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So this is happening.

I hope everyone likes slut jokes because there's going to be a whole fucking lot.

No. 3667
Oh, for fuck's sake.

So does this mean Touhou 13 is delayed until Summer Comiket?
No. 3668
Erm... Touhou games usually come out during Summer Comiket to begin with, the demos during Reitaisai. If there isn't any additional announcement, there'll be no other game for now.
No. 3669
IIRC last two years it was demo at Reitaisai and then full game at Summer comiket. It looks like StB pushed back the MoF demo and full release by a convention, so I assume Winter will be the full game.
No. 3671
Practically every single main game has been released mid-August (at or around summer comiket). The demos usually come in May. The only game that I can think that is the exception is StB which came out end of year. I'm just counting the StGs.
No. 3672
File 126756898090.jpg - (210.23KB , 800x777 , 7a4d91301a2b2f135844fc88ecf35788.jpg ) [iqdb]
This is surprising.

Can't wait to see how the troublesome bosses like Orin, Murasa, and Shou will bring more pain to the party.
No. 3673
File 126757196326.jpg - (42.98KB , 192x256 , Swr_aya.jpg ) [iqdb]
The fuck happened to her ears.
No. 3674


No. 3675
Them ears, man. Them fucking ears. I can't take it easy like this.
No. 3677

Agreed, too bad 'certain people' insist on otherwise. I guess they like a redesign so radical that the character doesn't 'feel' like that character. One that if it takes, will brutally retcon various works including some of ZUN's own work.

My thoughts exactly.

ZUN's really drunk, ZUN's trolling, ZUN's on a elf ear jag, or ZUN's out to ruin Aya.

Poor Parsee no longer being the only 'strictly pointy eared' girl on the block.
No. 3678
ZUN never drew Aya with her ears showing in his prior official arts. In case you didn't notice, she's only shown with human ears in the fighter series, which isn't drawn by ZUN.
No. 3679
For all we know every character has pointy ears.

And penises.
No. 3680

Wiseman, step away from the keyboard.
No. 3681
But they're still considered canon.
No. 3682

One would assume details in ZUN's own drawings would take precedence for canon, quality of art notwithstanding.
No. 3683

See that red character in the OP pic above the yellow title text? That's Aya.
No. 3684
File 126757734293.png - (53.09KB , 256x512 , please kill me.png ) [iqdb]
Maybe she's just poorly drawn.
No. 3685
“Aya Shameimaru, Tengu Reporter, persistently takes photos of humans and youkai and whatever else and records them in her list of defeated enemies.”


No. 3686
File 126757847796.jpg - (78.98KB , 256x512 , correctedarmlength.jpg ) [iqdb]
Her arms got longer!
No. 3687
A shitstorm over ear shape? Moreover, a shitstorm over a character's portrayal in ZUN art? Seriously?

If you're going to bitch about something, bitch about the fact that we're getting a rehash of the awful grind-fest that was StB instead of Touhou 13.
No. 3689
File 126758107212.jpg - (204.88KB , 850x1486 , PARSEEEEEE.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm sorry.

... Ooh, scary, scary.
No. 3690

This would be my problem. I don't like StB as it's pretty much nothing more than a spellcard showcase and doesn't really do much for the series. I couldn't be assed to try to get past the fourth stage in StB, so yeah.
No. 3693

And thus my theory that Touhou 13 would need to be delayed because something so amazing, so incredible, so absolutely goddamn stunning is going to happen in it that it can't be completed in the regular development timeframe is complete!

/totally not a drooling Mima fanboy going into wild speculation at every little thing.

-/Mima-sama. ;_;
No. 3695
It's not so bad to have a game that's pure bullet hell once in a while. The way I see it, it's fine if for now we get a game that's basically pure gameplay. ZUN seems to enjoy the concept and if it helps him feel better disposed and inspired for regular games all the better.
No. 3697
File 126762040291.jpg - (112.09KB , 500x500 , kafuka.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 3698

That's all fine and good, but it's just going to be a title that I'm going to skip over for the most part. Personally, I want another Phantasmagoria title with the new characters, but the regular STGs are fine too. It's disappointing though because UFO managed to have a number of good songs in it, it's easier for me to name tracks I don't like from it's score. Granted, that doesn't mean that DS won't have good music, but it just likely won't have as much unless ZUN goes overboard with music.

