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5750 No. 5750
[] Moonbunny story. Space and shit. Reisen is part of the crew of a lone cruiser, story focuses on interactions between crew members. Everyone else is OCs. May involve some space battles.
Sci-Fi Level: As Hard as I can get.

[] Komachi story. Focuses on her badass past as a Reaper (as opposed to a Ferrywoman), canon be damned.
Oh, and she kills a Celestial. This has no significance to the plot whatsoever, other than proving how badass she is.

[] Dog in Gensokyo. Not a youkai, not a special dog in any way, generic stray mutt of no particular breed in Gensokyo. You're supposed to get adopted by a touhou and be the best damn dog anyone's ever had.

[] Remilia short. Murder mystery set during winter carnival at a university. Don't ask.

[] Child Patchouli short(?). Young Patchouli's days at a Harry Potter-esque school of wizardry. Slap me in the face as hard as you can if I dare name it 'Worghearts'.

[] Continuation of "lol rape" by Scorn. Yes, that Sanae thing. Yes, I'm serious.

[] Continue GH

[] >implying you still write

I'll finish THV. Eventually. Not that my word counts for much anymore.

No. 5751
[x]Komachi Story

Not enough Komachi stories.
No. 5752
[Q] Dog in Gensokyo.

No. 5753
File 12846538954.jpg - (703.65KB , 850x1000 , 83f8734f5f1471e95967713c59b47d65d2d3a510.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Komachi story.

why not
No. 5754
[x] Moonbunny story.
No. 5755
[x] >implying you still write
[x] Continuation of "lol rape" by Scorn. Yes, that Sanae thing. Yes, you're serious.
No. 5756
[x] Dog in Gensokyo.

Sounds unique and potentially awesome.
No. 5757
[] Continue GH

No. 5758
[x] Child Patchouli short(?). Young Patchouli's days at a Harry Potter-esque school of wizardry. Slap me in the face as hard as you can if I dare name it 'Worghearts'.

Patches is love.
No. 5759
[X] Dog in Gensokyo.
No. 5760
[x] Dog in Gensokyo.

Assuming, of course, your health issues won't get in the way.
No. 5761
In order of preference (but only barely, since I want to see them all):

[x] Continuation of "lol rape" by Scorn. Yes, that Sanae thing. Yes, you're serious.
(Porn part aside, I am intensely curious as to what possible idea you have in mind for this. It was such a weird and fucked-up thing, and the idea of it continuing seems bizarre, yet intriguing.)

[x] Just write the damn Patchy bath/shower scene already.
(Please? Even as a one-shot.)

[x] Dog in Gensokyo.
(Because it sounds amusing.)
No. 5762
[x] Worghearts
You feeling better now?
No. 5763
[x] Finish your current stories before you become AD/HY the second

But since I doubt you'd honestly listen to that,

[x] Komachi story.
No. 5764
[x] Dog in Gensokyo.
No. 5765
[] Continue GH

I wish.

[x] Dog in Gensokyo. Not a youkai, not a special dog in any way, generic stray mutt of no particular breed in Gensokyo. You're supposed to get adopted by a touhou and be the best damn dog anyone's ever had.

Not sure what to expect from this, but after traveling the wastes with Dogmeat for the past couple hours, there's really no contest.
No. 5767
[B] Moonbunny story.
No. 5768
[X] Komachi story
No. 5769
[] Child Patchouli short
No. 5770
[X] Moonbunny story.
I'm a sucker for sci-fi.

>be the best damn dog anyone's ever had.
Considering my past experiences with dogs, this won't be very hard. Or maybe it will be, if you count Newfoundlands as dogs and not small bears.
No. 5771
[] Continue GH


Or, if you insist on something else:

[X] Continuation of "lol rape" by Scorn.
No. 5772
Fuck you nigger. You had to make me remember where he stopped writing GH of all places.

[x] Child Patchouli short
No. 5773
[x] Child Patchouli short
No. 5775
[x] Dog in Gensokyo.
No. 5776
File 128473216795.png - (290.58KB , 421x500 , 1256918243800.png ) [iqdb]
{X} Continue GH.
No. 5778
[x] Child Patchouli short(?).
[x] Komachi story.
No. 5779
[x]>implying you still write
[x] Continua GH
[x] Child Patchouli short

Feels bad man.
No. 5780
[x] Continue GH
Are there any other options?
No. 5782
File 128477975318.png - (32.93KB , 962x920 , e9420e2f75c8cebc60c87fbc54ea641c.png ) [iqdb]
[c] Komachi story.

Why the hell not?
No. 5783
[X] Komachi story
[X] Continue GH

Reaper Komachi not giving a fuck. This would be a nice two thread CYOA.
No. 5788
I'd read the Patchy story. Sounds really good.
No. 5796
File 128489928529.jpg - (560.34KB , 1200x2600 , banni.jpg ) [iqdb]
Interesting responses. More details on the various individual ideas coming up, so you'd have a better idea of what I had in mind for each.

First off, the moonbunny story - the one on the list I actually want to write the most. I'll be honest, I only put these up for a vote to gauge general interest, not to help me decide. Sorry about that. On the upside, I may decide to do a short or two that proved to be more popular on the side.

To begin, I'd like to say that I'm not trying to rip off QWL's space Reisen story, RWVT. Go read that, by the way. Actually, what drove me to want to write this was a combination of several factors.
First, Mass Effect 2, game of the year, all years. Go play it if you've lived under a rock all this year and still haven't yet.
Second... Well, this might interest GH's old readers a bit as well, or it might not. Anyway, I'll be blunt - I used to think Reisen was boring. Used to? No, well... I still do, in a way. You might recall how she had a complete lack of personality in GH, and how I not-so-subtly had her appear less and less after introducing her, upon realizing that I can't really think of anything to do with her. Now, over time, since then, I've gather bits and pieces of information about her from here and there, gotten a better idea of her personality - both canon aspects and stuff I formed in my own head that I figured would fit her. What this all ended up accomplishing was making me WANT to like her. Yes, 'WANT' to. I'm still largely indifferent towards her, which is why I want to give her my own backstory. I want to make her awesome for myself.
...Oh, and the last factor that drove me to want to write this? I'm ashamed to say it, but... Super Robot Wars. No, I'm not at all implying that SRW is bad or anything, but I want this to be 'hard' sci-fi. Huge mecha don't really fit into that very well, as I'm sure you'll all agree.*

That all being said, I should probably clarify that, while Reisen is the MC who you 'play' as, she's only the MC in the sense that the story is told from her point of view, and most (but not all) choices will be for her to pick between. There may likely be a few 'perspective shifts' where the MC POV changes to another character, temporarily.

