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So while I'm (slowly) working on Doll Maker, I've had many ideas cross my mind for other stories I would like to write. Made this thread to just toss them out there, or for if anyone wants to bounce ideas off me as well.

Warring States of Gensokyo CYOA: Six states(Hakurei Shrine, SDM, Eientei, Moriya, Underground Palace, and Hakugyokurou) at fullscale war with each other for supremacy in a very Sengoku-ish Gensokyo.

Eientei Rabbit CYOA: You are an Eientei rabbit. Good luck.

A story about one of these characters:

Gensokyo + Star Wars: Uhhh, yeah... think something like Marisa as Han Solo, Yukari as Vader, etc... all with a good ol' Touhou flair.

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Warring States of Gensokyo: Sounds very interesting; the main character could either be one of the Touhous as an army general, or just a generic fairy/youkai soldier. With the former you might do something like have Anon vote on battle tactics and strategic positioning of your forces. This could work.

Eientei Rabbit: Reminds me of Tepes’ A Fairy’s Tale, which has been wonderful. A word of caution, though: this could easily turn into just another generic “You wake up in Eientei” CYOA without either good planning or a good MC.

Komachi: I don’t think it’d work, mainly because if you want to portray her realistically she’ll spend most of her time on the Sanzu River with dead spirits, or sleeping in her boat. There’s just not a lot of subject matter to work with.

Eiki: More potential here than with Machi-Machi, since she could fly around Gensokyo lecturing people. Better make sure you have a good idea for her personality though; I’ve seen far too many boring Eikis on this site.

Kaguya: It could work, but a lot of Eientei CYOAs kinda of already tread this ground after a fashion. But that’s just me, and Kaguya isn’t my favorite.

Hatate: Hatate’s Valspeak is love. If it is not in that story I will hunt you down. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valspeak)

Ran: I do love me some Ran. She’s got tons of possibilities. Mothering Chen, putting up with Yukari as either a nanny/lazy boss, or even having to stand in for Yukari when she’s hibernating.

Yamame: Don’t know enough about her to say.

Kanako: Another one with lots of possibilities.

Mystia: Not sure; Mystia feels like old ground to me, but I don’t read a lot of stories.

Gensokyo Star Wars: Ehhh… Problem is people already know the plot and characters of Star Wars; switching the characters’ faces around doesn’t change much. You’d either have to make up a completely new plot that doesn’t involve Luke Skywalker, or write the whole thing as a tongue-in-cheek comedy. I personally don’t like this idea.
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Hatate doesn't have Valspeak, it was something put in by the translators. As I'm sure as the OP would remind you.

First I'd rather see you update the stories you do have regularly.

>Warring States of Gensokyo CYOA: Six states(Hakurei Shrine, SDM, Eientei, Moriya, Underground Palace, and Hakugyokurou) at fullscale war with each other for supremacy in a very Sengoku-ish Gensokyo.

Interesting, but in Gensokyo a true all out war would be terribly forced.

If she's the MC a story about her possible past might be better, if she's the main heroine I have no problems.

Depends on the format and goal.

Eh... not be cause I like Kaguya, but she has a decent amount of screen as is, and outdoing Serial ATA won't be an easy task.

This could be interesting, seeing how she's a very new girl.

Could be nice either way, depends on the premise in the end.

If you're keeping to her canon nice personality, I'm all for it.

Interesting concept, even if it's from her PoV.

No problems here as it seems very unlike we'll ever see WFtW resume again.

Touhou doesn't mesh well with Star wars really.
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Warring states: Not a bad idea, but it could take some work to pull off.

Rabbit: Yesyesyes. (If done well, of course)

Characters: Single-character CYOAs always struck me as a little weird, personally. Entirely a matter of opinion.

Star Wars: Ironically, that is exactly the short story I still need to write.
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>Eientei Rabbit
Has potential, but would take a decent amount of skill to pull off at least.
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I'm going to ask this now:

Will you stick with it? Or is this another thing that you begin, then after a few updates, you decide to kill it because your bored with it.
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The problem with those other two stories I tried starting and then axing were that they involved something I had a lot of temporary interest in(like Left 4 Dead.) Since I haven't played L4D for months now due to RL circumstances, my interest in that subject has just petered out.

I think if I just make sure not to repeat that same mistake again then I'll be able to stick with it.

Also, I don't plan to actually start anything new until I do a lot more of Doll Maker. At the moment this is all just ideas.
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>Warring States of Gensokyo
If done correctly, why not? I can see the setting of this premise being based on Dynasty Warrior, but this is just my opinion.
Sikieiki as Lu Bu. Do it.

>Eientei Rabbit CYOA
Bunnies are always fine, too.

I actually prefer to see a story on her past and current life in a "slice-of-life" format (like Restorer in Gensokyo)

Ditto as Komachi.

>outdoing Serial ATA won't be an easy task.
You're making me blush, Anon. But I'd like to see a story about her past from her POV.

Any stories that involve their past is fine in my book, as long as you can remain faithful to their canon personality. I, for one, would really like to see a story on Kanako before she moved to Gensokyo (I can imagine she isn't as tough as people would expect from her, being a god of war and all).

>Gensokyo + Star Wars:
I'm not sure if this will work in the first place.
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Too lazy to edit the post, but whatever your decision is, please don't drop Dollmaker. It's one of the reasons I visit /forest/ to read stories there. That, and it has Shanghai.

I think I'm the only one who wants to see a Rae/Shanghai spin-off.
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You mean a spin off centered on those two and possibly Hourai as they go about on doll hijinks? Fund it.
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I'm starting to have an idea of what I want to do for the next story...

As for Doll Maker, I have no intention of dropping that story, so no worries there. It's what I first starting writing here, after all.

Also, haha, Dynasty Warriors. Close enough, the actual inspiration is the Warring States of Japan, which you do see in Samurai Warriors. There... could be some parallels.
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From the title I thought more along the lines of Sengoku Rance with less rape and more tea parties. Or the already existing spinoff Sengoku Gensoukyou.