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I have somes plot in mind, that I won't be able to use, but I'm lacking time, or because I don't have enough experience.
So, I will just put them.
Use them if you want, I don't put any copyright on them (maybe because I don't know if someone else had the same idea before):

-8mm: A NEET find a camera near his door. When he try to use it, he notices that there are already movies inside. Watching them, he discovers what happened to a bunch of friends visiting Aokigahara and ending in Makai. (Style: depends. Can be horror, or funny.)

-I am a human: A american nuclear scientist working in japan discovers Gensokyo by accident. Because he wants to warn the world, Yukari kills his wife, framing him for the murder. He now must prove his innocence, while fleeing the police. (Style: "film noir")

-I wanna survive: The Hakurei Border broke after Reimu's death. Human are now slowly dying, even with the help of Yukari. A man decide to travel though the wasteland to find a suitable girl to become the Hakurei miko. (Style: Mad Max style, with lots of weapons. Can be either silly, or serious.)

If I have other idea, I'll put them here.
But honestly, I don't think I'll be using any of those.

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>A man decide to travel though the wasteland to find a suitable girl to become the Hakurei miko.
Could use a bit of modification: Yukari trained 4 men in a secret deadly art before the border went down. Just to kill boredom. Now the man has to find a Miko while dealing with his brothers.
No. 5784
Nope. The original was a parody of "I am a legend", with some "Mad Max 2" stuff included. Not Hokuto no Ken.
No. 5790
-Curse of the disappeared schoolgirl: In the outside word, a policeman must investigate about Sanae Kotiya's disappereance. But, due to his ignorance, he will be cursed by the native god, having to find a way to escape it.
(/border/, or /others/)

-Jack the Ludo Bile: In a Victorian England, Patchouli Knowledge investigate, to find Jack the Ripper, and bring it back to Remilia, before the Church gets them.
(/sdm/, or /others/)
No. 5794
I'd focus more on improving the stories you do have now before worrying about others if I were you.
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I see no trolling here.

Just an honest advice.
No. 5858
He really has a point. He needs to learn from the strongest.

Seek out HY in England, he probably is in the wilderness, training weak Writers.
No. 5859

> HY
> writing

No. 5860
Do you honestly think that everybody who finds issue with your output is just picking on you for giggles?

No. 5861
I don't trust Anon.
I will take a feedback seriously (I'm already trying to improve myself, erasing typos, improving the general coherences of my stories), but since it's coming from Anon, I don't trust it.
Not a single bit.
Not after all I saw.

If you feel offensed, I'm sorry about that.
No. 5862

Then what the fuck are you doing here?

No. 5863
Did I asked something? Like "do you think it'll make a good story"?
No. I didn't asked anything.
If I want feedback, I just have to go in the IRC chan.
If I want answer, I just have to go in the IRC chan.

If I just want to write something who's fun (for me, at least), I stay on the website.
No. 5865
If you post on the boards, you're going to get feedback on the boards, whether you like it or not. Example: your writing is boring and stylistically awful.

Why do you put up with people like this, IRC? At least Wiseman can speak English.
No. 5867
If I'm really going to get feedback on the board, then what the hell are you doing here? It's not a debate board. It's a idea board, where I post my random ideas.

If you really want to go "you're boring and awful", go do it in the right board. Not in this one. And add some arguments, or some hints to help.
Because I'm assimilating free critics without argument as troll attempt.

Now, if you want to continue this discussion, let's talk on 4chan. Or else, you can open a debate board.
No. 5868

If you don't want feedback, don't post them here. There's no point in throwing out your ideas in this board otherwise. If you want proof, look at the other writers' threads, and note how they, in fact, are taking feedback.

Seriously, that's the whole point.
No. 5869
First of all, this isn't your board at all--but I'll chalk that up to translation issues and assume you meant "thread".

Second while you may have started this thread, that in itself means precious little. You may have a tripcode, but unless you're an admin, you're on just the same level as any one of us. If enough people wished to derail this thread into a completely different subject, they could do so, and you wouldn't be able to do much other than delete the thread entirely.

In other words--who died and made you king?

Thirdly, people have actually tried to criticize you before--and I'm talking honest criticism, though no doubt you quickly dismissed that as trolling as well. The problem is, despite what you say, you simply don't wish to hear that you're doing anything wrong. You are so full of yourself, Hartmann, that you ignore all criticism outright, or assume that anyone who criticizes you must have some sort of sinister agenda.

Now, perhaps this has offended you. I have no intended to cause any offense, but I have no doubt that you've interpreted this all as some sort of personal attack and become offended anyway. Which brings me neatly to my last point:

You do not have to right to not be offended.

That's all.
No. 5870

You cannot be serious. A fundamental aspect of exposing anything you write to the public is opening yourself up to criticism. If you don't want people telling you their opinion of your work, then you shouldn't be putting it out there for them to look at in the first place.

Hell, if you don't want criticism, this is the worst place to post your stories. Anon doesn't pull punches - if your shit sucks, then we will probably tell you so, and without remorse.

Incidentally, your writing is atrocious, and not in the endearing way that Saguya's was. Yours is just indefensibly bad. Learn English, read some damn literature, and get your shit together.

I'm amazed you haven't been chased off the boards yet.

Also, about that whole going to IRC for criticism thing: you know that most of us there dislike you, right? You're really annoying, and rather clueless. I am sure we have told you this before.

>Why do you put up with people like this, IRC?

Hey, we don't like him much either. We just don't bother with bans, and would rather tell him he's an idiot. He doesn't seem to get it.
No. 5871
I didn't took that as an offense.
You are right on several point: I confused board and thread.

About the critics: I tried to learn from them, using another software, and trying to deepen the story. I guess I failed it.

As I said, I tried to be open.
It's just not the good thread for this.
About the rest...

Well... I guess you're right.
And if I get it right (considering how much I suck in english), I can see one solution, who'll bring happiness to everyone.

Get the f*ck out.
As you said, there's no room for improvements (mainly because I'm blamed for error that I'm not even noticing).
I'll just post two things, and I'll leave.

Just one thing: I never considered the tripcode as a guarantee or something. Don't get me wrong on this.
No. 5872
Oh, and don't try to come back under a new name without making any improvements like that dumbass Wiseman/FrozenTuna did. We'll catch on pretty quick.
No. 5873
That's an epic farewell.

Well, jokes asides, I'm using Anonymous, so I'm keeping Anonymous.
No. 5874
>engage of marionette.mp3
No. 5875
I love you people.