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So what do you think of this legend? Good/bad?

Also random Meiling pic.

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secret UD story, only known to UD fans
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Decent writer; would be much better if wrote something that doesn't beat the reader over the head with its moral.

Also, /gensokyo/ is to your left.
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My eyes are bleeding.
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Shitty butthurt writer is shit.
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I think nothing.
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I read his PCB thing awhile ago. It was alright until Yuyuko showed up and everything went full on retarded.
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The fuck?
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It's a parody of My Immortal, famous Harry Potter troll fanfiction.

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Reinterpretation of the Scarlet Devil was fun as hell.

His PCB story, though? That was an exercise in how fanboyism can make people go full retard. The way the plot kept trying to justify Sakuya's murder of innocents as her being "omg, like, misunderstood" was so fucking infuriating it took a good long while for me to stop having a sour taste in my mouth everytime I saw a Sakuya story.
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If you absolutely have to keep promoting yourself, could you do us all a favor and keep it in /jp/?

Now, about your stuff:
1. Verbal tics are a telltale sign of lazy dialogue, just as honorific use is a telltale sign of lazy translation. If you need to distinguish the way your characters speak, you should do it in a more subtle way; there's no reason for Marisa to sound like Gollum.

2. Same deal as what the others have said about your moralizing. There's nothing fundamentally wrong with it, except for the amateurish intrusiveness with which write it in. I don't know if that was your intent, but if I were in your position, I would try for a more subdued and artful incorporation.

3. If your aim is to write the best story you can, you should limit the degree to that you inject your personal tastes. Some might say this defeats the point of writing fanfiction, but just saying.

4. Reduce the level of introspection and increase the level of interaction. It makes for a better story from pretty much every perspective and ties in with what was said in point two above; part of the reason your stories have an absence of subtlety in their moral explorations is because you rely too heavily on introspection, with the result that some dialogues come off as very artificial.

Final analysis: There were and are better writers on this site, both for technical details like paragraphing and sentence construction, and for creativity of characterization and premise. I don't dislike you as much as the rest of /jp/ does, but how you keep finishing for attention gets old.
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Oh, and grotesque Yuyuko fanboyism.
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Err... I don't think the tc is UsuallyDead...
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> just as honorific use is a telltale sign of accurate translation.

Fixed that for you.

I don't give a shit about the rest of the thread, but I just could not let that go un-countered. You can dislike honorifics all you want, but people don't keep them because they are lazy. If anything the people that simply remove them are the lazy ones. Doing so removes much of the subtext of a work. Not using an honorific when addressing someone is a pretty major thing, and unfortunately that is once instance of honorific use that is pretty much impossible to convey without using them.

Most manga/anime/visual novels/whatever take place in Japan. That the characters would be using honorifics should be a given. Its simply the culture of the setting the stories take place in. Deal with it.
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>I don't know how to translate according to context.
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> I don't realize that it isn't usually appropriate to do so.

I bet you're one of those people that actually thinks its appropriate to give people from Osaka southern US accents. Its not.

If I wanted to watch a re-written version of an anime I'd watch something by 4kids. If I'm reading a sub, it damn well better have the honorifics. Nothing irritates me more than hearing the character say something in japanese that I just happen to understand, and have it not match at all with the subtitles. It really makes me question how accurate the translation actually is.

But, just out of curiosity (because maybe you're some sort of translation badass that has solved a problem that no other translator has yet solved) How would you translate a character dropping the honorific toward a character they have grown close to, without needlessly adding dialog, rushing a line, or ruining pacing? Or would you just leave it out all together, and just pray the audience gets why a character overeacts to someone simply saying their name?. Without honorifics being used previously, they won't get what the hell is going on when a scene such as this happens. And these types of scenes are pretty common.

The translator isn't a better writer than those that actually made the original work. And even if they were, they shouldn't try to be. Its simply unnecessary to change such things. If a show takes place in japan, it will follow Japanese culture. This is a given. You don't need to westernize it, and to be realistic, you simply cant. The cultures are different enough that trying to change it will slowly create a dissonance between a character's actions and their dialog.

I think a good case in point would be shows from other cultures, but are in the same language.

When British shows come over to America, references Americans don't get are not removed or rewritten. "Crisp" doesn't change to "chip", slang doesn't change, and so on, so forth. There is the understanding that there will be some cultural differences the audiance may not be used to.

It is also horribly inconsistent when you compare it with parts of japanese culture that ARE translated. Often things such as the Yakuza remain untranslated because even though they are remotely similar to the western concept of the mafia, it really isn't the same thing.

They are different things, therefore have different labels. This is a fundamental concept of language. To call one by the others' name would dilute the meaning. You don't call an apple an orange even though they are both round fruit that grow from trees and have a color in the red side of the spectrum. Changing this would be ridiculous, even if the viewer had never heard of an orange. Upon hearing the term orange they would understand that it is different than an apple. But if it were called an apple, they would be like "Hey, thats not an apple"

An infamous example of this were the "Doughnuts" and "Hamburgers" in the Pokemon anime. Even young children were baffled at it.

