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So if Utsuho is Hr├Žsvelgr, what does that make everyone else?

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On a related note, I'm having trouble finding any images of Touhous drawn as planes at all. This confuses me greatly. Considering I have Touhou pictures relevant to situations which will never possibly occur, I find it disturbing that a situation HAS occurred and it DOESN'T have a relevant image.

Also lawl Homeworld reference in previous pic.
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PS: sorry to bother you all.
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Too many posts. Otherwise:

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Okay, I feel like a doofus since I know quite a bit about Homeworld, but where's the reference? Or is it even in this thread?
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Well that's nice, but what about your opinion? Or anyone's opinion? Doesn't anyone have an opinion?
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Look at the OP pic upside down. It's the Hiigaran Navy logo.
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Sad, I didn't even see the radiation symbol until I did that.