On the other characters, I was a little bit worried... but only a little. From what I've seen, THP seems to be largely tolerant of OCs, as long as they're not... obnoxious, or Mary Sues, or whatever. That being said, a total OC-fest where the only canon character is Reisen? Well, it might work. Eirin, Kaguya, and the Watatsukis may or may not be mentioned in dialogue here and there, but will almost certainly not appear in person, ever.

Oh, and speaking of characters, say hello to commander** Gekkou. Special thanks to the ever-so-awesome Giddy/Generic Drawfag for the artz!
Guess where I got her name from and win a cookie.

Now, where was I? Ah, yes. As I said in the original post, the story would focus mostly on relationships between crew members - not just between them and Reisen, but between one another as well. Now, since we're dealing with Reisen's backstory here, I'm sure anyone remotely familiar with canon material - specifically, IN and PoFV - will be able to tell right off the bat that there's no realistic way for this story to have a good ending. Bittersweet in a way, maybe. Despair-ridden, maybe. People are going to die. I'm going to be trying my hardest to get you all to form a connection to the characters so you'll be that much sadder to see someone killed off. But hey, at least it's not out of nowhere, right? This is, essentially, a retelling of how Reisen ended up deserting her crew and coming to earth.

On the subject of 'hard sci-fi' - there will be just enough fancy hand-wavey substances and whatnot to allow for FTL travel and the like, but I'll be trying my hardest not to crap all over known physics as I write this. If you're like me, you need your fictional settings to be convincing based on the rules that govern the world around you to be completely immersive.

Actually, here, go read this:

That sort of stuff is what I hope to avoid. Maybe I'm worrying about it too hard. Actually, scratch that - I'm definitely worrying about it too hard. How many of you would have their sense of immersion ruined if I described a loud and noisy explosion in space that was visible for more than a fraction of a second? Or if an engine malfunction would cause the ship to slow down to a halt? Still, it'd bother -me-.

Of course, this all means I'm going to be doing a LOT of research and planning for this. Don't expect me to start this anytime soon. I'll definitely be finishing THV before I start anything new; GH's fate is currently undecided, but if it makes you feel better I'll let you know that the idea of owning a dead story leaves a sour taste in my mouth. And not the delicious sour candy type sour either. I'm talking expired milk sour. The bad kind.
Stuff I'm researching/planning for includes:
•Space physics. If X happens in space, -how- does it happen? Why? The biggest issue for me will likely be figuring out how space battles would work. If anyone here is knowledgeable about that sort of thing, then let me know, maybe we can brainstorm about this a bit.
•US Navy terminology. Navy, because Space Is An Ocean and all, so it seems to be the most commonly acceptable variant used (e.g. space marines, fleets, ships), and thus likely to be the most familiar to the readers. Again, if anyone here can help me out with this, I'd really appreciate it - I'm currently pestering someone from the US Air Force about this, and obviously we'd both appreciate it if I found someone more directly involved or knowledgeable to ask.
•Lunarian canon. Timeline-wise, this story would take place right before Reisen comes to Earth and Eientei. Anyway, I'd need to make sure I don't contradict any details established in canon about how Lunarian society/military works, and so on and so on. Again, I'm probably worrying about this way too hard, but that's just how I am.

Hm. Did I forget anything? Well, if I did, I'll post about it later. For now, I'll just leave this here for your thoughts and responses, and I'll post info about the others sometime later. Keep in mind that none of the above is set in stone - I'm always willing to take into account what the readers think would work best.


*(Unless, for whatever reason, you WANT me to try and fit mecha in there, somehow.)
**(Tentative rank. I'm still researching navy ranks and vessel types - I'm looking for a class of ship that's not some sort of ginrmous battlecruiser/flagship, but is capable of going on solo operations and defending itself. Likewise, I'm looking for a rank of commanding officer that's high enough to command respect, and yet low enough to be approachable - by both the crew and the readers - and to not get caught up in the upper-brass political bullshit. Any suggestions would be welcome.)
No. 5797
[X] Continue GH

[X] >implying you still write

I guess you can write more about MOONBUNNIES

also needs more mecha imo
No. 5798
I thought you were indecisive. If it's what you want to write the most, you should go with that instead.
No. 5799
this is starting to look like a pattern that results in a bunch of hiatused stories and as a result the moment I start reading anything by Taisa I like IT DIES.
No. 5800
Moods can change. Remember, I did say it'd be a while yet before I start anything new. Who knows what might happen between then and now.

Oi, oi, I'll finish THV. I won't start anything new before I do. One story does not a pattern make.
No. 5811
Taisa what kind of weapons will be used in the story for ship combat and personal firefights? Will it be the Mass Effect style where kinetic weapons rule supreme, or will it be more traditional with energy weapons being the primary damage dealer? Also how would the technology used in the story compare to the tech level of universes like Mass Effect or the Night's Dawn trilogy?

If you want good literature that shows hard scifi space battles, you should read the Night's Dawn Trilogy by Peter F. Hamilton. Each of the books are definitely [url=http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Doorstopper]doorstoppers[/url], but the way space combat is depicted is great. In fact let me show you a [url=http://www.silentphoenix.co.uk/confed/Articles/article_adamistships.html]website[/url]that shows how space combat normally works in the series.
No. 5812
Also Taisa this website might help in your depiction of space combat: http://www.projectrho.com/rocket/
No. 5813
What about GH?
No. 5815

Do the impossible,

inspire him to actually continue to write it as it would take a fucking miracle to get him to do so. Even greater than getting HY to ever comeback and finish all that he had abandoned. Greater than bringing Grue back to continue "DU"

I've actually been slowly reading the previous threads and editing them to where I'm almost complete in making a "clean" edition sans the incredible tumors that pain it so...
No. 5818
>people still implying Grue isn't HY
No. 5827
File 128521911046.jpg - (68.45KB , 250x192 , MassEffectNormandy.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm still not quite sure. I'm trying to get a good idea of a realistic sense of scale (distance, etc.) when it comes to space battles, and deciding from there, based on the various pros and cons (and feasibility) of different weapon concepts. Feel free to pitch suggestions, preferably with explanations on why they would work well. 'Tradition' isn't really something I hold important for anything outside of the common trope of using Navy ranks and titles for the crew and ship.

As for infantry fights, mostly kinetic weapons. Some might be a little silly because I like to latch on to obscure and stupid little details in canon/pseudo-canon; one of the things given to us by this will be a bolt-action railgun. Yeah. Blame Aki Eda for that one.
I'm also trying to decide what to do about moonbunny lunacy powers* and their prospective use in battle.

