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I figure I should post what I've been up to lately. I know there's a few people on IRC that play Touhoumon, not sure how the rest of the site feels about it.

If you're unfamiliar with Touhoumon, it's a hack of Pokemon Fire Red to introduce Touhous or "puppets" into the game and generally give you the feeling that you're pitting little girls against others in a fight to the death.

It's basically moemon but restricted to just Touhou.

The hack gained a large cult following and is still updated (mostly in english now) to this day. One day I decided "Man, me and my friends are hooked on this I think I'll port touhoumon to Shoddy Battle!" For those who aren't familiar with THAT, Shoddy Battle is a Pokemon battle simulator built for online play.

Eventually I got tempted to show Pooshlmer. They seemed to think the idea was okay. So the project eventually got serious, beyond just something for my friends.


This is the end result. The whole thread details my progress up until this point, where I've released it to the general public. Not one to be satisfied with just a meager amount of people, I thought maybe people here might wanna give it a try too.

I dunno how good of an idea it is posting this here but it's always worth a shot. Pic semi-related.

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So it was you that devised such a thing; I've been keeping an eye on those threads, just to see if a new jpn official version came about.
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Am I the only one around here that plays the Off. Japanese version instead of the absurdly popular Aqua/Yui english hack?
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