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Who makes Anon sage your thread?
Who makes all the stories dead?
We do!
We do!

Who facilitates update creep?
Who kidnaps writers in their sleep!
We do!
We do!

Who makes all your readers bail?
Who makes your write-ins all fail?
We do!
We do!

Who keeps all the good threads locked?
Who keeps talking about cocks?
We do!
We do!

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No. 5315
>Who keeps talking about cocks?
>We do!
>We do!

No. 5320
Look up the Stonecutter's Song from The Simpsons.
No. 5327
Not nearly enough dick references to be a IRC song.
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No. 5478
Oh god it's like every day I wake up this happens. You don't even know
No. 5482
I can vouch for this.
No. 5483
Actually I'm just lazy.
No. 5485
Being lazy~ It's what we do~

It's science~ We're the best at it~

Can I hug you for good luck?
No. 5486
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Flavor text, anyone?
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No. 5493
Well it is sort of like this, isn't it?
No. 5494
File 128046900028.gif - (141.76KB , 1190x1600 , accurate representation of #THP.gif ) [iqdb]

It's more like this
No. 5495
File 128049146355.jpg - (859.46KB , 808x523 , DICKS.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 5497
Me in the fourth panel.
No. 5498
You're a big steaming pile of hairy dicks?

Makes sense.
No. 5500
He said in the 4th panel, not is. He just likes being among dicks.
No. 5501

No, no, I'm pretty sure >>5498 is right.
No. 5502
No, I'm only a singular dick at present.
I'm still learning, though.
No. 5503
I lurked there for a day then ctrl+f word 'Dick'. I know the winner.
No. 5505
Well, who is it? Don't dick me around, man.
No. 5507
Giddy, right? We all know Giddy loves talking about dicks the most.

No. 5508
YAF, right?
He can't go on without dick.
No. 5876
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No. 5877
Jesus christ...

I don't want to be kidnapped by some mysterious anon...
No. 5880
No. 5881

You're already a member. Sorry, Twitt.
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The cabal is an obscure brotherhood, lead by the cursed god Kapow. Under Kapow's command, four horsemen of the Apocalypse: Doctor Q, The Lord of Decay, Giddy, The Lord of Dicks, Mini_Parsee, The Lord of Days, and Not-Appearing-In-This-List, The Lord of Date.

Together, the four horsemen are unstoppable.
Pic show Kapow, aka the Lurking God.
No. 5997
According to the legend, Kapow betrayed the four horsemen, sneding each of them in a different hell.

Giddy was thrown into the Yuri hell (no futa), Doctor Q was thrown into the Fresh Hell (where everything is fresh forever), Mini_Parsee into the hell of Today (where tomorrow never come), and Not-Appearing-In-This-List was thrown into the hell of sex without sentiments.
No. 5998

Does that include the Prince of Bel-Air?
No. 5999
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No. 6002
I have a feeling I should be insulted, but I don't even know what the point of this was, or what it even meant. Also I am hardly qualified to rate as a member of the cabal, let alone one of these horsemen you speak of.
No. 6004
File 128770740621.jpg - (146.52KB , 512x512 , 3253225.jpg ) [iqdb]
do what now
No. 6007
What you read was just the child of a beer, and a night spent playing Blood. Don't expect something serious.
No. 6022
But one day, Sir-Not-Appearing-In-This-Story decided to take a name. He called himself "The Guy". And he went on a rampage, killing Kapow's minion, and freeing the other horsemen from their hells.
Seeing that, Kapow retired to his Lurking Fortress, and waited for their attack.

But the attack never came. The Four Horsemen were living together, and they took control of the Cabal.
Forgotten, Kapow decided to take revenge on the whole human race. He sold his soul to a succubus, and became "The Forgotten God".

Legend says that he'll come back, if fools are sacrificed to him.

Meanwhile, the Cabal is like usual again.
Dicks, Date, Decoy and Days are back.
The Cabal is slowly changing.
Now, it's no longer the Cabal, it's the International Rapist Cabal. Or maybe it's something else.

In fact, only the Cabal's archbishop know what "I.R.C." mean. Legends says that only Kapow know, but legends are stupid.
No. 6023

I'm just going to be over here, with my face permanently glued to my palm.

P.S. please ensure that you can actually use english before attempting to write in it.
No. 6024

In his defense, it's getting harder to tell it's Hartmann. The erroneous verb tenses and awkward phrasing are still there, but they're less glaringly obvious.
No. 6026
File 128804062685.jpg - (62.72KB , 755x635 , call me migi.jpg ) [iqdb]

No. 6027
I'll be frank, it's really Hartmann who did this.