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4550 No. 4550
After all is said and done, this might be good for the community. Writers can thank their readers in this thread too.

I'm gonna start off with how much Deluge of a Lunar Fantasy has improved. The first run was a little shifty but Teruyo has gotten a lot better at things, even though he still has a few bad habits here and there. *coughpunishmentcough*

Dr. Q's RPG story in /border/ is an interesting take on the usual story here on THP and gives you a warm little nostalgic feeling reading it. It's a little cumbersome with voting at times, but he's trying something new and radically different so you have to give him props for that.

!lggAzV5pXw in /at/ wrote the longest running story there until it seemingly died, but for what it was, it was an interesting story, both with it's faults and high points, and the writer showed promise, and I want to thank him for writing an interesting /at/ story, something more rare then a /jp/ thread that doesn't get touhou hijacked at one point or another.

And of course, there's the gifted writers of the site that took time out of their busy schedule to bring us stories we'll never forget. Fell, Lion, Patchwork, glastnost and probably more I might be forgetting. These are great writers that we'll hopefully see much more from in the future.

Post your appreciation for writers here!

No. 4551
File 127404375243.jpg - (448.86KB , 900x912 , f619f59073fbbde3e996d4eb2e438f98.jpg ) [iqdb]
Klaymen - for writing a nice, relaxing, and utterly adorable story, not once, but twice. Phobe is awesome.

The author of Luna Ars - You write a cool story, you write well, and you've given us another shot at the fable moonbunny route.

Keine_Sensei - Wherever you are, your stories gave me many hours of enjoyment, and a few hours of complete and utter confusion. And you managed to tie three stories together across three boards without screwing the whole mess up. Nice job, and I hope to see more of your writing sometime.
No. 4552
I want to thank the old writers. All of the guys who helped carve this site out of the aether, who've either stuck around for the long run or just left their mark and backed off. If it weren't for you, things would have ended with WUiG. Gensokyo Man (who won't see this), Kira, Teruyo, Scorn, YAF, HY, Tetrominon, Ninny, QWL, Blankfag (Bless his soul), Zakeri, and whoever else whose name escapes me from that era. You know who you are. You know who they are.

And readers? I'm not gonna tell you what writer I am, but thanks for stickin' with me. My stories may not have been great, and I may not update consistently. There are high points and low points both in the technical aspect and the activity, discussion, and all-around participation. Hell, there were times I thought I'd just give it up - but you guys were always there, and knowing that you like the tripe I put up here feels really great.

In fact, I'd like to thank all the new writers while I'm at it. Just because your story isn't as popular as others doesn't mean you're bad. Sometimes people just don't see eye to eye with your ideas. That doesn't mean nobody likes you. In fact, the few that do read your story probably look forward to it as much as big-name stuff like The Game. Don't lose hope. You're this place's blood.
No. 4555
I'm terrible with words, I guess that's part of why I leave creating content up to the writers, but thanks for the excellent material you've put out.

I'd like to extend most of my thanks to Taisa, though, largely for putting up with Anon when he's at his worst and still putting out great updates. GH was always charming, and Touhouvania always had me captivated.

It's at this point that I have to admit I'm very new here (and honestly, I think I'm the same guy who said he was new for the last 2-6 months), so I've missed out on alot of quality material. But of what I haven't already mentioned and read, it was all great. Thank you writers for taking the time to share your creativity with us.

... I said I was terrible with words...
No. 4557
Doesn't this thread really just overlap with the recommendations thread?

>bad habits here and there. *coughpunishmentcough*
Out of genuine curiosity (since it's not really brought up otherwise), just when exactly was the last time I 'punished' anything or anyone?

As for my contribution I pretty much appreciate everything and everyone. Though I do wish some people would simply come back, no questiosn asked.
No. 4558
Can't we have a Depreciation thread?
No. 4559
We have hundreds. They're called stories, by most.
No. 4561
I'd like to thank HY, Nine, Blamethyst, and to a lesser extent ('lesser' purely because (s?)he's newer), Princess Tepes for all at once showing back up on the scene and proceeding to write like mad (definitely like mad in HY's case, and comparatively like mad for the others, given their previously recent update pace). I love you guys so much for this.


>big-name stuff like The Game
I will never, ever get used to seeing people think of it and/or me this way. I'm not a big name, I'm just... me. I'm a reader that happens to write something, too. There's nothing special about me. I'm not big, I can't be!

So very, very weird, this praise. But it is not at all unwelcome.
No. 4562
>Doesn't this thread really just overlap with the recommendations thread?