The only track I can remember from StB is Sleepless Night of the Eastern Country, but that's only because I discovered it on Magical Astronomy. There is one thing that I do have a bit of an interest in though... considering Aya's apparent redesign, I wonder if all the characters appearing are going to have redesigns as well, or if they're just going to be reused graphics.
No. 3702
Oh God what happened to the art.
No. 3703
"Happened" implies a change.
No. 3704

He seemed to be getting better in UFO.

Seemed to.
No. 3705
They call this the "walking ghost phase".
No. 3706
ZUN had some help with UFO, I think it was Randu house.
No. 3710
Am I the only one that actually liked STB at all? I was kind of hoping for something mission based again so it would be easier to sit down and play really quick games, though I could have done without the camera gimmick. I was actually kinda hoping to see him go back to his roots and try something like Highly Responsive to Prayers or something different.

The way I look at it, we're (hopefully) getting a LOT more spellcards to fight against than we ever would have with a normal danmaku game.

And one thing you guys might not be considering is this: We haven't seen some characters for a VERY long time. Since the blog post said all former stages are returning, this might mean that we will get a chance to see what some older characters have been up to.

I just hope that Zun saw it the same way and actually put longer notes than last time, or perhaps some dialog or interview snippets. Now that would be something nice.

As for the whole ears thing, normally I would defend something like this. It makes sense since she's a tengu, we've never seen her ears in zun art, and blah blah blah. Simple fact is that they just plain look terrible on her. This was a bad choice even by Zun standards. She scarcely even looks like the same character.

I honestly think he might be trolling us at this point. At the end of the game, its going to turn out the ears are fake, or part of a curse, or some other weird shit he can think of. And that will be the double spoiler.

Either that or Zun means spoiler as in the fins on racing cars. Aya is simply trying to add stability with her speed. I guess.

I like the armband though. Makes her feel more reporter-y.
No. 3715
File 126806369548.jpg - (107.56KB , 320x240 , e0088742_432961.jpg ) [iqdb]
It seems that the Aki sisters will get some love in this new game.
No. 3719
>I like the armband though. Makes her feel more reporter-y.
It actually makes her sort of Hitler Youth-y at worst, or "Japanese high school student president"-y, at best, both of which are terrible.

Now, a press card tucked into the brim of your hat; that's reporter-y.
No. 3720
File 126810376784.png - (116.26KB , 600x480 , daburusupoiraa.png ) [iqdb]
I liked StB somewhat, but the difficulty curve was just ridiculously steep; I've beaten other Touhou games on Hard in the amount of time it took me to unlock some of the higher levels. Some of the spell cards were just plain poorly designed, too; Sakuya's, in particular, stick in my mind as requiring both nearly frame-perfect maneuvering and a good bit of luck with the randomly generated bullets.

>Either that or Zun means spoiler as in the fins on racing cars.
Pic related.
No. 3726
Spoiler - any competitor, entrant, or candidate who has no chance of ultimate victory but does well enough to spoil the chances of another.

Consider a moment, Aya's status as main character (In two games).
So yeah, we're being trolled hard.
No. 3728
I agree with this mostly but a press badge would have been more reporter-y as well.

Now to debunk the senseless Aya hate

>She got her own game(s)

Shoot the Bullet was first conceptualized during the making of EoSD, before Aya was even created. Also StB was a quickly made game to go along with the BAiJR fanbook of ZUN's. Due to the nature of the game and fanbook, Aya just happened to be a perfect fit.

>She's been in so many games as opposed to others

Unlike most characters whose jobs force them to stay in one place, Aya's job allows her to go anywhere. And all it takes for Aya to appear is just about any incident. Sakuya and Youmu would require their areas being threatened for them to step into action. Her appearance in MoF should not have been unexpected due to the fact it's her home.

