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ZUN just chucked this up on his website. Going by the screenshots I'm guessing the title is Fairy Wars.
Translation needed.

Hypothesis: Cirno goes on adventure to prove that she is the strongest fairy.

No. 5449
Translation by Solamarle


It's hot.

I made a perfect game for a hot summer like this!
Here's what I'll be putting out at the next Comiket.

Touhou Project #12.8 (how far are we going to go with this?)
"The Great Fairy Wars ~ Touhou Three Fairies"

That's it.
Cirno declares war on the Three Fairies, oh no. It's the sequel to the original story of the same name.
Actually, I'd been planning on putting out a game ahead of the second volume of "Touhou Sangatsuei~ Strange and Bright Nature Deity" (the second volume's sketch "Greaty Fairy Wars" is its opening story), but due to the schedule and certain other things it didn't happen, but it's finally finished!
(That's a lie, I'm working hard on it right now)
I got Hirasawa Makoto-san to do some drawings for me, so it really has the laaaaazy feel of the three fairies comic (oh, and of course we have permission from Kadokawa).

But, the actual game itself is:
"A refreshing game where Cirno freezes the bullets she's supposed to dodge"
It's the kind of game you can play mindlessly for a short time whenever you want, with a difficulty level you can chew on as you play it over and over, and bold, yet subtle patterns.

{gameplay images}

( * Warning, the game is still in development, so things might change)
It's a simple yet bold game you can play without really knowing about the story or characters, and it's got a pretty natural-feeling system, so it's the kind of game that's worth playing, so if you're interested in the games, definitely give it a try.
Of course, the version released at Comiket will be the final version!
Oh, my Comiket booth will be second day, East hall A-28a.

Oh, and it's not done yet, but.
No. 5450
Looks like it'll be a pretty cool story.
No. 5451
>Touhou 12.8
>not 12.9

ZUN, I am disappoint.
No. 5452
>Three Fairies
More like March Fairies
No. 5453
I saw the thread and just went "no way. no way this is real" for about two minutes before finally checking Zun's blog. Hot damn, its about time for a Cirno/fairy game. I'm looking forward to this.
No. 5454
I think I might hyperventilate from the sheer excitement.

I have waited years for this.
No. 5455
On one hand, hooray!
On the other...oh man, given all the idiocy surrounding Cirno in and out of the Touhou fanbase, I can't imagine the shitstorm that this game could spawn.
No. 5456
Further proof that Mima will return in Touhou 13.

Don't ask me how I can tell, I just know.
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Cirno's dumber in fanon than canon. She can at least read and on lunatic, she is NO JOKE.
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File 127994671027.jpg - (749.45KB , 800x800 , 6061094.jpg ) [iqdb]
>"A refreshing game where Cirno freezes the bullets she's supposed to dodge"

"Oh shit, I have to dodge this way too complicated pattern! Fuck me!"
>Cirno freezes danmaku
"Eye am the strongest"
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File 127995110924.jpg - (57.82KB , 571x640 , 1279949449712.jpg ) [iqdb]

New character?
No. 5461
yeah and a new ZUN story, called Wild and Horned Hermit.
No. 5467
File 127999465135.jpg - (47.28KB , 450x294 , 703.jpg ) [iqdb]
looking kinda Kira there Reimu.
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We're getting a new comic at the same time as a game tie-in for another comic?
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File 128004216243.png - (210.62KB , 600x750 , 24a7034ce4a642a9b0ffb060f33e055a.png ) [iqdb]
The fastest creation of fan art I have ever seen.

While not abundant, it's still damn fast.
No. 5562

Shit takes some getting used to.
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File 128182187854.png - (1.23MB , 960x718 , fairy hips.png ) [iqdb]
Luna Child is deliciously plump.

Star Sapphire is MURDER
No. 5565
that's not plump.
No. 5566
Just tried a couple of runs. I now hate all enemies that use lots of fireballs. Especially you, Sunny Milk.
No. 5567
I just tried it, version 1.00a, easy mode. I need to get used to this flowy gameplay, the controls are freakin sensitive.

