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THP Wiki.

It can be used for storing archives without the natter of commentary, which can be good and bad. You know which stories I'm talking about.

We can also use the Wiki to categorize our authors, stories, and protagonists along factual lines. After all, to say that an author sucks when they are, at best, questionable, will only lead to more wankery. But to, say, look up which protagonists are youkai, or Touhous, as opposed to human could be useful.

What do you think, Anon?

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I was pretty baffled when I first came here, but that was more because of the memes and unexplained terminology than anything else.
Also, archive needs an updatin'.
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Why not make twitter and facebook when you are at it.
No. 4075
We really don't need our writers/stories categorized any more than they already are (which is to say, by board in the archive thread).

Searchable archives sure would be nice, though. How's that coming along, Teruyo?
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Beyond the 7 minutes thing, we actually have memes?
No. 4078
My position on this is the following: I don't see much good coming out of this but I wouldn't mind setting up a wiki if that's what people really wanted.

Yeah, the current archives are not ideal. Yeah, there is a lot of stuff that's not accessible to newbies. And hell yeah there's some good in being able to tell what story features what with whom.

I'm a bit of a dinosaur, I remember the days when people were told to just 'lurk more' and that would be that. But, even so, I can see the merit in added accessibility.

Even if somehow the wiki fails to be a volatile cauldron of partisan bickering and opinion, there's still something more important to consider: Who would use it? Who would take the time to codify everything, add pages without being biased and update things constantly? We are not that big of a community and 'civic-minded' volunteers seem hard to come by. Too often people will just be content with proposing and adding more for the sake of more without realizing the effort needed in maintaining and implementing things.

I'm not asking for a vote on this issue, numbers tend to horrible in representing those who will actually care enough to follow through. An awareness of the implications of it all is what I want. There's no use in having an empty and dead wiki, or one filled with tired bias.

We are currently alright with resources (bandwidth, space, memory use), but every little thing that's implemented or used takes up a bit more. It's like having a car with all the accessories, sure more is better on paper, but when you realize you're only getting a mile to the gallon maybe that powerful AC system doesn't seem as worth it. It behooves the userbase to realize things, including my time (and that of others), are finite.

Still, this thread is here for debate and I encourage it. If you want to be heard, go ahead, we've always had an open policy on the site. Silent apathy isn't going to help anything.

>Searchable archives sure would be nice, though. How's that coming along, Teruyo?

I... haven't even tried to work on that? We'd have to have a proper archive system first (by proper I mean something on the site). I haven't been working on anything since I finished up with the /rs/ except for the mysterious Project X, which isn't that.
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Plotton Field?
I think there is also some sort of "Cupcakes" meme, but that one was before my time.

We have no shortage of memes, its just that most people here hate them. Understandably.
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I think that came from either Scorn, patchwork, or even GM (I don't remember) and it was something about slow updates.

The only thing I would really like would be a small synopsis, especially as sometimes entire threads are 404'd, and they aren't archived.
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[x] Call for Tewi
No. 4084
It was GensokyoMan, and it came about because she said she'd be back in seven minutes because she was writing an update.

Came back with an update two days later.
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I think a wiki would be pretty cool for nostalgia purposes. It doesn't even need to contain a lot of info ... Just who the protagonist was, notable touhous, a blurb describing what the story is about, memorable quotes (hurrdurrmemes)and if the story is complete maybe some spoiler/resolution section at the end.
No. 4088
It's a bad idea, and resembles faggotry pretty badly.

I just wanted to say that. That's all.
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There's that horrible "CUPCAKES WHERE?" meme as well. Don't know where it came from.
No. 4090
There's nothing a wiki can do that can't be fulfilled by a recommendations thread.
No. 4091
Some poor drunken bastard said that "updates" kind of sounded like "cupcakes" and it went from there. I don't know why it's still around.
No. 4093

...well, something resembling sense slightly more. Thank you for enlightening me.
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>Also, archive needs an updatin'.

Yeah, right now it's more like an index than an archive.
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And that idea worked out so well last time.
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Except that there wasn't anything wrong with the last recommendations thread.
No. 4098
We have to thank Scorn for that. Crazy bastard said he wouldn't mind if people said that to him so that he can get back to work.
No. 4099
You mean aside from people not contributing and recommenders often not giving any kind of synopsis on the stories they enjoy?

That thread is dead.
No. 4105
I didn't see any problem with the number or quality of recommendations, but if you were expecting more, it would have helped if the thread had been advertised on other boards and open to everyone, not just writefags.

A lot of time's passed since then, and there's been many new and promising stories on every board. If the mods or someone would see fit to try it again with some tweaks, I'm sure that it would be more fruitful than a wiki for far less work.

Am I the only one who thinks so?
No. 4110
I think he means the last thread, which became a back and forth for trolls. Or maybe the one before that that also was a flame and troll fest (I can think of several on /th/ before the new domain). Or maybe he just means any thread that's got a modicum of opinon.

The sticky was done in such a way to discourage the often childish lot that populates the site from verbally abusing one another. Also, I don't think that a thread can get any more proper exposure than being a sticky on the main discussion board. If people choose to go to only one part of the site, that's their problem and aren't really the type that would be looking for recommendations anyways.

Besides, there's something obvious you're overlooking: Anyone can create at any time about anything touhou related on this site, the burden doesn't always fall on site staff.