Technology level will in all likelihood be comparable to Mass Effect, with some differences in this and that. Kind of difficult to think of specific examples off the top of my head.

Also, thanks for the links/suggestions, I'm sure they'll be helpful. As I said, while some Rule of Cool may still apply here and there, I'm going to try to keep stuff within reasonable bounds.

*(Unless I find some stray bit of canon that proves or strongly implies otherwise, I'm going to have Reisen's powers be inherent to all the moonbunnies. At least all of the soldier-caste ones.)

Ehhh. No promises. I never proclaimed it to be dead, but it's in a pretty deep coma for the time being. Still, people do miraculously recover from comas on occasion.

>I've actually been slowly reading the previous threads and editing them to where I'm almost complete in making a "clean" edition sans the incredible tumors that pain it so...

...Huh. Wow.

You know.

...That would actually help me out a lot, whenever/ifever I decide to continue it. I'll be honest, it's been so long now that my memory is a little fuzzy on some details, plus I lost all of my writing notes (I don't like to rely on my shoddy memory) to my hard disk suddenly dying a few months ago now. So, I'd need to re-read my own story just to get a proper idea of what all has happened and who's said what to whom, etc.

Seriously though, you have way too much free time!
No. 5828
>GH tumors

Character X vs Y choices caused this.
No. 5832

It was the people making those choices that caused things to go south the way they did, not the choices themselves. There could very well have been civil debate instead of all out war if anon hadn't took the bait of every troll that so much as glanced his way.


When you're finished, could you upload it?
No. 5833
File 12852268591.jpg - (6.15KB , 150x170 , 1215328560345.jpg ) [iqdb]

In a popular story on a board inhabited by 4chan users, you're asking for a civil debate?
No. 5834

It's been done before. Keep in mind that I mean civil for this place; I'm not expecting people to stop calling each other faggots, just to stop calling each other faggots with something resembling genuine hatred. Touhou fanfiction should not be serious business.

Anyway, I was about to go into a massive tl;dr but then realized it would likely end in the thread being completely derailed. That, and this issue has been discussed to death already.
No. 5835
But it's a major factor; GH doesn't have much of a major plot at this point combined with such transparent choices results in Route faggotry with unexpected ease. It was easier for everyone at first because people had common target before the move and thus the massive burst in popularity.

But you are right on the matter of trolls making it worse. Charging forth with a baseless insult is a pointless effort made to incite shitstorm; it happened in both GH and HLA2. Such things escalate a rivary into a blood feud where the sides start to HATE each other passionately. I suspect it was a troll that wrote that infamous "have Rumia and Flan be friends" as it easily doubled the shitstorms in several following updates. Neither side benefited as Flan's firm lead was weakened and Rumia got herself sisterzoned. The first part alone worsened the overall flow as it evened the field, an undesirable event in regards to shitstorms.

Taisa's policy against route locking also had a role in the escalation as it gave some folks the mindset of never giving up, thus prolonging the struggle past where it'd stop with one in place.

It is my hope that when Taisa restarts GH, that all the trolls don't come back so things could be resolved in a rather peaceful manner.

I'm also hoping that whatever lingering animosity that remains fades away quickly
No. 5836
File 128525346189.jpg - (547.36KB , 800x1286 , f1f7ef3ba3082dffffb6a849c7ac5e7071ee60e0.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Seriously though, you have way too much free time!

Any body can have time for anything if they work hard at managing it. Though I'm absolutely shit at Starcraft & SCII whenever I play against humans.

Besides I've been taking my Yuuka-slow-yet-savoring time with it ever since it stopped so yeah. Even gone as far as making two versions, one with a select few comments between the story updates because I found them funny (actually funny nothing vitriolic or sarcastic that would have burned some folks) and the other purely the story itself. Aside from that I've done some spell checking and grammatical errors; can't promise I'll catch everything though.

Taisa, for as much as anon actually ever gives back, either through showing their appreciation or votes, let this one be another way.

I'm considering doing the same for HLA-R1 and HLA-R2 but not sure if any one would like that; especially Patchworks

Perhaps the same could be said of all CYOA's, but enough stating the obvious, READ AND VOTE!

>>When you're finished, could you upload it?

I have every intention of doing so, just as I have posted music albums, it too will be seen on /words/ in an entirely new thread as Taisa's GH thread too monstrous for the polished jewels I'll be sharing.

Gonna have to agree on a few points made here and we should try to avoid repeating that mess. That Alchemist story on /coriander/ managed to stop the bs before it even seriously took off.

If such a miracle can happen there, it can happen in GH as well...

cliche' as it may sound, got to have faith in something like that rather than fully accepting it can't be done.
No. 5837
Taisa if you do the scifi story, what enemy will the Lunarians be fighting? Will it be a civil war, a war against their creations, like with nBSG, or will they fight against some alien empires and such?

Also will you be updating GH? That was a great story.
No. 5838
>what enemy will the Lunarians be fighting?
Without spoiling too much, I suppose I can say that the main enemy group in the beginning of the story will be a rebel faction of moon rabbits opposed to the rule of the Lunarians. As for other enemies our team of specialists will butt heads with... well, when/if I actually do this, you'll see.

>will you be updating GH?
...Some day, maybe. I really, really hate the concept of having dead stories. Also, one of my readers is apparently compiling the story so far into a more easy-to-read format, which would definitely help me out a lot if I ever do end up continuing it.
No. 5885
Still with us Taisa?
No. 5890
Of course. Just a little busy with university stuff and adjusting to new medication and whatnot. I've actually spent what free time I've had in the evenings brainstorming ideas and stuff for this with the help of a certain other writer, so I'm definitely still doing something behind the scenes, you just won't see it yet for a while.

I'm also ironing out kinks in my plans to finish THV.
No. 5891
>plans to finish THV
goddamn yes
No. 5892
File 12862867427.jpg - (285.22KB , 824x711 , dog.jpg ) [iqdb]
Meanwhile, more elaboration on the concept of 'Dog in Gensokyo', or DiG.

Basically, the idea came to me when randomly pondering story concepts that hadn't been done before. At one point, I realized that the common theme is that the protagonist is usually either a human or a youkai - in any case, humanoid. So, I threw that part out and thought of what I could replace it with.

Now, I'm more of a cat person, myself, but it occurred to me that dogs make for good subjects in stories. There have been books, TV series and movies and whatnot written where the main/signature character is a dog, and an awesome ass-kicking dog at that.

