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5199 No. 5199
Ninjas have kidnapped our beloved [REDACTED].

As I’m sure you’re all aware, this is simply unforgivable. About as unforgivable as having a fixation about not posting images on /at/ or stifling discussion because it doesn’t fit in neatly with preconceived notions of relevance. Some might say it’s almost as bad as voluntary segregation and perhaps as heinous as forgetting that we all like Touhou and there should be nothing else to it.

There is no doubt that some action must be taken. Action that boils down to hitting hard and fast, changing the way things are going. It’s an attempt to salvage and move on - to build on from a healthier base.

There are only a few alternatives available now. Undue vacillation is not appropriate. The alternatives are as such;

A) Removal of persons contributing naught but trouble
B) Concentrating activity via removal of superfluous areas
C) Transforming format completely
D) Vainly attempt to incite those who stare at a broken system to bear everything on their own

The desire to diversify should be encouraged and indeed nurtured. But that by itself will not reverse the decay of our base.

If nothing is done, we risk never again enjoying our precious [REDACTED]. Something will happen because it has to happen. The grumbling chorus of those who until now did not find importance in this will eventually be drowned out. It’s a matter of time really. A couple of days before anything is enacted. It’ll be decided and we’ll all proceed more or less together. The vessel that is THP will sail on in whichever direction.

The question is: Be you a benefactor or a hindrance? Perhaps an apathetic body that will get swept along by the current? A ship, like a nation, works best when all aboard are of similar purpose.

No. 5201
I can't think of any troublemaker who wasn't also a writer. I am against removal of persons who may write, regardless of how I feel about their writing.

Some areas have been less useful than others. Concentration of activity may be appropriate. Conversely, some stories remain active despite following a very slow schedule. I am slightly worried that these will suffer even greater disadvantages in acquiring the attention necessary for their continuation.

I am curious as to what alternative formats have been considered.
No. 5202
File 127909347133.jpg - (308.08KB , 710x885 , 89622d7e91932f73c6369df0f8b7360f.jpg ) [iqdb]
C) Transforming format completely

needs more blinking lights, a whole new voting system and electro shock for lazy writers. Praise system and auto banning for bad voters.
Something like big brother and The Running Man.
No. 5203
>A) Removal of persons contributing naught but trouble

There is a big difference between debating in a thread and shitstorming in it. Mods just need to delete the posts and everything will be fine.

>B) Concentrating activity via removal of superfluous areas

Like what? Deleting /underground/ and /coriander/? It wouldn't really matter I think. Both of the stories running in those two are fairly popular anyway.

C) Transforming format completely

Needs an example.

>D) Vainly attempt to incite those who stare at a broken system to bear everything on their own


We need more people to visit. The obvious places to look are pooshlmer and /jp/, but I think most people on /jp/ know about this site by now. I have no idea about pooshlmer because I never go there.
No. 5204
>Praise system and auto banning for bad voters.
I'm curious what you mean by this, could you please elaborate? Or are you just trolling? I honestly cant tell with the other part of your sentence.
No. 5205
What is this and what did I miss.
No. 5206
File 127909532893.jpg - (373.59KB , 700x1038 , e75f4d9d33a91b9d79e29a907f7fc4db.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Buy Teruyo some moon bunnies so he has someone to cuddle with.
No. 5207
I'm never quite sure what to do with these threads.

Certainly, THP could be better. I'm even willing to accept the premise that THP is getting 'worse' in various metrics. But I can't really offer any helpful ideas, because there seems to be some taboo on posting information about the nature and scale of the problem or problems on the boards.

Are you talking about declining readership? Please post the server statistics that have you worried. Bad stories? Please provide specifics about the stories in question. Disappearing writers? Bandwagoning? Shitstorms? I apologize if it seems like I'm being intentionally obtuse, but it really isn't clear to me quite what you're talking about.

I really love this site, and I would be quite sad if it went down or was otherwise rendered unenjoyable. I would be happy to help make the site better, and I apologize to the extent that I am part of the problem or problems. But I need more than a clever post about [REDACTED] and ship metaphors to build an informed opinion and decide on a course of action.
No. 5208
File 127909701912.jpg - (316.22KB , 750x750 , 26eb6f321810233169b67f49780579f41575570f[1].jpg ) [iqdb]
It's already too late to perform triage if the patient is already dead, wouldn't you say master? There's no point in cutting off a few limbs if the patient has already bled out before he got to the table. Shall I inform miss Orin of another corpse for her wago--*Mmmph*
No. 5210
File 12790970886.jpg - (173.34KB , 500x500 , bc9b333021b51113e2c10ceaa34de1c36a699725[1].jpg ) [iqdb]
Don't listen to her! We can rebuild him, Stronger, Better, Faster! Brain transplant! Artificial organs! Sew the head onto another hapless suckers body! Implant the brain into a kappa built robot! Not only would it be the right thing to do but it would be so cooool

Lets Ubercharge him!
No. 5211
File 127910086326.jpg - (24.88KB , 150x150 , shiki.jpg ) [iqdb]

What the hell is this about and why is it so melodramatic?
No. 5212
[x] E) All of the above.
No. 5214
This is one of those problems we can really solve because no one seriously knows what the problem is. Until we actually figure out what are the problems that are slowly killing this site and which are the problems which aren't really problems and are just extremely vocal people overreacting to stuff we can't really accomplish anything other kick up shitstorms.

So lets step on it. To streamline the process, I have gathered together a list of problems commonly bandied around the site.
(Tentative) List of problems with the site:
1) Small reader base
2) Not enough writers
3) Writefags never complete their stories
4) "Rampant Elitist Moralfaggotry"
5) Shitstorms are killing stories
6) Tetro come back Too many abandoned stories make it hard to get involved in anything
7) Too much porn
8) Too much plot
9) Shrine and Forest are dead
No. 5215
File 127910822269.jpg - (245.37KB , 800x1000 , 1242011141075.jpg ) [iqdb]
A). I honestly don't think this is very many people though. I'd be surprised if it resulted in even a single ban, although I'm sure individual posts could at least be deleted.

It obviously wouldn't fix any problems completely but I say it'd help.

>B) Concentrating activity via removal of superfluous areas
Only areas I really consider superfluous are /blue/ and /coriander/. I really don't think moving all of the /underground/ stories back to /others/ would help anything.

>C) Transforming format completely
as >>5203 said, needs an example. The imageboard format is in no way designed for what it's used for here, but I doubt people would want to shift to anything else. Hell, I wish people would use this site more like a general imageboard and actually talk about the damn games.

Pretty sure he's trolling. Consider
>needs more blinking lights
No. 5216
File 127911212585.jpg - (245.15KB , 850x750 , 1278854442131.jpg ) [iqdb]
>one story updating daily
>another story updating less frequently but systematically
>yet another story that only stopped updating lately
No. 5218
Sage for pointless thread.


No. 5219
File 127911775770.jpg - (119.25KB , 640x480 , 1254100739098.jpg ) [iqdb]

The problem is that the writer are slow in updating their stories. If not much is written no one comes here often anymore because they know that just nothing is going on here. Because of that the votes drop and because of dropping votes that take more time to get in writer write less.
It is a vicious circle that draws closer and closer until you die.
No. 5221

Not really. I update pretty damn slowly and still have pretty much the same number of voters all the time. This is the same for most writers who update slowly, and most writers in general.

Just because we don't have a huge population doesn't mean the site is dying.

Also sage because this is a pointless thread and I do not wish to bump it much like the other guy who did the same thing.
In before ban.
No. 5222
I honestly believe we need only three boards right now. Well, three for storytelling. I'm fond of /blue/ for a menagerie of personal reasons, and would like it to stay.
No. 5223
File 127911917279.jpg - (124.11KB , 848x960 , 1248911264924.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Just because we don't have a huge population doesn't mean the site is dying.
You are one pretty funny dude. Even to me, and everyone else, it is pretty obvious that the site is dying. And a very fast rate.
Since a month it is like lol where have all the people gone.
I blame IRC because they need to get off their lazy asses and read and vote more. I would bet everyone i own that 90% of the people on there just don't care anymore.
And that is exactly why the site is dying. Loss of interest, no one gives a fuck, the good people left already, stagnation and idiots.

I would say it in red: The site won't make it past 2010.
No. 5224
File 127911973621.jpg - (67.54KB , 177x219 , 126631417950.jpg ) [iqdb]
>I blame IRC
No. 5225

>>I blame IRC

I think he's right though. Aren't there like 50 people in there or something? I never go there.
No. 5226
File 127912244751.jpg - (173.43KB , 800x791 , no no no - call the foreman.jpg ) [iqdb]

Quite the dirty word in our modern parlance. It often comes to embody loss and embellish the cutthroat nature of the business world.

The other term that often goes hand in hand with it is “restructuring”. Not a excision by necessity nor anything that has to remove flavor and tradition. In this case it would entail a reduction in the number of equally neglected boards in favor for less location-based and more thematic-based (or some other suitable arbitrary criteria). In the corporate world this would have to do with efficiency surely, a poor resident like me has no way of being sure. In our reality it means larger exposure of writing and stories to those who rarely venture beyond the confines of a board or two.

Unruly at first? Perhaps. But one could argue that the current layout is equally unruly. What with all these crossovers and pesky little general stories everywhere. It’s a matter of trying to weigh the benefits of different schemes with the drawbacks of implementing them.