Amusingly, these missing cultural references occur even within one's own culture. I don't know a great deal about cars, for instance, so if someone refers to a particular model of car, I will be completely clueless. Yet should they change that reference simply because some people won't get it? What if that reference is a key factor in a joke, or even a plot element? A somewhat famous example of this would be the Edsel. Occasionally you will see references to this car in a negative light. Yet there is a good chance that the viewer (particularly from a younger generation) would never have even heard of this car, let alone know it's bad reputation. One show notorious for having incredibly obscure references is Family Guy. Say what you will about the show itself, but it remains popular and accessible despite many jokes referencing things the average viewer simply will not get.

So, we've established that even in our own culture, there are very minor things that are left alone just to preserve the original intent, even though people might have to do some digging to understand.

When these differences (honorifics) are the central fucking premise of a culture's social interactions, and are required for the dialog to make logical sense, they should probably stay intact, wouldn't you say?

Not like its difficult to figure them out in the first place, and most anime viewers have at least some grasp of them anyway.
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Fuck me your passionate about that.
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Everything this guy said is right. You can't lose honorifics without losing meaning. The worst is when they translate something like "nee-san" to the person's name, like in the council president's good ending in Yume Miru Kusuri. It was purposefully jarring to hear that character refer to her that way, but I only picked up on it because it was voiced.

If you're not dumbing it down for a wider audience (pokemon games, anime dubs, etc.), then don't dumb down the honorifics.
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>When these differences (honorifics) are the central fucking premise of a culture's social interactions, and are required for the dialog to make logical sense, they should probably stay intact, wouldn't you say?

By this line of reasoning, am I wrong to guess that you also think that the various forms of "you" should also be left untranslated? Because they're just as central to correctly understanding the language and they're just as easy to figure out.
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ITT we pretend that one solution to a complex problem is generalizable to all situations.

Yes, it may be better to leave honorifics in -- if the target audience of the translated work is composed primarily of weeaboos. For people who already understand the honorific system, deleting honorifics would just be removing meaning with no benefit. If you're translating for a general audience, though, you're almost certainly better off deleting the honorifics and making do through other changes to the text, like most literary translators do. Does the removal of honorifics necessitate some loss of meaning? Certainly. Is the meaning lost essential to understanding what's going on? Forty-nine times out of fifty, the answer is no.

In fact, even for a weeaboo audience, translating away some honorifics may be a wise choice. Do you recognize 卿 ("kyou") at first glance? I'll bet you don't, which is why ベルンカステル卿 is best rendered "Lady Bernkastel", not "Bernkastel-kyou".

All translations are doomed to lose meaning compared to their original works. Different languages represent ideas in different ways. Compromises must be made, and in the grand scheme of a work, losing the honorifics is usually not that big of a deal.
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It's pretty damn ironic we're having this conversation in a thread about Usually Dead, since his Touhous explicitly speak in English. For some godforsaken reason.
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>General Audience

Heh, but seriously with something like Umineko, a western style of honorifics might work as well, since it's in a more western style.

The same could be said of the SDM with its European roots. But on the other hand there's Youmu who's very Japanese style. Honorifics are best left on her. Chen's tricky since there's no real good way to translate "shama" to english. Ran in contrast could go either way.

Trickier than honorifics is the matter of translating speaking styles to english. Some folks half-ass this which is a main factor in the ZE overload (That and people thinking it's a trade mark thing)
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You can't half-translate them based on the characters' origins. They all speak Japanese.

Also, "ze" shows up in Japanese fanart. It's not like the western fanbase made that up.
No. 4150
"ze" is also a particle. A particle that -does not exist- in English, which she just happens to be fond of. Nothing, and I mean nothing pisses me off in this fanbase more than English people trying to use it, because that is the direct equivalent to WHAT A KAWAII MORNING UGUU. There's no justifying that shit.
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Yes, you adorable loli. Pretend all your cute dialogue doesn't come from a Reimu pregnant futa rape doujin.
No. 4154


What is this thing you speak of.
No. 4156
It's one of the Enchantresses' Dance doujins by Takaku-Ya. I don't remember which one it was though, sorry.
No. 4157
Definitely 8 or 9; I think 8 was it and 9 was Iku electro-urethra fuck, but I may have them backwards.
No. 4164
6 & 5 were about Mokou raping people.
7 had preggo Reimu with Suika and Remilia (I can't believe an h doujin made me hate her all over again but it did).
8 had Marisa and Reimu mostly.
9 you're dead on.
No. 4168
>7 had preggo Reimu with Suika and Remilia (I can't believe an h doujin made me hate her all over again but it did).
>8 had Marisa and Reimu mostly.
Both of those are 8.
7 is Aya&some Tengu, Siki&Komachi, and Yukari impregnating Reimu