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I found a thing:


Considering Sankaku is a third-party source, I'm wondering if there's any validity to the claims made. Nevertheless, if this is true it is (probably) a good thing. I would personally like to see a more than one episode anime made. Thoughts? Comments? Complaints? (because THP loves to complain)

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It's legit, but it's just a one episode special. Think that new Ranma OVA or whatever released a Takahashi’s “It’s a Rumic World” Exhibit. Being done be ufotable, apparently.

Personally, my feelings on this are completely neutral in that I can enjoy it if it's good and ignore it if it's shit, but it was fun to watch /jp/ freak out when the announcement was made.
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This could be a disaster.
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WWHYYYY? Thank god it's only one episode/OVA
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To be honest, I'll keep my opinion in the shelf until this is released, and I don't think I want to give it a single thing since we all know how Touhou fans (especially the community in the *West*) will react.
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It's just Animate doing something to celebrate an anniversary with ZUN being "It's just a fanwork; I have no involvement in this" Animate is best known for having Anime Tencho in his own series about hotblooded salesmanship.
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As long as there's a difference between fanon and canon, I guess it will be enjoyable.
But if I see any yukkuris, I'll stop it immediatly, and I'll hate it.