It has been suggested that something akin to sections each devoted types of stories; These type being focused on a single individual, a group, or even the entirety of Gensokyo.

Additional or even less subdivisions could be made. It’s all a matter of agreement on conditions. Ideas abound and thinking of how to best move on into the future is at the heart of all successful ventures, business or otherwise.

Of course, this is but one of many possibilities. This could be enacted alone or in conjunction with several other ideas.

Will it help get [REDACTED] back? Hard to tell. based on some views - impossible. Others still offer hope and are the ones worth appealing to.

Not nice at all, like some sort of bitter youkai lurking in the woods. Of course this refers to a group who would rather feed off of yet another discussion involving phalluses than to concern themselves with the ongoings of the greater world. It would seem that the only time they can be roused to do anything is to berate anyone for trying or even nudging gently at the sleepy status quo. Obviously within the collective there are exceptions and they know who they are. That said, these fiends tend to be very vocal and active exclusively in poor little threads like these.

Those who aren’t really a part of the whole don’t really matter here though. No need for those who don’t bother to feel unduly alienated by their mythic status. This cabal is as relevant here as spittoons are to the Western world.
No. 5227
File 127912249130.png - (397.91KB , 555x537 , 9d667cf70a74f0e2486136dcffbc04a6.png ) [iqdb]
As far as I know, this site doesn't suffer so much a user base problem as a writer base problem. To my knowledge, the number of people frequenting this site remains more or less constant over the years. It's just that, as of recently, we've suffered from a severe dearth of writers, and the very structure of the board means that anons only really pop out of the woodwork en masse whenever a story updates, which, due to the low number of new writers coming in, doesn't really happen that often lately. This results in a greatly reduced External activity, while the internal activity, if IIRC is any meter to judge by, remains mostly constant.

I don't really see how we could solve this problem apart from getting new blood from somewhere, of which we don't really have an idea of where to start. Maybe we could review what happened the last time we got a massive influx of new members, and try to recreate the environment.

<<Pic completely unrelated.
No. 5228
File 127912316435.jpg - (108.17KB , 646x1305 , 1272394243129.jpg ) [iqdb]
>he thinks "the cabal" exists
No. 5229
Can you drop the flowery bullshit? It makes your posts annoying to read.
No. 5230
File 127912394424.jpg - (124.50KB , 700x600 , 2626b6a2ada12c8be11f0719fa078927.jpg ) [iqdb]
>To my knowledge, the number of people frequenting this site remains more or less constant over the years.
Nor really. The number of people who visit and vote has gone down. A few months ago it was not that clearly visible but you should see it now.
It is true however that when someone like HY or Taisa writes GH people will crawl out of the woodwork but the overall activity has gone drastic down.
>a writer base problem
see >>5219
A Writer who waits forever for votes and gets less votes will not be very motivated to write. Fast updates with fast votes is what would be needed. Like in the very beginning.
>low number of new writers
We have many Writers already, they just don't write. And the recent "new writers" are just bad.
>getting new blood from somewhere
No. Just no. I wouldn't want people from /jp/ or whatever here. Don't make the situation worse. And besides, no one wants to come here anyway except the people who are already here.

The only solution is that everyone starts reading and voting and caring again.
No. 5232

>The only solution is that everyone starts reading and voting and caring again.

This. There a few good stories that just don't seem to get any votes. New story in /others/ and Dune and Tesla story in /sdm/ just to name two.

Other stories can go a month+ without updating and get over ten votes. Those voters need to start visiting other boards and reading more stories.
No. 5233
>Those who aren’t really a part of the whole don’t really matter here though.
This is true. If people aren't actively using the site, it doesn't matter whether they're being inactive on IRC, on their favorite MMOs, offline, or on some other site. They're not here. You can think about how we can try to get them back, but it's the same question as getting new users.

>No. Just no. I wouldn't want people from /jp/ or whatever here. Don't make the situation worse. And besides, no one wants to come here anyway except the people who are already here.
This strikes me as more typical than realistic thinking.

>The only solution is that everyone starts reading and voting and caring again.
While this lacks any kind of practical value.
No. 5234
> The only solution is that everyone starts reading and voting and caring again.

That isn't a solution. That's an end result. Or alternatively, blind optimism and naivete. Might as well wish for a unicorn to drop out of the sky.

>We have many Writers already, they just don't write. And the recent "new writers" are just bad.

Right. You know, I'm pretty sure there are quite abit of our big name writers weren't part of the original gang. Where do you suppose they came from?
No. 5235
>The influx of new blood last year should show what a risky business attracting new people is. We've had many great writers and voters but we've also had people who seem to lack a brain. Not in the #THP DICKS DICKS DICKS way either.

Here's the thing. We did get some very good writers, while the bad ones either got quietly phased out or lynched by our lynch mob. So right now, we have a couple of choices.

One, we can get some new members, resulting in a massive IQ and Quality drop for a couple of months, but also draw in a number of good writers who MAY turn out to be the next HY.

Two: We can continue as it is, and fervently hope that our old writers would magically rediscover their drive to write again and take us back to our glory days.
No. 5236
>This strikes me as more typical than realistic thinking.
Can't choose who comes here.
>While this lacks any kind of practical value.
It would bring back voters and readers and discussion. Putting aside that this would be nearly impossible, how could this not help?
>That isn't a solution. That's an end result. Or alternatively, blind optimism and naivete. Might as well wish for a unicorn to drop out of the sky.
Probably. I only described the best end result but forgot to mention the long way. Sadly, i agree with the second.
>Right. You know, I'm pretty sure there are quite abit of our big name writers weren't part of the original gang. Where do you suppose they came from?
When a Writer is bad, he is just bad. That has nothing to do with how long or how much he or she has written.

Anyway, we have many good writes and many good stories that just get overlooked and get not much attention. We have fewer people but still have enough. Like i already said, many just don't read or vote due to many reasons. Making them want to read and contribute once again would be a way to change things.
No. 5238
How? We can talk about revitalizing the site until the cows come home, but that isn't going to change anything unless we can find a way to revitalize the site, that's all going to be just talk.

Also, can we leave the customary Teruyo bashing until after the present crisis is solved? Pretty please?
No. 5240

Too much doomsaying like this in the thread. There aren't as many voters as there used to be, but there are quite a few stories. They are good too.

If you're reading this thread you should take it easy and go read a story that you haven't had the chance to yet. I'm going to go crack RiG right now.
No. 5241
File 127912933718.jpg - (57.96KB , 480x524 , me in the corner.jpg ) [iqdb]
This thread summarized:

Site inactivity wat do?

Pick one:
>Blame IRC for faggotry
>Blame writefags for being lazy
>Blame voters for not voting

Gentlemen, why blame anyone when all they do is act accordingly to what is expected of them? (It's okay to laugh now)

I'm sure a lot of the peripheral boards could use some attention, and to group stories according to style or subject matter rather than the current layout is I think a good idea. It might help to alleviate the desertion of certain boards. My thoughts: group stories according to genre rather than the characters they involve. So long as I get a board dedicated to me called /nuke/ I see no problem with a bit of consolidation. (Note: That is also likely to be a joke.) Pic very related.
No. 5242
[x] Remove watched threads

MAKE voters have to go look through other stories in order to find the one that updated.
No. 5243
File 127913005621.jpg - (44.59KB , 600x450 , brilliant plan.jpg ) [iqdb]
I blame taisa and qwl
No. 5250
File 127913188826.jpg - (62.61KB , 309x393 , gitbacktowork.jpg ) [iqdb]

Hey, faggots.

Get back to work.
No. 5255
File 12791367596.jpg - (77.92KB , 444x562 , f383a26e12661f3d18f04be202e8be32.jpg ) [iqdb]
IRC is the reason I don't update GH anymore.

True story.
No. 5256
File 127913717962.jpg - (63.32KB , 450x426 , you gonna get judged.jpg ) [iqdb]

Don't go on it then.
No. 5257
File 127913821262.png - (14.17KB , 739x173 , irccabal.png ) [iqdb]
Liars are terrible people.
No. 5259
Hey now, to be fair, they triple-dog-dared me to say it. I figured the sage and general tone of the post were telling enough though.

Also, you missed a bit in that.

><%Taisa|writing> ran out of energy
><Reav> So what was GH about, anyhow?
><Reav> High School romantic comedy with Touhoes?
><%Taisa|writing> Pretty much

...Just for clarity's sake.

But, yeah. Lack of energy. Constant fatigue, to abnormal levels. This was mentioned somewhere in another thread already, I think. Hopefully getting medical help for it in the near future. Expect me to return fully when this happens.

Until then, fiddling about in my /sdm/ thread so I don't forget how to write in English.
No. 5260
File 127913944541.jpg - (359.49KB , 700x627 , A sandwich and a way of life.jpg ) [iqdb]
I saw a fairy the other day. A common enough occurrence. With [REDACTED], we all loved the fairies. After all, who could hate something so innately pure and worry-free?

The thing about winter is that, eventually, it leads into spring. We are in a place with four seasons luckily enough. So that means that things are cyclical. At least, doesn’t it? Maybe if we sit back and enjoy our current season we’ll get [REDACTED] returned to us sooner or later. My not-so-clever wager is on sooner rather than later.

