e.g. "Perverted" for "making perverse/inverse" in stage 6). Otherwise the same motto of staying with Castlevania names as far as I know and recognised them applies, just like last time.
Also, in during bad formatting due to copying from notepad.
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File 129384826145.jpg - (241.83KB , 640x900 , sample-8e90897947ec8f455c4ece6bd76368d7.jpg ) [iqdb]
For those among you who hated the first game for its many, many flaws, do give this one a try. I personally guarantee that it's been vastly improved over their first attempt. The gameplay and stage designs are more fun, too.

The voice acting is pretty great, although your mileage may vary in regards to Alice and Meiling.
No. 6279
Alice's voice was bad, but it fits the awful fanon personality (LOL SO RONERY Marisa chasing) they seem to have given her.

On the other hand, scheming villain Ran is perfection, castle queen (until she gets bored) Reimu and Edokko Komachi are great, and the rest are pretty good, so I'm willing to ignore one poorly done character.

Thanks for the links, >>6275.
No. 6280

Listen to this man! This is probably one of the more enjoyable Castlevania-style games I've played, which was surprising as hell to me. In fact, I am a bit miffed that a doujin game maker is putting out higher quality 2D castlevania stuff than Konami has been.

The only thing that would make it better for me is if there was just a smidgen of route branching, at least to the level of Rondo of Blood. And perhaps if the game was slightly longer.
No. 6281
I'm usually known for hating nip games, but I had loads of fun with this one. 'nuff said.

Reimu's voice is sex.
No. 6284
So there's an EX stage after all? Strange... I finished on both easy and normal and only omake was unlocked.

Unless you tell me it's unlocked if the game is finished on hard. Then I'm going to cry.
No. 6285

Phantasm stage is getting patched in later.
No. 6286
I'm not sure if the Extra's been fully patched in or not.
No. 6369
Patch to come will have a full english translation.
No. 6370
The details I know of are:

-Phantasm is added (no Extra, just that), where you get an additional partner.
-First step of multi-language support; files will be provided shortly for that.

I heard that in Stage 8 and Phantasm, there's a few really nasty 1up traps.

No. 6609

English patch out.
No. 6610
MMm... Unlike the first game, I'm still not able to run the game on xp without japanese settings once English is out. And yes, pathnames have no japanese characters. Are using japanese settings the only way to play this on xp?
No. 6611
File 130102112941.jpg - (18.73KB , 808x510 , black screen.jpg ) [iqdb]
What happened?
No. 6612
You need to put the languages files in the language folder (the one with japanese.dat in it).

And I'm still waiting for an answer for the xp question. It's rather important to me.
No. 6613
There's a language folder? For me everything came in one folder named "Files." Worked fine before I patched it.
No. 6614
Go in your data folder and you'll see the folder I'm talking about.
No. 6615
Oh, it's that sort of thing. Such a pain. Works now, though.
Sorry I can't be of any help with your issue. Didn't have to jump through any language barrier hoops (beyond this one) to get it working for me. XP, of course.
No. 6616
...And you don't use japanese settings nor Applocal?
No. 6617
Don't think so, no.
No. 6618
So, uh. Hungry Youkai's in the credits under special thanks. Anyone know what the deal with that is?
No. 6619

But do you have japanese installed at least? That might be it.
No. 6623
I do. Might have turned it on and forgot about it or something...maybe.
No. 6624
Then that a difference. I can't see what would the error be since first game works, but that could be it.

Ayaya, why can't japanese xp files simply can't be transferrable on a usb key...
No. 6721
Sweet christ, phantasm is hard. I can't even beat the first boss.
No. 6737
Spam Remilia. She'll two-shot most things.
No. 6738
Correction: couldn't beat the second boss, Chen. The first boss was pretty easy, though still harder than Ran.

I've noticed.
Beat it today. Chen is still my hardest boss. Yukari is a beast, but half of her attacks are dodged the exact same way every time, and the easy (read: health filled) last area leaves you with plenty of souls to throw at her.