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So, ah. Would like some more info on this.

Apparently, without even a word to anyone else, HY gave away the site to Teruyo (No, I have no problem with that, this is not a Teruyo-bashing thread), and left. No explanatory goodbye post or anything. Apparently it's been a few weeks now, and I only just found out, myself.

So, uh. Anyone got any details on the when and the why, and all that? Is he gone for good or just taking a break until he gets his issues sorted out? (No, this is not a HY fanboy-ing thread either, or at least trying not to be. Yes, I realize he doesn't write for THP anymore.)

Just... you know, curious. It's a bit perplexing when site ownership changes hands behind the scenes like this. Also wondering what made crazy old HY finally get sick of the place and sever ties with it.

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I would have rather you have talked to either kapow or myself on IRC than make a thread to be honest. It's not like this is a secret or anything by the way. I guess I'll go into a brief history of our current administration:

Around this time last year, the site was dead. Holy wasn't willing to pay for it and we were without a home. Much discussion occurred. HY seemed to be the most active in trying to find a solution along with Kapow. I offered to help in whatever way, financial as well on the technical side of things. I researched and looked up how to set up an imageboard and even hosted a testbed with my own computer. We didn't get the database from holy as we requested so kapow used a script to extract all that we needed from archived htmls and then introduced it into a database. I set up the server while HY chose to pay for the domain and server at the time, with the understanding that he would hand it over to me sometime in the future because he was disinterested in the site. In fact, he wasn't really very active in the management of the site (not that he really needed to do anything mind you) from the beginning.

Fast forward to the beginning of this year: site was transfered to another server and since then I've been paying for it. HY wanted to disassociate himself completely with the site but I encouraged him to stay on. More than once. All of this was months before now.

Why has he disappeared now? I don't know. He seemed to be going through a lot of things. Our conversations about the site were a bit spirited and some of the things he said were quite... well quite something. I hope he comes back, and he probably will (well not necessarily writing, but just being around), I get the feeling that he just needs to clear whats on his plate at the moment.

summary: Nothing in site administration has really changed in a year. HY status: ??? (Personally don't know)
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HY was extremely frustrated with his life. He wasn't shy about taking out his frustrations on anything or anyone that rubbed him the wrong way too. Eventually getting into moronic arguments every day wore him out and he just left about a month ago.
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While we're talking about site administration, I feel I should make this clear:

I back up the site daily, I can afford the server costs, I rebuilt this place from scratch once and I can do it again.

I also want everyone to know that >>5199 was done without my knowledge or approval. I realize how damaging this sort of thing is to the trust and confidence of the userbase. I said as much on IRC and in private when it happened, and I probably should have said something here. Regardless, it shouldn't happen again.

As for HY, he stopped caring about the site months ago, I'm surprised he didn't hand it off to someone sooner. Hopefully he'll come back someday like so many writers have done, and not disappear forever like so many other writers have done. Who knows, man.