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Okay, here's one for you:

How do you describe the Touhou universe (not games) without using "touhou", "danmaku" or anything like that?

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Replace danmaku with bullet hell.
No. 3645
flying lolis shooting lazers then having tea/some form of alcohol
No. 3648
generic anime storyline with more hats than usual
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Sealed-away land where all myths are true and concepts are tangible power, inhabited by monsters, protected by a lazy but virtually indomitable shrine maiden.
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A Fantasy Kitchen Sink halfway inside Another Dimension in which every character is a Little Miss Badass, Cute Monser Girl or Cute Witch. In each plot, a Big Bad with a lot of Applied Phlebotinum gets bored and messes with nature. A Miko and a Cute Witch beat people at random until they find the Big Bad's Battle Butler, and then the Big Bad herself. Then everyone has a tea party because Defeat Means Friendship.
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Change Defeat Means Friendship to Befriends the SHIT out of them, and yeah. I'll agree with that. 'cause Marisa befriend the SHIT out of them with the power of LOVE.
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A Shrine Maiden and a Cute Witch beat up Cute Monster Girls, avoid clouds of death, drink tea, and produce a meme per day.
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These are equivalent statements.
No. 3659
Monster Party
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Yeah, but I prefer the sound of 'Befriending the SHIT' out of someone.
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Nanoha with mystical beings, silly headwear and tea parties.
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Can it also be done without referencing TVTropes?
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Not by a TVTropes user, no.
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Magical pocket dimension provides refuge to Japanese myths and legends escaping the real world. The two main characters mostly embody the spirit of 'shoot first, shoot later, shoot some more, and then try to ask a question or two' in their search for resolution to whatever problem of the day has cropped up. Inevitably leads to guest cameos in later games and/or a player character position that will swiftly be ignored in later games. 70% of the characters are never seen outside of their home game.
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Peter Pan meets Lord of the Flies.
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I find that description most ineffably disturbing in its implications.
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Most useful description so far.
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Gensokyo is a sealed-away land where myths are true and concepts are tangible power. Inhabited by monsters, humans of this land are protected by an ancient magical order, and the occasional powerful human.