The purpose of that thread is to help new readers get into the site. The purpose of this thread is to help writers feel good about themselves and motivate them to keep writing. You can help by saying what's good about what they're writing and maybe even give a few ideas on how to improve. Basically though just tell them that they're on the right track and that they don't need to feel bad about themselves.
No. 4563
I'd like to thank J->E, Wiseman, ReijiTabibito and anyone else I might have forgotten for making other writefags look brilliant and reminding us that no matter what we may go through we're a damn sight better than fanfiction.net.
No. 4565
File 12741265302.jpg - (364.85KB , 774x800 , He_really_thinks_that!.jpg ) [iqdb]
>He thinks THP is better than fanfiction.net!
No. 4566

We're allowed to criticize each other, and we have marginally better grammer on the average. I'd say that's at least "slightly".
No. 4567
wouldn't that be better said in the story thread along with a vote? Not all that many people read this board.
No. 4568
MiG in /at/ isn't dead, just on a lengthy hiatus, he at least bothers with status reports.
No. 4570
oh you
No. 4572

I never mentioned spelling.
No. 4573
I like this site because it introduced me to great stories about Touhou. Honestly I would say this site has better writing than much of Fanfiction.net, though sometimes the antics can be a downer. I do have a question though: What is "IRC"? I ask that because I'm more used to forums, like Spacebattles.com, than I am to imageboards.
No. 4574
File 127421779666.jpg - (312.78KB , 950x1382 , 127.jpg ) [iqdb]

Short answer:
Front Page, look for the News/FAQ/Rules/IRC tabs.

The last one is a web-based client for the IRC chatroom.

Long answer:

Actual thread contribution:
Regardless of how complete our mastery of the English language may be, I've enjoyed my time of lurking upon this site.

Non-published works necessarily have a broader range of quality than seen in professional writing (though not by much, people will buy terrible stuff anyway). The lack of a publisher bottleneck allows poor work to crop up with higher frequency.

Anon doesn't put up with bullshit, though. They read stories because they like them, not because they'll sell. It's not a complete equivalency, but it's a better failsafe than some repositories have.

That the site has persisted this long already suggests that at least some of what is posted here is decent. Enough for people to keep coming back. We run into a parallel to the corporate environment again here; some of what is featured is still shit. A lesson for life:

Some people like shit.

To every writer who has ever written a story compelling enough to garner votes for his/her thread, this is for you.

Fuck. Yeah.
No. 4582
I recall at least three blankfags. I assume you mean Ranmilia, author of RaAN.

Came into IRC and asked his stuff to be taken off the archives the other day. Damnedest thing. And now that I check, Kap did remove it.

Firefox has a built-in spellchecker. It's handy.

Go look at ff.net's Touhou section.

Do it, motherfucker. I dare you.
No. 4583
>Go look at ff.net's Touhou section.

Not that other guy, but I've done it.

Boy was I not surprised.
No. 4584
>Go look at ff.net's Touhou section.

I'm not seeing it. Barring the handful of good stories that exist in both places, the general level of writing looks to be about the same. Then again, it doesn't help that we're housing some of their runoff.
No. 4585
File 127425795664.jpg - (57.86KB , 640x480 , 9685000b6769e2342f50451a4a0ef0ec.jpg ) [iqdb]
Teruyo for taking over the site and doing the thankless job of paying and maintaining the site.

Klaymen for writing a really great story that does not get the attention that it should.
Lion for writing two stories 7 or 6 times a week.
Kira for his little mindfuck story. Suddenly dead and burning rabbits everywhere
HY for writing while working at a farm, that was a damm hot summer playing GTA IV and waiting for updates. But let's not talk about his habit of starting new stories and quitting, leaving the readers frustrated.
YAF for being a bastard and writing crazy shit that made me laugh. No one could top flext on the ceiling while playing chess. Or some of the other choices.
Tetro being a faggot who stopped writing
Gunman in Gensokyo - loved the story in the beginning but halfway went to shit. Nonetheless i really enjoyed reading it.
Teruyo for ADD in Eientei. The first run left me quite.... speechless.
Norseman for bringing viking spirit to the site.
Owen for one of the better stories on here.
Mode for everything he wrote, i enjoy reading it.
Taisa's story about a male high schooler in Gensokyo. And his better story - Touhouvania. About a tsundere MC for Youki.
Grue for vanishing. The little umbrella will wait forever.
And Fell for he wrote the most intense battle scenes ever seen on here.

I left out some others which i read but thought they were somewhere in the middle field. And i probably forgot someone. But yeah. Thanks a lot Guys.
No. 4586
>Go look at ff.net's Touhou section.

I still say TH-P is better, if for no other reason than the fact that FF.net has alot more stories but the Good story to bad story ratio remains roughly the same.

Also, Tangent. And trolling.

>And Fell for he wrote the most intense battle scenes ever seen on here.

No. 4587
Sage for noncontributing.

>implying that there are good Touhou stories on ff.net
No. 4590
>implying that there are good stories on ff.net
Fixed that for you.
No. 4592
Oh, that's low, even for us.
No. 4593
There are. Peter Chimaera. I believe he's gotten published, now.

But he hasn't done anything with Touhou that I know of.
No. 4594
>>implying that there are good stories on touhou-project.com
Fixed that for you.
No. 4595

Butthurt ff.net user.
No. 4596

No. 4597
Way to go derail a thread with stupid shit that no one cares about.
We are THP, why care what some other guys write at FF.net or whatever.
Just uphold the standards on this site. But if you are bored and really want to discuss the differences, pro and cons of ffnet and thp make a thread at /blue/ about it.

