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So some of you may remember my abortive attempt at a PHP-based THP archive which also listed latest update date and story activity, as well as including a degree of automation in its own updates. In the end, it became 'abortive' because said degree of automation wasn't nearly high enough: I still had to go through every active story by hand to see if it had updated, and all of the ideas I had to automate that process were either failures due to limitations of the site itself or would have sucked up way too much bandwidth.

Now that we're in a reconstruction phase, though, I suspect our benevolent overlord might entertain a few small requests for code changes to the site that would make automatic archiving more feasible. My original idea was fairly hackish and involved scraping the RSS feed for posts made by tripcoded writers in their own threads, then manually curating out all the posts that weren't actually updates, but if we have access to the board software itself now, we could make something rather intricate here.

My questions, then, are A) whether anyone thinks this is a worthwhile endeavor, and B) if anyone has any experience with kusaba's code, or any ideas in general as to how an automatic archiver might be implemented. Naturally, I have no problem giving up the code I've already written, and I could potentially write more, should it become necessary.

Any suggestions?

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Might I suggest that you take a look at the kusaba x config files? Implementing all sorts of goodies is possible via the various php files and the central config file. I think that it wouldn't be much work getting stuff like rss for individual threads working, but admitedly I've been too busy with other things to think about it too much. Yeah, I know it's not really what you're proposing, but I'm saying that it's pretty straightfoward code.

I'd be happy to implement anything that people can come up with to make the site better.
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>Enable archiving:
>Enable/disable thread archiving for this board (not available if load balancer is used). If enabled, when a thread is pruned or deleted through this panel with the archive checkbox checked, the thread and its images will be moved into the arch directory, found in the same directory as the board. To function properly, you must create and set proper permissions to /boardname/arch, /boardname/arch/res, /boardname/arch/src, and /boardname/arch/thumb Default: No

It would mean the site would gradually fill up with old images, though. Unless we deleted the images and only left the thumbnails?
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Thumbnails for archives is fine.