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The last recommendations thread sucked. Let's make this one good. I'll start.

Don't Read This. (>>172) Excellent parody of THP using a wide range of genres.

Deluge of a Lunar Fantasy 2 (>>/eientei/12830) It's a great improvement over the first one. Put aside your grudges and read it.

Palingenesia. (>>/underground/762) The Wandering Jew finds his way into Gensokyo.

Magical Girl Firey Moko-Tan (>>/th/104612) Seems to be a straightforward take on the magical girl genre, but its written by Kira. Aren't you curious about where it will end up?

I picked these because they are newer or ongoing and not as well exposed as they should be.

No. 4375
>Palingenesia >his
No. 4377
Other than the obvious (SDM LA, etc)?

Ancient Gensokyo LA in /th/; not your typical story, and one that will make you think. Classic Cliches and no brainer decisions have no place there.

The Game in /th/- A story unlike any other; to say more would be saying too much.

There's Dr.Q's RPG story in /border/ that looks promising.

the first posts are mostly good, though not so sure about DoLF2; sure it's much better, but that's just in comparison to the first run. Your Mileage may vary.

But I highly second the recommendation of Moko-Tan, sure it's based off of magical girl stuff, but it doesn't have the crap associated with it.

I have a few other recommendations, but I think tastes may vary wildly.
No. 4379
Fragmentation of Memories in /youkai/.
FoM is pretty goddamn amazing, and it's honestly difficult for me to find something negative to say about it. That's a pretty difficult feat, as I tend to excel at finding a way to bitch about the tiniest things.

Fallout Gensokyo in /th/.
Maybe it's just because I'm a big Fallout fanboy, but I find it to be a pretty damn fun story, and there's obviously been a great deal of work put into writing it. He seems to have difficulty proofreading his absurdly long WALLS, though, so expect some slight confusion at some points.
No. 4402
Oh wow, someone actually recognizes DoLF's improvement, good show OP.
No. 4406
Well, there is Landlord of Mayohiga in Other, which is a pretty good read. Of course, we don't actually know if it is in haitus or Abandoned right now, so there's that.

Let's goooooo in others is also an interesting story which is similar to the countless "MC visits gensokyo" stories, with the minor exception that the MC can actually hold his own in a fight. Updates fairly frequently.
No. 4407
>the MC can actually hold his own in a fight.

Is there any reason provided for why this is?
No. 4408

Spoilered just in case.

Early on, Nue offered to help transform him into a rat-snake youkai, by manipulating Gensokyo's faith-power.
No. 4410
And due to the fame he had of breaking through the barrier with his device, he gained a good deal of power... but stuff happens. Still he's pretty strong.

Just added a bit more.
No. 4504
>>/th/117031 "I think I've finally gone insane" - A very interesting storytelling method, a non-human(oid) character, and all around solid quality. Not too long a read, either.

>>/sdm/36150 "Under the scarlet moonlight: dragon princess" - A new SDM story that has nothing to do with fairies. It pinballs between cute and grim, in an amazingly fun way. It may or may not have some connection to keine_sense / Scarlet Horizon, the author refuses to confirm or deny. Surprisingly well written.
No. 4517
>>/eientei/18181 "Luna Ars Memorativa" - It's a good read, and it's fucking Reisen route.
No. 4519
>>4377 Here and some more recommendations that everyone wont' agree with.

Insert Original Title here- Funny story with a harem-mistress Reimu.

Restorer in Gensokyo- A nice easy going story with interesting bits of plots at times.

Gensokyo High- It's really not a bad story even despite the shitstorms. Though there really needs to be an archived version that has the shitstorms removed.

Gensou Coil- Nice story and despite being based on an anime, it's accessible to those that don't know it. And it has a guy transform into Knight Blazer, nuff said.

Sanaek's stories are pretty nice. (two on /th/ and one in /underground/)

/coriander/ has that Alchemist story which is pretty entertaining. The writer does a story in /shrine/ which is pretty nice, but I'm sure folks have their opinions.

/shrine/ also has a story by Dr.Q which is very good and Ace Combat Gensokyo (god knows when it'll next get updated)

/others/ has
-Border House (PC-98 centered story by Lion)
-Let's Go!! (a story in an older style where there was more adventure than plot)
-There's also the Kamen Rider story, which is shaping up nicely.

-Little Lost Soldier and its sidestory, the main story having the best Kaguya seen on the site.
Some of the new stories are promising if slow.

Glasnost's works go without saying.

All the active stories in /youkai/ are, in this order:
Fragment of memories
That Sanae story
Sukima's series.

Klayman's Phobe stories are very nice slice of life stories.
ORBS is a nice Marisa centered story
Gensokyoland Saga is quite nice. Perhaps by the time you catch up he'd have updated.

