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Well, some other writers are doing it... anyway, first let's give you all some updates on my progress in what I'm working on.

For Restorer in Gensokyo 2, it's coming smoothly and I hope to have it done... soon. I'm just kind of working on the grimoire stuff, and on the "new content" I added. This being something that will slightly game it - don't worry, you won't be seeing stat checks or anything silly like that.

Rather we're going to remember Reina has a store, and she needs money. I hope to make this new mechanic nice and fun, plus rather automated - so Reina can spend her time doing other things instead of working all day!

As for Exile of Heaven, I've barely touched it. I'm having a great amount of difficulty thinking on how I want to handle it, and I have not a clue when it'll be done at all.

I've been having some ideas floating around as well...

Restoring Gensokyo
This idea is spawned way back when I was playing Arkham Horror with some friends, and the idea of Reina wearing some old-styled mobster outfit was very appealing. So it would be an Arkham Horror inspired short, with Reimu and Yuuka (at least) starring along with Reina. Debating if Marisa will be an investigator as well, or maybe Yukari, or someone else entirely.

Touhou Chronicles
Not an actual name I've given it, as it's merely just a random idea that's been in my head since I've been playing Valkyria Chronicles 2. Essentially just a Touhou/VC thing, only not really crossover per se... just borrowing concepts and the like, and putting it in Touhouverse.

Not sure if I'd ever seriously consider it though.

I'll update this, in a sense, as I get more ideas or you ask for more info or something.

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> Restoring Gensokyo
> This idea is spawned way back when I was playing Arkham Horror with some friends, and the idea of Reina wearing some old-styled mobster outfit was very appealing. So it would be an Arkham Horror inspired short, with Reimu and Yuuka (at least) starring along with Reina. Debating if Marisa will be an investigator as well, or maybe Yukari, or someone else entirely.

Do it. I've seen something on the internet talking about Flandre being one of the big bad nasties that you're trying to prevent from being unleashed. However, when the Doom Track reaches the end, the blurb for her reads "Now, even her own insanity can't keep her powers in check" which they imply is that she is now completely sane and has complete control of her powers. A.k.a. world goes boom. The goal is you trying to keep her insane or something. I can't remember where I found it though.
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Restorer in Gensokyo 2
Looking forward to read it.

Restoring Gensokyo
>old-styled mobster outfit
I can't help imagining Gensokyo in the Probation era when I saw this. Marisa in fedora as a smooth criminal. Fund it.

Touhou Chronicles
I don't have any experience with Valkyria Chronicles 2, so I can't comment on this.
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I found the set of replacement investigators and ancient ones. Pic related.

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Restorer in Gensokyo 2
Can't wait till it is done. I loved RiG1 and I bet RiG2 with be twice as good. The only thing I want to add is that we need a recurring (and annoying) mid-boss before the thing-that-saw-us appears. Maybe the thing is the recurring mid-boss before it takes another form.

Restoring Gensokyo
>old-styled mobster outfit >Reina
Thumbs up, Kriss, I would love this.
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>Restoring Gensokyo

Do this thing.
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I haven't given an update in a while, but I'll let you know work has progressed somewhat smoothly on RiG2. I hope to have it ready to begin soon...

Nothing really done on Exile of Heaven, other than thinking how I'll go about writing it. I'm planning to write Restoring Gensokyo sometime soon.

I'm also debating on writing some /at/ shorts.
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>/at/ shorts
You know all of us in this place want to read them. Reina/Yuuka/Reimu/Yukari foursome. Do it.
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Go ahead and do it, many people are better at H than they think... and a few are worse than they think. the odds are in your favor.
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Not quite sure about that. H requires good english, and experience. I think it's harder (no pun) to write H than to write non-H story.
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Debatable. Most H requires no plot and barely any characterization. Additionally the majority of people reading one-shot H-scenes are probably focused on things besides originality and quality. Granted, badly-written H isn’t much fun for anybody, but in general the standards are lower for H-stories versus non-H stories.

I’m of the opinion that since many H-scenes tend to be very “samey”, if you’re going to write one try to do something different with it. Anon likes different; they just don’t know it.
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Well what is "different" for anon anyway? Even if I did write some kind of H short, I would do my best to give it some kind of plot.

