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Hey Folks. I've been working my way through the archives, and noticed that the full sized images aren't saved in with the threads.

Not a big deal, generally, but when someone draws up a map or some art for a story and you're left with only the pathetic thumbnail, it's pretty rage-inducing.

Nanaya sat on the ceiling pretending to play chess was the last I could take, and so I ask:
Does anyone have a collection of saved threads with the images or something along those lines? Are they basically lost forever?
Surely I'm not the only one that anal?

And while I'm filling up thread space with questions, anyone got any recommendations for old 'must-read' stories? The recommendation threads tend to be about ongoing stuff.

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It's not what you want, but it's a start.

As for things to read, I for one have read and enjoyed WUiG, MiG, /forest/ LA (and Captain Rex), /sdm/ LA, the first two runs of This Shrine (and YAF's other /shrine/ one-shots), /youkai/ LA, most of Gunman in Gensokyo, Flight of the Lost Soul, Recoil of Myriad Dreams, Hakugyokuro LA, RaAN which has, sadly, been removed, Resonant with Vivid Tones, Taste the Rainbow, SCIENCE! (don't forget to track down NARH's anniversary gift when you're done), Gensokyoland Saga, the very, very short run of Pirates of Gensokyo, Contemplations Under the Moon and Stars, Fucking Up Gensokyo, A Scarlet-Stained Memoir, the untitled lighthouse story in /others/, what was written of A Different Place, Working For The Weekend, what little there was of Tangle, I, Youkai, Shoe Heist, Involuntary Pedagogic Fantasy, Fairy Maid in Gensokyo, Objectionable Necessitated Inebriation, the drawfag CYOA, what little there is of the other drawfag CYOA in /forest/, Youmuquest, Fairy on Scarlet Lake, Deeper Underground, The Game (One of few that actually finished, and an excellent one. Worth pointing out,) what little there is of Curses Foiled (Again!), Resentment, and too many short stories to list. Just get them all.

This is not to say that there aren't other good stories out there, or that my taste is "good". Just listing off names from the archive that I've seen and liked. There's actually quite a few stories I've been meaning to read, but haven't had time for!
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>Are they basically lost forever?
No, head over to Danbooru and find the matching image and replace it. Simple, but a lot of work.
>old 'must-read'
WUiG - Must read. Probably horrible by now but great 2 years back. MG cracked under the pressure and quit. Was a troll too.
MiG - lol suddenly shit hits the fan. Must read it.
TS - Reimu only, is not everyones cup but funny.
A Scarlet-Stained Memoir - definitive a good read.
/sdm/ LA - Remilia Route was pretty good. HY's only finished story. A must read.
Youkai Mountain Limited Adventure - it would have become a good story if Tetro wouldn't have quit.
Deluge of a Lunar Fantasy - you may love or hate it. Just don't blame Teruyo for the outcome.
Gunman in Gensokyo - some kind of WW2 Snake finds himself in Gensoyko. Gets drawn out later on and write probably forgot what he wanted to do and couldn't find a plot anymore. Plus, fucking Aya every thread a few times.
Flight of the Lost Soul - ghost takes over Touhous to fullfil their wishes and fix problems for them.
SDM: LA hacked modo - everyone loves Saguya.
Gensokyoland Saga - Manly Viking Spirit. Expect new updates 2011.
Ace Combat: Gensokyo - Red Revolution!
Fucking Up Gensokyo - read it
A Different Place - One of HY's i drop this because you are all horrible lol stories. Too bad because it was good.
The Landlord of Mayohiga - read it.
Underground LA - Peacekeeper in the former Hell. Just without blue helmet and trying to show his manly side to Yuugi. May never get finished, updates every months or so.
Fragmentation of Memories - I am not me, who am i? Cuddling with young Sanae while playing headgames in three different time lines.
I, Youkai - Suddenly, cute new youkai is born. Eating humans, playing with other youkai and exploring everything in a cute way.
Involuntary Pedagogic Fantasy - Some kind of Persona. Blame HY and tell him to get back to work.
Fairy Maid in Gensokyo - Having fun with Fairy Maids. Blame HY. DO IT.
A Fairy's Tale - Read it.
Gensokyo High - aka Shitstorms in every Thread or Flandre Fags are the cancer that is killing the story. If you can overlook it you will get entertained with drawing Touhous and cute Flandre, sexy Sakuya and bro Rumia. Taisa couldn't take it anymore and quit. Don't blame him.
Touhouvania - His better story. Read it for it's awesomeness and get angry because he probably quit it.
That Sanae Story in /Youkai/ - Read it
Deeper Underground - kogasawaitedforyouforever.jpg. Blame HY probably.
Ancient Gensokyo - lol suddenly quality time with Yuyuko.
The Game - overall best fight scenes ever written on here. Epic last boss fight. You will probaly rage and hate half of the time. In the end you will forgive.
Border House: Welcome to the Outside - or: My House is suddenly full of Touhous and i am all out of cash.
Scarlet Devil Mansion: Sanguine Disorder Revisited - HY trolling. Read it anyway....

Or just go read everything. What you like and don't like, i don't know. Just start reading.
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>Taisa couldn't take it anymore and quit.

Taisa hasn't quit.
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He hasn't said anything in a month now
No. 5130

He has if you've been on the IRC.

Long story short: he hasn't dropped it, he just hasn't been inspired for a while now, and is also dealing with frequent fatigue.
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>frequent fatigue

It's kind of weird how often that happens with writefags. I guess this shit takes it out of you.
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Blimy. Thanks, that'll keep me going for a while.

>Or just go read everything. What you like and don't like, i don't know. Just start reading.
Yeah, I know. I'm working on it, but it takes a while.

>No, head over to Danbooru and find the matching image and replace it. Simple, but a lot of work.
I have a few times for general images. Things like maps and sketches never seem to make it elsewhere though.
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File 127859022530.jpg - (27.57KB , 799x598 , AngraMainyuLake.jpg ) [iqdb]
>when someone draws up a map or some art for a story
Let me know the thread and filename, I probably have them backed up somewhere.
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"Frequent fatigue" doesn't really do it justice. We're talking medical issues.
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>I for one have read and enjoyed
>Fucking Up Gensokyo
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Okay, I think I need to clarify that by "frequent fatigue" I actually mean "dude spends twelve hours asleep and is still dead tired all day." Less "man, writing sure is tiring," and more "he probably he has a serious medical condition and needs to get help."
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I know there was more than one Fucking somethingorother. I'm not actually sure which one I read, but it was fun in that incredibly stupid way.
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Fucking up in Gensokyo, by NotGensokyoMan, and Fucking Up Gensokyo, by me. Which was bad and you should feel bad for liking it.
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While we're on the subject of the archives...
”. What does it mean and why does it keep popping up?
No. 5151
Probably a character encoding issue? Try switching to utf-8 (or from it).
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I don't remember either and they both look like shit. No offense.

For some reason I thought one of those was the one with the OOOOOO and Bro-Cloud. Guess I forgot the name.
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Switching what to what?
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>No offense.
>I called it bad myself.
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Sorry, should have made myself clear.

No offense to the other bad writer.