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Sup nerds?
I'm kind of newly getting into Touhou. From what I can tell from what I've read, all the stuff that's known about the universe pretty much comes from Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red and some other official doujins and stuff.

So basically I want to ask, what all is considered canon besides the games, and where can I find them?

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Everything under "Print Works" at http://touhou.wikia.com
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well, looks like that link will answer pretty much any question I will ever have ever. Thanks.
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By my authority (haha) as a writefag, I hereby welcome you to THP. May you read and vote to your heart's content.
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Take everything with a pinch of salt, mind you. Or several pinches if you dare read anything under 'fun facts' on character pages.
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The translations are generally reliable, but everything else... not so much.
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Someone post the picture in the moe thread.
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