But what do I know? I’m still fascinated by the way the fairies frolic all day long. They’re so cute in their pretty little dresses and dance around in harmony with nature. To say I’m an impartial commentator is unfair; Although to stand back and watch gives one time to think.

It sometimes seems like a popularity contest. You know, fairies don’t really care if you’re negligent for a little bit. They’d much rather play and frolic than sweat the small stuff. In a way, it makes them callous. But it’s a cute kind of callous so it’s ok as far as most are concerned. They’ll still be there tomorrow and the day after. Even after we’re gone - they’ll be there - maybe they’ll have a whole new generation to contend with as well. Funny how it might seem like a perpetual cycle.

Unlike other cycles, the flowers here can be blooming all year long if things go right (or wrong?),

Now we should really go back to the boat. It’s not like it’s really stopped moving all this while. Mutiny, pirates and even scurvy can’t really stop it. It’s up to the wind and the sails to propel us. The pilot gets to steer when near port, but no one ever really notices him so it’s ok to ignore him too. Maybe something will cause the helmsman to adjust course slightly.

Something like that will definitely happen. It’s only natural. The question is: Where will that small adjustment take us? Hard to predict. It’s better if we’re agreed beforehand so that, at least, we know where we intend to go exactly.
No. 5261
File 127913965347.jpg - (426.47KB , 715x1010 , 48ea807a692b4dacabfd3e2957be70a4.jpg ) [iqdb]
An admin being utmostly butthurt and trying to incite drama in a vain attempt to gather activity because "any activity is good activity even if it's drama?"

Surely it must be the work of that nondescript IRC cabal! And if you can't gather that that was sarcasm, you deserve to die in a lonely hole like you were meant to.


Also, this post. Smartest post in this thread.
No. 5263
terrible people

can't you shut up and go away already
No. 5264
File 127914001398.png - (71.70KB , 219x289 , 127861428.png ) [iqdb]
No. 5265
File 127914059282.jpg - (134.88KB , 642x548 , You just went full retard.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 5266
>Maybe something will cause the helmsman to adjust course slightly.

Is that a threat, Teruyo?
No. 5267
First, let's set up some premises for discussion. Feel free to disagree with any single point if you think I'm overstressing something or ignoring something else.

Let's face it, we have only two realistic ways of getting more activity here: 1) getting new blood 2) activating old users.

First let's phrase some questions.

As for getting new blood, let's face it, any internet community that wants to survive on the long term needs to aquire new blood, there is no way around this, attrition will always do it's work. Saying that "we don't want no people from/like x" is nothing but trying to avoid realities.

What we need to ask ourselves is: What kinds of people do we want? Where can we get the people we want? What communities are most likely to respond favourably to us courting them?

As for activating old users, we have a double problem, as the site is reaching a certain kind of maturity, we can no longer expect a few exceptional people to pull us out of inaction, we need to break several harmful cycles. First on the writer end we have the constant slippage from self-imposed deadlines, updates that ocassionally take months to arrive (looking at you, glasnost) and absolutely random update schedules for most writers. On the user end we have massive passivity, at most people bother to copy-paste a vote, if even that much.

Now I don't want to turn this into a blame game, that would be pointless, we have entered into a downward spiral where the deficiencies of both writer and user interactions feed into each other. I doubt there is any other way out of this except by a paradigm shift in percieving the site and it's form.

And now the undoubtedly controversial suggested solution part.

Consolidate the boards, attract more people from choice sites with subtle methods.
Let's face it, we have too few users for both the amount of boards we have AND the amount of stories we have. Some of both must go. Now I'm not suggesting that we start scrubbing off stories by admin decision or that community must drive out people, there is a much more elegant and less intrusive a method: Cut off excess boards, at most we need something in the order of 3 or 4 regular boards + the miscellaneous boards under general touhou and other groupings. Even though having /blue/ and /coriander/ as separate entities is doubtfully meaningful, I'm not going to bother fighting over those boards as they are of secondaty importance at best.

This would have several important consequences. Firstly, it would bump off inactive stories much faster, and possibly provide with improved motivation for writers to either a) structure their stories so that they are interesting enough to not only vote, but to discuss about, b) update more often to both provide material for the discussion and to keep the story flowing.

Second, and more importantly, it would cause far more cross pollination between the readers of different stories, seriously, apart from a few weirdoes like me, does anybody really check all the boards?

And third, This would allow us to get rid of the archaic and often quite inaccurate location based sorting of the boards by categorising the boards by the story types they contain. And those of you screaming now "But how can we categorise these stories, they're so original!" I call bullshit, with the extremely rare exception you can put any story here cleanly in but a handful of categories, and those that don't fit cleanly can always be put on a board for stories that don't fit into any categorisation system we might come up with.

I know we have plenty of people who will be up in arms over the last portion, either due to being a conservative twat who wants everything to stay the same forever or because they have some disagreements over precisely which kind of categorisation we should pick. For the first group, go fuck yourselves, for the second group, open discussion time.

A possible technical solution to how to handle the moving would be to create the new boards, freeze all the old ones and tell the writers to request moving their old threads to the new board. Then after a month or so, kill the old boards so that they stop being an eyesore. Any stories that don't make the transition obviously weren't active enough to warrant the move anyways so fuck them.

Now these changes are doubtlessly going to cause some attrition in the more retarded portions of our userbase, so we're going to need replenishment, new people from other sites.

My own candidates are the typical 4chan's /jp/ and /tg/ and pooshlmer, but this list can very likely be expanded quite a bit. And for the people who say that 4chan is a bad place to get people, get fucking real, this site was FOUNDED by people from the site. And I'm pretty certain there are still people over there we might want who have not heard about the site.

What matters more is /how/ we attract the new people, obviously we can't just go out and spam like anontalk and expect good results, a much more subtle approach would be to find a way to mention the site in a tangential manner in touhou related threads. Not even by full url, just the name, that way anybody who gives enough fuck will google it. Serves a double use of being non-intrusive (when done in moderation) and keeping out the more ADD-afflicted people.

And as for the negative consequences of getting new people, sure, there will be disruptions, but with new people, we'll also get new ideas, new active writers and most importantly, less idiots who whine about "the IRC cabal". Seriously, put that fucking meme to rest already, it was bad when it first appeared, now it's just an eyesore.
No. 5268
File 127914456118.jpg - (5.81KB , 170x230 , ghaleon_puppet.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 5269

Checking all the boards takes like a minute top. It's not like you need to check anything other than the first page. Some board mergers would help for people that are too lazy to do even that. The idea here is to merge boards without making active stories go to page 2.

border + shrine
underground + others + coriander

Not sure where to put eientei and youkai mountain. It would be nice to merge them together too, but there isn't a common theme there.

sdm and general are good by themselves.
No. 5270
>this site was FOUNDED by people from the site
More specifically, people from /jp/ that were interested in GM's CYOA, only to have it be rudely interupted by the ban. 'Advertising' on /jp/ will also hit a bunch of people that know about the site but don't like this site due to lolfanfiction or lolroleplaying or lolshitquality or whatever, and the "Get out THP devs" people. They're the people that will endlessly shit up a thread about THP, if not just outright come here and start shitting up threads as trolls. I really don't think any form of advertising on /jp/, no matter how subtle, will be able to actually bring in any real users.
No. 5271
Hell no. That place is fucking awful and so are the people that frequent it.
No. 5272

We did get quite a few of our worst people from Poosh but there are a few there who aren't utter retards. Let's be honest now, you would much rather have pooshfags come here than shrinemaiden users.
No. 5273
I wasn't aware there was a difference between the two, actually.
No. 5274

Just mention TH-P in the right thread at the right time. Everyone on /jp/ has to know about this place by now. There isn't any other non-retarded site though.
No. 5275

Fun fact:
U.N. Owen came from Shrinemaiden
No. 5276

That makes so much sense it's scary.
No. 5278

You would tell blatant lies just to get people to think higher of a community?

I came here via a recommendation from Mystia-Tripfag. That's all.
No. 5279


[x] Make Mystia complete his story.
No. 5280
File 127914910236.png - (337.73KB , 916x890 , 0f04ce76e3872db802e971b3ec91d9996c0007ee[1].png ) [iqdb]
*Cough, gasp, wrack, wheeeeeeeeze*

"Look! Look! Activity. He's still alive!" The smaller of the two nurses says, indicating the patient currently wracked by a fit on the table.

"You call that activity? That last gasp of air escaping a dying corpse? The soul escaping the body so he could finally meet his busty reaper of souls?" The taller nurse sweeps her arm indicating the patient on the table, one Anon Y. Mouse.

"You're just saying that because he spurned you over and over again. You're bitter." The smaller bunny hit the nail on the head as the taller bunny's face flushed with a mixture of anger and embarrassment

*gasp* "I gave him plenty of opportunities to make his intentions clear and every time he passed me by. B-But that's besides the point. What could we possibly do at this point that would be considered good medicine?" The taller bunny nurse was getting a bit huffy at this accusation.

"Sure conventional medicine might be out at this point but when that fails you, you try something new, right, doctor?"

the good doctor was observing the scene and the patient thoughtfully, carefully considering her options while she half listened to the banter of her nurses. She gives a slight nod at Tewi's suggestion. what the smaller bunny says is true.

