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What is this site's stance on Crossover CYOA and what not? I would like to know before I end up getting people angry for all the wrong reasons.

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Actual crossovers? Bad. Homage-heavy not-quite crossovers? It all depends on how it's written, the series involved, and how much you're actually drawing from the referenced material.

Actually, the "take a series, replace everyone in it with touhou characters" is accepted, though a tad overused now.
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Hrmm... No good then...
And It wouldn't be the same if I replaced everyone with Touhou characters... that's just lazy. And lame indeed.
No. 5714
Fallout Gensokyo or Superstitious and Cowardly Lot are good examples of maximum crossover density that will not get you laughed at/hated/ignored.
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Well, guess my idea won't work. Oh well, thanks for telling me. Good to ask before I get myself hated by this entire site.
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