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Gentlemen. What is this I don't even


No. 5387
yukkuri doom
No. 5388
yukkuri doom
No. 5389
Ah yes, TheCraftyTitan's Yukkuri Doom hack. Utsuho's Third Leg is the BFG.

Also, don't watch GCubed64's Let's Play of this. He proves to be a total ⑨ by admitting he's never played Doom, picking Very Hard, blowing himself up with rawkets and Airman tornados, then complaining that the game's too hard.
No. 5390

Too late. I watched him to everything wrong and lol'd. Also, level 7 is balls.
No. 5416
File 127959420911.png - (65.34KB , 800x600 , DOOM0009.png ) [iqdb]
Oh God what?! I shoot you now!
No. 5419
File 127959426955.png - (95.77KB , 800x600 , DOOM0010.png ) [iqdb]
No. 5421
Do you have to have the original doom or are the core files included in that?
No. 5427

No, it's all neatly packed in and ready to play.
No. 5429
awesome. This should keep me busy for a while.
No. 5435
The original doom cheats work for this as well.