Oh, and the boss "threesome".
No. 5568
This game is pretty cool.
No. 5570
"I'm Cirno, the freezer of crying babies!"

Best. Title. Ever. Her dialogue throughout the game is amazing, too. I expect the "You think you can RUN?" line to be used to great effect in the future.
No. 5571
There's also "Who the hell do you think I am?"
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File 128205796538.jpg - (220.83KB , 700x841 , ec56669ac6b312aa6408cf0189283ecf1a8c129a.jpg ) [iqdb]
I just realized something



Lily Black is officially canon now.

No. 5583
File 128206571649.jpg - (36.51KB , 96x96 , Th09lily04.jpg ) [iqdb]
Lily Black has always been canon.

What hasn't been proven canon is that she isn't just Lily White wearing black.
No. 5584
Finally tried this yesterday. I was happy when I found out about it, but honestly didn't expect much. Turns out I was wrong. The game is really fucking fun, and the freezing mechanic is way more satisfying than I thought it would be.

Also, is it just me or have the production values gone up? I'm not even talking about the new character art either (which I love). Everything just seems more polished than normal.
No. 5585
>I'm not even talking about the new character art

The art isn't going to look like this in TH13
No. 5586


(Not that such a thing isn't quite likely, I just want to see the truth with my own eyes before I declare my illusions as "shattered")
No. 5587
ZUN didn't do the art. The art was done by the guy who does the 3 fairies manga, mainly because this is a 3 fairies related game. Unless TH13 is a SSiB game, ZUN is going to do the art.

TH13 confirmed for being Inaba of the Moon/Earth
No. 5588

As the above post states, the guy who drew SaBND did the art for this game. This isn't the first time ZUN had another person do the art in his games, the PoFV endings were drawn by someone else.

You're not the same person who thought Lily Black wasn't canon, are you?
No. 5590
He was also talking about how Daiyousei and the Lilys got brand new sprites for the game. So TH13 might have higher end sprites.
No. 5591
>What hasn't been proven canon is that she isn't just Lily White wearing black.
Right, and that's what is canon as of this game. Well, either that, or when you play route A2 (or route C1), Lily decides to get beat down by Cirno, run off and change clothes, then come back and get beat down again while using different patterns, all in the space of an afternoon, just for the hell of it.

Cue IaMP-style "Which route is canon?" argument.
No. 5592
>Lily decides to get beat down by Cirno, run off and change clothes, then come back and get beat down again while using different patterns, all in the space of an afternoon

It's not like that hasn't happened already before, minus the different patterns part.
No. 5608

The game doesn't explain it, therefore you can only speculate. Theres no way to be sure. Deal with it.
No. 5617

The game doesn't, but SSiB shows them both at the same time in one of the group shots, so it's safe to assume they aren't one in the same.
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File 128440946583.jpg - (16.33KB , 500x417 , image.jpg ) [iqdb]

We've got an English patch now.
No. 5774

It also had an update too


* Changed medal text from “Barely a Victory!” to “Narrow Victory!”
* Added Arabic item value numerals on the playfield
* Changed “Times Used” on results page to “Times Played”
* Updated “True Time” to “Real Time” on spellcard clear screen
* Changed Light Attack “Shoot the Little Moon” to Light Blast
* Changed Light Sign “Hyperinflection” to “Hyper Inflection”
* Corrected text in Stage C1-2 dialogue
* Corrected text in Stage A2-3 dialogue
No. 5802
Which chapter of the manga is the Great Fairy Wars sketch in?
No. 5805
I think it's in one of the untranslated SaBND chapters; hopefully the next will be in the middle of being translated.
No. 5806
I believe that U MAD already translated it:


Also, the English patch has been stealth-updated to actually have "Narrow Victory" instead of "Barely a Victory." For a few days that hadn't been changed.
No. 5807