Then I wondered if this could be emulated in a CYOA. This would be rather... experimental, if I ever did try writing it. Rather unusual in many ways, such as the MC being unable to speak, choices being purely actions. Lack of opposable thumbs would limit said actions, as well. I mean, hell, you're a dog.

The story would likely start out with the dog being a stray, struggling to survive in Gensokyo's youkai-infested wilds where anything unable to defend itself with magic looks inherently delicious. At some point or another, however, the dog would get adopted by a touhou through plot magic. No specific candidates for owners in mind at the moment; who would you think would make for a suitable dog owner?

Anyway. Wacky hijinx ensue, master and dog bond, have adventures together and whatnot. A typical dog story, really, just set in Gensokyo. Of course, I'd need to get over my temptations to force a downer ending for the story, if I ever did try writing it.

I wonder if people would read something like this past the point where the novelty wears off. Of course, there'd be plenty of opportunity to be an awesome-as-hell dog; not all choices would be between [] eating poop, [] humping your master's guest's leg, [] urinating on furniture or [] licking your balls. Still, I'm well aware that 'unusual' is not always a good thing, and this would probably be a little tricky to write; not only because of a nonstandard MC, but plot-wise as well. It's not like most touhous would require a normal, non-youkai dog for self-defense or anything, so how do you put suspense in the story, keep it engaging?

Hm, my stream of thoughts is a little incoherent and disorganized today. Sorry about that.
Stay tuned for more rambling in the near(?) future.
No. 5893
>licking your balls
I will vote for this non-stop.
No. 5894
>who would you think would make for a suitable dog owner?
Alice, Marisa and Reimu, since they live in secluded houses and need a good compainion. Mokou, maybe, though there've been many stories about wanderers and their dogs. Keine would need a dog that's good with children. Moriya shrine, I can imagine Sanae and Suwako fawning over the dog while Kanako pretends to be totally uninterested while they're around (she secretly likes it). SDM would be interesting: Sakuya would have very little time since she's kept so busy, Remi strikes me as the type to want a yappy dog (not good around fairy maids), but you could have an awesome guard dog for Meiling or Patchouli. Satori looks like an obvious choice, but since it's implied she's a pet hoarder, and even if she can take good care of all of them, the dog might be in the shadow of a more prefered pet.

Oddest possibility: Cirno, but the dog would have to be a cold climate breed like a Newfie.

Definite no: Eientei. All those rabbits.
No. 5895
>Definite no: Eientei. All those rabbits.
I had a dog and rabbits. They got along just fine. If anything the rabbits would occasionally gang up on the dog and mess with him.

If you do write it I assume it wouldn't be from the perspective of the dog. Because concepts such as clothes, furniture and pretty much anything abstract would be completely foreign and not exactly easily describable using things a dog would know. So you could make it like someone who got reincarnated as a dog or something. That way you could have thoughtful action coupled with the more instinctual stuff. Just a thought.
No. 5907
[x] Continuation of "lol rape" by Scorn. Yes, that Sanae thing. Yes, I'm serious.

No. 5937
File 128697291681.jpg - (311.77KB , 1000x792 , 17e8c43e30707ae8f33cd58a283f3284.jpg ) [iqdb]
Weekly Status report?
No. 5938
File 128697930686.gif - (139.45KB , 800x727 , dbf7714474383a77214142c37aa31cfe.gif ) [iqdb]
If our dog MC starts shooting danmaku, then why not? I'll read it right away.

>Mokou and dog
See picture?
No. 5944
Tomorrow. Latin and Minecraft/Dwarf Fortress is hogging up all my time lately.
Short version: Gonna try to get out an update or two for THV this weekend. Emphasis on 'try'.

Eh, I was thinking more along the lines of 'badass normal'. Being able to shoot magic bullets and fly and shit would cheapen the effect. Or am I wrong?
No. 5948
Badass normal is fine too.
No. 5949
File 128712604494.jpg - (136.24KB , 650x650 , 12166154.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Mokou and dog

No. 5961
Taisa, on Spacebattles.com someone is attempting to do a Mass Effect/Touhou crossover? Do you think such a crossover could work, or would it be better as a fusion story instead?
No. 5964
File 128732609241.png - (248.49KB , 827x1169 , 80f37243c88b31ae67d22cf45503ed33.png ) [iqdb]
Depends on your definition of "crossover".

I personally favor the types where, for example, touhous are put in a setting resembling that of another franchise, e.g. Touhou with a Castlevania flavor to it (like the obligatory idea of Sakuya storming Remilia's mansion with a holy whip in her backstory), that sort of thing.

What I find a little silly is crossovers where characters and places from both universes co-exist, e.g. Reisen being on Commander Shepard's crew. Granted, I suppose even that could be awesome if done well. Loyalty mission based on helping Reisen deal with her past... Romanc-...

No, wait, I'm getting distracted here. I should be studying for exams.
No. 5966
There's many things you should be doing

like updating GH
No. 5968
I'll be honest, I'm actually scared of the idea of GH restarting. Retarded Shipping Wars plagued the second half of the threads, and seeing as how the story would be forced to restart with a controversial option from the get-go (showering with Patchy), I'm not sure if it'll take long before the wars restart.

Who knows though, maybe they won't restart. Anon seems to be more wary of these types of wars if the Alchemist story is to be judged, but if GH comes back, it'll need heavy moderation or strict rules such as "any votes connected with a flame post or vote spam will be invalidated" or something.
No. 5969
Is there a way to delete posts or something that have those flame shipping wars, or somehow punish members for starting or extending flame shipping wars? That might get people to stop, or not even think of attempting to do such things.
No. 5970
Only the mods can delete a post without the password. And honestly, the mods shouldn't need to police a thread like that.
No. 5971
Okay, I'm not too up to speed here, but wouldn't all of this be solved if GH was restarted on the condition of the readers not going completely batshit insane over shipping and mucking up the threads?
Votespam, you say? Well, that could be remedied by imposing a first-to-X rule, no?
Seems easy enough to me. Surely THP is capable of at least that much self-control.

Of course, then there's the issue of Taisa not wanting to write GH any more, but that's an entirely another thing.
No. 5972
How would that prevent votespam? "First to 5 wins", so he votespams 5 times. I'm not willing to trust Anon with anything anymore after reading this story.
No. 5973
>>Votespam, you say? Well, that could be remedied by imposing a first-to-X rule, no?

And setting an arbitrary limit on how many votes an option needs to win is supposed to dissuade people from spamming votes how, exactly?

