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I thought I could do the same since I was inspired by Grilled Unagi's idea thread, but that doesn't mean I'll ditch Little Soldier Lost entirely, so yeah. If anyone has ideas to contribute, I'd like to hear them.

Little Soldier Lost R2
Another run of LSL but with different MCs and different route to take. I can't tell which girl we're going after (I suspect Anon already has some ideas on who the lucky Touhou is) but we'll focus on MC from another armed force and this is what I have in mind:
+ 7th Armoured Division, British campaign in North Africa.
+ 2nd Ranger Battalion, Pointe Du Hoc.
+ Winter War 1939-1940; we're going to take the role of either Finnish or Soviet soldier in this one.
+ 1st Cavalry Division, United States Army, Vietnam War.

Stardust Halley
Our MC is going to assume the role of Marisa's long-lost twin sibling/child and has to prove his/her worthiness as a magician. Mostly Marisa route, but will also focus on characters like Alice, Patchouli, Rinnosuke, Mima and Reimu.

FMP! ~ Fairy Metal Panic!
In the spirit of A Fairy's Tale, I decide to write a spin-off of LSL by focusing on our tank youkai girl Anne and her adventure as SDM's combat-capable maid. Characters from LSL side story will make their appearance here. Caution: the writefag is not responsible for damages done throughout the fairy maids' drill training, and Shinano and Flandre's misadventures.

Apart from the mentioned titles, I also have ideas to write a story about Yuuka and Letty, especially their relationship(Anon may know about the Yuuka/Letty bid in my LSL side story). I can't reveal its details yet, but the general idea is the mutual understanding between two avatars of summer and winter and the hardship they have to endure.

There's no guarantee when any of these will start, or if I have the mood to write these in the first place, but I should lay all these out before I forget.

No. 5702
+ 7th Armoured Division, British campaign in North Africa.
Sounds good. War without hate.
No. 5703
>role of Marisa's child
>Marisa route
I'm down for this one.
No. 5704

...I think I just threw up in my mouth a bit.
No. 5705
I think he meant to say Marisa centered; I doubt incest was on his mind.
No. 5706
I got a massive boner thinking of MILF Marisa shagging her daughter.
No. 5707
>Little Soldier Lost R2
It'd have to be in a different board... why not /shrine/ or /border/ those could use some life.

>Stardust Halley
Should be interesting; more so if the MC ends up flirting with Marisa's friends.

>FMP! ~ Fairy Metal Panic!
Don't forget about Cameos from Yuri and Kaguya, maybe with Yuri in a massive bunnysuit ala Bonta-kun
No. 5708
Stardust Halley

Fund it. We'll make Reimu a step sister for Marisa. Or we can make Marisa our wife. Something.
No. 5709
>SDM's combat-capable maid
Am i the only one who thinks about Rotos?
No. 5710

...oh well, the "throwing up in my mouth" bit was only if the MC was male.

Nothing wrong with this other, infinitely more superior option you're talking about.
No. 5717
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I'm still in holiday mood, so no update from me today and/or tomorrow. Sorry.

Marisa route, yes, but that doesn't mean I'm ditching her friends. There will be no incest route, unless Anon wants the MC to be a female.

>MILF Marisa shagging her daughter
Whoa there, hold your horses. Though this idea is too awesome not to pass up.

Even better if MILF Marisa teaches her daughter how to steal precious things.

>It'd have to be in a different board... why not /shrine/ or /border/
I could try contributing to /shrine/ or /border/ after I'm done with /eientei/. Maybe I'll write a Komachi route.

>more so if the MC ends up flirting with Marisa's friends.
more so if the MC is a girl. awesomeface.jpg

You got me confused there, Anon. But I like it.

>Yuri in a massive bunnysuit ala Bonta-kun
So Yuri is to Sagara as Kaguya is to Chidori? I'm fine with this.
No. 5719
About Stardust Halley... I was planning-- once I finish my current story-- to write a sequel. And one of the supporting characters I had planned out was going to be Marisa's child. You could probably do it better than I could, and I'd love to read your take on it, so go ahead if you wish.
No. 5720
>Even better if MILF Marisa teaches her daughter how to steal precious things.

