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>Threads will now be archived on the boards after expiration (note: still in progress)
>It will eventually run off the post database and update automatically
>More filters (genres, protagonist types, etc.) will be added once this data is gathered for all stories.
I came. Hats off, coder(s); this is just the sort of thing I'd been hoping for.

Does that "still in progress" mean the archiving is actually taking place now, or that the feature is still being coded?

Also, you might want to change "ALL" to "INVERT" to use the more commonplace name for that feature.
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File 128144135921.jpg - (527.45KB , 948x1304 , 94b50be518bc5554f10fd3cc9c0aad1c7e3e6b51.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 5541
This is glorious. Thank you for the hard work.
No. 5546
No. 5547
No. 5550
>Retrospective and Astronomical Narraration by !T1e/DmU8Jg [2008/06/17]
>2014, 2694, 3185, 3830, 4788, 6873, 8051, 10289 (abandoned 2008/10/14) (REMOVED AT AUTHOR'S REQUEST)

No. 5552
I think I still have it on my other computer somewhere. Give me a couple days.
No. 5556
No worries. I got him covered.

No. 5561

Thank you a lot.
No. 5563
Cheers, Kapow. Among the greatest things to have graced this site server-side.
No. 5569
File 128189178444.jpg - (134.07KB , 600x341 , lumberjack.jpg ) [iqdb]
Aha yes!
This is good.
All those involved deserve some flapjacks and beer!
No. 5641
Great stuff~
No. 5925
After it's done, some system of user ratings by which to be able to sort them could be nifty.
No. 5943

No. 5945
File 128702879772.jpg - (62.15KB , 480x360 , shitstorm.jpg ) [iqdb]
>user ratings
It will come down hard and hit the board like the fist of an angry god.
No. 5946
Right, I forgot that some of the writers and their followers here get so uppity and frustrated over the littlest things.
No. 5947
Yes. Everyone who goes against my master shall be punished.
No. 5957
Parts of "A Scarlet-Stained Memoir" can't be accessed for some reason. Any idea why the links are broken, or when they come back up?
No. 5976
That would be because they haven't uploaded the backup copy yet, and the original threads exceeded the board's memory.

Speaking of which, you guy DID make a copy of those threads that got knocked off after the archive went up, RIGHT?
No. 6159
File 129082588356.jpg - (72.34KB , 454x473 , 1257164511473.jpg ) [iqdb]
UPDATE: All of the old threads I had saved have been restored to the site in archived format (no posting, no fullsize images). Let me know if any links are broken in the story list.

Next up:
Automatically archiving threads that get pushed off (it's done manually for now, so some threads may go missing temporarily)
Adding all story info to the database and using it to generate the story list (would make more frequent updates possible)
No. 6165
A little late, but it needs said: this is awesome. Rereading old stories is a million times more convenient when all the >> links work.

Having only thumbnails is still a bit of a downer, though, especially considering that the most interesting pictures (drawfag art and author-drawn maps and such) can't be IQDB'd. When the archiving process is automatic, could you consider making it save full size images as well?
No. 6224
This is probably not the correct place to ask this question, but I don't know where else to ask honestly. I've noticed occasionally that for stories that have been archived that sometimes one of the archived threads will not show anything, only an Error 404 message. For instance Landlord of Mayohiga thread 4 is showing an error 404 message. Why is that? Is it temporary?

As I've said before this might be/is probably the wrong thread to post this, but I don't know any other troubleshooting thread, for lack of a better term.
No. 6225

Sweet, thanks brah.
No. 6227
As it says at the top, archival isn't automatic yet. That thread was pushed off the board and hasn't been processed for archival yet. I'm hoping to finish setting this up by the end of the month.
No. 6290
File 129444140549.jpg - (186.20KB , 800x635 , 1187176.jpg ) [iqdb]
UPDATE: Major improvements. Page is now statically generated from the site database, so updating it will be a hell of a lot easier.

Thread archival is next priority.
No. 6296
What would you call a year-long hiatus? Abandoned? One of those two terms is more appropriate to my stories than "sporadic" at this point.
No. 6307
I usually have that for authors with a history of updating after long absences. Basically it means "maybe tomorrow, maybe never, who knows". I should probably come up with some criteria for moving it to "stalled" though.

"Abandoned" is when the author's explicitly said they aren't going to continue the story (or they're done with THP altogether) instead of just disappearing, which is unfortunately rare. Same for "hiatus", the author has to actually say they're setting the story aside but plan to continue it later.

In other words, if you want an accurate status on your story, tell people what the fuck is going on. Please.