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So, after quite a lot of mucking about with installers, I finally got SWR actually working. For some reason, the only link I could find on the wiki page was to a demo version of the game. Huh.

Anyway, decided to play Hisoutensoku first because that one actually worked.

Okay, pretty much like IaMP. Some changes, but nothing too frightening at first. It'll take me a while to get used to, I guess.

Oh hey, I can play as China. Excellent.

Wow, Reimu's really no fun.




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I don't understand what you're talking about, good sir.

There are no characters other than Remilia.
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Sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of how hilarious Suwako is.

I actually spent about five minutes laughing at the little *BOING* sound effect whenever she moves.

And the flying animation.

And her [2] animation.

And basically everything.
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I get yelled at when I play as Suwako.
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What game is this again? All I see when I play is flaming nuclear death.
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Okay, Suwako wins for sheer ludicrousness, but Utsuho is probably the coolest. She has about five different laser attacks and ANIMATED FUCKING CAPE WOO
No. 5605
Suwako is the best character and anybody who disagrees is wrong.
No. 5606

If it had been Utsuho and not the USA, Japan wouldn't be so butthurt about having been nuked.
No. 5607

Japan is butthurt about being nuked? Thats news to me. I'd say they took it in stride, if anything
No. 5609

You see it a lot in anime. Shows tend to avoid calling massive superbombs nuclear, opting to make up some fake name or ignore the subject completely. They're not butthurt per-se, but the subject is extremely taboo. It's hard to understand unless you grew up there, which I did not.
No. 5610
See: Macross franchise' constant use of the term "reaction weaponry" instead of "nuclear bombs."

Considering thermonuclear weapons ARE technically powered by an atomic reaction, I guess it's halfway decent terminology.
No. 5642
Another semi-related example: I remember in Argento Soma they said that "a miniature sun" was unleashed above Berlin (or maybe Munich or Hamburg; it was somewhere in Germany), rather than say that they used an H-bomb.

The exception to the nuke taboo is if it's the United States using them. See Read or Die (which was a great OVA and show, but the writer had a massive hate-on for America) and High School of the Dead, for instance.
No. 5648

I think people are making this out to be more of a "taboo" than it actually is, at least in respect to how anime/manga uses the term. Take the Gundam mega-series for example. That's a huge name in Japan, yet that series is perfectly fine with referring to nuclear warheads as such.

There's enough other older series that call nukes as nukes that I think it's more of a case-by-case basis.