You've completely sold me on this idea.
No. 5721

I agree. This must be written.
No. 5722
File 128438380439.jpg - (192.28KB , 490x560 , 1d118620d7c2007a8537a9e873630516.jpg ) [iqdb]
So Anon has agreed upon Stardust Halley as my next project? I'm fine with it, so that means I should start writing its prologue. Still, a question that begs to be answered: twin sister or daughter?

I can't find any MILF-ish Marisa picture on the Net, so this is the least I can do to please everyone.
No. 5726


Fuck yes, this is making my fucking day.

Since we're already going with incestual debauchery, we might as well enjoy it to the very fullest, no point pussying out now!
No. 5727
[x]Twin Sister, all the better to date Rinnosuke with

Personally I'd have rather seen the FMP idea, but you know yurifags.... And I don't mean men gay for Yuri from LSL.
No. 5729
Just because Marisa's Daughter is getting shagged by Marisa, doesn't mean that she can't also shag Rinnosuke.

Oh the hilarity, assuming Marisa is already involved with Rinnosuke, this would be one hell of a family.
No. 5730
How do you think she got a daughter?

"Moma and Papa make me fell real good inside, da-ze!"
No. 5738
>How do you think she got a daughter?
I dunno, asexual reproduction?
No. 5739
Daughter, for reasons already discussed.
No. 5740


You deserve to have the shit smacked out of ya.
No. 5741

What, the little kid can't have a verbal-tic? Or are you that Anon who goes into RAEG whenever he sees the wording "Da-ze" in a sentence?
No. 5742
>Or are you that Anon who goes into RAEG whenever he sees the wording "Da-ze" in a sentence?

He's not the only one. Verbal tics are irritating and indicative of lazy translation, "da ze" has no meaningful English equivalent, people think it's Marisa's catchphrase so they make her say it all the damn time, the only people who say "ze" quite so much are the faceless rapists from H-doujins, etc.
No. 5743
>How do you think she got a daughter?

Mima grew a penis. Or that one mushroom dildo somehow proved to be fertile. Or SCIENCE was involved and Nitori cloned Marisa to embed a fetus into herself.

[x] Daughter
No. 5744
>Mima grew a penis.

That'd be one interesting lemon.
No. 5745
Because heterosexual reproduction is an evil, evil thing.
No. 5747

No, it's because Mima on Marisa futa on regular girl action is hot as a blazing star fuck.
No. 5748
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>all the responses.
I don't know if I should bang my head on the wall or just stare at them in disbelief.

Oh, >>/forest/21491 is up, for your information.
No. 5749
By the way, who's the lucky bugger who 'got it on', as they say, with Marisa?
No. 5766
>I don't know if I should bang my head on the wall or just stare at them in disbelief.

If it's any consolation, you're not alone.
No. 5950
File 128715233622.jpg - (1.15MB , 1422x1008 , f1d0b52b11ef666d4ed07a9d622b2862.jpg ) [iqdb]
I thought I could use this thread again to lay out some ideas about Little Soldier Lost (not its FMP spin-off).

Assuming Anon wants another run of LSL with different characters, there are several options I have taken into consideration bout our future MC. As previously mentioned in this thread, he's going to play the role of a tank commander and have a role (although not a major one) in British campaign in North Africa, particularly in the battle of El-Alamein. The unit he'll come from is the Seventh Armoured Division, or the Desert Rats.

Another option is to have the MC member of the special forces who is sent behind enemy line in a clandestine mission. I have to admit that I'm a bit in the dark about the nature of our MC's operation, so I'll leave it to Anon's discretion, but I can say here that we aren't going to be just restricted to World War Two and we're not just restricted to being a member of the British SAS, either.

This is an idea I have thought of a while ago. Taking a step away from ground warfare, Anon has the opportunity to play the role of a chopper gunner and take part in helicopter warfare. I have decided that our helicopter in question will be the AH-1 Cobra, so that means our MC's going to be an America, though I haven't decided on his mission yet.

Taking a step forward from our chopper gunner MC, Little Soldier Lost R2 will feature a Harrier jump jet pilot as its leading MC, and thus his background will be one of these:

+ West Germany, Cold War in 1970s (Harrier GR.3, No.3 Squadron RAF)
+ Southern Atlantic, Falklands War (Sea Harrier, No. 801 Naval Air Squadron)
+ Operation Desert Storm, Gulf War (USMC, Harrier II)

Now I know what you're thinking, because I'm aware that everything will be all too familiar to Ace Combat: Gensokyo (;_; Alek ;_;) if we ever take this route. If Anon doesn't want old wound to bleed again, I'll discard this idea.