"See? Doctor Yagokoro agrees. don't bother her about it." Tewi says empirically, crossing her arms in victory.

"Harrumph." Reisen harrumphs, crossing her arms in an equally exaggerated motion of defeat. "Then what will we do to save the patient, Master?"

Eirin looks up and begins to speak [] "{________}". she answers. "We'll do that. Prepare the {__________}."
No. 5281

We know you love sucking Teruyo's cock but keep your role-playing to his IRC.
No. 5282
so you would decry roleplaying on a board dedicated to roleplaying?

You heard the man everyone. RP is silly. Boards over, go home.
No. 5283
>board dedicated to roleplaying

No. 5284

Role-playing has a time and place where it is right to use. This is obviously neither. We are not a forum of 12 year olds.
No. 5285
File 127915007417.jpg - (613.12KB , 800x800 , SUDDENLY.jpg ) [iqdb]
My my, this is quite the fuss isn't it?
No. 5286

Does Eirin have drugs that merge boards?
No. 5287
what do you think these stories are if not community roleplaying? Every story on here asks you to step into a role and chose an action. "What would you do in this situation?" its roleplaying across all boards.


and its not uncommon here on this board either.

anyways I'm spending too much time defending myself when I should just tell you to calm the fuck down and chill out. Have a little faith and quit being so goddamn butthurt. Obviously Teruyo has something in mind and it wouldn't hurt for you to put a little faith in the guy who keeps the site running month after month, K?
No. 5288
>it wouldn't hurt for you to put a little faith in the guy
yes it would
No. 5289
File 127915054983.jpg - (489.12KB , 600x800 , 58e2231b8071fa8bda64f80b6f60d97f96d58617[1].jpg ) [iqdb]
Yes! but in it's current form it is... not pretty. you have strange pieces jutting out at odd angles with impunity and remnants of the old flesh everywhere. It's... kinda icky.

But! We are developing a cleaner, safer version fit for human consumption!
No. 5290

I'm sure the lunar sage will come up with something.
No. 5291

What's a hungry youkai like you doing way out here?
No. 5292

He may be great at keeping the site up and running but that doesn't mean he's a good leader. He's a terrible writer who never admits his own faults and blames others. He isolates himself from the community in his own personal IRC channel full of his fanboys who never disagree with him. He is the last person I would ever want to have a major say in how the place is run. He's like Usually Dead only without the freakish need to insert his own ideology into everything he does.
No. 5293

>terrible writer

Just because you're butthurt about LAE doesn't mean you shouldn't read DoLF.

All the other shit is IRC faggotry that doesn't matter here.
No. 5294
uh-huh uh=huh.

I like how you phrased that so that anyone who disagrees with you would seem like one of, and I quote, "his fanboys who never disagree with him". It shows that you've turned ad hominem into an art. It also shows that arguing any of the points you brought up would be pointless and fruitless.

Your post indicates Wiseman levels of stupidity and bitterness, so I'll just say GTFO tripless Wise.
No. 5295
File 12791543817.jpg - (32.15KB , 403x396 , 1221943140190.jpg ) [iqdb]
>what do you think these stories are if not community roleplaying? Every story on here asks you to step into a role and chose an action. "What would you do in this situation?" its roleplaying across all boards.

There is a very thick line between interacting with a work of fiction and pretending to be the little girl in general posts.
Furthermore it is fucking annoying.

>without the freakish need to insert his own ideology into everything he does.

Picture related
No. 5297
Hello THP!

Having fun? No? What’s that I see? Accusations, strife and uncertainty?! Oh my! I apologize, it was not my intention to stir up so much angst and annoyance. Did I drop the ball on this one? Maybe. Maybe I did.

>Ninjas have kidnapped our beloved ability to take it easy.

All following omissions are a variant thereof. This is probably the only time that you’ll ever hear this: YAF actually had a healthy attitude here. There’s no need to take everything so seriously, so frantically.

Things I did:
-Touch upon topics vaguely related to bettering this place
-Keep aim of thread ambiguous
-Not reply to any provocations or replies to allegations I did not make

Things I didn’t to:
-Claim anything about lack of activity or any of that tired discussion
-State that there was an IRC cabal in a serious tone (though good job at making it seem like there is one)
-Get at all mad or bothered

The message here is that as a community we need to lighten the hell up. Whether it’s accepting a joke, not over-analyzing the types of stories existent today or even being outraged when touhou threads are posted that aren’t stories.

Shame on me? Yeah, definitely. But I’m sure that those of you who overreacted also should be shamed. Faith in each other is important. So is having fun and taking it easy.


Feel free to hate me as long as some of you smile in the end!
No. 5298
File 127915479166.jpg - (59.65KB , 250x195 , 1209192931112.jpg ) [iqdb]
man if you're trolling I have to give you an 8/10. making the same bullshit argument that got us kicked off /jp/ in the first place AND giving the best humor on the site, a series of short stories, as an example of "roleplaying"? goddamn.
No. 5299
File 127915518426.png - (154.90KB , 194x433 , punchingpuppetghaleon.png ) [iqdb]
No. 5300
I still don't understand what the hell your other three posts said.
No. 5301

That's the point.

This was just one big ploy to make everyone fight amongst each other. Maybe not what Teruyo planned but I don't think you need even the least bit clairvoyance to know what this would've done so I think if anything else, Teruyo needs to sit and think about what he's done.

So...how about that board restructuring?
No. 5302
That post was roleplaying in the sense that every story post is roleplaying. In other words, it isn't. Try not to get butthurt over what is literally nothing.

>Checking all the boards takes like a minute top.
However, people will only check all the boards if they're actively seeking new things to read, or actively reading all boards. This is rarely the case, rather than commonly. Consolidation would force people to scroll past things they aren't yet aware of. This is a form of advertisement common to many businesses.

To be clear, I am not fully in support of consolidation. Consider: We profess a goal in which users check every board, and then suggest organizing the boards by type of story. This sort of organization makes sense, in that people who like one kind of story probably want a convenient way to find all stories of that kind. This reduces the likelihood that they will continue to check other boards. That is the usual and intended goal of separate boards--segregation based on interests. To reiterate, reorganizing the boards in a way that makes good sense is exactly counter to encouraging cross-board travel.
No. 5303
File 127915552058.png - (46.83KB , 736x736 , 1216173650113.png ) [iqdb]
>it was just a joke guyz its your fault for taking things so seriously
No. 5304
This thread will get more replies than some story threads get in a month.
Quit whining and go back to reading/writing.
No. 5305
File 127915561630.jpg - (360.77KB , 1000x800 , UltimateMahjongOfUltimateDestiny.jpg ) [iqdb]
>The message here is that as a community we need to lighten the hell up.

Crystal-clear truth. Shitstorms, drama, and accusations of "His fault her fault its fault" all happen because for some reason people don't want to just laugh it off, take it easy, and tell a joke to lighten the mood. Most likely that's the real reason people are leaving, and thus the reason the site is supposedly dying.

So for your consideration, I give you win. The Yama is watching you cheat, and she does not approve.
No. 5306
>the same bullshit argument that got us kicked off /jp/
Huh? GM was banned for "fanfiction," not "roleplaying." That was the given reason. We are most assuredly writing fanfiction.

The real reason was "causing a big to-do."
No. 5307
I could be assed to check three or four generic boards daily.

I wouldn't if they were sorted by genre, though. I'd end up sticking solely to whatever board had the non-serious non-romantic comedy stories, because fuck stories that're about romancing touhous from the get-go and grimdark stories.
No. 5308
The reason on the ban was '/b/ shit in /jp/'. Considering the sticky made, I'm pretty sure the mods/janitor considered it to be roleplaying.

Not that I'm saying it's actually role playing. The mods are just morons.
No. 5309
see, this is why we left. Mods and assholes on /jp/ were being douchewaffles when we just wanted to have a good time and be silly about touhous. If the mods hadn't kicked us out we would have left anyways to find a better place.

Really that's what we have now, and what we should advertise. This is a place you can talk about Touhou and not be looked down upon for it.

and I wouldn't necessarily limit it to touhou either. That's what the "other" board should have been for. for crossovers and other properties all together.
No. 5310
File 127916145973.jpg - (23.27KB , 640x480 , 1247806598734.jpg ) [iqdb]
>The message here is that as a community we need to lighten the hell up.
No. 5311
Forgive my lack of admin key, it's a chore to open up the control panel.

Friendly reminder: The use of proxies is not tolerated here. The obvious applications in assisting votespam makes our wonderful moderation team delete posts and ban the proxy. Besides which, if you want to make oh so very hurtful accusations and observations using fallacies, I assure you that I take it easy enough to take it in stride.

>This was just one big ploy to make everyone fight amongst each other.
Nope silly. It's a ploy to make you realize that we are all here because we like touhou and that's our strength. Posts got progressively more surreal and nonsensical. Also, if you'll note the email fields contain references to frame of mind (psst the last two refer to absurdist literature). I'll go take a time out as long as everyone else who went wild does too. Fair's fair.

Hey, you bugged me on IRC. I told you to chill the fuck out didn't I? I'm not the one being spasmodic. I told you from the beginning to ignore things if you didn't like them or to participate if you were inclined.