-Patchwork's stuff is nice
-AD's SoS, it might remind you of F/SN some, but don't let that fool you.
-EX Nine's story is pretty nice as well. His Yukari is infamous to some.
-Resonating Anthem of Makai is a nice if slow story of a ghost in Makai with a very nice Luize as its main heroine.

!YvCruenWk2's stories are interesting if kinda slow. Hard to say if they'd appeal to you, but you should try checking them out.

You should look at all the active /sdm/ stories, many are good and/or promising.
No. 4523
raisin route?
No. 4532
> EX Nine's Yukari is infamous to some.

Every time she shows up in there, Auto-Rage activates.
No. 4533
and add HY's new story to that list
No. 4534
You'd better not be saying that just because it's HY. Let's wait and see where it is next week. Sage because this isn't a recommendation.
No. 4537
To be honest, it's too soon to tell regardless of what happens in the future.
No. 4539

Post some recommendations of your own please.
No. 4543
File 12739284365.png - (135.52KB , 299x239 , 1235448191823.png ) [iqdb]
I'm not saying it'll definitely be good. I'm saying you should be following it and voting until you decide it sucks. Voting in a 5-updates-in-3-hours story is fun.

If it wasn't obvious, my list isn't the best stories ever, it's the best stories you can participate in right now. Go read and vote in them!
No. 4546
I'll finish my stories some day, and then you'll see. THEN YOU'LL ALL SEE.

I always recommend Lighthouse (surreal surrealness written by a genuinely crazy person) and 'Retrospective and Astronomical Narration' (mafia ice fairy), both of which are in the archives now. And Resonant with Vivid Tones (captain Reisen) in /eientei/, which is dead again.

I'll find time to read recent things in their entirety someday, too.
No. 4548
>If it wasn't obvious, my list isn't the best stories ever

I'm sure the writefags you listed appreciate that.
No. 4554
Some stories would be on both lists, you oversensitive dope. I'm saying I left off the good stories that are completed/abandoned.
No. 4556

Be a little clearer next time, then. The way you put that implied that none of those were too good.
No. 4600
so hey I hear that Flea story in /sdm/ is pretty good
No. 4666
Wait, that's still going? It hadn't updated in so long I thought it was abandoned.
No. 4670
Yep and he's started upping his efforts on updating.

Also TALE has resumed.
No. 4687
Since they haven't been in this recommendations thread yet:

>>/border/19273 Silver of Sovereign - a story by AD, about something that faintly resembles a Touhou Grail War. Tokiko route only (hell yes). Favors really long updates, about once a month, with an interesting method of voting.

>>/sdm/34829 - A Certain Devilish Library. Patchouli summons another demon, and, in a fit of fatigue, accidentally seals the contents of the entire library inside his head. Has sexy, sexy fairy maids and Koakuma 'route' is both assured and simultaneous.
No. 4703
Any good story involving Mystia? Not the writefag one though.
No. 4711
There was Patchwork's "Working on the Weekend" story in /forest/, but I don't think it's even running anymore.

Still worth the read though.
No. 4713
I've read it, but thanks.
No. 4714
Both "I, Youkai" and "Phobe's Outing" have a little Mystia, too.
No. 4733
ADEFT in shrine is updating again. If you haven't read it before, its a fun story and I'd highly recommend it.
No. 4795
Seconded. Now THAT comeback took me by surprise.
No. 5012
This thread is sadly unused.

Go over to /others/, or the archives, and read Let's goooo! It does not dissapoint. It has Nue. Nue and Kogasa, and a host of weird OCs who are not only tolerable, they are fun. The plot-ish things are interesting. The main character is awesome. And the circus was the finest damn series of battles I've seen on the site.

Seriously, head of over there and read it. It does not disappoint.

I wouldn't begrudge you if you skim a bit during the "incident theme party," it ran a little long.
No. 5042
As long as the writer is willing to write every story is a good story.
No. 5063

J->E was willing to write!
No. 5178
Yeah, but, he wasn't a writer.

He was some sort of mutated Care Bear.
No. 5462
Does this site has a running story of Seihou realm?
No. 5463
>mutated Care Bear
No. 5464

Not to my knowledge, since we're a Touhou site and not a Seihou site. I could see some kind of crossover-type story working in theory, but generally speaking the focus has to be on the Touhou girls, lest the very name and purpose of this site be rendered null and void.
No. 5465
Because stories with the main focus on the OCs that spent most of their time outside of Gensokyo got run off the boards, amirite?
No. 5466

That was poorly-worded on my part; derp. I'm just saying that if the story has no connection to Touhou at all, what's the point of putting it on a Touhou message board?
No. 5469
>>5462 here
Touhou and Seihou are quite related, and why the rejection at the thought of crossover. this site has lot of examples of imaginative, rule breaking stories.