>She's always holding back.
She is a 1000+ Tengu and has such combat abilities that not even the nature of a spell card duel could things be quite even. The same could be said of Yukari and Suika, yet no one complains about it.

As for this game, I wonder if we'll get a new BAiJR or not. But I do suspect there will be some kind of twist that will be figured out by the game translators.
No. 3741
It's out now.

No. 3742

...who's the bitch trying to steal Aya's reporter spotlight?
No. 3743

She's usually called "Aya". You may recognize her.
No. 3745

I was rather unfortunately not kidding around:

No. 3746

Holy dick.
No. 3747
...Is she using her phone as a camera?
No. 3749
Also, the "Characters by Order of Appearance" list is up:


Apparently, Tenshi and Iku show up in level 10. That's enough to get me to check this out.
No. 3750
File 126859192496.jpg - (97.64KB , 646x507 , TH125MiniSuikas.jpg ) [iqdb]
Perhaps the best spell card ever.
No. 3751
For anyone who's managed to make it this far without Japanese locale, pre-installed DDL:
No. 3752
File 126859962750.jpg - (365.67KB , 800x900 , i for one welcome our new crowslut overlords.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hatate's level is pretty damn cool. She has her own viewfinder, and you have to avoid being captured in one of her pictures while taking pictures at the same time.
No. 3753
File 126860130656.jpg - (252.46KB , 1600x2300 , Two scoops.jpg ) [iqdb]
Looks like we have some molestation artwork already. How long you want to wager until we have the first porn?

My bet is within the next twelve hours or so.
No. 3756
File 126860566076.jpg - (182.22KB , 347x477 , 1268567131261.jpg ) [iqdb]
Does this count?
No. 3760
'tis funny. Just from looking at the ZUN art for her, and also her character concept, I hated this chick. But now that I see the fanart, with the miniskirt and tsundere twintails enhanced, all is love.

Clearly I've been on the internets too long.
No. 3765
Don't cheapen her by sticking her with an overrated archetype. But fan art wise, she comes off as a cute younger sister of Aya's, mischievous yet slightly childish.
No. 3767
To anyone else who really dislikes StB: Give this one a chance. This game is a big improvement over its predecessor, in terms of how fun the spellcards are.
No. 3768
When do I get to play as Hatate? I've made it to Leve 7 so far...
No. 3769
First, you have to unlock Extra by beating 53 scenes total, including at least one from each level. Then, you have to unlock Spoiler by beating 3 scenes from Extra and 58 scenes total. Finally, you have to beat all 9 scenes in Spoiler to unlock Hatate.

The difficulty falls in roughly that order, too. Finding a scene that I had any chance of beating on Levels 9 through 12 was the hardest part for me; I ended up with 9-5, 10-3, 11-4, and 12-4. After that, EX-1, EX-2, and EX-4 were pretty simple once you figure out how to approach them, and the Spoiler scenes, while extremely fun to play, only took me a few dozen tries to beat. (Except ??-9. Fucking Illusionary Dominance and its 10-picture requirement.)
No. 3777
File 126868010158.jpg - (177.25KB , 1024x768 , Scallop.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hot damn, Hatate already has a meme.
No. 3786
Alright, who else keeps trying to bomb?
No. 3795
File 126884270464.jpg - (509.21KB , 800x1132 , 9387795.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Water Sign "Water Carpet"
>Owner: Nitori Kawashiro

>Aya's Comment:
>I photographed the Kappa playing in the water.
>She appears to play innocently, but if you look closely
>she'll often be drowning a human or something. Ooh, so scary.

What the fuck, ZUN?
No. 3798
That's seriously messed up.
No. 3802
So Aya trolling in her articles is now canon?
No. 3804
Sounds like typical Aya 'spicing' up her comments. I don't think she'd actually put that in the paper, with the possible PR disaster that might occur.
No. 3805
File 126886438734.jpg - (906.18KB , 1024x736 , Apparently completely wrong.jpg ) [iqdb]

I'm not sure which aspect of the Level 4 Spell Card comments is stranger - that, or the repeated indications by both playable characters that Aya and Momiji flat out don't get along with each other. Apparently they get into fights with each other almost every time they meet; though I guess Aya indicates that, as much as Momiji irritates her, she has some grudging respect for Momiji's abilities as a watchdog. So a sort of "vitriolic buddies" relationship is still viable.