If people want to talk about restructuring or any other things pertaining to the site: go ahead. The administration staff here has always listened to complaints and done their best to improve the site. If it took common antipathy towards me for people to feel at ease saying what they think then I certainly don't mind.
No. 5312

Like I said, not your intent, but that's what happened and I think you of all people knew that this was the most likely outcome, at least considering that you've kept up with recent threads here. This kind of shit just ASKS for it.

While you're right that a lot of people need to calm the fuck down, and you just more or less proved it, you went about it in such a counter productive way, lol.

You seem to have realized that now though, so you're okay. Sorry for steaming off earlier myself.

As far as restructuring goes, my notion is that if there were less boards, it'd improve the "artificial activity," which is to say that while the number of users might not increase, the board will seem much livelier. This in turn, will help new readers to be a little more motivated to stick around, because no one likes staying in a place that seems empty. There's the problem of new writers having to fight for attention among more popular ones, but that can debated on by other people. I just want to throw my two cents down on what might improve this site.
No. 5313
The person who runs the site is speaking in riddles and promising a "reckoning"? If I seemed upset, it's because after your first post, I suspected that you had gone off the rails for good, and was busy backing up the site and wondering how many members we were going to be able to keep after this site crash. I understand that you were trying to make the point that people are getting irrationally upset, but making people rationally upset does not seem like the best way to go about that. There does come a time where one has to say "I can't take it easy like this", after all. This was not quite as clever as you seem to think it was.

It was a little clever, though. No hard feelings.
No. 5314
>Hey, you bugged me on IRC. I told you to chill the fuck out didn't I?

Nope. All you did in our talk was fuel the speculation that you've gone off the deep end.

Protip: GUYS I WAS JUST JOKING GOD CAN'T YOU SEE THAT IT WAS A JOKE ALL ALONG is not a valid excuse for you being a dumbass.
No. 5316
Oh, and I forgot to mention >>5218. Now that you've crumbed the play, I assume this was just another part of the ruse, but up until several hours ago, I had little choice but to believe that you banned a guy for saging a thread. Surely you can understand how that makes a fellow a little nervous?
No. 5317
Is there an excuse for you being all melodramatic and a huge drama queen? How about one for you missing the point entirely?
No. 5318

No. 5319

That is not part of the ruse. He really was banned for saging a thread. Three days.
No. 5321
Well, that's dumb. I hope someone undoes that.
No. 5322
I think I accomplished exactly what I wanted to accomplish, being as clever as I intended to be. Not only was I anything but confrontational (nor really threatening) but the irrational panic was fomented entirely by others, validating my purpose. It makes me a douche. But that's an entirely different matter.Fact is that all the needless mudslinging was not done by me. The insulting cries hopefully will give pause to those who would rather first yell than seek to understand. I can't help but be amused by those who badmouthed, screamed for me to stop posting for no real reason at all. Sure it's the internet, but taking it easy can mean the difference between clusterfuck and nice.

Your tears are almost as delicious as the other guy who flipped out at me. Get over it. Move on. Sound familiar? Maybe because those were words I said to you via IRC. I'll post logs if you want. You kept railing no matter what I said, no matter how I tried to defuse things.And beyond that, throughout this thread, though you had made your position perfectly clear several posts before. If I am indeed a dumbass, I fear to think what you would be. I'll say it again, move on. Take it easy mate, I don't mind whatever hostility happened, however much shit I got and you shouldn't mind either.

I didn't ban him for saging a thread. I banned him for adding nothing but making a big deal of 'sage'. You have to ignore shit you don't like in this life, sage doesn't make stuff magically go away. If you want to criticize and not bump, fine. But this guy was enough of a douche to try to make a big deal about something irrelevant. Besides, it was his only post on the site ever until that moment, making me suspect it all the more (reeks of suspicion that someone who never before would have a sudden opinion). It was a 3-day ban. If he had appealed I would have lifted it. Hell, he didn't and I still did lift it.

It was in a way. Helped underscore that people should take it easy instead of trying to be outright assholes. Like I said, YAF had a better response. For all his megalomania and other shortcomings he doesn't lose sight that we're on a touhou fanfiction website.

I may be satisfied with this stunt but I can only hope the lesson sticks. Take it easy, you're again encouraged to participate in the site. Like I predicted those who normally don't do much had a field day here and I'd ask them to kindly do something productive for a change. Or at the very least stop insulting me for the same things. Me as an admin and me as a storyteller are different. Besides which you can cry all you want that I'm uncommunicative and a masochistic ass but I think that anyone that actually bothers to read what I write would disagree.Not only do I try to help people along but I encourage open discussion and criticism. That and my little corner of rizon has literally one person who is a fan. I'm pretty sure that all of them are free thinkers. It honestly surprises me that no one tried even cheaper shots, something about perhaps my sexuality given all the shit that was said. You'd think I was some sort of embittered crazed Stalinesque demagogue with no sense of fun or humor.

Wait, why am I still posting in this thread? Oh yeah, because I can.


PS - Being bitter is no fun at all! Lighten up and get off your high horses.
No. 5323
Late to this thread, but whatever. So, what can we do to save THP? Clearly we do not have many options.

As proposed by >>5269, we can merge some boards together, this would make it easier for Anons to find CYOAs and easier for writers to begin new ones. These boards are simply too slow, get few votes and then the updates are sluggish and the CYOA does not progress like it should.

Second, we could make some rules. First, no shitstorming in CYOA threads. You either get banned or the post gets transported to a separate thread (or board) made specifically for shitstorming. This worked for GH for a short time, didn't it?
Other rules include ''no bumpan'' if it isn't a vote. The writers will not forget to write, they just won't write. If you want to say something, use sage.

My last proposal is very desperate, radical and I am sure I will get some heavy criticism for even thinking about this. Kill this imageboard and create a fast forum community. This way we can use the praise/punishment system. Constructive criticism and good updates get kudos, attempts to shitstorm or trolling the readers (if it isn't a joke update) get the kudos taken away. Rules would be easier to enforce. Writers would be easier to contact via PM or maybe e-mail.
Sure, making a whole new site would have its disadvantages. We would lose people in the transit, there would be too much work for the site owners and it is hard to make sure each IP has just one account (votespamming...).

Just my two cents, TH-P.
I am also sorry for my horrible English.
No. 5324

It really amuses me that you expect people to "take it easy" when you still outright provoke them. It really does. It also amuses me that while you seem to enjoy fluttering about the saying that you should just ignore what you don't like, you seem to criticize and argue with people you don't like anyways, not only fueling the fire but making yourself out to be a big hypocrite to boot. You're more then just a douche, I hope you know this. I whole heartedly believe that if not for the whole "ignore what you don't like" shtick though, because seriously, I would have left this site long ago due to moronic stunts like this that you and others pull. If all this stupid drama and retardation was really your intent, then please point me away from any board you ever post in, because just knowing this thread exists hurts my head. On the other hand, I will give you points for that whole ignoring what you don't like thing. Like I said, I wouldn't be able to enjoy this site at all otherwise.

And a tip? You should really think about getting off your own high horse before telling others to do the same. That rampant hypocrisy at work again.
No. 5325
So we can see the lesser boards get swallowed up as a result of their writers having lives outside of this site?

If anything we should have a sort of Variety platter topic in /th/ at least showing off the best of each board. (Everyone goes to /th/)

Things were rather peaceful in GH before Taisa's drive to write gave out on him.

But I think this is a much fuss over nothing; it's the summer, it's always like this at this time of year.

I think more people would try writing if they didn't have to deal with the expectation of being the next HY or Fell. We ought to celebrate the mid-tiers (Such as EX Nine) more often just to show that you don't need to be HY or Fell to enjoy some popularity.
No. 5326
Merge the boards. We've nine boards under "Stories" currently; we can easily cut that number to four or even three. The rise in activity might not be numerically true, but the liveliness factor would increase tremendously, and sometimes that's all that is needed to keep a community going.
No. 5328
>I think more people would try writing if they didn't have to deal with the expectation of being the next HY or Fell.
Word, bro. Hell, even I would write.
No. 5329

See, there's a reason that Fell and HY have such fame. It's the same reason Patchwork has his own fame of a lesser degree, and the same reason people will still suck HY's dick at the drop of a hat despite all the endless trolling he does nowadays (Sanguine Disorder Revisited, anyone?).

They actually finished their fucking stories. Not only that, but they did it at a fairly fast pace, as well.

Others have finished their stories as well, of course, but I'm not listing them as they have a sort of infamy, rather than fame.
No. 5330
But I do ignore crap I don't like. I'm taking it damn easy here, I'm as cool as a cucumber. There's never any harm in exchanging words with anyone, not even if that person seems to hate your guts.Would you rather everyone roll over? Makes life dull. That said I don't think there's anyone on this site with whom I would mind having a beer with. Any and all differences can always be worked out. I stick true to my principles, I take integrity seriously. Whether you believe me or not doesn't matter as long as I am satisfied that I've held true.

Like I said, feel free to dislike me. It's a shame because I don't really dislike anyone here. And unfortunately for you I post in every board here (with varying frequency).Look at the upside, no one is creating drama for drama's sake here.

