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No, I'm not.

Also, idea thread since it's a big thing now, it seems. Not to worry (those who care) I'm still going to write Black Soup and Cryptic Paradoxes. This is just a thread to dump all the ideas that didn't make it out on paper...well, txt. document, but you get the idea.

Downtown Gensokyo Monogatari/River City Touhou
- Basis being on the Kunio-kun series, the role of MC is a second year high school student who attends Hitojin High School of the Human District of the metropolis Gensokyou City. Recently, however, there has been an explosion of gang related activity in the once hum drum city, most of them spawning from the formation of the "Four Empresses" who all attend Koumakan Private Academy (the school where the SDM crew hang out). The thing with this is that, the role of the MC isn't constrained to the normal route taking by Kunio in the original game. In this story, you are given a choices that, depending on where things go, will either land you as the hero who takes down the gangs, a gang leader, a member of a gang or just an average high school student who gets swept along by events (while another character takes on the role you were meant to do). Recruit Allies, learn different fighting moves, the works.

Metal Max/Touhou
- Based on the Metal Max series, take on the role of either a hunter, soldier, mechanic, or hacker and travel across the wastelands in your tank (or other type of vehicle). All the while gathering loot from monsters, and uncovering the secrets of what really caused the world's destruction the first time around and maybe prevent it from happening again...

- Catch and battle Touhoumon, pretty much staying true to the original concept with some added twists here and there.

Lovecraftian Touhou
- Let's see how far you can go while the world around you reveals that your human existance is but a speck of sand comapred to the horrors that slither through the vast expanses of the cosmos. If I stick true to the Lovecraftian atmosphere, this probably won't end well no matter what you do. Granted, you can probably dodge a huge bullet if you join a cult following The Crawling [s]Chaos[s] Gap; Yukari...maybe.

Zombie Party
- Orin takes the time to sit down and create the perfect frakencorpse and manages to succeed in bringing it to "life". Mostly Orin centric, and will most likely take place long after the events of SA.

Black Inaba of Misfortune
- Based on a vote I got long ago when I was just starting Black Soup. After being killed in the Dragon's Hole, the Black Rabite reincarnates in Gensokyo as a youkai rabbit. The catch? He (or she) has lost the immense power they once had in their previous life and no begins life in Tewi's army of earth rabbits. Main focus is mostly in Eientei area and cast, and the main route is of course Tewi. But there can be others if the readers work to get them.

There, now then, if I have more they'll most likely go here. And I would post the ideas I have for the stories I'm already running, but I'm afraid I might spoil something down the road, so...

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I'd go with Touhoumon and see how this would work out.

Lovecraftian Touhou on the other hand...not really. Anon doesn't really like BAD END mine fields.
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[x] Lovecraftian Touhou

May be the hardest story, but the most interesting.
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[x] Metal Max Touhou
No. 5793
[x]Downtown Gensokyo
Monogatari/River City Touhou

I'll go with these if MC is a badass and manly enough to take on the Touhous
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I had a similar idea or two; I'd like to hear more about it.

the other ideas are pretty nifty.
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Metal Max Touhou sounds like it'd be fun.
No. 5804
[x]Downtown Gensokyo Monogatari/River City Touhou
Interesting take on a all-too popular setting
[x]Black Inaba of Misfortune
Tewi route? Rabbit MC? I like this
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[x] Lovecraftian Touhou

Works for me~!
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[x] Lovecraftian Touhou
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here's some stuff to start you off
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[x] Lovecraftian Touhou

You could go with the theory that every culture has it's own version of Gensokyo, and re-imagine the Touhou girls in Lovecraft Country. Reimu Carter and Marissa Randolph investigate the cult of Suwako.
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In light of the fact that I'm terribly lazy and will probably never get around to actually making it, I shall gladly leave the onus of Cosmic Horror Girls With Funny Hats to you, good sir.

[>] Lovecraftian Touhou
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[x]Lovecraftian Touhou
It might be just me, but I think having an original toho showing up with lovecraftian powers sounds fun. Maybe the MC could be it.

But then again, original characters usually are bad, and so are my ideas.
No. 5822
>toho ... with lovecraftian powers
... You mean besides Yukari? And Rumia? And Nue? And Reisen? And Flandre? And Medicine? And Koishi? And Yuyuko and her Great Old One cherry tree? And Alice's Tome of Eldritch Lore?
There's plenty of creepy Touhous as is.
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File 12852149432.png - (397.60KB , 699x700 , 8994563.png ) [iqdb]
... Although I certainly wouldn't mind me some Black Pharaoh-tan. Moar liek ℳℴℯssenger of the Outer Gods, amirite?
No. 5825
I was thinking Lovecraftian more in a 'go insane just glimpsing it' sense than just plain creepy, but I guess ancient secret cults of mutated monstrosities worshiping inter-dimensional beasts older than our universe (BUT WITH TOUHOU) doesn't sound so bad either.
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"Going insane after glimpsing it" isn't Lovecraft.
Disturbing, nightmarish, impossible things that threaten to overturn your peaceful and rational worldview and toss you headlong into a universe whose rules are alien and unknowable are Lovecraft.
Discovering that you're descended from an ancient lineage of foul sorcerers who subsisted on the flesh of human cattle is every bit as Lovecraft as squiggly monsters that make yer brainmeats hurt.
No. 5830
>Disturbing, nightmarish, impossible things that threaten to overturn your peaceful and rational worldview and toss you headlong into a universe whose rules are alien and unknowable are Lovecraft.
Like a straight guy walking into a lesbian bar, for example.
No. 5831
Hey, I've done that, and I'm still fully sane.

... Well, other than posting here.
No. 5839
Even a glass of milk is dangerous. Look here: "Like distilled madness, the ghastly white fluid was of a viscous quality quite unlike anything that could truly be called 'liquid' by contemporary man.

This pseudo-fluid was contained, yet not contained, within a transparent barrier like the purest ice, yet its temperature was not cool. This container was not a square, but a thing of unnaturally precise curves."

No this isn't of my own doing, but what someone else wrote when another poster said he/she wouldn't trust a Lovecraftian description of a glass of milk.
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I know it's been awhile since I did...well, anything really and it wouldn't be right not to give some form of status report on where I've been and what's been keeping me busy from updating the stories that I have going.

For the moment, I'm a little under the weather. I've also been busy with that National Novel Writer's Month thing, no idea why I did that but...yeah. Oh and let's not forget classes too.

That's all I had to say. Sorry to let you guys down with a lack of updates and what not. I promise I'll get back on my feet and get both my stories up and running again.
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[x] Lovecraftian Touhou

No. 6136
[x] Lovecraftian Touhou

Oh god yes! BAD ENDS everywhere! Just the way I like it!
No. 6144
[x] Lovecraftian Touhou

Sakuya stopping time, and fighting the Hound of Tindalos!
Nitori swimming in the water, seeing a strange city, and releasing Cthulhu!
Flandre... being mad as usual, seeing IMPOSSIBLE CONSTRUCTION!

This cross-over have potential.