If anything, I would think it would make it easier for them to try to votespam, since they would have an actual goal beyond "more votes than any other option".
No. 5974
Easier for a mod to check the first five than the first, say, twenty.
No. 5975
There's the matter of putting in more structure and an eventual route lock. Once it's put into place things will die down, or at least those who persist will be cast in a deserving villainous light.
The Absence of such in the story encouraged shitstorms just due to the seeming promise that they could always turn things around.
Though if it wasn't for the move, I'd think things would have been very different. I'd think in that case, Taisa'd be continuing GH happily without much fuss.
No. 5977
I remember there being two options on whether or not to include route lock. Anon turned it down both times because they wanted the freedom.

I say that Anon has also proven themselves untrustworthy and unworthy of such freedom.

Honestly, this hiatus was probably a good thing. Give Anon time to cool down, and let them mature a little (hopefully).
No. 5979
File 128743965549.jpg - (211.32KB , 591x874 , 0a7b3f7a78ce49491e3e21ecdc395b08.jpg ) [iqdb]
Even when he is not writing GH.
No. 5980
Restart GH.

Exclude all SDM characters from having any part in the story.
No. 5982
Hypothetically speaking, if we were to do that, we'd need to exclude the entire EoSD cast as well. Rumia was just as divisive as Flandre was.

Er... The Prismrivers don't get a lot of love, do they?
No. 5983
Please try to continue GH. If shitstorms come up again, then just kill it and refuse to start it up again.
No. 5985
Those weren't official votes last I recalled and if anything it was those opposed to it that spoke the loudest. It also didn't help that Taisa was biased against such thing. I don't remember such votes recently; chances are that'd have caused a shitstorm as well.

Unless it was very early in the story, which at that point it was done before the burst in popularity. Taisa's VN style writing may work when there's a settled target, not when there's conflict.

The best thing for GH is to route lock it ASAP as it'd end the shitstorming in the long run. Sure there'd be some shitstorming and people dropping it, but things would blow over.

That'd make things worse as one side would blame the other for the matter and it'd spill into whatever competition would arise, more so if a loli/slim build character was involved as we'd hear the cries of "PEDOS!". This goes on despite Taisa stating "The Scarlets are more teenagers". That's just one sign of how irrational certain people are, disregarding the word of god. Funny how Rumia lost her "Little sister only" misconception, but not Flandre. It's a bit much for the only way for Flan to be taken seriously as a romantic prospect is being kooky/nympo like Mode's in his /sdm/ story.

Not really, but I don't see such a thing working here. For one we'd have shitstorming over which sister to go after. It's a fact that any story that weighs romantic options so heavily, like GH and HLA, shitstorms will happen due to the polarizing choices. When the nature of the choice is "This girl or that girl", people are going to be up in arms.

Rumia is an infamous example as it was with her a very disastrous vote was made, which badly affected both sides. Rumia was basically knocked out of the running and Flandre's firm lead was badly damaged. The latter basically worsened the shitstorms by making certain people more desperate and making others bolder in their efforts. Despite the fact it was basically a moron or troll vote, bad blood was created

To be honest I think part of GH's problem is the lack of completed stories as I remembered before Flan was introduced, people thinking about pursuing Youmu or Keine, rather neglected characters at the time. The newcomers to the story, generally had other /sdm/ targets in mind than the little sister. That and the surprise of people liking the creepy man-eater, something Taisa never quite planned on.

GH is an ambitious if ill-planned idea.
No. 6003

Funny thing is, I don't really remember the first time having so many negative votes, honestly.
No. 6034
File 128818943452.jpg - (432.98KB , 800x800 , 07dd9bd3b0a8b64f9256ff1841e9a296.jpg ) [iqdb]
What's the Status, Taisa?
No. 6036
Use Patchy instead; though I don't know of a definitive artist like with Ito Life and Wriggle.
No. 6037
File 128826535654.jpg - (547.39KB , 786x984 , 789dcd0548659795d3aab7e271760d25.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 6041
[x] Continue GH

[x] >implying you still write

Comeon finish or at least start working again on them. You're making Norseman look like a everyday updater!
No. 6042

I doubt that, as pretty much even glasnost is a frequent updater compared to Norseman, at this point.
No. 6067
[x] >implying you still write

Come baaaack
No. 6069
File 128948317870.jpg - (182.07KB , 768x1024 , 951ef0947d63287f7dba715543f7da76.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh, look at that, it's almost the weekend...
No. 6106
I have something half-written. Not sure I'll have the time or energy to finish it before next weekend, though.
No. 6107

Waiting warmly.
No. 6109
File 128978024647.jpg - (181.85KB , 600x553 , 4b0f43f838182425ab583b0276dff467.jpg ) [iqdb]
>I have something half-written.
Praise be the Lord!
No. 6111
File 128979092538.jpg - (274.77KB , 530x648 , suika.jpg ) [iqdb]

No. 6146

Aww its Monday now and no update? I know it wasnt a for sure but i was so hoping for a GH update. Terrible timing to stop by the way. Teasing up with a Bath Time with Patchy update and not following through.
No. 6147
Probably not happening anytime soon. He needs to reread the story first, just so he can remember what happened and what's going on.
No. 6148

Yeah I remember him saying that but that was back on 08/03/10. That's getting close to 4 months now. Comeon Taisa, the last thread is in autosage way back on page 8. Ain't the board gonna erase it soon?
No. 6149
File 129053517838.jpg - (35.14KB , 480x480 , 929a9ec34a7f182496f8aa2b4a72b9b4.jpg ) [iqdb]
You can always save it.
No. 6155
You guys do know that he's not going to be updating GH, right.
No. 6157
Look at >>5827.

He still needs to reread the story.
No. 6158

I may just do that, actually I may even clean it up like that one Anon said he would but seems to never did. Wouldn't mind a cleaned up copy myself and I do have Thanksgiving off... Of course I'm a lazy bastard so don't get your hopes up.
No. 6164
Please do.
No. 6174
No. 6177

I would like to say, for the record, that I believe it was our fault, not Taisa's. Whether or not he held a share of the blame is debatable, but our faggotry is not.
No. 6178
I have to agree. It is not the fault of the writer if the people are behaving like faggots. We choose what to do and he writes it, it is that simple.

And in his case you can't say that he is a bad writer and fucked up.
No. 6179
When did the shitstorms start up? Were they always boiling under the surface?
No. 6180
I don't know, I usually just ignore the comments between updates.
No. 6181
From what I saw things were pretty peaceful (Only thing stopping it from being perfect would be those HEAVILY in favor of Mystia/Music lessons, but that was but a minor bump) The real moment would be after the new site started and Taisa's story was one of the few that kept going at a nice rate. This naturally attracted people, many of which had differing agendas, and seeing things headed in a Flandre direction, shit hit the fan. "Why a kid like Flandre as opposed to Sakuya/Patchy?" Toss in one creepy yandere Rumia and folks wanting her popped up.