Merging boards isn't something I am against. I'm not enthusiastically for it either.What was said earlier was meant to stimulate speculation and discussion about the possibility, if it's done. Frankly I have thought about it but the real question is what sort of criteria would be used for the different boards. Whether it's character, genre or something else entirely. Personally I'd rather not accidentally stifle creativity. I say this as 'just' a user of the site.
No. 5331
Yes but for their time their writing was regarded as high end. One can easily get the notion that if you're not as good as them, you shouldn't bother. And I must commend those brave souls that try starting up stories in spite of this.

Them and all the "not high-tier" writers that keep on pressing onwards and giving us entertaining stories regardless of whatever quality they might have.

The best cure is fresh spirited writers; something stifled by the air of overly high standards that pervade this site. I feel that this whole 'air' of superiority that's around on this site is hindering it. More so for these days, this site isn't much better than Poosh. Poosh doesn't have the pretentiousness that's found here, and folks do indeed have fun, even during a debate.

Harker was sighted there remarking on being hestiant to write due to Anon's general attitude on the site; not in his thread.

In the end this is nothing more than a touhou fanfiction site that just happens to have a few nice if highly troubled writers. Not some ultra cream of the crop touhou community, or any thing overly lofty. I don't think that's even the original spirit of this site, just some folks who liked WUiG and wanted to write fun stories like that.
No. 5332

Well, I can't really argue against this. Any of it, even the pooshlmer part. While I'm no fan of poosh, at least the brand of faggotry they have over there isn't quite as suffocating as it is here. I love this place, but christ, it can be pretty tough on ones patience sometimes.

>Harker was sighted there remarking on being hestiant to write due to Anon's general attitude on the site; not in his thread.

I'm not sure how to feel about this. On one hand, I want to say 'writers please fucking communicate a bit more we've only asked like ten million times', but on the other, it really doesn't seem like it would accomplish much in Harker's case. He could have told us the general attitude was too stifling for him, but then what?

It's pretty clear that something has to happen, but I have no idea what that something is.
No. 5333
THP right now feels like a huge dance hall with a few small groups of dancers spread far away from each other. A direct result of the ass-backwards way the admins have handled the board structure issue. Thinking that spreading an already small userbase over larger area would make the site more active, if they actually bothered to use those braincells they have they would have realised what a bad idea this is. Also this type of distribution of stories over location specific system is bound to produce "feature" creep where every time a game is released that depicts a new locale, the mods feel a need to add it to the site, if for no other reason than to keep the noisiest fans happy. In a site that gets very little new users and suffers from attrition, this situation is completely untenable.

Sorting stories by a general style they fall under would at least make it less likely that we'd need more boards in the near future. Well, at least assuming that the categorisation was done intelligently and with foresight taking into account precisely what kinds of stories we have, are likely to have and how many of each kind we have. Obviously whatever sorting system we might adopt, we're still going to have situations where one board is more bare than some other one, but with careful analysis and engineering of the categories we can minimise the problems this causes.
No. 5334
File 127919055390.jpg - (6.63KB , 103x123 , 1240530790592.jpg ) [iqdb]
I've been a bad reader. I haven't voted or even read any updates on the site for weeks now.

It's just that nothing here can keep my interest anymore. I've gotten bored of CYOAs. They're just not as fun as they were in the beginning.

I'm sorry.
No. 5335
A) Suicide-bomb /jp/ and others with CYOAs. The moderators will probably delete them and ban you, but we'll leave it up to the normal users to say "take that shit to THP". Any of those stories that are actually popular enough this doesn't happen, feel free to plug the site in subtle conversation.

B) We had a marathon/write-off/whatever for the writers to compete anonymously. If we don't have enough writers, look for new ones elsewhere AFTER we've looked for new ones amongst our currently existing reader base. New marathon - you've been reading all this time, do you think you can write? For all we know, we could have the next great story waiting behind someone who's too self-conscious to give it a try. You post anonymously, you wait for the results anonymously. No existing writers are allowed to participate, so you're not up against experience. You're just trying your hand at it; you're not going to be run off the site, no one is going to insult you. As far as we're concerned, you didn't actually write. That, of course, means the people who read these works at least know the difference between criticism and being an asshole (if you can't tell, don't comment). Prizes go to the top five. If you cheer someone on enough, they may just pick up writing here permanently.

C) THP is now an artist-esque site. Why not put the - good - artwork up on Danbooru? Stuff that GenericDrawfag has done, or the guy who makes those paint animations with every update in his /th/ story? Go on from there; create a CYOA where we vote on the site, and have video animation on Youtube as the update. Hell, do more random crap on IRC and post it to the site; bring the two main parts of THP together and get people to start visiting both.

D) Stray away from the usual more often. We seem to have this unwritten rulebook on how everything should be done. Punish anonymous for being cautious, reward them for being idiots. Take the routes that are "forbidden". Forget everything you knew about the world. If it doesn't work, move on to something new. Snow End has been haunting us for far too long, it's time for Sunflower End Rainbows And Lollipops End. That doesn't just mean how we act here, either. Fictional world = no boundaries. The only "writer's-block" is in your own sober factual mind.

Sorry if any of this has been suggested already. This thread is too long for me to sit down and sift through what's trolling and what are real posts.
No. 5336
The only "writer's-block" is in your own sober factual mind.

Try saying that again after being a writefag who goes for months where they spend several hours every day trying to work on an update and often not even managing to scrape out a single sentence.

As for uploading GD's stuff to Danbooru, that'd kill the insecure little guy.
No. 5337
He had no problems with the anons in his thread, just the site's general attitude.

I think that something is basically dropping all the airs the general population's been putting on since HY's big success.
No. 5338
File 127919653841.jpg - (11.28KB , 137x318 , 1274628458446.jpg ) [iqdb]


You know, these threads are getting pretty pointless. A lot of talk is said and an agreement is reached that action must be made but instead of taking any action we dismiss and schedule a meeting for next week's bitching session and watch things deteriorate some more. That post and that thread was from a year ago and it seems that poster was right on the money.
No. 5339
Which is precisely why we must keep this issue on the table constantly, if we let it slip away into the background again absolutely nothing will be solved. Even if it makes us sound like broken records, this matter must be held in the spotlight.
No. 5341
>B) We had a marathon/write-off/whatever for the writers to compete anonymously. If we don't have enough writers, look for new ones elsewhere AFTER we've looked for new ones amongst our currently existing reader base. New marathon - you've been reading all this time, do you think you can write? For all we know, we could have the next great story waiting behind someone who's too self-conscious to give it a try. You post anonymously, you wait for the results anonymously. No existing writers are allowed to participate, so you're not up against experience. You're just trying your hand at it; you're not going to be run off the site, no one is going to insult you. As far as we're concerned, you didn't actually write. That, of course, means the people who read these works at least know the difference between criticism and being an asshole (if you can't tell, don't comment). Prizes go to the top five. If you cheer someone on enough, they may just pick up writing here permanently.

I am seriously liking this idea. I'm pretty sure we have more than a few "writers" who are just too too shy to actually post anything up. If nothing else, at least it will help decide if we do actually need new blood.
No. 5342
Then try not to make it so that the plot binds you immovable. Leave a little room open for "crazy". Make certain points malleable, insert a mini-objective that can bring you back around to the main plot-line if you've hit a wall. Find an excuse to railroad only when you absolutely need to.

Sometimes the reader finds it better to drop the choice they want so that the writer starts up again. It's better to make certain sacrifices than being stubborn and left with a permanent hiatus.
No. 5343
Just to bring this post up in the spotlight again, because this is pretty much the closest thing we have a permanent solution as of present.
No. 5344

It's not even a matter of being unhappy with the story or plot. It's quite simply just a complete inability to write.
People say that there's generally a cause for such a state but I've never been able to find one. I've just been left unable to write for long periods of time until one day when things suddenly click and I can produce an update again.
No. 5345
You mean certain excitable folks having a fit and using it to further their own agendas?

There's two main things holding back writers: fear of /blue/ and fear of not measuring up. People here are terribly judgemental about things and if a story steps out side of their 'boundaries' they'll thumb their noses at it.

But a topic just for samples from would-be writers would be a great idea. This way they could get constructive advice (not "You suck so go to hell and die, faggot") before they truly start.

That's a lesson we could take from Poosh, since they have a fiction topic where there's next to no excessive judging.
No. 5346
>There's two main things holding back writers: fear of /blue/ and fear of not measuring up.

Don't forget the disappointment of writing a story only to have it be ignored, buried under other threads, and/or not voted on 'enough'.
You still do see certain writers bitch about the last of those from time to time, and I don't think they need to be named.
No. 5347
That's just simply a sign that not enough is going on to hook the reader. If you want votes and discussion, you've got to warrant them. And it doesn't take alot of skill to do that, just a bit of talent. Updating more than twice a year also helps in that regard unless you're Harker.

But the bitching about not enough votes is more a sign of bad writer attitude.

Some complain about lack of comments. If it's a normal slice of life story, that's more or less on par, since there's not much to remark on than the obvious. And references are best hidden in plain site, not buried in the space between lines.

but the newbie sample topic would help since they'd find out if they need to spice things up a bit or not.
No. 5348
Why not just shove everything story-related into one board? Sure, it'll get chaotic and crowded and people who update less often will easily get bumped off the first page, but it might be better than cutting everything else up into other, equally arbitrary categories like genre or title or author's name or...
No. 5349
You could just have three general boards. You wouldn't have anything cut up, and the stories would have breathing room.
No. 5350

No. 5352
Herp. Not only was board structure inherited from Holy and the days before we owned the site ourselves, but every time the idea of merging/condensing/restructuring boards was brought up it was greeted with an absolutely violent reaction. The official policy has always been not to change anything major without the community wanting it.