Things like that is the cancer that destroyed /jp/
No. 4598
Sturgeon's Law is most appropriately invoked when a claim is made that most of something is "crud." It notes such an observation to be uninformative.

This is not the same as a claim that all of something is crud. If this claim is made using any common method of comparison (and the objects are comparable), then the claim will generally be disprovable to the satisfaction of all parties, making Sturgeon's Law unnecessary.

For example, a story on THP could be accepted as "good," and a story found on ff.net that is comparably good. (The claim that there are no good stories anywhere is disingenuous.)

Looking through the offerings on ff.net, I'd bet against anyone succeeding in the aforementioned example.
No. 4599
The conceit is that it's closed-minded to say ALL of THP is crud or that ALL of ff.net is crud. Rather, Sturgeon's Law applies on both sites, and while the majority is poor, a good minority still exists.
No. 4601
Even though you won't like me as your reader, I want to thank Anonymaster and Snake for writing stories that made me laugh many times, and still somewhat active up to this date.

Bless other great writers here too, for all of your great works.

Then comes Teruyo for saving the site back then. It is a very heroic deed. And every admin that runs this site.

Thank you everyone.
No. 4602
>Tetro being a faggot who stopped writing

No. 4710
I want to thank Lion for being my favorite writer there is. All of his stories are really interesting and it shows that he puts a lot of work of them. Good job!
No. 4992
I'd like to appreciate all of the new writers who've joined this site- I've started to read quite a few of your stories, and you provide a much-needed breath of fresh air among dozens of stories already settling into their tracks. Without you, THP wouldn't be the same.
No. 5002
>Punish That Murderous Sakuya

Doujin made a really nice work with this, however it's missing from the archives :<

>DP by HY
I liked it. It really was unique.
No. 5004
>Double penetration by HY
No. 5007
I'd let HY double penetrate me, if you know what I mean.
No. 5009
No, no I don't know what you mean. I'm afraid I need you to describe it in explicit detail.
No. 5010
You mean IDP, right?
No. 5013
>I double penetrate
Yes I do
No. 5014
File 127676974474.png - (455.33KB , 786x720 , hungry Youkai.png ) [iqdb]
No. 5015
She's been craving fresh meat for awhile, huh?
No. 5036
Why does this thread strike me as penis appreciation thread.

Oh >>5014
No. 5037
Ever been to IRC? "Writer Appreciation Thread" and "Penis Appreciation Thread" are synonymous.
No. 5039

I would say that's like IRC, but HY doesn't care much for the dick talk unless they were attached to a girl.
No. 5041

Are you saying we're all dicks?

No. 5044
It is an etablished fact that THP likes dicks.
No. 5047
File 127729167741.jpg - (89.81KB , 1280x720 , valkyria1_19.jpg ) [iqdb]

Are you kidding? HY loves the cock, and so does just about everyone in there if you count futa and traps.
It'd be a total sausage fest if not for Kriss.
No. 5048
File 127732632396.jpg - (43.03KB , 490x515 , 1275301450373.jpg ) [iqdb]
With all due respect, some of us giving their best to oppose the dick-loving movement, sir.
No. 5049
File 127732772449.jpg - (24.99KB , 328x400 , datdick.jpg ) [iqdb]

Stop being so tsundere, Yaf.
No. 5050
File 127737248038.jpg - (150.87KB , 700x400 , 1277334012130.jpg ) [iqdb]
Piss off >:<
No. 5051

no u
No. 5052
I blame all the dick loving on Aoi. Trufax.
No. 5053
No. 5078
This being a writer appreciation thread, I think I'd like to thank Nine, Scorn, and NARH for making that scene possible. Also, now that I think of it he hasn't been mentioned yet, which is a damn shame. Even if he's low-profile, he started good and got better with every short he wrote. That's deserving of some respect.
No. 5147
>I'd like to thank Nine,

Why, I don't know what to sa-

>Scorn, and NARH for making that scene possible.

No. 5481
File 128012846167.jpg - (187.55KB , 1280x746 , thankyouforchernobyl.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 5484
I appreciate myself. My absence makes this a better place.
No. 5487
File 128015840321.jpg - (87.32KB , 700x700 , 1276820434811.jpg ) [iqdb]

What? No. Back to writing.
No. 5490
You're welcome~ I'm glad people like it enough to use it.
No. 5491
That was you?

It's actually become my favorite of the available styles, and I kind of wish I was good enough to throw together a copy for other image boards. It's very easy on the eyes.
No. 5504
I'd like to show my appreciation for Klaymen, who has revived an older story of his. Keep at it!
No. 5506
Just found this thread. I'd like to say 'Thank You' to Glad_Turtle, who has started his first story over in /underground/ and is doing commendably well.

Go vote and show support!