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So, it's spring, and I've got it in my head to write something. While I've been steadily cracking at something for DE out of obligation, it's not exactly the most enjoyable activity right now. What I want is something more episodic, that I can pick up, write for a couple weeks, and put down without leaving a cliffhanger every time.

So, I have two three major ideas running around in my head right now:

The first is a light-hearted kind of story with short, simple JRPG battles interspersed frequently throughout. The setting would include a Yukari-run coffee shop and Maribel and Renko as starting party members. Not based on any RPG I know of.

The second idea is a more serious touhou mecha story. Gensokyo is a mobile fortress/city, anon is a newly-out of work pilot who meets up with Reimu and company. It includes almost every touhou at some point or another. Loosely tied to Armored core. Loosely.

The third is a very mini CYOA where I take a stab at writing some Flandre. Light hearted in a sort of black comedy way. In the interest of furthering my own fetishes making things a bit less creepy, the protagonist is 13~14 years old. May or may not get as far as any actual romance. Flandre route only, of course.

So, to wit:

[ ] RPG
[ ] Mecha
[ ] Flandre

Votes for '[x] DE' will be summarily dismissed because I'm working on that already dammit.

Have a Chen.

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No. 3757
[X] Mecha
No. 3758
>Maribel and Renko

You've sold me on it.

No. 3759

No. 3761
>Sealing Club


Although the Flandre thing is relevant to my creepy pedophile side interests as well.
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[x] Flandre
No. 3763
[X] Flandre

We've got Mary and Renko in Fallout Gensokyo, but we're in danger of losing a good Flandre story if Taisa doesn't come back.
No. 3764
Just to note, I'll be out of town Monday and Tuesday, so there's plenty of time for votes. I'll check it when I get back and make my decision.
No. 3766
And weaken the cause for when Taisa does return? Too much has been sacrificed for it to end like that.


I'm voting this because god knows when ExNine's going to ever update his story again, and I like to have an easily accessible Renko and Mary story.
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[x] Flandre
[x] RPG
[x] Flandre
[x] R-

GAH! Both sound so tempting. "Yukari-run coffee shop" alone is almost enough to sell me on the first one, but JRPG battles tend to annoy me, and I do so like dark comedy...

[x] Flandre

Why not, this looks like it has strong potential for hilarious and d'aaawwww-inspiring hijinks.

You're making decisions based on stories that have nothing to do with this author and his unique versions of these characters.

Stop that.
No. 3772
[x] Flandre
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That isn't the only reason; I want to see how such a story would play out. That and Renko And Mary; nuff said.

Still, that doesn't change the fact that some stories might adversely affect others.
No. 3775
The doc's writing again?

[X] Anything is fine

But if I have to settle for one then I will go with [X] RPG since I like those. Also astronomy club.
No. 3776
[X] Mecha
No. 3778
[x] RPG
No. 3779
[x] Flandre
No. 3780
[x] Mechanical automaton replica of the younger Scarlet sister with a rocket-propelled grenade launcher.
No. 3781

[x] Mecha-Flandre
No. 3782
[x] Flandre
No. 3783
[x]Meta-Flandre RPG
No. 3784
[X]Mecha-Flandre RPG
No. 3785
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Armored Core + anything = win
It's a shame that I'm going against the tide here.
No. 3787
Back home. I'll call the vote tomorrow morning, so if you want to vote do so now.
No. 3788
[X] Flandre
No. 3789
>>3780 >>3781 >>3783 >>3784

You can re-vote if you want, because those don't count for anything.

Seriously, not writing that.
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File 126878542337.jpg - (1.52MB , 640x6640 , 5164655_.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] RPG
No. 3791
[X] Mecha
No. 3792
[X] Flandre
No. 3793
[X] Mecha
No. 3794
Aaaaand voting is called!

'[X] RPG' is the winner by one vote.

I'll start working out the last kinks in the system, stat up the characters, and start writing the first post. Expect it to start within a couple days.

Oh, one last question:

[ ] /th/
[ ] /others/
[ ] /border/
No. 3796
[x] /border/

Needs a bit more life.
No. 3799
[x] /border/

Too many people put their stories in those other areas as it is.
No. 3801
Agreed, I don't think there's a story on there that manages to update more than once a week, and often they miss even that.

[x] /border/
No. 3803
Good enough for me. Border it is.

Expect to see the first update soon.
No. 3816
It has begun.