See: http://www.touhou-project.com/gensokyo/arch/res/231.html (I'm aware that someone else here posted it)

And since then there have been other threads that have also gotten drown by 'persuasive' folk like our very own >>5350 here. Oftentimes ad hominems like yours are used. Want to improve the place? Put forward a proposal and get a sizable number of people to agree with it. I assure you that if it's logical and not impossible to implement that there's no reason why it wouldn't be done.

I appreciate that you're trying to help but I can't condone (nor do I think any admin would) some of what you've suggested. Specifically the spamming CYOA. On /jp/ at least there are those who know about it and don't like us and there are those of us that go there. Anywhere it would be spamming, something that people don't take too kindly to.

Getting anonymous to write sounds fun and even if we don't get new writers maybe it'll lead to greater understanding between readers and writers. I don't see how the artwork idea would really work with the scant amount of original content we've produced (well, compared to writing anyways) but I admit it could reach another group of people and interest them in the site.

It is a general plan but at some point we need specifics and consensus. And a top-down approach probably won't cut it.

Give it a rest, won't you? If you've bothered to look around the site you'd know that there isn't a strict correlation between comments and content and votes and update speed. It may hold true for a few cases but there's legions of stories that simply are consigned to a slow and boring cycle. Besides which, as a reader, you'd bitch if a story took a turn for the worse (writing-wise) or if the author did something you didn't like. Why shouldn't the reverse hold true? In an interactive story it takes both writer and reader to make it work. I'm not saying that writers are perfect, and they should update as often as possible, but it's hardly as black and white and 'fair' as you're painting it.
No. 5353
Well it's hard to expect votes or comments when you took so long to update people forgot what their plans were. There's also the whole "6 months for a measily little update" with very little substance, not like say Norseman, Glasnost, Falloutanon or Palanon. Palanon before the fluke was very fast for his update size.

And I do understand how people have lives outside, I was referring to certain parties that seem to prefer Dicking around in IRC than producing any actual updates, even to their "getting back in the groove" stories.

And a reference fails if it takes someone a long to find it. And I'm talking folks who would get it when they find it. An example of someone who does references right is "Let's Go" anon, his references aren't buried.

And "A young man comes to terms with presence within him" or "A youkai tortured by sadistic shrine maiden for unknown reasons" tend to invoke more discussion than say "_____ visits Reimu for a normal visit". Even the very best slice of life has very few comments; most of which is variations of "That's cute"

Look at The Game for a case of someone getting all these things right.

Even folks like Nine, Taisa, and Sukima can inspire some discussion, though Taisa does it a bit TOO well, much to his displeasure.

Constant demands for attention is far from a reassuring sign, seeing how most attention seekers end up flaking out in the end. That's not even mentioning how the readers that do give comments and such feel after such a thing, which is as if they were nothing.
No. 5354
Nail on the motherfucking head.
No. 5356
File 127929450152.jpg - (544.08KB , 719x1024 , i am the happiest.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well, wasn't this a lot of fun?
No. 5357
>i am the hungriest.jpg
No. 5358
File 127929887136.jpg - (145.04KB , 500x500 , 1279136723173.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 5359
Yes, yes it was.
No. 5361
No, you attention fag.
No. 5362
So if a writer doesn't feel like he can write, he shouldn't be on IRC? He should not, further, be messing around anywhere else if he is unable to pump out another update? And if the update he has ready after a hiatus is too small, it isn't worth the bother to post. It just isn't enough to make up for the failure of delay.

It's this kind of reasoning that has caused me to avoid TH-P entirely for long stretches. It is far too depressing, and all I can do is seek solace from my incompetence-fueled depression in matters unrelated to writing and Touhou.

Do you see where I'm going (and have gone) with this?
No. 5363
IRC seems to kill productivity big time; the only person who seems to benefit from it for the most part is the Fleet Foxes guy because he needs nudges from other people. Even then there's some people telling such writefags to update already.

About the size of updates after a hiatus, it's only natural that the turn out/memorization isn't as memorable. Tis human nature after all. Glasnost, Harker, etc generally put enough into updates to more than justify their delays and to make the flow of things harder to forget. If anything, in the case of a delay go the extra mile in giving the update some meat to it.

Seeing HY's post reminds me of the other type most likely to flake out: The "Artistic/Progressive" types, mainly due to how after some sort of misunderstanding, they'll claim being here is holding them back and leave.

It's unreasonable to have a normal sized update after 2+ months and expect as much voting/memorization/etc as a story that updates a 3+ times a month.
No. 5364

>It is far too depressing

You're doing it wrong. We're all here to write about/read Touhou fanficiton. You might want to step back and take it easy for a bit.
No. 5365
I am taking it easy. The problem is that I can't seem to take it easy here, even after taking it easy elsewhere.
No. 5366

This, kind of. Hard to take it easy in a place where no one else does.
No. 5367
People being all melodramatic and depressed makes it hard for others to take it easy. I do a pretty good job of it here barring such outbreaks like this.

But just focus on the fun of writing and not so much for fame or attention. That should help in a writer taking it easy.

As far as the readers? That's easy as long as the writer doesn't go about making such massively polarizing choices for cheap drama. An example of folks taking it easy would be RiG or Gensou Coil, where while people have differening opinions of romantic choices, they're mellow about it.
No. 5368
File 127935102815.jpg - (61.30KB , 400x500 , fa4682a02eb42ef14df9669c48a79774.jpg ) [iqdb]

Seems like >>5363 is right here. I've been coming here for 4-5 months now and the only time I have seen people post negatively about a writer coming back is YAF's return. If you are getting comments like that you're either getting them on IRC (I have no idea what THP IRC is like) or you are YAF.

People aren't going to jump on you if an update is too short after a few months of waiting. They are just going to be happy they you are continuing the story.
No. 5369
Speaking for IRC, we are a bunch of slacker ne'er-do-good fags. Some of us are trolls and some of us are the antithesis of trolls, but no one (who matters) gets angry when writers write.

Except YAF. The prick.
No. 5371
Just found the site recently. If it's dying, I can't tell.
Personally, I think we/you need better support for new visitors. As it is, I'm not reading much because I don't know what to read. Reading whatever and seeing if I like it is all well and good, but that takes time, which I often don't have. I imagine it's like this for most most newbies.
No. 5372
I recall someone on IRC bringing up the idea of creating a small wiki for the site where stories are briefly and objectively described and categorized for new readers.

The problem is finding someone who can handle the 'objectively' part. And someone who can be arsed to do all this.
No. 5373
This would be glorious.
No. 5374
Random suggestion: add "recently updated" and "new stories"(threads?) boxes to the front page. Could help people to find active stories.
No. 5375
apathetic person here. I have no strong opinions in one way or the other.
Except that, you know, the site seems the same as it always has.
No. 5376
The idea was discussed with me and elsewhere on IRC and I encouraged people to create a thread about it on the site, since it's a site thing. See >>4071

Already thought of by me in the form of something like the recent images on 4chan but for just posts. Doable? Pretty sure I understand the theory. Worth doing it? Debatable. It may do just the opposite for activity. In any case, it doesn't seem like it'd help new people and for those who follow a story already there's both rss (board-specific) and the watched threads function.

The best way of deciding you like something is simply by reading it. That said one of the first threads on this board was >>3. If that counts for something. There have also been recommendation threads here and elsewhere on the boards (/th/ when this place wasn't around) and they always haven't been to the point nor civil. You state what kind of story you like and ask for recommendations as well. People have done it before.

>It's unreasonable to have a normal sized update after 2+ months and expect as much voting/memorization/etc as a story that updates a 3+ times a month.
And how often is that the case? I can't think of many examples that stop for more than two months and then resume fairly frequently. Most stories update more than once a week (the ones that could be considered 'not dead' anyways), oftentimes containing both short and long updates. You've already pointed out the exceptions that write much more on average. It may be unreasonable to expect everyone who ever read to be checking every day but I simply don't like the way you call things 'normal updates'. For the better or worse, we have tended towards the wordier extreme here. It's never quick to write 1000-2000+ words (oftentimes much more which is 'normal' for a story), especially for an allegedly interactive medium. Not everyone aims for length and then there's always the fact that there isn't a necessary correlation between quality and word count. I get what you're trying to say about constant activity but it comes off as demeaning and cheapening of people's efforts.

There's no real cure for that I'm afraid. I think a lot of people have felt that way one time or another, perhaps even left the site because of it. All I can say is try to focus on the nice things, maybe talk to someone who isn't all serious business and you just might be able to take it easy here.
No. 5377
I didn't intend to demean anyone's efforts, just state how people tend to think/forget.

Dune/Tesla do do a nice story, but their update speed hinder the collect mind flow of Anon. Also recently after Anonymaster came back from a noticable hiatus, his fans forgot a detail that they only realized too late.

Basically cause and effect.
No. 5378

Interest for D&T's story does seem to have died down. More people should read it, but I can see why the premise would turn one off.

