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I keep reading all over the internets that "Touhou's PC-98 characters are copyrighted by Amusement Makers", and apparently this is why they're not coming back.

Now, a simple cursory search of "Amusement Makers" on Touhou Wiki is enough to make me doubt this as a bullshit rumour, but I'd like some confirmation to sate my own curiousity.

Anybody know where this crap came from, or God forbid, if it's true?

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The very fact that Alice and Yuuka show up in the Windows series should be enough to dispel that one. Plus, ZUN has said before that the reason Mima hasn't shown up again is simply that he's made a number of games not featuring her, and if he thinks that most fans would end up asking where the hell she had been if he brought her back. I imagine he thinks the same way about a lot of the PC-98 characters.

Also, if you're interested, Genji is apparently chilling out in a pond at the Hakurei Shrine.
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Yet he has such questions coming due to Alice being around. And that Mima would get more joyous responses than "Where was she" (that could be explained by her taking a nap)

I wonder if he's aware of the running gag that "Mima's going to be in the next Touhou" or not.
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Actually, Alice was introduced into the Windows series of games in Perfect Cherry Blossom, which is separated from her native PC-98 title Mystic Square by only a single game: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. The question of where she was is a little less pressing simply because she would only have been gone for maybe a year or two in story terms, and she wasn't a recurring character prior to PCB.

Yuuka would have been a little more likely to get questions; there were three games between Phantasmagoria of Flower View and her previous appearance in Mystic Square. Even that isn't too bad though, because she is described in canon as not being terribly active, and was only playable once. Mast fans probably assumed that she was just lying around in her cute pink pajamas, sleeping the days away. Plus, we all know she got that PoFV appearance because she's one of ZUN's old favorites.

Given that Mima was in damn near every PC-98 title, and was practically a professional incident resolver, it would be a little odd for her to just pop back up all of a sudden. If she does show up again, I half expect it to be in either a random game's prologue or ending, or in one of the supplementary books or comics. I tend to think of her as being in about the same situation as Genji at this point - just chilling out at the Hakurei Shrine, drinking tea and harassing her friends from time to time.

ZUN obviously hasn't forgotten about her, though. She was on the cover of that one volume of Akyu's Untouched Score, after all!
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I meant Alice's linger appearance in contrast to Yuuka. She's basically part of the regular cast appearing in various games. (inb4 people start calling her slut)
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Considering extra stages of MS and ZUN's comments it's possible Yuka was the only one who beat Alice, so it's likely something happened to Mima. ZUN may be saving that story for later.
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that's assuming he hasn't forgotten said plotline. But it sounds like he's in a "damned if he doesn't, damned if he does situation" so he decides to take the course of least resistance: not doing anything.

But I do wonder about the matter of Shinki popping up in one of ZUN's Touhou comics.
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>But I do wonder about the matter of Shinki popping up in one of ZUN's Touhou comics.

Say what now?
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I mean the comics he wrote such as The ones about the three mischevious fairies, and Curiosity of lost asia (The Rinnosuke comic) and even perhaps the Inaba comics. They're a way to show otherwise neglected characters without interfering with any games.
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Maybe he just doesn't think Mima fits well with the current (windows-era) world and storylines he's creating.