Still, it's just weird to read those comments after getting so used to seeing Momiji as a Good Girl.
No. 3806
>Still, it's just weird to read those comments after getting so used to seeing Momiji as a Good Girl.

Is that even canon?
No. 3807

It was canon that she had a loyal and cooperative personality. The common portrayal of her as a Good Girl stemmed from the little bit of her personality that was known. Her association with Aya stemmed mostly from the fact that they were the only two known tengu aside from Tenma, who is several echelons higher than either in rank.

In fairness, Hatate seems to think highly of Momiji, and also mentions that it looks as though there's some sort of personal friction between Aya and Momiji. It's perfectly possible that Momiji really is still a good girl - just not around Aya.

It's still weird, though.
No. 3808
Yeah but something about her being a co-worker seems to discourage Hatate from posting in it.

But learning that Aya annoys Momiji is no big shock, it's what she does. And the feeling that Momiji might get that Aya has nothing better to do in her time than to bug her. Momiji's personality is loyal and stedifast, just more so towards the Great Tengu, not so much her annoying boss Aya.
No. 3809
>So a sort of "vitriolic buddies" relationship is still viable.
Perhaps, but the first possibility that came to my mind was that Aya and Momiji used to get along with each other. (And I mean... get along with each other, if you catch my drift.) Then, between Mountain of Faith and Double Spoiler, something happened (Aya's partnership with Reimu?) that makes even the mild-mannered Momiji angry enough to start fights. A few months later, add in Hatate, who thinks Momiji is "like, amazing", and Aya, taking pictures from afar and making snarky comments in her Livejournal, and the scenario starts to look a little familiar.

...Now I sort of want to write a one-shot featuring the three of them.
No. 3811
With an AyaxMomiji ending, I hope.
No. 3812

What, you want Hatate to be alone, desperate enough to use her Spirit Photography as a means to spy on Aya and Momiji while they make love, so that she can at least vicariously experience the happiness of being with someone she loves while she masturbates, and in tears?

That's just cruel, man.
No. 3813
Actually, Aya and Momiji not getting along kinda makes sense to me.
On one side you have Aya, who is outgoing, pushy, and has a tendency to irritate people.
Momiji, on the other hand, is basically Aya's polar opposite. Her cooperative personality likely means she values conformity, whereas Aya is more prone to standing out. Likewise, Momiji's faithfulness in her duties as a guard suggests she takes her role seriously and is something of the "straight and narrow" type. By contrast, Aya is a bit more "free and loose".

In short, their respective natures seem like the kind that would make them naturally irritated by the other.
Of course, that just means they'd be perfect together in a buddy film.
No. 3814
...ugh. I hate Hatate, but that's exactly what I imagine Aya doing when she realizes how alone she is.
Fine. I'll accept a skewered love triangle...but that's as far as I'll go.
No. 3824
>a skewered love triangle
It's "skewed," which means off-balance, tilted, or at a weird angle.
"Skewered" means is when a thing is pierced by an object that is long and thin (and generally sharp, or at least pointy).

...I wasn't going to say anything when I saw you use it before, but that's twice now, so I'm speaking up.
No. 3829
Used it before...?

Eh. Thanks, though thinking about it, skewered would work too for what I had in mind.
No. 3840

I am now imagining Momizi singing The Who's "I can see for miles".
No. 3878
File 126950091020.jpg - (62.23KB , 256x256 , Double Spoiler.jpg ) [iqdb]
I trust that everyone has enjoyed playing another game with my daughters. Girls were preparing for a long time and tried their hardest for this.
No. 3880
You know, I've always wondered if ZUN has seen all the things people write/draw/etc. of his characters.
No. 3881
not everything, but I'm sure he's at least seen the common stuff like tsundere moeblob alice, peeping aya, and of course all his characters with giant dicks.
No. 3889
A double spoiler tag?!