>Also recently after Anonymaster came back from a noticable hiatus, his fans forgot a detail that they only realized too late.

We owe a dance with Flan, but there is no music in the basement. It was better for us to forget that detail for the time being.
No. 5379
>Also recently after Anonymaster came back from a noticable hiatus, his fans forgot a detail that they only realized too late.

I have taken no hiatus lately. I've not even been particularly slow lately. Recently I've been consistently updating about twice a fortnight.
No. 5383
I like it, but the lack of update speed is killing the flow.
No. 5384
File 127955053530.jpg - (23.86KB , 431x450 , lumberjack.jpg ) [iqdb]
There was a post here...it's gone now.

Anyway, I've been here for a bit more then a year but I've always avoided commenting on site issues but I feel the need to say something now.

You guys are snobby, elitist pricks who scare away new writers and seem content to let this place rot away.

At least that's what I thought about you when I first started reading/replying here. Most of you are alright, but still the impression that I got when I came here initially was the one stated above.

I won't waste too much of this space, so I'll keep my actual opinion on what should be done brief.

1. Consolidate boards. No matter the backlash.
2. New blood, /jp/ was fairly receptive of CYOAs during the recent spam there, there are of course other places to consider.
3. Be slightly more welcoming and less dickish.

That's pretty much all I have to say.
Picture tangentially related.
No. 5391
I agree with our lumberjack friend. succinct and apt description of both the situation and what we need to do.
No. 5392
>You guys are snobby, elitist pricks who scare away new writers and seem content to let this place rot away.

This place is anything but 'elitist'. On the contrary it accepts any old bottom-feeding junk.
No. 5393
>it accepts any old bottom-feeding junk
This is true.
No. 5394
I'm glad someone else notices that. This site has been ruined by people looking on the bright side, allowing things to continue because "they're harmless" or "if you don't like it, don't read it" when the people who like that shit will let it spread. Yeah, good stories still get readers and pop up now and then, but the sheer number of crappy stories drives out anyone you would want reading yours, and drives out good authors who can't get readers because now nobody wants to bother catching up or trying new things.

And why is that? Because there's just so goddamn many and almost all of them are either complete shit or due to be dropped before they end. Meanwhile the reason so many are dropped is because all the good readers are gone, and the spirit of fun that was shared by the readers and writers from the beginning has faded.

And yet I still come here every fucking day.
No. 5395
And that was caused by the elitism and if this site accepted anything, Reiji and J to the E would still be here.

It's just stuff that's approved by the Cabal that's accepted

Honestly things are not that bad and it only seems as bad due to people angsting out like you.
No. 5396

/blue/ is the cabal now?
No. 5397
Or, it seems bad because I continue trying to read new stories that crop up every time only to find fanfiction.net level shit.

I'm a member of the cabal, by the way.
No. 5398
Are we really, really having this discussion again?

I've noticed something about this site. Something that, from threads like these, I never would have noticed.

It's doing fine.

We have close to a dozen active stories worth reading, at least. Some of these stories even update frequently. Shortages of votes are not really so common. Even a few of the "good old writers" are doing their thing again.

Above all, it's a pretty fun place to be.
No. 5399
File 127957016388.jpg - (44.89KB , 640x480 , bullseye.jpg ) [iqdb]
>all the good readers are gone, and the spirit of fun that was shared by the readers and writers from the beginning has faded.
>all the good readers are gone, and the spirit of fun that was shared by the readers and writers from the beginning has faded.
>all the good readers are gone, and the spirit of fun that was shared by the readers and writers from the beginning has faded.
No. 5400
File 127957097290.jpg - (10.31KB , 300x225 , thp is doing great it was never better.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 5401
Personally, I don't think you're wrong, but I enjoy the drama from these threads anyway.

It is, perhaps, telling that we have such opposite viewpoints as >>5384 and >>5394. The actual state of the boards cannot be objectively determined from this.

Still, though we may be "not dead" now, it's hard to argue that we're "as alive" as we have been at certain high points of the past. Whether this matters is also indeterminate.
No. 5402
I've only been here since the relocation of the site, and I've only recently started commenting/voting. But I have never noticed most of the things discussed in this thread. Maybe I'm just dense, maybe its because I never visit IRC, but everyone here always seems to take it pretty easy and have fun.
Sage cause I'm way too new to have any sort of opinion.
No. 5403
Things change, since stories these days have more thought put into them than than WUiG and similar. Sure people might complain, but things have recovered nicely from the post move slump. These days, it's mainy a certain group of people kicking up a horrible fuss about it.

>>5398 's generally right. If anything ruins the atmosphere of fun it's elitist notions that this is more than just a fanfiction site. It's NOT; and such an attitude is stifling to would be writers.

Really? Most stories have slow starts anyways. And something doesn't have to be fine art to be enjoyable; why do you think blockbuster movies are hated by critics?

My point was that so-so quality can be forgiven as long as you don't anger the cabal. It's pretty damn suspicious after those that angered them were shut down that /blue/ quieted down for the most part.
No. 5407
It doesn't have to be fine art. It just has to not make me cringe at every other sentence.
No. 5408
No. 5409
Which stories not cause such a reaction from you? Since for all we know it takes the absolute best to avoid such a reaction.

Like I said that feeling of fun is often choked out by the airs of false superiority. That's the major difference between here and Poosh: The latter doesn't try to put on any airs or anything, and you know what? They generally have fun over there. Maybe we should follow their example.
No. 5411
It's also full of idiots.
No. 5412

Yet somehow, they're still having fun...
No. 5413

I'm having fun.
No. 5415
Sometimes people would prefer fun loving idiots to stuffy stiff elitists. And these "Idiots" talk about fun topics as opposed to "things suck despite not reading anything", "The site's dying for the 2000th time", "Sex is bad", etc.

Even whatever bickering there is light hearted. It's amazing what a lack of a collective YAF-sized ego would do for a image board community.

I have a decent amount of fun here, mainly when there's no shitty topics like this in question.
No. 5420
This. I just went back and re-read the ten latest stories, and even being as generous as possible, three of them are just unreadable. I mean, Jesus Christ, fucking Docteur Hartmann. Even if you manage to look past his barely comprehensible English, his plots aren't interesting and his humor isn't funny. He is incontestably Wiseman tier and I have no idea how anyone reads his stuff.

I really would like to get some new blood in here, but advertising the site at this juncture would be like inviting people over to your house and leaving trash and dirty clothes lying around all over the place. The image that we put forth will dictate the kind of people that decide to stay, and I'm sorry, but I just don't want any more writers who come to TH-P to practice their English.
No. 5422
See there you go bringing up stuff like airs of being a superior site. This wasn't founded on such flimsy principals, but by some folks who wanted to have fun writing, 1-2 of which being particularly talented.

It's that kind of attitude that stops more people from trying. Sure some of the latest bunch aren't perfect, but then again nether was the ALMIGHTY HY or any other of the old guard.

The sooner people stop thinking of this site as something more than a Touhou fanfiction site, the sooner fun will be had again.

Once upon a time, folks could have made lofty claims of this place, but as time went by and the fabled old guard started flaking out, that stopped being true. What became true was this: "This is just a Touhou fanfiction site", and for the most part people like that.

What few "great" writers are left today either have other things to contend with that they can't help, decided that this site was holding them back, or just plain gotten lazy. Fell being the type to have other things to take care of first. Now if more writers had his pure writing spirit, that would also be a positive step for it's that attitude that's least likely to flake out terribly.

I'd sooner applaud the newcomers than comdemn them because for better or for worse, they're the future of the site. And in time their later stories will have improved.
No. 5423
But the guy is just right. If something is bad it is just bad and you don't go and tell everything it is good.
We had a quality control here and people who cared and gave so that we could enjoy things around here.
But those are gone due to various reasons.
>The sooner people stop thinking of this site as something more than a Touhou fanfiction site, the sooner fun will be had again.
We had both, being elistis and having fun. Now we get shit writers and no one cares anymore. And stupid people flood the site.
But then again why do i try anyway, apathy and 'lol what the hell everything is allright' rules the site anyway. No wonder HY and many others are disgsuted and refuse to write.

Teruyo should get a fucking award for still trying.
No. 5424
There was never an elitist spirit in the beginning; just that some of the beginning folks had unexpectedly high levels of talent. One can't be elitist and fun at once. At least not the fun most people think of.

HY stopped writing because he in so many words, outgrew the site and wanted to do something productive with his time and energy. That's the problem with such super high levels of talent: Sooner or later they'll move on. If we're lucky, they won't see their old stories here as shameful relics of their past.

And if there was truly elitism and quality control like you spoke of, Teruyo most certainly would have been the first to grace the chopping block. Elitists only have fun at others expense.

Never mind the fact that any and all such posturing on the internet is just to overcompensate for the fact the bulk of us are nobodies in reality. As far as the outside world is concerned, we're all losers

And Elitist is spelled E L I T I S T. Do you even have a working spellchecker?
No. 5426
File 127961519692.png - (40.83KB , 450x550 , always end the act on a high note.png ) [iqdb]
Hah. The irony.

All's well that ends well. And so with a great wiseman post to close this I think this thread has given all that it can give. Smile and laugh at the things you enjoy and remember that at the end of it all we like touhou.

As for the future of the site, expect a different kind of thread for that soon.