Otherwise it just feels kinda meh or something.
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I’m just of the opinion that a great many H-scenes on the site follow the same formula; one which, though effective, gets boring after a while. For example:

A) I am a generic protagonist who is an acquaintance of this lovely Touhou right here! It does not matter which one she is because this scene will be the same regardless!
B) The Touhou and I are making idle chit-chat, or perhaps doing unimportant things together!
C) Events have suddenly conspired to make us both aware of our sexuality! How unexpected!
D) Some of our clothes are coming off! Maybe our sexual organs are being described with a whimsical array of synonyms and euphemisms!
E) Now I am getting a blowjob, because that it what always happens before coitus! Always!
F) Orgasm occurs, but there is no such thing as a “refractory period” in H-scenes, and the readers demand more hotness!
G) Any synonyms not yet used in the short will be used here, to illustrate how much better vaginal is than oral. Prepare to hear the inevitable phrase “I’m… I-I’m going to…!” followed by a variation of “I’m, I’m ready… I want it~”
H) Another orgasmsplosion, like we’ve already seen before. I am certain it was good for her too.
I) Coy final remark about how there will be more sex for the protagonist in the foreseeable future.

It works, but it’s been done before. There’s always ways to make things different:
Working in a plot is a good idea; avoiding “meh” is exactly what I’m talking about.
Throw in an unexpected twist; make Anon realize that something is different about this one.
Work in the individual abilities and quirks of the Touhou or Touhous in question; make Anon love her for her, not just for her vagina.
Don’t be afraid to push the envelope and think outside the box; it’s H, so it’s already questionable to begin with.

Just some thoughts.
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But the remarkable H on THP has some plot and characterization. MtG and Winemaker (both in /at/) have both elements as well.
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If I was to write some /at/ shorts, I'm considering them to be based upon RiG. Probably call them like... "Sidejobs". Since they aren't canon.

It's been suggested quite a few times that some people would like to see the foursome Cereal mentioned earlier, some want to see a Reina x Yuuka, and there's been some for Reimu x Alice.
No. 5934
I’ll give you that; I’m not saying that all H on this site is shallow and template-based. I’m just saying that more often than I’d like to see, writers won’t try as hard as they could to give us a truly good scene, instead of the same old shtlick.

Forgive me for wanting more out of my smut than the average Anon~
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File 128725481098.jpg - (467.94KB , 1024x780 , hard as iron sharp as steel.jpg ) [iqdb]
One of these:
[X] Airman in Gensokyo
[X] Planes and Mercs in Gensokyo.

Pretty please?
No. 5956
Well, you'd have to tell me a bit more of what you have in mind ideally.
No. 5958
Okay, that's fair.
Airman in Gensokyo: you're a kappa (or tengu?) that repairs the tech in and around Youkai Mountain. A little throwaway, really, but I like the implications of the idea. Society up on the Mountain isn't well elaborated on.

Planes and Mercs in Gensokyo: Planes and Mercs (http://s1.zetaboards.com/PlanesAndMercs/) is a tabletop game about planes, and the mercenaries who fly them on morally-ambiguous missions. Gensokyo, in turn, is a land filled with dangers and conflict just outside of the few safe zones. Outside of the major incidents, there’s plenty of smaller things that people like Reimu just don’t bother to handle – things that’d be suited for a group of relatively powerful humans or lesser youkai. Think jobs like ousting a youkai warlord for the humans, smuggling books out of the SDM for the kappa, or flying security for guests during Eientei’s moon festival.
No. 5986
Hmmmm, I'll keep it in mind.

On another note, I will plan to start RiG2 by somewhere around the 22nd... which is my birthday, by the way. While it isn't 100% done, I feel I have enough done to start writing it before it's really an issue.

And I miss writing.
No. 6145
I lied, as I'm sure you all noticed. I think it'll be still some time until RiG2 is ready I think. I'm mostly working on some little things, and wanting to get some artwork for it to kind of commerate it or... something.

In the meantime, I'm planning to start Restoring Gensokyo. I'm just not sure which Ancient One to use still...

I'm planning for it to use Arkham as the setting, just with some (as in anyone of any importance) of the characters being Touhous. I'm considering if I can work in AH's little sliders and stuff or if I should leave them out.

Yes, yes not all of you like numbers and all that, but I find them to make my life a bit easier and such. I'm still undecided however.
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posting on my phone, not that i expect anyone to read this. anyway would you like to see restorinv gensokyo or a new strip poker thing?
No. 6168

RIG2, although if you think the strip poker will be more fun to write go ahead.
No. 6169
God my phone sucks at typing.
RiG2 is still a ways off because, well, work is my main source of thinking time. And I never get time to write at work anymore, thus I haven't had time to really get to work on that still.

I was more saying if you'd prefer to see Restoring Gensokyo (the AH inspired thing) or a new strip poker thing.
No. 6172
Personally, I'd like to see Restoring Gensokyo, but also the new strip poker thing if you have the time for it.