That's a troublesome occurrence when folks who normally read one story invade another due to the former going on hiatus/etc. First it was Alice fans in DoLF, then this. Ultimately, this is a result of all the various stories going on hiatus: fans left desperately wanting of a certain route and jumping into ANY story that has the slightest sign of said route.

I wouldn't say Taisa is a bad writer, just a naive one at the time, with his "no routelock" policy. This only worsened the shitstorming as a route lock is a final decision on who won so any more shitstorming is useless. There's also how the vote for having those two become friends' result that also worsened things by basically evening the field, reducing Flan's lead considerably.

The worst part is that when Taisa tried to dispel the whole "Going after Flandre is pedo" matter, people of that mindset ignored him, the word of god as far as GH goes.

I think some folks would have thought twice about that Patchy sex scene if they knew how it'd encourage those that had an interest in Patchy.

And the intensity? I think I can explain that. For those that wanted Flandre, it's the fact that many gave up on other favorites (Keine, Youmu) to pursue this route; they fight desperately to succeed lest their sacrifice is in vain. And the others? a mix of zeal in that their choice was better mixed with the desperation borne of someone seeing a story with ____ route die so often.

To be short, it was Taisa's naivete, the whole structure of the story, and classic THP faggotry combined that resulted in this mess. One can only hope that WHEN AND IF he resumes it that people have decided on a path.
No. 6182
File 129204201467.jpg - (93.19KB , 1024x554 , 0d705988dd73f29a73a2d2d4624705fbd96a8977.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm going to regret making this post, but...

Hypothetically speaking, if GH were to have a routelock, whose route would you want to go for out of these three? Patchy, Rumia or Flandre. And why?

Just curious.
No. 6183
Flandre. Why?
-First girl and the one that held anon's attention the longest, like before the move
-I like the dyanamics; Flan's a very smart young woman, but naive to the ways of the world. Jin hasn't seen everything there is. It's a sort of cute learning experience dynamic as they're close to the same mental age, with Jin only being a bit more experienced in life than her.
-Also the fact that Jin is slowly bringing Flan out of her shell, and the end result is rather likable.

I'm one of few that had their mindset on someone else but seeing how likable (in a romantic sense) your flan is, I set my sights on her.
No. 6184

Sensible. Interesting. Better developed character.

Better represents the bridge between mundane and fantastic, which is the mc's voyage at the moment.

Also she's the girl on the cover.
No. 6185
Meant Patchy, but somehow I didn't even write that. my bad.
No. 6186


As much as I wanted a Sakuya route, Flandre was the original target. I have no problem with interacting with other characters; I went along with being nice to Rumia and befriending Patchouli, but Flandre is the main interest.
No. 6188


Aside from being charming, Patchouli is generally the most interesting of the three from my perspective. Her calm, detached demeanor contrasts nicely with the more emotive, persistent attitude that Jin has; this makes their interactions interesting, especially as they rub off on one another, and makes even her smallest displays of emotion feel more meaningful. The two also have a willingness to understand one another. Jin always goes to her for advice, and makes an effort to understand her, and she in turn goes to lengths to understand him when he puzzles her.

They also have common interests in intellectual pursuits, with Patchouli representing the more scientific end of the spectrum, and Jin the more artistic. Their interests are different enough that they could both develop by learning from one another, but similar enough that they would both have interest. That gives them time to connect and enjoy the company of each other.

Any relationship that develops between them is liable to be a more mature, relaxed companionship, and I find that appealing. It would be something rich, and pleasant to read about.

Though the relationship would be different, Rumia would be a close second by virtue of her value system clashing wildly with the one Jin has. They represent polar opposite beliefs about the way humans and youkai should exist, but at the same time they are slowly coming to care for one another, and change their opinions. There could be a lot of character development for both of them in a relationship.

Flandre is the least interesting of the three to me. She can be cute, but between her initial naivete, and the reveal of her very deep, very real mental instability, I find any attraction lost. The poor girl deserves help, and we should strive to give that to her, but she has too many issues at current to make pursuing her feel anything other than uncomfortable. Her instability puts a damper on the prospects of long term romance too.

I'm also fine if you just say "fuck it," and lock us into the Fairy Maid Fleur route.
No. 6189
File 129206400660.jpg - (926.04KB , 1000x1333 , 4881f8a4f30a4dcfb5253daf20c8e3c5.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'd have to go with Rumia.

As much as I like Flandre and look forward to when her veneer of sweet naivete cracks and falls away to reveal the bubbling cauldron of pure crazy beneath, Rumia just strikes me as being a lot more fun.

She's devious, but not without some sense of honor, and there is something strangely endearing about how up-front she is about her identity of a man-eating monster. She doesn't give a damn about hiding what she is or holding back on Jin's account, and while he's no match for her physically, in his own way he's still able to engage her as something of an equal.

To me, Flandre is like a puppy, eager for affection and willing to love you unconditionally if you give it to her.
Patchy, on the other hand, is more like a cat. She might care about you, and may even show signs pointing to that from time to time, but despite that it's just as likely that she doesn't give a damn about your existence and would regard your passing with little more than a yawn.

Rumia, though? She's like a tiger. A tiger who, every day after school, hides herself somewhere in your house, waits for you to come home, and pounces your ass the second you step in range. You will fight, you will struggle, and in the end you will both dust yourself off and laugh over a plate of tuna sandwiches.
No. 6190

Batting the beehive, are we? In any case, I'm going to abstain, as I'm not sure whether or not routelocking would really solve much.

But if I wasn't abstaining, Patchouli. Really, though, I don't mind one way or another.
No. 6191
File 129207856960.jpg - (223.19KB , 700x846 , 0f6859a6d659694fee33bef73e3375a2.jpg ) [iqdb]
[のワの] Reisen
No. 6192

Flandre. She has had the most development so far. She was the main focus for the first half of the story, and Jin is probably the only chance she would ever have at romance. He seems to be similar in a way, we still have no idea what those dreams were, and Remilia said she would be fine as long as Remilia liked the one Flandre loved. I like how she has bitten Jin twice now and I'd really like to see what is going to happen with that further down the line.

She's trying as hard as she can to get Jin to notice her feelings and it just isn't right to ignore her.


You will never see Reisen happy. ;_;
No. 6194


Flandre, of course. She's the first 'target'. I feel like there is a better connection between Jin and Flandre than Jin and the others. Remember the dreams Jin's had until now? 3 for Flandre, 2 for Patchouli, 1 for Rumia. Actually, 4 for Flandre, if you count that nightmare he had at school.