Marisa, Reimu, and Yuuka has visited the realm, at least in games. But, hey, Touhou are derived from games.
No. 5471
well I don't think there'd be a problem with Seihou stories, but there's nowhere as much material on them as there is Touhou.
No. 5472
I don't think a lot of people are familiar with Seihou characters, but if anyone wants to give it a shot, /others/ should be fine.

shut the fuck up wiseman
No. 5474
Can't be Wiseman. >>5466 was an honest apology and clarification, whereas Wiseman would have misunderstood the complaint and just restated everything from his previous post in different words and a holier-than-thou tone.

It's still only speculation, but Border House (first post is >>/others/22621) may include at least one Seihou character.
No. 5513
File 128114643755.png - (43.35KB , 163x170 , happybird.png ) [iqdb]
The stuff by Glasnost such as Underground LA have been interesting. It may be a bit slow on the updates, but Underground is a pretty fun CYOA (although other anons are being a bit overtly caution though which resulted in a bad end at one point)

DEFT on /shrine/ and another story/CYOA by the same author in /eientei/ (which is currently unnamed and just has a black and white Mokou picture) have also been nice light-hearted stories which have been (dare I say it) heartwarming while staying largely "in character". Unfortunately I don't want to "commit" myself to them because the author is being a bit of an indecisive whore and I don't want to end up disappointed. doesn't help that I can barely see status updates because faggots are literally vomiting retarded unconstructive textwalls bigger than the story itself into the threads

Touhouvania on /sdm/ is good CYOA worth checking out. The melding of Touhou and Castlevania together is done very well and has strong action scenes.
I would also suggest Memoirs of a Vampire on the same board, but Glasnost is focusing more on UDLA at the moment.

There are some very good stories over on /at/ too such as >>/at/5764 and even an ACTUAL CYOA.

This is one happy motherfucking bird
No. 5514
>indecisive whore
Plans for the future have been outright stated. Don't be an indecisive whore yourself.
No. 5515
Can you link me directly to that/those posts? Since >faggots are literally vomiting retarded unconstructive textwalls bigger than the story itself into the threads
No. 5522
I need your help, THP. I need a story about Sanae. What I don't need is a story about Sanae being a berserk youkai killing machine* or a cum-guzzling slut.
Active, completed, abandoned, I'll take what I can get, I just need some Sanae painted in a positive light and I need it yesterday.
Lay it on me.

*Sanae exterminating youkai is fine. Sanae tearing open youkai from head to toe and laughing manically as she bathes in their blood is not.
No. 5523
It's been abandoned, but Curses Foiled (Again!) had a very fun Sanae near the end. Didn't even make it past two threads, though.
No. 5527
There's Fragment of memories, though Sanae doesn't appear in it until later.

For the time being, once the writer gets over his issues and figures out where to go next it'll come back.
No. 5528

He's said that he doesn't actually enjoy writing CYOAs, though, so I doubt that. Sorry to burst your bubble.
No. 5530
Mmmm, that was nice. Different, but nice. To bad about the whole "Get high, stop writing" thing.

Geez, this story is long...sounds pretty good, but I just hope it can hold my interest...

Anything else?
No. 5532
You mean besides the dead stories in /youkai/? Not much.

There's the "Sanae Story" which is centered on her, though updates aren't that common due to the guy being in the hospital.

/youkai/ should pick up in popularity since Klayman's resumed SCIENCE!!
No. 5535

Youkai Mountain LA, the very first CYOA on /youkai/ was locked into Sanae route from the beginning. You can still find the first thread floating around on the deeper pages of /youkai/ if you want to read it.

Be warned, you may end up wishing it had been Hina route halfway through. That Hina was incredibly delicious.
No. 5536
It's also dead due to the writer being a faggot.
No. 5542

The man wanted Sanae stories, even if they were abandoned. It was a good Sanae story, even if it petered out at the end.
No. 5544
Reading a dead story never feels good. I'm still pissed at Scorn for more or less leaving FLA for dead.
No. 5545
Can't argue with that...but with picking slim as they are, I'll take what I can get.
No. 5600
Retrospective and Astronomical Narraration's been taken down from the archive, so is there no way for me to get it? Everyone keeps talking about what a masterpiece it is and I'm fucking dying to read it.
No. 5601
See >>5556.
No. 5698
This (currently unnamed) story in /coriander/ is way more fun than it ought to be, if you're looking for some silliness. >>/coriander/1915
No. 5699
Are there any stories that feature Tenshi in a prominent role?
No. 5700
closest thing would be "Do the right thing" in /th/ as at the moment she's in the MC's group.
No. 5716
Ah, that's what spurred me to ask in the first place. He writes a good Tenshi and it made me want more.
No. 5724
Can someone tell where I can find the story on one of the boards from the perspective of a youkai which was described as a spiky caterpiller or something like that which "befriends" Marisa. Can't seem to find it. Yukari said it was a fairy, Suwako thinks its some evil creature and is trying to kill it, if that helps
No. 5725
No. 5960
I love Aya. So much.
Any Aya centric stories around?
No. 5963
there's a new story in /youkai/ that seems have her as the main girl.
No. 5965
I wanna read a story with Mima. Except for Giddy's abandonned story, what else do you have in store, THP?
No. 5967
It's not abandoned; he's just busy being the Lord of Dicks in the IRC cabal.
No. 5978
I think Ancient Gensokyo has her, I haven't read it yet though.
No. 5984
It definitely does; a living Mima, but I'll warn you; it's a thinking intensive story, but good.
No. 5987
That's...pretty bad.
Any others?
No. 5988
Well, there's that one with basically Solid Snake that has her as the romantic interest.
No. 5989
>thinking-intensive story

