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Public survey!

Purely out of curiosity: If a story is written in second person ('you' form), do you try to envision yourself as the main character? Or do you think of each story as having its own distinct main character, and it's not actually 'you'?

Please include reasons with your thoughts, if possible.
Stay tuned for more public surveys!

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This is a CYOA. Unless the character in question has a really distinctive history/personality, like FoM's Mikio, we tend to think of "us" being the main character. Even if that the case, the very nature of a CYOA means that, at least to some extent, we tend to put ourselves in the main character's shoes alot.
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>each story as having its own distinct main character, and it's not actually 'you'

Yeah, this. With every vote I invest a bit of my self, but I never win every single vote. Can anyone ever say they've been on the winning side of every vote they're participated in ever?
At one point I entertained the prospect of "oh hey, that's me interacting with those Touhous" but that quickly faded. When you vote, and the decision ultimately goes the other way, that character isn't really you anymore. The character isn't 'me.' He/she/it is 'we.'
Not that that's a bad thing. Even with stories written in the second person, it's quite entertaining to craft a coherent personality/character in the story. Nothing is quite as satisfying as seizing onto a past personality trait to make an important decision. Likewise, betraying an aspect of that personality and making an absolutely random decision is especially painful.
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This. Although there are times when voting a certain way would not fit the character up to that point even if I really want to go that direction. Keeping the MC consistent is more important than trying to put myself into the story.

I don't feel right reading a CYOA with a female MC because I just can't relate. Normally I go with a mix of consistancy and personal opinion, but with female MCs it is just consistancy.
No. 5615
I consider each story to have it's own character, if in part simply because I can't envision other characters as "me". Well, also, none of them are really anything like me in the first place.
No. 5616
Yes and no.
I know that they're supposed to be me, but I don't really think that I'm them.
I think of them as a separate entity who is a reflection of me into that world.
As they are a reflection, they aren't perfectly like me.
I think that I'm only a approximation of those outside the mirror.
They're different, I'm supposed to be them but they all contribute something to me.
So I suppose that I'm them and they're me but not exactly them.
No. 5618
Pretty much that, though I personally try to keep the characterization consistent.
No. 5624
Depends on the character in question, an "anon" could go either way, while a more defined character (even if it's say MiGAnon or Bohemianon), I try to stick to their character.
No. 5633
>Or do you think of each story as having its own distinct main character, and it's not actually 'you'?

This. Never once imagined them as 'me'. Even in stories like MiG/WUIG, with a generic nameless character; in these cases, I just replace the mwith a generic faceless man so popular in doujinshi.

I still use "we" when I'm discussing something or voting, though. That's more because it's the term most people uses, and, you know, the voting part of the CYOA.