Flandre also needs Jin. She has so much hope in him, and he is someone who actually cares about her without being a part of the SDM. Someone who cares more about how she feels than if she is going to destroy everything around her. Jin is much more than just a friend to her; and Jin too, has shown signs of her being more to him.

She is lovely, cute, and needs the attention. It's been at least 495 years. She needs to know what's love.

Regarding the matter of her instability, it just adds to her charm. It's the real test of love. Is love strong enough to keep them together despite her 'illness'? Of course it should be, it's love. Together forever, in health and in sickness.

Plus, with Flandre, we have the whole SDM together, specially Remilia.

We've given her much, and we can, and must give more. Stopping now is way too cruel, not only to her, but to Remilia as well.

Rumia, honestly, is the little sister type. Annoying, stubborn, and orphan. What she needs the most, is not a partner, but a brother/father. Also, she's more fun as a friend/sibling than as a lover; her character is just like that.

Patchouli is cold, compared to the others, extremely professional, and has less to offer than the others. Jin's relationship with her has been greatly based on the aprenttice and master relationsihp, with only 2 moments of real intimacy that I can remember of. One, is the mana transfer, which for Patchouli wasn't the same thing for Jin; while for him was something new/hot/pleasurable/etc, for her was a formal procedure. The second one is the lunch she did for him, though I'm still not too sure about that. She just doesn't give that feeling of romance, for a lack of better terms. She feels more like one of those people youi can always depend on and have a nice, smooth friendship, but that will never go past that.
No. 6197
File 129209341026.jpg - (195.60KB , 822x1200 , 8462de0bb85dd4ad171dffb5d4a72a0e.jpg ) [iqdb]
She behaves like a real bro/little sister. And her way of trying to be a true youkai while trying to come closer to hime is really awesome. Can't put it better than this.

I think that she has the most potential for character growth and that there are many facets of her character that could be shown and explored. We only touched the surface of her will to be a true youkai because of her mother, more club activities and overall quality time with her.
No. 6201

I'm terrible at explaining it, and I think others have done it better.

I would rather we all pick one route and not make destructive choices, though.
No. 6202

I'd rather we all not get into forum spanning arguments. Or at least shut up the few retards that continue it because someone, in their opinion, is wrong on the internet.

Also, for route-lock, Flandre.
No. 6203
I'll go with Flandre, or Rumia, if just because Patchy had been the focus in more than one story already.
No. 6205
Well I'd shove Rumia to a 3rd or 4th play through if this was a game, so forget about her. Now the choice is between Patchy or Flandre then. This one's pretty frustrating because I can't really come to a conclusion of which one I'd go for. I believe I'm just gonna go with my gut and say Patchy. Like both characters but I'm just attracted more to Patchy this time. Flandre is probably a 3rd play through with Remilia being 2nd (1st if I had my way with it). Shame this isn't a VN that I can just go back and forth with.
No. 6209
Maybe you could try splitting the story. Take where the story's currently at, or maybe a little bit back if you can't find a workaround to the current situation, and make three alternate universe stories, "Gensokyo High (Flandre)", "Gensokyo High (Patchouli), and "Gensokyo High (Rumia)".

The only problems I can think of is that doing that seems like it would be both time-consuming and highly taxing on you, and there'd be the inevitable shitstorm on which one should be focused on first, since that'd be the one most likely to get finished.

If I had to choose a route, I'd pick Flandre, because 1/2 to 2/3 of the story (the shitstorms started about halfway through the threads, but from that point on, threads had about half the updates they used to) was spent on her, and I'm not that willing to let all that effort go to waste. Besides, any other route would end in death once Flandre sees us with another girl.

...Hypothetically speaking, of course.
No. 6210
File 129222148572.png - (1.20MB , 1050x792 , whatcouldpossiblygowrong.png ) [iqdb]
It's worth noting that the three feel differently about Jin. Patchouli could probably handle rejection the best. She's the most mature of the three and would be able to accept Jin as her apprentice and friend who occasionally does unnecessary things.

Rumia, I think, doesn't really know how she feels. In the space of a week or two she's gone from thinking about Jin as a meal, to a troublesome meal, to an older brother/friend/worthy opponent/maybe something more. It's probably not so bad if she winds up being the little sister; that by itself would be a large development in her dealings with humans.

I remember Flandre's attachment to Jin going much deeper, at least to the point where she wants to sleep next to him on a semi-routine basis. She can open up to him in a way that she can't with others, because everyone else is afraid of her power. As an outsider, Jin accepted her because he didn't know what she can do; after he found out he still accepted her. Hell, she bit him and drank his blood, and he was able to deal with that. I can't wait until Jin tells her about how his own power works:

"So it's mostly moving things around with my mind. The other thing is, I can concentrate on an object, or set of objects, and sort of call it into my hand except it's actually still where it used to be, and crush the image to break the real one. It only works on paper cranes and magic constructs so far, though."
"That's how I do it too, except I can focus on the weak points. I just find the eye and give it a poke, and that's it."
"And it works on anything?"
"I guess. It's never not worked."

It would also be nice to crack open her vault of repressed memories. Jin has also made certain commitments to Remilia about keeping Flandre happy, and even Sakuya is okay with the idea of a relationship between them (with caveats). I say give it a chance.
No. 6211
The story is already locked in the SDM paths, so Rumia is automatically out. It would be a waste to lock into her and undo things with the SDM. It would also be conflicting; Rumia seems to belong to either the 9-squad or the Yakumo family, maybe even both.

The question then, is Flandre or Patchouli. I'd say Flandre is the optimal choice; many reasons have been stated by previous anons. Also, Flandre seems to be the one with more excitment, plot-wise. Her instability can generate some good drama and quality time of tender loving. The contrast of her natural personality with her instability (which we yet have to see happen) and her emotional/mental growth is something we all can look forward to.
No. 6212

That is a terrible idea, and you should feel terrible. That would probably be a damn nightmare for taisa to manage and keep track of.

Not to mention the idea itself is terrible. I feel I needed to reiterate this.
No. 6214
File 129229159472.jpg - (763.46KB , 600x2868 , 40ff0477c830a9f5f901a225e0760c5a.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Sakuya
[x] Patchy

Because I'm not into little MOE naive girls, and because I'd like to see Jin eventually coax more emotion out of Patchy. And learning magic is awesome.
No. 6220
Flandre. Underneath the naïve personality is a very intelligent girl, but few people ever see it because they stay away after she shows some instability. Even her own sister keeps her distance (really, Remi? You couldn't explain to her what a vampire is?). Jin is the only one who's making any progress to get her out of her shell, and if he gave up now, she would only retreat back into it and be even harder to get out.