With our MC done I want to talk about the Touhou Anon wants to pursue in LSL R2. For this, I decide to do a matchmaking and pair our MC with the girls that will suit his military background, or I can also pair him with anyone regardless of whether their personality and/or opinions may collide. There are several names I have in mind:

+ Komachi: shinigami doesn't get much attention these days, and I want to change that. Inb4 Anon wants our MC to be a PT Boat operator who has the skills to navigate rough seas, IYKWIM.
+ Murasa: I have no idea why her name came into my mind, to be honest.
+ Anyone in /shrine/ and by anyone I'm talking about Reimu, Suika, Mima and, if her relationship with Reimu can be taken as canon, Kasen. I don't think I want to have another case of MC crashing his plane/helicopter into the shrine, or planting explosive charge in the donation box by mistake, thinking that terrorists are hiding under it, so yeah.
+ Meiling. Chinese gatekeeper needs more love and attention from us, enough said. There's also the opportunity to form our own fairy maid squad.
+ Mokou: I don't know, but it would be nice to have her as the main girl instead of supporting character.

tl;dr I'll continue writing Little Soldier if anyone wants me to. Of course, if Anon doesn't like the idea of the new characters, I'll just stick with having regular soldier as the main MC.
No. 5951
I think Murasa came up as she's a woman of the sea, a nice fit for any naval guy.

But to be honest some characters really don't get much attention indeed.

Meiling has that Touhou/Doom story
Mokou has YAF's story in /shrine/ (though the guy's done a kinda poor job of informing us of the fact)

But Komachi's been terribly neglected, closest she has to attention is Gensou Coil via her Real World expy, Katsumi. In /border/ it seems a certain 17 year old, her familiar, and her familiar's familiar, and her friend seems to take up most of the attention.

I think this is a nice idea.
No. 5954
File 128724704363.jpg - (81.57KB , 512x384 , 5752979.jpg ) [iqdb]
>though the guy's done a kinda poor job of informing us of the fact
Excuse me, what? I'm not sure if I understand.
Moreover, wasn't there a Mokou-centric /eientei/ story as well, made somewhat recently?
No. 5959
Well the word of one? Keine's in the running as well.

And the Naturalist story? Eirin's gained a massive lead (which is fine too, she doesn't get much love either)
No. 6020
File 128794837963.jpg - (749.84KB , 1200x1000 , 4c3c57d3c73f9195e55883c9769eaadf.jpg ) [iqdb]
>woman of the sea, a nice fit for any naval guy.
Posting relevant picture.

>Gensou Coil via her Real World expy, Katsumi.
I need to read this.

I already have figured out how Little Soldier Lost R2 will start, but I decided not to reveal it until I'm done with Yuri's quest. Take note that it will be significantly different from the Meiling one-shot I posted in the main thread.
No. 6028

I have to agree on thing. Eirin in that story is lovable and intelligent, in a good way. Hardly any Eirin that I read in other stories are like that. Most that I see are either sadist, mad scientist, or intelligent rapist. Others, are just plain, not attractive at all.
No. 6029
>I have to agree on one thing

Missed 'one' there.

And that's why Eirin does not get enough love. Even on /eientei/ board.
No. 6031
Most of the time she plays the role of a side or even a background character, and is not a viable love interest by the writer's design. It's kind of hard to love a character that isn't fleshed out too well. I am sure, however, that if we had a sadist, mad scientist, or intelligent rapist Eirin as one of the 'main girls' roster, you would love her regardless of her cliched personality - simply because of character development and how it grows on you.
No. 6032
Also she seems to just "click" with the MC. She is an example of a "surprise favorite" as no one expects such a character to be so popular.

It doesn't help many /eientei/ writers are biased towards certain characters, which Eirin is not among. This bias seems among the voters usually, resulting in Eirin being overshadowed by those characters.

Similar has happened in /sdm/ with one character being much more popular than most others.
No. 6033

Isn't it sad Reisen?
No. 6035
Actually Reisen is similar to Sakuya, "Many try to make stories with them, only 1-2 actually succeed."

But on that note, Harker has updated recently, hopefully he'll update again in a decent amount of time. What's better than Reisen? Reisen and Keine.