I don't know why there are people who say this. How is asking my readers to pay attention to character psychology 'thinking-intensive' when it's what almost every CYOA, as well as the most mediocre of novels, demand of them?
No. 5990
Because your CYOA demands a significantly higher level of mental involvement than those.

Not only is your story rife with philosophy and ethics - not exactly a zombie-process pair of subjects by any means - but the vote points tend to demand that the reader think creatively and consider a wide array of factors when making a choice.
Other CYOAs typically work on a sliding scale of Immediate Benefits vs. Long-term Benefits, with the factors for a "correct", "neutral", or "bad" choice being fairly obvious. Yours, by contrast, is less of a line and more of a hypercube, and the factors up for consideration must fairly frequently be consulted in previous installments, or otherwise left to inference.
No. 5991
Or maybe you're just reading too deep. Hasn't that occurred to you?
No. 5992
Thinking intensive story.
I'm writing story like that, it will be easy modo for me.
All right. Ancient Gensokyo, right?
9 threads to read, let's begin now. Thanks, THP.
No. 5993

But has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
No. 5994
That sentence makes my head hurt.
No. 5995

Sorry, but any meaning you might have had was lost in that sea of grammatical nonsense.
No. 5996
No. 6000
It's better than nothing. Where?
No. 6001
Gunman in Gensokyo. Check the archive.
No. 6344
It's a long shot, but are there any Koakuma focused stories?
No. 6345
There are some stories including Koakuma, like A flea in the dog house, or a devilish library, but I don't know any Koakuma-centered story.
No. 6346
File 129594379925.jpg - (902.05KB , 1748x2480 , 16051460.jpg ) [iqdb]
Are there any stories with a significant amount of Rumia other than I, youkai and GH?

I'm not expecting much, but I'll be able to concentrate on other stories more if my hopes are firmly crushed.
No. 6347
Wintertime Alchemist has a good Rumia. Clever, cunning, violent, in love, and still loli.
No. 6348
A Different Story (>>/shrine/24171) had non-trivial amounts of Rumia and was a rather good story besides.
No. 6349
Last update: September 09.

I suggest to wait before starting to read this story.
No. 6350
Awesome, thanks.
Avoiding dead stories would mean avoiding RaAN. Unacceptable.
No. 6351
It's not dead; it was completed in its second thread. >>/shrine/26187
No. 6352
RaAN? What is that? Is it good?
No. 6353
Retrospective and Astronomical Narraration

Yeah, it's good. And abandoned. Forever. Read it anyway.

Huh. It's on the story list again. Last I looked it was REMOVED BY AUTHOR'S REQUEST. Did he change his mind or what?
No. 6360
>the Winemaker MC

This popped up in Owen's thread, and I didn't want to derail it, but which story is anon referring to?
No. 6362
/at/ porn story, if I'm not mistaken.
No. 6363
yeah though it isn't exactly smut overkill. Though there's been one inter-story case already. He spent a considerable amount of quality time with Reina
No. 6375
File 129678521738.jpg - (440.58KB , 790x1014 , b0a4f8dc97170e4f5594475f0f3cb9a3.jpg ) [iqdb]
Winemaker's Journey in Gensokyo. It's not a CYOA per se, just a collection of short stories about a winemaker's everyday life in dealing with his customers. Yeah, it's /at/ so expect sexy wine-tasting session with the girls. Not that Winonymous has the strength to please all the girls, especially the more powerful beings, but we'll see.

Posting Yuuka because I know Anon wants to see a tender loving moment with our youkai moe.

>He spent a considerable amount of quality time with Reina
Thank you, but I don't think I want to write a crossover anytime soon like I mentioned in Owen's thread.

Not want to derail this thread, but is there any story at /other/ worth reading apart from those mentioned in this thread?
No. 6376
Besides Border House and Let's Gooooo? I've been enjoying Creeping Shadows and Merchant in Gensokyo.
No. 6381
Funny enough, I'm not reading any of these.