Also, she was willing to risk insanity to protect Jin, after knowing him for less than a day. How many people do you know that would do that?

Patchy always struck me as a teacher. She wants Jin to grow, but she's not interested in him romantically. Rumia has parental abandonment issues, but she's not as bad off as Flandre. She already has friends and warmed up to living with a human family. As long as we don't kick her out of the house and ignore her forever, she'll be better off than she was originally. The only problem is the tension between her and Flandre, and finding some way for them to at least tolerate the other's presence.
No. 6223
>Rumia has parental abandonment issues, but she's not as bad off as Flandre.
You're choosing to hook up with Flan out of pity? Rumia isn't broken enough for you to date?
No. 6226
Well said. I'm also for Rumia.

But I'd rather see space-bunnies story than a GH continuation.
No. 6228
A little late here, in throwing my opinions out. I don't give a single fuck about the routes and romance. What really attracted me to the story was the slice of life, the little details, and the interesting characterizations.
Every thing else was secondary, including romance. Besides, everyone knows Jin is a player.
No. 6229

I'll be the good Samaritan and tell you to get out before the other, more retarded Anon's come and start a shitstorm in here. Because to them, this is Serious Business that will determine Life and Death.
No. 6230

I saw nothing wrong with his post that could really indicate the beginning of an argument. He didn't say 'YOUR WAIFU IS SHIT', he said 'I really don't care about romance one way or another'. Your comment, however, seemed to indicate nothing but the desire to spark trolling, so I suppose you get a 1/10 for making me respond. In any case, if that's all you have to say, please don't post at all.
No. 6231
Settle down, bro. He was only trying to be helpful by telling me to keep my differing opinions to myself, when surrounded by people of baser persuasions. Lets all endeavor to take it easy here, lord knows this story doesn't need another shitstorm about stupid shit.
No. 6233
This, although I'm a little more interested in Jin's role in the grand scheme of things than the slice of life stuff. Frankly, the bullshit surrounding which 'route' to take is obscuring a very fun and interesting story. Who Jin is with should compliment the story, not be the story. While CYOAs are inspired by visual novels, that doesn't mean the relationships should be the defining aspect of the plot.

That said, it's obvious a lot of people are toovery interested in this, so it's probably best to square this issue away and get on with it.
No. 6237
Rumor has it Taisa came up with the idea after watching Clannad. And the choice structure very VNish in the worst way. The problem with this is that VNs are made for replays by one person. CYOAs aren't so much and by many people. Sure there's some 2nd runs, but people generally want to avoid stuff similar to the first run. This drives the contention even higher than the highly polarized choices.

In short the matter of romance playing such a big role was very intentional and hopefully we'll be able to move on to the real meat of the story as the GH we know is basically part 1.
No. 6240
File 129299314820.jpg - (278.90KB , 1000x625 , 43b0d392678386b73d78c801fd7944a6.jpg ) [iqdb]
To be honest, I actually don't care about GH, as Taisa still owes us his Touhouvania updates. But it might just be me wanting to see Richter/Dracula banter in our final encounter with Remilia.
No. 6241

Fuck, I forgot about about that. THIS MUST BE CONTINUED!
No. 6252
File 129321621460.jpg - (118.04KB , 609x759 , a9ea59c974953aef2a1849e70348c394.jpg ) [iqdb]
A happy one for you Taisa. I hope you are feeling better already.
No. 6323
There's so many things Taisa should write... Yet he's still IRCing instead of writing.
I don't know shit about touhouvania, but I don't think I'll read it if it's "stalled".
No. 6331
Should? Fuck you.
No. 6332
Can't force him to write.
The only thing you can do is let him know that there are people who care and wish to read what he writes.
Maybe this will give him enough motivation to come back.

Even if he does not come back at all, i sure as hell did like what he wrote.
No. 6333
File 12953189615.jpg - (96.71KB , 850x600 , sample-4cff169b70bf7005ca8ca3ec75a5c290.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hey, chill. The man has a point.


See, now I'm afraid. If I say something like "I'm trying" or "stay tuned" or whatever, there's a chance it'd end in disappointment yet again. Not that I'd do such a thing on purpose, of course, but... Gah.

Well. I did make myself one of those new year's resolution things. That I'd get back to writing before January is over. But, you know me and deadlines...
Then again, this time it's aimed at myself. Letting myself down would really be hitting rock bottom. Maybe I can finally pull my sorry ass together and squeeze out some paragraphs to save myself from this disgrace. Maybe not. We'll see.

No promises, but I'll try. No, better... I want to. As much as I spaz out whenever someone brings up GH, as much as I habitually spit on my own name for letting down my readers (what's left of you, you crazy bastards; one would think you'd have moved on by now)...

I still want to write for you, Anonymous. Even if I suck at letting it show, I really do want to.

No. 6334
It doesn't matter how long it takes for you to actually put something out; I'll always wait warmly for it. I'm sure tons of other anons agree.
No. 6335
Man, I really wish there was something I could do for you. I didn't even follow GH but I can't help but sympathize.
No. 6336
File 129539409637.png - (1.45MB , 1000x1325 , 15585461.png ) [iqdb]
I'm not sure if wanting to write for someone is a good motivation. Do you actually enjoy writing? If you don't, you shouldn't write.

Anyways... it's the year of the moonrabbit.
No. 6337
File 129539868926.jpg - (239.27KB , 850x1202 , sample-f31832024306cb103319146d31e72d77.jpg ) [iqdb]
Argh. Something just occurred to me. Sorry, sorry, I'm not trying to fish for sympathy with these posts or anything. Maybe I'm coming off as an attention whore for making these monthly "Still alive! But not writing." posts... Maybe I should just stay quiet until I finally do start writing again, instead of treating the site like my personal blog like this...

...Or maybe I'm just being paranoid about everything because my meds ran out (again). Argh.

Sorry, in either case.
No. 6338
Nah, don't apologize. I'm saying it as a fellow writer and general reader of the site. I really do mean it when I say that I wish there was something I could do for you. I think I can empathize a bit with your situation.
No. 6339
many of us wish we could do something for you, honestly.
No. 6343
>pull my sorry ass together
>squeeze out some paragraphs
Seriously, i am the first person who would want you to come back and write. But it should be something you enjoy and want, not force yourself to do. This is not how i want it.

I can only agree with those people. Some may blame you but most of us are understanding and just wait and hope you overcome your problems and just wish you the best.
So just take it easy and do your best Taisa.